• ClassDojo

    ClassDojo means to help teachers improve students behavior and communicate more with parents.

    It is a digital classroom management tool where each student gets an avatar. Students can personalize the avatar and teachers can create goals to track. Teachers can give students scores and display them on a smart board, and then generate reports and send them to parents.

    ClassDojo helps teachers and parents educate kids well and convenient.


    ► Teachers use it to give students instant and active encouragement. They can also chat with parents about the information and situation of students.

    ► Parents can see how their children behave and doing in real-time. Parents get to know their kids better with the connection to classrooms.

    ► Students can create their accounts and customize Dojo avatars. nThey can also have reviews of themselves on school performance.

    ► ClassDojo can be used on all kinds of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops cross all platforms. You can sync all the data in real-time.

    ClassDojo helps tighten the feedback loop between students, teachers and parents. Teachers can collect more information about students and give them feedback instantly. Parent feedback also helps teacher educate students well and form good behavior.

  • Duolingo

    Duolingo - Learn Languages Free, totally fun and enjoyable. With Duolingo, you can learn English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Danish.

    It has been named the best language-learning app by The Wall Street Journal. No ads, no fees, no gimmicks. It’s totally free for real. Users can set up lessons to listen and mark your achievements.


    Duolingo: A quick, easy and free way to learn kinds of languages

    ➠ A beautiful interface: simple to view and quick to learn.

    ➠ Visual learning: browse pictures to learn vocabulary. Colors and highlighted texts will show your mistakes or new words.

    ➠ No room for mistakes. Duolingo helps you minimize the mistake in spelling or pronunciation.

    ➠ Set up your profile, choose a target language, make a weekly goal and begin to learn with Duolingo.


    ➠ Every lesson in Duolingo is made up of a range of activities like translation, pair match, words with pictures and more.

    ➠ Duolingo also helps you strengthen your weakest words and skills.

    ➠ Track your daily progress.

    Duolingo changes the way people learning languages. There’s no better choice than Duolingo. You can even use it on the Web by visiting www.duolingo.com. Download it now and enjoy the beauty of multiple languages.

  • Quizlet Learn With Flashcards

    Created by Andrew Sutherland and released to the public in 2007, Quizlet is an online learning tool which trains students through flashcards, games, and tests. As the fastest growing Education site in 2016, Quizlet now ranked among the top 50 websites in the US and is rated as the world's largest student & teacher online learning community. Until November 2015, it has over 40 million monthly online visitors.

    Quizlet can be available on many platforms including the web, which makes it ok for classroom teachers to use with the whole class of students. Start with Quizlet to improve your education level!


    Overview of Features of Quizlet

    ● Check your memory through test with Learn.

    ● In the game of Match, you can race against the time.

    ● Prove you have a good preparation via Test.

    ● Share study materials with your classmates.

    ● Modify your pronounciations when learning a foreign language.

    ● Enhance your study through the images and audio built-in the app.


    The mission of Quizlet is quite simple. It aims to help students or teachers practice or master what they're learning. Quizlet contribute to people everywhere providing engaging and customizable activities.


    Why you choose Quizlet?

    1. Create a study plan and then guide students or teachers through what and when to carry out according to the daily observations.

    2. Observe what you're doing, how you are improving and what you have achieved with the short and actionable study sessions.

    3. Powered by Quizlet's new Learning Assistant Platform, Quizlet uses the machine learning to process data from millions of study sessions. This app will help people learn more effective and efficient by knowing how they really learn.

  • Remind

    Remind by Remind101 is a free education app for teachers to communicate with students and parents conveniently.

    By sending messages and updates to students and parents at any time of any devices, Remind creates a wonderful way to keep the entire class well-informed. Over 27 million educators, students, and parents use this app in over 95% of U.S. public school districts.


    Remind Features:

    ▣ Reach your class instantly. Phone numbers are private.

    ▣ Send and schedule announcements to the entire class.

    ▣ Create a group chat up to ten people.

    ▣ Send office hours and select when to receive replies.

    ▣ Translate messages into more than 85 languages.

    Is It A Useful Tool?

    Remind makes the consistent communication between school and home come true. By using this app, students can be more self-advocate, and teachers can foster emotional learning by relationship building. However, it shouldn't be overused because some students will not have access to the device and will be left out of the conversation.

