Best Casual Apps

  • Candy Crush Saga

    As the world’s most popular mobile elimination games, Candy Crush Saga attracts millions of people’s attention. Its unique, sweet, and dreamy candy style make the game more interesting and fun. The challenging pass-through map, pleasant sound effect, smooth playing feel, and creative play strategy give players the highest exhilarating experiences.

    Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats

    • Find the pattern: Memorize those patterns can lead to special candies and set them up.
    • Start at the bottom: Crush candies from the bottom gives you more space and moves.
    • Go for combos: Make two combinations together will help you wipe out half the board.
    • Know the stripes: If a candy is moved horizontally, they will be a horizontal line, and will explode horizontally.
    • Assess the threats: Usually kill low number bombs first, then chocolate and blocks.
    • Clear jellies on the edge: Jellies on the corners and bottoms are hard to erase, so have a deep thought before moving.
    • Make a plan: New levels will get harder and harder, so make a plan and pause between moves.
    • Understand chocolate: Chocolate will avoid special candy, fruit or nut, and try to remove chocolate each round before they regenerate.
    • +5 Candy is a good helper: A candy chain with +5 will add 5 seconds to a time trial level.
    • Cheat time for extra lives: Go to Settings to change the date, adding two hours forward and you will get four more lives in the game. 

    Candy Crush Saga has more than 100 million daily active users now, the game has set off more than 500 points and several modes to play.Not only it has the most beautiful interfaces, but also the way to achieve next goal is extremely attractive. It has been given the name of Candy Legend. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and challenge your brain with it!

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga

    Candy Crush Soda Saga is a free entertainment game that is available for Android and iOS. It is a sequel of the Candy Crush Saga.

    In the new version of this game, it increases one type of purple "soda" square. The level and difficulty are increased for players to challenge. The operation is similar to its predecessor.

    Candy Crush Soda Saga Level Types

    • The Soda Levels
    • The Frozen Lvels
    • The Bubble Levels
    • The Chocolate Levels
    • The Honey Levels

    Candy Crush Soda Saga Tips

    • Match bottles in the Soda level.
    • Frozen Bears will be at a random location at the begining of a level.
    • Combine the speical candies.
    • Get rid of the obstacles like cupcakes first.
    • Make a Fish by matching four candies.
    • Take some time to remove chocolate.

    Candy Crush Soda Saga is free to download while some of the props need to charge. Special candy "jellyfish" and soda is the newly added element for this new version. Using the "jellyfish" flexibly can decrease the difficulty of the game. It is an excellent puzzle mobile game. Come and experience it now!

  • Hay Day

    Hay Day is a kind of farming games provided by Supercell Oy company.

    Released on June 21, 2012, it came with a style of cartoon. It is not just a general business management game, but also incorporates with strategic skill.

    There exists a full industrial chain in the game, which in the farms plants and animals has a certain growing circle, every part can link to another.

    Hay Day: 9 Tips You Should Know

    • Make money fast and quick
    • Earn some diamonds
    • Read Hay Day Newspaper tip
    • No need to rush a sale
    • Make full use of day time / night time
    • Maintain Crops
    • Make new deals
    • Continue playing
    • Get the treasure

    The game is quite worthy to play, and it supports more than 18 languages all over the world. You can also play the game with your Facebook or Google+ friends. Notice that the game needs to be connected to the Internet.

  • Angry Birds 2

    The biggest mobile game of Angry Birds 2 is coming! Start a new era of gameplay! Stunning graphics. Multi-stage levels. Scheming boss pigs. More destruction.

    Angry Birds 2 introducing you SILVER, RED, CHUCK, THE BLUES, MATILDA, BOOB and TERENCE. Whole new characters, whole new gameplay! Connect to Facebook and challenge other players all over the world! Enter the arena now!


    • Choose your very own Bird!
    • Brand new multi-stage levels!
    • Spectaular Spells!
    • Compete with other players!
    • Deffet Boss Piggies!

    Fight Boss Pigs - ForemanPig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig! Let's make some bacon. Cast Wacky Spells - Unleash those fantastic spells. Hot Chili, Mighty Eagle, Golden Duck, Pig Inflater and Blizzard!

  • Farm Heroes Saga

    Brand new Farm Heroes Saga game is available now! Comes from the same maker of Candy Crush Saga! Switch and match the amazing cropsies in this fantastic world!


    • Gather all sorts of cropsies to win!
    • Fun to play, easy to start, and challenges become harder!
    • Compete with your friends to see who can get the quickest moves!
    • Speical power-ups within the challenging levels!

    The new version of Farm Heroes Saga brings you a new episode where you can head to the beach - Sunny Sands! Get ready for the 15 new levels. And if you are looking for some real challenge, go for the red levels where you can use the free boosters on these ones.

