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NBA LIVE Mobile is an all-new mobile basketball game with daily challenges. With this app,you can play, share and compete with your friends for FREE.

Download the new NBA LIVE Mobile app and let the fast-paced NBA action in the palm of your hands get you ready for next season.

  • Price: Free
  • Version: 3.6.00
  • Category: Action
Average User Rating:
4.6 (2,343 votes)

Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.

Tips for starters:

There are four different modes for you to choose: live events, head-to-head, season, and leagues. To play these four modes, you need to create a team. The starter packs of players you get the moment you register in are divided up automatically into different lineups based on their different skills.

Each kind of games requires you to choose which lineup you want to use. But some games ask certain lineups for the challenge presented.

  • Live events: Live events season games and many skill challenges that help you to improve your skills. Every time you reach an appropriate skill level, some new live events will be unlocked.
  • Head-to-head: In Head-to-head games, you may challenge anyone to match-up since the mode show all the people playing those games. The rule of each player taking control of a quarter gives the game more fun and less chance of lagging. In other words, if you begin a game with an opponent, you will play the 1st and 3rd quarter vs the other team’s AI team, and they will take the 2nd and 4th quarter vs your AI.
  • Season: Playing a season is pretty similar to playing a season on traditional consoles. The only exception is that you don’t play as many games and every quarter lasts two minutes.
  • leagues: There are already a large number of leagues that you can join. You can still choose to create a league for 5,000 coins.

Secret trick

Here is a Secret trick they don’t tell you that I learned while trying to play. While on defense and holding down the guard button, letting go of the button and tapping it will help your player score the ball.


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