    How Can A Teacher Use This Tool?

    You can schedule or send a text message to remind students and families about critical due dates, schedule changes, field trips,  upcoming tests and quizzes, and other information.



    Pro: It's easy to keep students and parents informed and involved with over 70 language and options to share files and links.

    Well-designed, highly useful messaging tool helps keep students and families connected with their schools.

    Con: Families in different parts of the digital divide may have unequal access.

    ✔ To make a better experience, Remind will update their app every two weeks with features that improve communication, speed, and performance.

  • ABCmouse.com

    ABCmouse.com gives your kids full access to enjoy online preschool and kindergarten curriculum experiences. You can have classes like reading, writing, math, art, music, beginning science, social studies and much more.

    ABCmouse.com offers one-stop service for parents and children. You will need to log in first with a membership of ABCmouse.com, which you can have one on the website.

    Make your kids stand out of others with this app. Give kids a good start before school study. Explore the intelligence of your children and let them be smart and wise as early as possible.


    Welcome to ABCmouse.com - the early learning academy! Developed by Age of Learning, Inc. ABCmouse.com means to provide a wonderful education environment for kids.

    ★ More than 5,000 Interactive Learning Activities

    ★ Provide Advanced Progress Tracking

    ★ Make the study progress motivational and rewarding


    ABCmouse.com is a great fit for families looking for a wide variety of studying activities for their children. There are a lot for any kid to explore, study and grow up. ABCmouse.com provides outstanding online curricula for children and public school teachers are able to use it for free.

  • Photomath

    Photomath enables users to scan mathematical equations with smartphone camera for instant results. But a quick answer isn't all you can get from this free app, Photomath also provides a step-by-step procedure showing how each of the math problems is solved.

    Created by a team called Microblink, a text recognition technology company, Photomath comes to Android after a big success in the App Store. Solving a math equation with a smart device is nothing new, but the scan feature really is a massive innovation given that users have to input the equations manually before.



    ∙ Camera Calculator - Just point your device's camera to the math problem, then you will get the answer.

    ∙ Smart Calculator - The app has a smart calculator with many mathematical symbols which will make your typing faster and easier.

    ∙ Handwriting recognition - Apart from scanning and typing, the app also supports handwriting math equations.

    ∙ Step-by-step instructions - Bearing in mind the principle of "teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish", Photomath provides not only answers but also step-by-step guidance to help you learn efficiently.

    ∙ Colorful explanations - Photomath has a nice design with various colors indicating different sections.

    ∙ Extra math knowledge - The app also provides some extra math knowledge so that you can study at odd moments.



    How to scan?

    Place the math equation inside the frame while holding the phone or iPad camera directly above, you will automatically get the result in about 2 seconds. If the result is not shown after several seconds, then you can try to scan it under a better light condition or clean the camera. After that, if there's still no answer, then the math problem is not supported by the app.

    How to resize the scanner?

    You can pinch the rectangle with two fingers and drag in any direction to adjust the size and shape of the frame.

    How to view the steps?

    To view the steps, you can tap the arrow button or swipe up and down.

    How to edit the scanned problem?

    If the math problem you scan needs some corrections, just tap the editor icon on the white line, then you may edit it manually.

  • Kahoot!

    As a responsive educational platform, Kahoot! allows users to create and send online surveys and discussions in a competitive game-based environment like a classroom, a conference room or a living room. Kahoot! makes it fun to learn anything in any language for people of different ages!

    Launched in August 2013 from Norway, Kahoot! now has more than 50 million users in 180 countries. Kahoot!’s does not set an age limit, so anyone with interest in a subject can create Kahoot! Kahoot! is available on smartphones, laptops and desktops. It's particularly popular in classes with "bring your own device" policy trend.



    ☻ Create fun games (kahoots) with videos, images, and diagrams included to make it attractive.

    ☻ Sitting together, players answer the questions, quizzes, and surveys on their own devices, while the big screen displays the on-going of the game.

    ☻ Promote discussion and idea-exchanging no matter where the players are.

    ☻ A time-saving way to know more about students' growth patterns or individual problems by accessing game data for all students, so teachers may adjust their learning accordingly.

    ☻ Students may transform from Learner to Leaders when they can create their own games after some time.



    Is Kahoot! free?

    Yes! Kahoot! offers a free learning platform for users to make everyone has the chance to enjoy a better education.