  • Rolling Sky

    Rolling Sky is a game that explores the boundaries of your reaction and speed. In the splendid 3D effect scene game, Rolling Sky invites you to dash through the imaginary traps and obstacles. It will challenge you, amaze you, and lure you to keep playing until the final victory. Just Drag the ball left or right as it rolls through colorful platforms, dangerous obstacles, and flies through the air.

    Find the limit of your speed with the rhythm and try your best to win every round!


    • One-tap control with simple operation

    • Splendid 3D effects

    • Various scenes including Massif, Cosmos, Forest, Snowfield, Inferno and more

    •There are five unique worlds to conquer in Rolling Sky, and each colorful world has its individual seemingly-impossible challenges, amazing graphics, and excellent music.

    • A real challenge to test your ultimate speed and reaction!


    Rolling Sky is no less difficult than its spectacular game experience. The ball moves so fast and you have limited time to see what's coming. Therefore, remember to keep your finger on the screen and your eye on the ball.

  • Best Fiends Forever

    As the second game in the Best Fiends franchise, Best Fiends Forever continues the adventure in Mount Boom with the old heroes in the previous one to defeat the evil slugs. Unlike the former gameplay, Best Fiends Forever is a clicker game where players can tap the screen to fight slugs. The story was written by Stewart Burns who has won Emmy award. Heitor Pereira composed the music of the whole gameplay.

    Seriously is a mobile entertainment company which launched its first mobile game Best Fiends in October 2014. Best Fiends has been downloaded about 50 million times since the day it was released. Now it has over 2 million daily active players which means people worldwide have spent over 25 billion minutes exploring the game.

    After the big success of Best Fiends, Seriously Launches Best Fiends Forever on both iOS and Android.

    The co-founder and chief creative officer of Seriously, Petri Järvilehto once said in a statement: "The new game continues the journey of our heroes, the Fiends, through the world of Minutia and their battle against the hapless Slugs. Tapping into the hottest new genre in mobile gaming—clicker games—players can slap, collect and level-up pretty much everything in the game. While it’s very approachable and fun for the whole family, there’s a lot more strategy than initially meets the eye!"

    For beginners

    Tap the screen as faster as you can, and you will cause more damage and earn more coins. There are also some barrels and chests for you to tap during the fighting. Barrels will cause more damage to enemies, while chests give you coins which can be used to upgrade your power.

    Enemies come with different levels, and you are allowed to recruit new Fiends in the team as you continue to level up. Special abilities will be unlocked after some time like the auto-tap ability which can also be upgraded by using coins. You can leave the game to Fiends because they will automatically attack enemies.

    To increase the damage you cause, the coins you get, you have to unlock a portal which enables you to exchange game progress for Boom Stones. Players can use Boom Stones on special souvenirs to increase the damage of each tap or the number of coins they get.


    Best Fiends Forever can be downloaded for free, but users can choose the premium subscription for $14.99 per month via in-app purchase.

  • FarmVille 2

    FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Escape to the framing world and have fun with your friends! Take farm adventures, raise animals on your farm and collect rare goods. Come and play the world's most famous farming game for free.

    With FarmVille 2: Country Escape, you can:

    • Have a big harvest on your favorite vegetables and fruits.
    • Personalize your own farm in your favorite style.
    • Collect rare items and discover the hidden ones
    • Explore new FarmVille stories on your adventure.
    • Build a family farm so that your friends can visit.
    • Earn everyday rewards with the Mystery.
    • Nurture and raise many cute animals as you wish.

    More about FarmVille 2

    • Nurture a crazy Farm on the Countryside with FarmVille 2! Create, build and nourish the farm of your dreams here.
    • You can interact with tons of interesting characters, grow and unlock speical crops, decorate your farm with favorite styles and take good care of animals.
    • You can also trade with neighbors, work with other farmers and contribute to your friends' farms.
  • Plants vs. Zombies

    Right after the Plants vs. Zombies series and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare series, here we welcome the whole new Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes. It's a collectible card game where players can choose and collect from various heroes with their respective superpowers and build your dream team to win battles.

    Unlike many other CCGs that follow the old pattern, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes puts a lot of fresh ideas into the gameplay while retaining the unique aesthetic of the PvZ franchise. It's probably the first time on mobile, players get the chance to play as either plants or zombies and unlock the characters and superpowers one by one. There's an even more surprise thing - the two sides don’t play the same game pattern!


    There are ten hero characters on each side with four superpowers and two different teams of cards from which 40 cards each is brought into every duel. The cards consist of almost all the kinds of plant and zombie players have ever seen before in the former series. New and better cards can be purchased or earned by constant progressing to higher levels.

    The battle board has five lanes, and the Plants and Zombies played in the same lanes fighting each other at the end of a turn. Your only goal is to reduce the damage opposed to the hero to a minimum extent just like in the previous games.

    The trick that makes something stand out is always lying in details. IN this case, it's the presentation of design and ideas. I think everyone will feel pleasant about the excellent choice of jazzy music, the superhero comic book animations whenever special power comes to use, and the cartoony graphics. The last but not the least, you won't have to tolerate a bucket of ads when you have perfectly immersed yourself in the fighting.

    What's New

    • It's now available in every country.

    • Faster multiplayer matchmaking.

    • Larger Premium Packs with three more cards in each pack.

    • See the card sets in advance before buying packs .

    • Rename each of your decks.

    • Recycle all extra cards by a single tap.

    • Collection views to see which decks have new cards available.

  • Gacha Life

    Are you ready to start a new adventure? Create your own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from hundreds of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! Choose from over a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect story!

    Enter the new Life mode to explore different areas and meet new friends along the way! Chat with NPCs and learn more about them, they might even give you a surprise! Play your favorite mini-games and collect gems to Gacha for rare gifts to add to your collection! The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Jump into Gacha Life and begin your journey today!


    • Dress up your characters with the latest anime fashion! Mix and match hundreds of clothes, weapons, hats, and more! Now with 20 Character Slots!
    • Customize your personal look! Change your hairstyle, eyes, mouth, and more!
    • New items, poses, and more that were never seen before in Gacha Studio and Gachaverse!


    • Create your own scenes in Studio Mode! Enter custom text for your characters and choose from many different poses and backgrounds!
    • Make your own stories in the Skit Maker! Easily combine multiple scenes to create sketches!


    • Explore different areas with your own characters such as the town, school, and more!
    • Discover new NPCs and chat with them to learn more about their lives!
    • Play offline! No Wi-Fi is needed to play!


    • Choose from 8 different mini-games such as Duck & Dodge or Phantom’s Remix!
    • Collect and Gacha over 100 Gifts to add to your collection!
    • Free 2 Play, you can farm for Gems easily!


    • The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens.
    • Please restart the game if you experience lag over time.
    • In-App-Purchases might not work for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devices
  • Animal Jam - Play Wild

    Animal Jam - Play Wild is a free online community for kids where they can play as their favorite animals, meet and chat with new friends safely, and explore the fun 3D natural world.

    Animal Jam - Play Wild application is available for both Android and iOS users. Besides assuming your favorite animal's character, you can also play fun animal games, decorate your den, adopt pets, and download e-books. Animal Jam – Play Wild was named "Best App for Kids” at last year’s Google Play Awards.


    ღ Animal Jam - Play Wild game is free to play.

    ღ You can play as your favorite animal in the game and personalize your animal the way you like.

    ღ It enables players to meet new friends and interact with other players online through online chats and mini-games.

    ღ The in-app purchase feature lets you buy things like character outfits and decorations with in-game money earned through hunts and games.

    ღ You can join a community where you get to meet players worldwide.

    ღ Animal Jam - Play Wild game also helps you to learn fun facts about real animals, and you can download e-books here.

    What parents need to know

    Although it provides in-app purchase, parents can control it through the parent account and disable the purchase. Also, parents account also supports you to see how often your kid is logged in the game.

  • Talking Tom

    Talking Tom is a fun mobile application game where there is a pet cat called Tom. This app will be an interesting tool which can bring lots of entertainment for children. It can operate on the platform of Android and iOS.

    Tom will repeat what users said in a funny voice. Users can touch him, pet him or grab his tail to make fun or can also make a video of what he repeats and send the video to Youtube or Facebook through email.

    For users who owns this application, the most interesting thing is they can say something they want to say to their family or friends, and then share the video Tom has repeated to their family or friends for some festivals or their birthday. That must be something surprising.

    Talking Tom app is available for both Android and iOS systems. Come and download it for free. With this application, your children will be happy and enjoy it the whole day together with Tom.

    The methods of how to play it will be listed as follows:

    • Talk whatever you like to Tom and he will repeat what you say in a funny voice.
    • You can press the button to make Tom scratch the screen.
    • He will drink the milk if you pour one bottle for him.
    • He will purr if you pet him on his head or feet.
    • You can also record videos and share on Facebook, Youtube.
  • The Battle Cats

    Developed by PONOS, The Battle Cats is a strategy tower defense game about groups of cats fighting various enemies to defend their base where there's a cannon that can be fired every time it's fully charged.

    The Battle Cats is free to download both for Android users from Google Play Store and iOS users from App Store. Here you can command your cats army to fight against enemies of various species and colors through space and time.

    Game Features

    About the cats

    The cats in this game are the protagonists that players use as their army to fight against the intruders and defend the base. The cats are all different, varying from basic cat to the Greek god Zeus himself. Players need to clear stages to get items and XP to level up their cats. Normal cats can be increased to the level cap of 20, and other cats to the level cap of 40. The first cats you can get are nine normal cats, while the special cats can either be unlocked by certain stages, or be purchased.