    Is it good for students?

    In Kahoot!, teachers will create some quizzes and students will do their best to earn more scores. Students involved in a subject will only see the top achievers so that low-scored students won't feel too bad and other students will not make fun of them. Moreover, Kahoot! opens a window for students to engage and share ideas with their peers from across the globe.

    Is it good for teachers?

    Data of students' performance in quizzes can be downloaded and analyzed in Excel. For teachers, this is a time-saving way to know more about students' growth patterns or individual problems.

  • Canvas Student

    Canvas is a useful education system where teachers can keep in touch with students outside of the classroom and make it as an effective method of posting grades. It allows you to have message boards/group chats, and you can post assignments, videos, and rubrics on it to make an engaging outside learning environment.

    Canvas is regarded as the fastest-growing LMS today. This open-source LMS by Instructure Inc is integrated student information systems, video platforms, content management systems, and so much more. This app is available for desktops and on mobile.


    Key Features:

    1. You can view grades and course content and make learning easier.

    2. You can submit assignments there and make learning outside more effective.

    3. You can keep track of course work with to-do list and calendar.

    4. It's convenient to send and receive messages.

    5. If you have any questions, you can post to discussions.

    6. You can watch videos and keep learning outside the school.

    7. You can take quizzes at any convenient time.

    8. You will get push notifications for new grades and course updates.




    · It is user-friendly.

    · Support plenty of functions at your disposal.

    · Beautiful layout.

    · Fewer technical issues.


    · Profile pictures are a little small.

    · Lack of walkthroughs to teach how to carry out specific tasks.

  • Blackboard

    Blackboard is a popular learning management system where you can make students informed and keep up-to-date connections. It is used by faculty across campus in many colleges, departments, and staff training. Students will have their own web page to view lessons, download files, access external links, take tests, and submit assignments.


    Key Features:

    1. Enhanced Cloud Profile.

    2. View updates to your content and courses.

    3. Check grades for assignments, courses, and tests.

    4. Take assignments and tests.

    5. Calendar

    6. Group Management

    7. Data Management

    8. Blackboard Drive

    9. Collaborate Integration

    10. SafeAssign

    11. Social Learning

    12. Dynamic Content



    As for the function of collaborating integration, Blackboard cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users can be compatible with this app. If your institution has not updated the proper software or experiences server outages, Blackboard's features and functionality may at times be limited.

    When you log in, you will see your course list first. Courses offer a timeline of all your lessons and information, and you can see past and upcoming terms and hide current courses that you don't need. You can see announcements, content items, assessments, and grades through the Dashboard. The Dashboard doesn't include due dates or prioritize items.

  • Memrise: Learn Languages Free

    Founded by Ed Cooke, Memrise is an online learning tool which provides about more than 300 thousand courses including science, history, music, philosophy and popular culture. Here Memrise makes learning languages and vocab joyful and fun which involved about over 285 million words in total.

    Memrise will be an excellent manager for you to train your language learning skills and finally stand out among the elites. Every language is a kind of discovery and adventure. Pick one language whatever it is and start your learning travel now!


    There are 3 elements for you to learn effortless using Memrise.

    ☻ 1. Science

    The first step of effortless learning is science. We aim to use brain science to help users learn better and faster. From the first day, we've customized the very best knowledge to arm learners and help them learn as quickly as possible. Then use the vivid and sensory courses to make their memories get stronger and stronger.

    ☻ 2. Fun

    The second step of quickly learning is fun. Don't take learn as learning, just take it as the favorite playtime activity. Therefore users will have a relaxed and confident attitude to learn, at the same time, they will get the most from what they have learned. Actually learning a course is like watering a little flower. They will make significant progress on the course every time they help it grow up a little.

    ☻ 3. Community

    The third is the community. With the built-in community and the multimedia wonderland of this app, users can get improved through videos, audio, usage, etymologies and much more. In fact, every member is partly a teacher, and we hope you can help others in the community once you got it.


    What Memrise gives you:

    ● Learn any language: There are over 200 languages involved in the high-quality courses.

    ● Compete with your friends: Memrise improves you to be better than your friends.

    ● Learn anything: With course of rich, multimedia flashcards, you can have better understanding of what you are learning.

    ● Adaptive learning tech: Use science teaching ways to send customized courses to make good performance.

    ● iOS & Android: Download Memrise app on your smartphones and learn your courses anytime, anywhere.

  • Google Classroom

    Developed by Google, Google Classroom is a free online learning platform which aims to boost the learning experience using the physical classroom through the software provided by Google. As part of the Google Apps, Google Classroom is regarded as the education suite which mainly develops a paperless setting in the classroom.

    Using this specialized app, teachers will help students keep classes organized and improve the communication with them. With international language support, it can adapt to small, medium and large enterprises. Most devices are supported for this app including the Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows and more else.


    Benefits of Google Classroom

    ✎ Setting up quickly

    It takes little time for students to log in this classroom because teachers only need to share the code to their classes or add students directly.

    ✎ Saving time

    Teachers can review and mark the assignments efficiently all in one place through the simple and paperless assignment workflow.

    ✎ Improving organization

    All the assignments and documents will be sorted into folders in Googe Drive which is convenient for students to search for.

    ✎ Enhancing communication

    Teachers can send assinments and annoucements any time, meanwhile, they can start discussions instantly. Stundents can provide what they are thinking about or share resources with each other on the stream whenever they like.

    ✎ Affordable and secure

    There are no ads for Google Classrooom and it never uses students' data for promoting purposes and it is entirely free.


    ✎ Camera:Permissions needed to make to allow users to take photos or videos and post on Classroom.

    ✎ Accounts: Needed to allow the user to know which account can be used in Classroom.

    ✎ Storage: It needs to give permissions for users to attach photos, videos, and files to Classroom. Offline support is also available.


    How to use it?

    1. Documents will be delivered to students directly by eLearning professionals. The files and assignments will be distributed to collaborators in the same way.

    2. Then the online resources including videos, articles which can be served as supplementary eLearning tools will be shared by the online facilitators.

    3. Online learners will collect data to make it easy to receive feedback and personal information of learners. Then the overall eLearning experience can be improved through the feedback.

    4. Learners can also provide feedback to peers by commenting on their assignments through the Google Classroom app.

  • PBS KIDS Video

    PBS KIDS Video provides thousands of videos from PBS KIDS TV series. You can watch any of them at any time anywhere, like Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat, Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and more. This app is totally safe for your kids to watch and use. Children can easily watch videos at home or on the road with a WI-FI or 3G connection.

    The app updates every week with the section of Weekly Pick, with which kid can watch a set of educational videos. PBS KIDS Video has a very positive effect on children among the fileds of reading, writing and lives. Learning stuff can be interesting with entertainment.


    PBS KIDS Video, developed by PBS KIDS, is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems. The features of this application will be introduced as follows:


    The TV series provided by this PBS KIDS Video are all safe and child-friendly for children. They can watch the TV programs at any places they like. One condition is that it needs the connection to network.

    New videos every week

    Every week there will be an update on the TV programs. Children can choose whatever programs they like on this application.

    Geographic restrictions

    There will be restrictions on this application, which means that it can only be used in the United States. It is because the restrictions on PBS's license.


    This application also has features that parents can access by sliding the "i-bar" to the right.

    ◆ Parents can also access the local PBS station.

    ◆ Add a TV show to child's programs list by tapping the heart icon.

    ◆ They can download related PBS KIDS applications.

    ◆ People can stream the videos to their TV by using Chromecast.

    ◆ The PBS KIDS Shop also provides shows for people to buy.

  • PowerSchool Mobile

    PowerSchool Mobile app is built for convenient access to real-time student information like grades, attendance, and assignments. It is the leading K-12 education technology that aims to improve the education experience for more than 100 million students, teachers, and parents in over 70 countries around the world.


    Key Features:

    1. Get easy access to students homework assignments.

    2. Provide your Real-time grades and attendance.

    3. All children can have their own single account.

    4. The teacher can comment.

    5. Automatic email messaging.

    6. Timely push notifications for attendance or grade changes.

    7.  Integrated family calendar.

    8. Track each student with grade trends.

    9. New dashboard widgets give you essential information including GPA, Class Overview, Assignments Due, Attendance, School Bulletins, Assignments Graded, Meal Balance, and Fees.



    · Your school district must use the PowerSchool Student Information System to access the PowerSchool Mobile App.

    · It requires iOS version 10.0 or higher.

    · School administration controls access to PowerSchool.