    Fighting in battle

    Fighting against enemies requires energy, which will gradually regenerate over time. A battlefield is a 2D plane, and your base is located on the right while the enemy base is on the left. There are three levels of treasure you can get when you win the battle: Inferior, normal, and superior. The battle ends when one base is destroyed.

    To play the Battle Cats, you need a stable network connection. If your Wi-Fi is unstable, it can greatly impair the game experience.

  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a free casual game available for both the Android and iOS systems. The goal of this game is to rebuild the hometown since it has caused a meltdown that wiped out Springfield.

    This game can also be played in French, Italian, Genrman, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and more.

    Why is it so popular

    • It is free for every player.
    • Players can create the Springfield whatever they like.
    • Help Homer find his family members and friends Marge, Bart.
    • Achieve donuts if you have completed the tasks.
    • Players can grow Tomacco on Cletus's Farm.
    • Enjoy the animated scenes to please fans of TV series.
    • Players can also visit friends' Springfields, play pranks, collect cash to increase the relationship of friendship.

    For the first launch of this game, its downloads can be up to 500MB on your device. You had better play this game under the condition of WIFI. This game also supports the update automatically when the new version was released. Come and download it to rebuilt the Springfield now!

  • My Talking Angela

    With over 200 million downloads of My Talking Angela, users can explore and have fun with Talking Angela’s world! Imagine Talking Angela is your best model and make her a fabulous star!


    ♥ You can adopt a baby Angela here, and help her grow into a fashionable kitty.

    ♥ You can nurture her with feeding her delicious candies and sing to her, and then she will become a wonderful friend.

    ♥ Make her beautiful with colorful make-ups including lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and any other make-overs.

    ♥ Use your creativity as much as possible, and dress her with newest fashion styles.

    ♥ Besides, more outfits, stickers, customized things are waiting for you to unlock.

  • My Talking Tom

    My Talking Tom ranks the 1st game app in 135 countries. Users can adopt a special baby kitten and help him grow into a cute cat. You can take him as your daily part of life, name him, nurture him and play with him until he grows up and become one of your best friends.

    Have a dressing game with him and pick from tons of accessories and fur colors. Decorate his home and record your own My Talking Tom videos.

    Share the videos with others on social media as well as watch other’s videos. Enjoy the emotion of your Tom: he can be happy, sleepy, bored, hungry, angry...Have fun!


    ◆ Users can play games with Tom and feed him favorite food.

    ◆ With the progress you achieved, you can get rewards.

    ◆ Tom will repeat whatever you say to him and you can stroke and tickle him.

    ◆ Users can also visit their friends' talking tom and check out to see other Toms, finding treasure chests and get coins.

    ◆ With Talking Tom, you can earn gold coins and have fun!

    ◆ Tom will change his emotions by how you play with him.

    This application helps you educate your own talking Tom. You can feed him, play with him and make him grow up from the cute little cat to the health Tom. You can also choose your favorite hat and glasses for him and decorate his small house to make it more comfortable. Come and enjoy this game now!

  • PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

    PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator - the new hit game becomes a great success since its release on both Google Play and iOS App Store. It has ranked top 5 in the free apps chart just after two week's release.

    PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator is a 2.5D game with an isometric retro style which features one of the most famous Internet stars - PewDiePie. Users need to create their own pocket Tuber in the game and compete to become the biggest and bad-ass Tuber. At last, the winner will kick PewDiePie out of the throne.


    ☞ PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator has the real voice acting by PewDiePie himself.

    ☞ Besides, the game has fantastic chiptune music by RushJet1, which brings you back to the world of PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.

    ☞ Play with your friends, connect with them, and you can send or receive swag gifts. And we have Weekly Events for you guys to find your favorite players to follow and vote.

    ☞ Players can buy new items like equipment, clothes, pets and furniture by making videos and earning views or subs. Meanwhile, players can also gain currency instantly by completing epic quests.


    ♣ Due to PewDiePie’s massive fanbase, the game of Tuber Simulator is becoming more and more popular around the world. The game is well designed with beautiful music background and pleasant art style. You can never be boring with PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator.

    ♣ Also, you should know that the game is really addictive. It's simple and easy to understand, but hard and difficult to totally control. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator works flawlessly on your mobile devices - the graphics looks amazing, the sound and voice are over quality, all the details are awesome to enjoy.


    As a board game whose origins can be dated back to the 1860s, THE GAME OF LIFE attempts to simulate life events covering college, career, marriage, raising children and retiring, nearly all the regular things happen to most people.

    Spin the wheel and move to the next step! You have the absolute control over the character in the game. The ultimate goal of this game is to win as much as assets you can in the end. And the first person who succeeds in the task will get an extra bonus. If you like to play safe, just make reasonable choices. If you are born with an adventurous nature, go ahead and make some risky decisions - it's all or nothing!