    · It requires a wireless connection or mobile data plan.

    · Users should allow receiving push notifications when connecting to see outside the United States.

    · Meal Balance totals are only available when your school uses the PowerLunch meal management feature in the PowerSchool SIS.

  • Elevate

    Elevate is a brain-training game designed to improve your attention, speaking skills, memory, math skills, processing speed, and more. Elevate is focusing on communication, and you'll be challenged to broaden your vocabulary, improve your grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. You can get your personalized training program and adjust it over time to maximize results.

    Launched in May 2014, Elevate has been downloaded more than 25 million times on the App Store and Google Play, and has been selected by Apple as the Best App of the Year in the U.S.


    Elevate Features:

    1. Over 35 brain games for critical cognitive skills, including memory, processing, math, focus, precision, and comprehension.

    2. Detailed performance tracking.

    3. Personalized daily workouts, including the skills you most want to improve.

    4. Adaptive difficulty progression to keep your experience challenging.

    5. Workout calendar will help you track your streaks and maintain motivation.

    6. The game is designed in collaboration with experts and backed by independent analysis.



    Elevate’s games are fun and nicely paced, but it requires prior knowledge of English grammar rules and strong English vocabulary. If you get a question wrong, it's just wrong; there's little chance to reflect or review to avoid an incorrect answer the next time. Therefore, it is a better fit for older kids or adults.

  • XtraMath

    XtraMath is an educational web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are critical in mathematics learning. Mr. C, a National Board Certified teacher from Seattle, talks kids through the tasks. Emphasis is placed on accuracy first and then speed.



    • It helps kids master the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    • Build good basic knowledge for preparation with fractions, decimals, and multi-digit algorithms.

    • Frees up mental resources to solve more complex problem

    • Students can earn a certificate of achievement once they complete an operation.

    • Parents can receive a weekly progress report via e-mail. And a much more detailed report can be found on the web.


    The site isn't that fun for kids since other math fact fluency sites have bright pictures and fun games which XtraMath devoid of.


    Final thoughts

    XtraMath is free on the website and inexpensive on the app version, and it gets the job done, but isn't much fun. Kids will get immediate feedback, and most problems are tailored to their specific needs. Parents and teachers can track students' progress using fluency reports.

  • Sweet Home Stories

    Presented by PlayToddlers, Sweet Home Stories is an educational app designed for children aged 2-8, which aims to foster children's imagination and creativity and improve their language skills by creating stories. It is an attractive and safe doll house provided game for kids and teach them to use their imagination for story creation.

    It is available on both the Android and the iOS system. Are you ready to download it for fun?


    What Sweet Home Stories Offers

    Create family stories

    Children can join the family of 6 characters in their daily life to create their own home stories. In the cozy house, they can enjoy playing, exploring what they are interested in. They can also try different roles like to be the parents to make meals, diaper the baby and dress for them and more else.

    Discover & play freely

    It will provide a brand new adventure every time the children start to play. There are totally seven rooms providing different equipment and thousands of possible interactions which offers full of surprises. No rules here, just enjoy themselves with everything they see.

    Reinforce routines

    Here parents can also play with their children to help them learn new routines and vocabulary. Suggest them in the game if you want them to clean their room by themselves. Remind them in the game if you want them to brush their teeth every day. Children can learn and form a good habit while playing.


    Key Features

    + Just enjoy the story creation, no rules here.

    + No third-party ads, pay one & play forever.

    + Explor and play using hundreds of items.

    + Kid-safe enviroment for children aged 2-8.

    + Items you've expected to have in a house are filled in every room.

    + 7 rooms for children to use: a living room, a kitchen, the parents' room, the children's room, a bathroom, the front yard and the backyard.

  • BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

    Launched in 2006, BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week is a trusted and secure online environment where learners can have further exploration of what they have learned at school or study other age-appropriate subjects they're curious about. BrainPOP Jr. has created high-quality animated videos with quiz testing features of varying levels which engage children in improving themselves in many areas.

    Every week, BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week offers a new video which makes young kids explore a topic in science, math, health or arts and more. It is adaptive on most platforms, such as Android, iPad/iPhone, and Windows phone. Come and download it for fun.


    Key Features

    ✎ Interesting Topics

    Teachers can use this application to introduce some new topics.For example, teachers can choose a certain time every week to show what will be offered to the class that week and then let the students discuss and explore further. Teachers can make expanding on the topics chosen in the class activities or games to lead the students for deeper learning.

    ✎ High-quality Videos

    This app provides a variety of high-quality videos which are also appealing to kids, covering many aspects including nice graphics and animations. The videos which are very appropriate for young kids to learn will explain things slowly and carefully at an easy level. Every one week, kids can watch a video on different subjects or aspects.



    1. Tech Skills

    2. Critical Thinking

    3. Communication & Collaboration


    A variety of high-quality videos and interesting topics included makes this app kid friendly.


    As is known to all that the videos can be very formulaic. There fore it will be passive if kids learn things through wating videos.

    Bottom Line

    For kid's deeper and more active learning, videos had better be enhanced with more interactive elements. Or children will be addicted to watching not thinking.

  • Toca Kitchen

    Toca Kitchen lets players cook and play with food for any one of four hungry diners like a virtual chef. It's both fun and educational for kids to explore their imagination by preparing all kinds of food mixing.

    There are four game characters for players to choose from, a boy, a girl, a bull, or a cat. Once you select a character, you can pick from 12 food items and prepare them in your own way! The app allows you to slice, boil, fry, microwave or mix all the food and feed the character. The food will change after the preparation and different characters react to the food in a variety of ways.



    ☻ Kid-friendly design with cute cartoons

    ☻ Four characters with different tastes of food for you to cook for

    ☻ 12 different food items that can be prepared in various ways you want

    ☻ Boil, fry, Slice, microwave or mix anything you like

    ☻The game is unlimited and never ending with no rules

    ☻ No in-app purchases or third-party advertising


    ☻ Open-ended food combinations

    ☻ Play without limits or stress

    ☻ Cute character reactions


    ☻ Some preparations such as slicing and feeding small pieces may need some skills which can be hard for little kids.


    About Toca Boca

    As the app's developer, Toca Boca has won Parents Choice Awards 2012. Toca Boca believes that playing is the best way to learn about the whole world, so they aim to help kids to exploit the imagination and create games for parents to play with kids. No third-party advertising or in-app purchases!

  • Programming Hub

    Programming Hub, as the name implies, is a programming learning application covering a wide range of languages like PHP, Python, Assembly, HTML, VB.NET, C, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, Java, and more.

    Programming Hub is available for both Android and iOS users from Google Play Store and App Store. Programming Hub provides programming manuals and many practical examples in multiple languages for quick reference and learning. With its fun and interactive design, the process of learning how to code will both productive and enjoyable.



    ✎ Programming Hub has created the bite-sized courses to help you learn to program in an interactive way you've never experienced before.

    ✎ It boasts over 5000 programs in multiple programming languages with pre-compiled output for quick access and learning. The program bank will be updated regularly following the programming developing velocity.

    ✎ Programming Hub allows you to input and runs your own code with its integrated editor. Moreover, you can also preview the results of your code quickly.

    ✎ The quick search feature lets you locate your target program quickly and easily.

    ✎ Programming Hub pays special attention to users' feedback and gives their best to offer support.

    ✎ It requires no harmful permissions, so you can be assured of your personal data safety.


    Programming Hub Pro

    For deep learners and users who are tired of seeing ads, Programming Hub Pro is worth trying. Programming Hub Pro offers you unlimited code compilations and premium content. With it, you can learn to code offline and ads-free.

  • Starfall FREE

    Developed by Starfall Education for children in pre-school, the Starfall Free app offers interactive educational books, songs and fun games to teach children basic reading, counting, and phonics. With this app, kids can learn from smart devices using an internet connection.

    The Starfall FREE app offers 12 categories covering basic literacy and numeracy with up to three activities included in each category. If you want to experience the full content of the Starfall website, you can buy the other paid apps launched by Starfall Education including the Starfall ABC, Learn to Read module, Fun to Read, and many others.



    ☻ Kid-friendly interface and colorful elements make the app look familiar to the Starfall website.

    ☻ Starfall Free offers free educational content on Starfall website covering 12 categories. There are also many downloadable materials such as handouts for classroom use.

    ☻ Responsive modules for touch screen enables children to hear a word's pronunciation by a single tap.