    Milton Bradley, a well-known lithographer, created a game named The Checkered Game of Life which is the original prototype of THE GAME OF LIFE. About 45,000 copies were sold that year, and we could see that it was a hit.

    A century later, the first version of THE GAME OF LIFE was launched based on the original Checkered Game. From then on, it has been renewed and relaunched several times.


    • Multiplayer mode online - Compete with other players online and race to the final line.

    • Local mode - Play with three friends max on one device

    • Fast short mode - You need to pace up in this mode with a fast, short victory condition!

    • Mini games - Join hand-to-hand combats in a variety of minigames

    • Chat box- Send players expressive emoticons while the match is on.

    What's New

    • A whole new appearance of the Action Cards

    • Your wallet will become full once your friends spin the Lucky Number chosen by you.

  • Blossom Blast Saga

    Blossom Blast Saga comes from the same company with Candy Crush Saga, which also has fantastic graphics and stunning effects. It has more than 120 challenging levels and 4 playing modes.

    5 Tips and Strategies

    • Make long strands: In Blossom Blast Saga, it’s always better to have a long strand of little buds than a small unit of almost-blooming ones. Even though the strand is long enough, please wait for the shaking. Then you will have a mega bloom, which brings you more scores and spaces for more buds to fill up.
    • Use the water bucket: Notice that there is a water bucket in the upper-left of the interface. It reminds you how many remaining amounts of turns you have. You need to finish the level as soon as possible to make the turns splash down out of the bucket. With this way, more flowers can be cleared out, which means more scores.
    • Bring Them Home: For example, when the countdown is at 4, you drag two similar color buds into the countdown bud, then it will be reduced to 2. This is called Bring Them Home, and no blooming required.
    • Always aim at the central: You should try your best to end every flower chain in the middle part of the game. This will lead to a maximum amount of buds and higher points as well.
    • Remove pots from their positions: Pots can be very annoying when they prevent buds from falling. So you'd better remove them as soon as possible.

    More about the playing modes:

    • The Scoring Mode: Users need to link three or more flowers with the same color to win scores.
    • The Remove the Weeds Mode: Remove the weeds by surrounding them with a link.
    • The Big Bud Mode: Collect all the flowers with the same color into a big bud, and when it’s get zero, the bud will explode.
    • The Collect Flowers Mode: Make a sequence with a chain of same color flowers. This game has some particular rules when you get used to it. You can take advantage of the mechanic ones and have fun with it. Play Blossom Blast Saga now and share your scores with friends or family!

  • Despicable Me

    Enjoy the brand-new Despicable Me now and have an amazing experience on Minion Rush. Make delicious jelly by collecting exotic fruits! Enjoy every moment of this hilarious Minion part.

    Play despicable acting performs during tons of missions and run through surprising locations with difficult obstacles and mystery secrets. You can also dress up your Minion with special costumes and set some weapons.

    What's New:

    ◉ Unlock the new Skater Minion Costume with Blueprints

    ◉ Experience the new Romance for All Special Mission

    ◉ Win the Cupid Minion Costume

    ◉ Enjoy the new mini-game

    ◉ Dress up with Carl and Jerry's Carnival Hats

    ◉ Play the Carnival-themed Minion Races

    Play Despicable Me with your friends, and you can see their highest scores during your run. You can also send them funny taunts to make the game more interesting and compete them to win Minion of the Year.

    The game is free to download and play, but some items within the game may cost you real money.

  • Dumb Ways to Die

    Enjoy 15 hilarious mini-games in Dumb Ways to Die! Collect all the dumb cute characters and get the highest scores to unlock the famous music video! Tap, swipe and flick to escape in the game!

    Some Tips:

    ❍ Don't care who's hair is on fire, just run.

    ❍ Wipe your screen quickly for free puke.

    ❍ Do not invite the psycho killer inside.

    ❍ Help the self-taught pilots.

    ❍ Be patient while crossing the levels.

    ❍ Do not cross the tracks.

  • Smash or Pass

    Developed by Go Casual Games, Smash or Pass is a popular game in which you can decide whether you like the given famous character or not by swiping left or right. Meanwhile, you will get noticed of the total votes from the others after that.

    Smash or Pass covers many people known as YouTubers, including men and women over the world. Are you ready to challenge this trivia picture game? The type of game is a game played by a majority of people who are living the YouTubers life. It is available on both Android and iOS. Welcome for your challenge!


    ◈ Get the timely results of the quiz pictures sent by others.

    ◈ Swipe left or right the presented picture with the standard game simulator.

    ◈ Send your quiz pictures and keep the style that you like.

    ◈ Share or challenge with your friends.

    ◈ Keep in mind to report the improper pictures before party hard.

    ◈ Players can also track their results of their picturs.

    More about Smash or Pass

    You can compete with your friends of your own picture in the next party hard mode, and even you can climb high in the ranking. Plus, you can also choose different scenarios like the happy room scenario in the party hard mode.

    Inspired by pew die pie and Jack septic eye, Smash or Pass is similar to the game bottle flip challenge. Please feel free to download this game for challenges.

  • World Chef

    With World Chef, you can have a world of never-closed kitchen and waiters with big smiles on their faces. You can cook world cuisines and decorate your kitchen whatever you like.

    With this application, you can start with the little restaurant, and then fill it with customers and food. You will expand it in the future by making it a famous restaurant.


    ★ Run your own dining business.

    ★ Purchase fresh ingredients and cook delicious meals.

    ★ Serve your cuisine to customers all over the world.

    ★ Exchange your recipe with other chefs.

    World Chef is a free game to play, but you should know that some in-app items may charge some real money. You may want to turn off the in-app purchases in Settings. World Chef is available for both the Android and iOS systems. Come and create your own restaurant now!

  • Gardenscapes - New Acres

    Gardenscapes: New Acres, developed by Playrix Games, is a combination puzzler in which players aim to build a prosperous garden estate by beating match-3 levels. With this app, you can decorate your garden and enjoy the amusing characters of the partners including your butler, Austin and a funny dog.

    Gardenscapes: New Acres can be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Do you want to become a hero of a brand new story? Do you want to put yourself in some gardening? What are you waiting for? Download Gardenscapes right now and build your ideal garden for free!

    Gardenscapes Features

    ✤ Hundreds of unique match-3 levels exist in this game.

    ✤ Players can make friends with lots of in-game character.

    ✤ With Gardenscapes, players can make all the actions including swap and match, restore and decorate the garden all at once.

    ✤ It also provides a community which makes you and your Facebook friends be neighbors.

    ✤ There will be an adorable puppy who will always be there to cheer you up.

    ✤ You can also play this addictive game offline as you like.

    ✤ With different and unique structures of gardens such as broken fountains, mysterious mazes, players will enjoy more playing this game.

    Standard Match-3 Advice

    The advice listed here is true for most match-3 games, and also for New Acres as well. Please focus on the matches which are near the bottom of the board to get more chains to work with when all else fails. Take the large chains and explosions as the goal when it is possible. Keep in mind that a good match of the tiles will play a vital role in this game and don't be frustrated if any fails.

  • LINE Let's Get Rich

    Get an adventure in LINE Let's Get Rich! Just roll the dice and begin the game. Enjoy the journey all around the world with your friends and family.


    ❍ Roll the dice and travel the world.

    ❍ Take what you can when you can.

    ❍ Play with Chance Cards and turn the tide of the game.

    ❍ Eight maps to fulfill your satisfaction.

    Are you ready for the adventurous game? Create a team with your friends and get rich now!

  • Dumb Ways to Die 2

    Dumb Ways to Die 2 brings you a set of new characters into this bigger and better game. Try to live long enough to get the highest scores and unlock other fabulous characters. Play with your friends and compete them in the multiplayer challenge arena.

    New levels include:

    ❍ Electric Fence Hurdles

    ❍ Dynamite Relay Race

    ❍ Don't Block The Doorway

    ❍ Lighting Pole Vault

    ❍ Dolphin Rodeo

    ❍ Forcing The Doors

    ❍ Landmine Curing

    ❍ Rocket Ski Jump

    ❍ Javelin Catch

    ❍ Dropping A Phone

    ❍ Landmine Curling

  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga

    Created by the maker of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, the whole new Bubble Witch 2 Saga invites you to an exciting world full of fun! It's all about bubble bouncing magic!

    Help Stella and her cats to fend off the dark spirits. Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as possible in the adventure. Invite and play with your friends to see who can get the highest scores!


    ♥ Bubble bursting fun

    ♥ Explore the enchanting worlds

    ♥ Shoot bubbles to defeat Morgana

    ♥ Play with friends

    Bubble Witch 2 Saga is free to play, but some items inside the game may charge real money. You can disable the payment in Settings. Don't forget to update the game with 20 brand new levels.

  • Pet Rescue Saga

    Pet Rescue Saga, comes from the developer of Candy Crush Saga. Players need to match two or more blocks of the same color to save pets and clear the level. Invite your Facebook friends to play with you, let's see who can get the highest scores!


    ♥ Break blocks to save the pets

    ♥ Power up with boosters

    ♥ Experience explosive balloons

    ♥ Even better with friends

    With the amazing graphics and colorful gameplay, Pet Rescue Saga allows you to collect kinds of lovable pets like puppies, piglets, bunnies and more. It's easy and fun to begin with, while challenging to master. Get started now!

  • Farm Heroes Super Saga

    Released by King in June 2016, Farm Heroes Super Saga is a leisure game where players aim to match their way across heaps of levels in the limited time. Meanwhile, in this adorable match-three adventure, their goal is to help Farm Heroes defeat Rancid and win the Country Show. Grow the Super Cropsies to prevent Rancid from ruining the fun!

    Farm Heroes Super Saga is available on both iOS and Android devices. Players can collect Cropsies as many as possible when they challenge this Farmastic puzzle game. There are more than 100 levels, and they need to defeat each level. Come to challenge it now!

    Farm Heroes Super Saga Features:

    ● This game offers multiple game modes with Farmastic puzzles.

    ● Enjoy the match 3 games with over hundreds of levels.

    ● Harvest fruit and vegetables to grow the biggest Cropsies.

    ● Unlock all the game features with the internet connection.

    ● Players can match 4 fruits or veg to grow Super Cropsies.

    Farm Heroes Super Saga is entirely free for users to play. However, some in-game items which are optional will require payment. Download it to help the Farm Heroes enjoy the harmonious farm life through matching this three puzzle game.

  • Garry's Mod

    Developed by Garry Newman, Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game which is different with those regular games you’ve played. Here in this game, you don’t have a clear goal; you are just given some tools and play it yourself. For instance, you can build a rocket, a car, or even you can travel taking least time on the way. Moreover, you can also invent something that there haven’t have in this world till now. Garry’s Mod will be a great attraction for those people who like creativity first.

    Garry’s Mod has been regarded as one of the most popular indie games ever! You can create game modes and share it with other servers if you like. Download to enjoy it for free!

    Key Features:

    ❍ Plenty of Games and Mini-Games

    Garry’s Mod offers you a variety of online games and mini-games through the online servers. Meanwhile, there are also games that other gamers created. It seems that you are transported to a fantasy world where everything is possible when you are playing this game.

    ❍ Customize Everything

    The Steam Workshop gives you access to create endless combinations of fun moments. You can build your own weaponry to strengthen yourself when fighting. Download the Customized Weaponry 2.0 and Gbombs 5.0 to customize your weapons and bombs.

    ❍ Modeled after Half-Life 2

    Garry Mod gets its name after its designer Garry Newman. Later Facepunch Studios develop the potential of this game. Garry Newman uses Garry’s Mod to modify Half-Life 2. You can play GMod which is based on the original game for free.


    Enjoy creative mode

    A community of passionate players

    Create the game you want to play

    Build anything you like including weapons, bombs and more else


    No real goals which cannot favor everyone

  • Scrubby Dubby Saga

    Scrubby Dubby Saga comes from the same maker of Candy Crush Saga. Users need to solve puzzles by sliding soaps, unveiling secrets and removing foam in Soapland, a mysterious foam world.

    Save the day and become the soap star now. You can also invite your friends to play together and see who can achieve the highest score. Scrubby Dubby Saga is free to play, but some items may charge some real money.

    The game is easy to play and fun to kill time. You can sync game data on all your devices. Join Scrubby Dubby Saga now, and play along with Dixie Duck on her fantastic world.

    Scrubby Dubby Saga Features:

    ♥ Twist to get a 3-match, new mode of sliding lines!

    ♥ Join Dixie Duck on her astonishing adventure!

    ♥ Match the soaps to clear the foam!

    ♥ Play with your friends and help each other!

    ♥ Generate boosters and release their power!

    ♥ Compete with others to see who can get the highest score!

    ♥ Sync the game data between devices quickly and easily!

  • Crazy Shopping

    Crazy Shopping will have you in hysterics! This fun, crazy shopping game uses ragdoll physics to create as much chaos while you shop!

    Upgrade your shopping squad and time to collect as much stuff as you can carry, the better the item the more money you get.

    Can you buy everything?

    Crazy Shopping features:

    - Crazy and wacky ragdoll physics

    - Fun and addictive gameplay

    - Colorful graphics

    - New stores and items to unlock


    Subscribe to Crazy Shopping for all of the following benefits:

    * Unlock All VIP Areas!

    * Receive x2 Earnings

    * No Ads, which removes non-optional adverts from the game


    Crazy Shopping VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

    1) A weekly subscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3 day FREE trial period.

    2) A monthly subscription costing $14.49 per month.

    After buying this subscription, you will unlock; all VIP areas to discover, receive x2 earnings for your shopping and no ads, which removes non-optional ads from the game. This is an auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will also be charged for renewal

    The prices notes are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to local currency.

    End of trial and subscription renewal:

    - The payment is charged to your iTunes account after a confirmation of purchase

    - The subscription is renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the current period

    - The account will be charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period at the standard cost of the weekly subscription

    - The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal by accessing the user's account settings after purchase in the store

    - No cancellation of the current subscription is permitted during the active subscription period

    - Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when the subscription is purchased

    Cancelling a trial or subscription:

    - In order to cancel a subscription during the free trial period you need to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

  • Idle Gun Tycoon

    Want to experience the joy of shooting? Right here, right now.

    Welcome to the world of Idle Gun Tycoon, the ultimate firearms simulator for your iPhone or iPad.

    Blurring the line between digital and physical, Idle Gun Tycoon combines the two to create a fully interactive real world experience. There are more than 50 kinds of firearms available for you. Merge identical guns to get high-level gun, it's easy for you to enjoy our game. "Idle" means you could earn money while you sleep. Invest your money smart to improve your gold income to get even richer and buy more powerful gun. All you need to do is aim and shoot, smash everything before your eyes.

    Download Idle Gun Tycoon, pick up your beloved firearm, It's showtime!

    Idle Gun Tycoon Features:

    -Amazing next-gen graphics, Realistic sound, smoke, flash & recoil effects

    -Tap to shoot that is easy to learn, but hard to master

    -Real world shooting experience.

    -Unlock more than 50 kinds of firearms for free

    -Plenty of assorted objects with diverse broken effects

    -Level Mode and Range Mode. Different modes, different shooting experience.

  • Tap Color

    Tap Color – Coloring Game is one of the BEST relaxing games for you to release stresses on your mobile devices. You can leisurely draw your own modern masterpieces based on numbers. So it can help you release stress and feel relaxed by number coloring.

    A coloring book is a secret weapon of anti-stress. According to some research, coloring may increase creativity in painting for educational purposes and also can be beneficial to people's mental health.


    - Simple & Easy to Paint Your Artworks

    Do not know about art painting? Don’t worry, all you need do is to tap the numbers and follow the clues, then tap the relevant cells to fill the color. It is much easier than drawing pixel art.

    - Well Designed Anti-Stress Paintings

    All the paintings are designed carefully, they will provide you with an excellent way to feel calm and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation.

    - Various Images in Different Categories

    There are a variety of coloring pages in different categories, you can color Flowers, Landscapes, Unicorn, and Mandala etc. More types are on the go.

    - Coloring Masterpieces Anytime & Anywhere

    Try to start this coloring game for relaxation and creation anytime or anywhere, you can color and revise your coloring pages Anytime & Anywhere.

    - Editors’ Selected Images for Your Coloring

    There will be some images selected by editors for you to color. Those editors’ choices will offer you a better coloring experience besides the regular ones.

    - Share Your Creations on Social Networks

    You can quickly send your artworks to your friends or post them on the social network like Facebook.


    - Choose different numbers to locate the unfinished coloring cells.

    - Use 2 fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out through the coloring image.

    - Use 1 finger to drag the coloring image from one place to another.

    - “Hints” help you auto-locate the coloring cells which you cannot find.

    - Your artwork’s progress will be auto-saved when you leave or close it.


    [email protected]

    Want to release your stress?

    Want to start an amazing color by number game journey on your mobile devices?

    Don’t hesitate to download it and enjoy color therapy to steady your emotion and improve your concentration NOW!


    By subscribing, you get unlimited access to all coloring books, remove-ads and ultimate hints in the app.

    - You can subscribe to a monthly plan (starting at $12.99, billed once a month) or a weekly plan (starting at $4.99, billed once a week). Availability and pricing of subscription plans may vary.

    - The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase.

    - The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original one weekly/monthly/annually plan unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

    - Any unused portion of the trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

    Terms of Service:

    Privacy Policy:

  • Mandala Coloring Pages

    Mandala Coloring Pages has 100 Mandala coloring pages for both adults and kids. You can choose easy or complex ones to play. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word. It means a circle, or metaphorically a universe, environment or community.

    For centuries, the Mandala is used as a tool to facilitate meditation. Try this super collection of mandala coloring pages and start from a simple one to pretty difficult mandalas. Have fun and get creative!


    ★ You can see have the best results with high resolution on large screens.

    ★ 100 Mandala’s

    ★ Easy yo play

    ★ Press Undo button and start over

    ★ Share your artwork

    ★ Save them to your device

    ★ You can use a tablet pen to fill small areas

    ◉ The new version improves the zooming and dragging effect.

    ◉ And you can now buy the ebook to print all mandala coloring pages at home.

  • Pou

    Have a very own alien pet right now - Pou! You can feed it, play with it and watch it grow up, during which you can level up and unlock various wallpapers and outfits. Customize everything you can imagine with your Pou.


    • Babysit your Pou and watch it grow.
    • Collect coins by playing games in the Game Room.
    • Customize your Pou with different outfits.
    • Set amazing wallpapers for each room.
    • Play with your friends.
    • Get special items through unlocking achievements.
    • Talk to your Pou. 

    Pou supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Catalan, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, and Persian.