    ☻ It adopts guided teaching method, for example, it uses arrows and magic star effects to draw children's attention to some words and numbers


    Pros and Cons


    ☻ Neat graphics, sound effects, and colorful elements

    ☻ Free educational modules

    ☻ Guided learning activities

    ☻ Fun game narrator


    ☻ Limited number of modules

    ☻ In-app purchase to unlock the full content

    Bottom line

    Starfall Free is a fun and engaging app for pre-school children. It offers useful free content to teach children how to read and count through various activities.

  • Learn JavaScript

    Developed by SoloLearn, Learn Javascript is a significantly improved JavaScript learning tool which offers users lessons, real practice chances and community support. With Learn JavaScript, you can know the essential features of JavaScript Program, along with ways to make the website more interactive through changing the website content of its validate forms, cookies and more else.

    Learn JavaScript is available on both iOS and Android devices. Just have fun to learn all the knowledge related to JavaScript with SoloLearn!


    Key Features:

    ● Learn all the related knowledge of JavaScript programming.

    ● Practise with a series of exercises and test sessions.

    ● Guide you to get process of creating your own JavaScript code.

    ● Collect colorful points to compete with other players around the world.

    ● Gain a new skill to make your career further.

    ● No in-app purchases, no ads.



    ● Learn JavaScript is personalized since it knows what you want.

    ● Learn JavaScript is interactive and interesting because coding is easy to understand.

    ● Learn JavaScript is mobile since you can learn coding anytime, anywhere.

    ● Learn JavaScript is updated every day. There will be always something new for you to learn.

  • Learn to draw Glow Zoo

    Developed by Colorfit, Learn to draw Glow Zoo enables kids to draw cute animal portraits such as cat, rabbit, panda, tigers and so on with glow brushes. Moreover, the step-by-step learning procedure is offered for guidance.

    For kids, drawing is a recreational activity to stimulate imagination, and for adults, it relieves anxiety and stress from daily work. It doesn't matter it you have no experience in painting, Learn to draw Glow Zoo will teach you to draw animals step-by-step.



    ★ Various drawing tools and the one and only glow brushes

    ★ Abundant colors for users to choose from

    ★ Cute animals drawing pictures

    ★ Detailed step-by-step guidance to teach you from the basics.

    ★ My Gallery function enables users to display drawings



    A simplified interface

    A smooth user experience

    Teach kids to draw with fun


    Limited features

    In-app purchase is needed to unlock some functions

  • Maha Career Mitra

    Mahacareer Mitra app is a joint initiative of the Government of Maharashtra and Shyamchi Aai Foundation (SAF) for the project Kal Chachani.

    On this app, all grade 10 students of State Board who have appeared for the Kal Chachani (Interest Test) and Abhikshamta Chachani this year can


    1. Download their Kal Ahawal (Report) on the portal.

    2. Watch videos , articles and messages from experts in their field of Interest to understand the field in detail.

    3. Search for Government approved colleges and courses among more than 19000 education institutes and approximately 83000 education courses as per their interest and district.

    - With this app, Schools can conduct Interest and Aptitude Test for 2019-20

    - Only school authorized teacher can login in app to conduct the test.


    Students are not allowed to login in absence of authorized teacher.

    Schools can also call the helpline 8600245245 / 020-49294929 for further guidance.

    The objective of the MahaCareer Mitra app and the helpline is to help the students from the remotest areas know about all the information related to their field of interest and the opportunities available. Thus every child in Maharashtra can have equal opportunity to make informed career choices .

    The App is designed and developed by Mohar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • U Dictionary

    U-Dictionary is a free dictionary and translate app.

    U-Dictionary now has official Oxford Dictionaries in 12 languages!

    Offline Sentence Translation is also available now! Enjoy translating totally offline of 58 languages.

    U-Dictionary offers originally developed dictionaries of 44 languages, Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Bilingual Sentences, Sample Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrases and so on. Also, U-Dictionary is equipped with English articles, games, and quizzes to help you strengthen your English level.

    U-Dictionary is not only the most authentic English dictionary but also a powerful multiple-language translator. We meet all your translation needs to fit different scenarios such as studying, working and traveling abroad. U-Dictionary is far more than a dictionary!


    U-Dictionary Features:

    Official Oxford Dictionaries:

    Check Oxford dictionaries in 12 global languages, including 7 Indian languages. Learn English with a huge number of authoritative word definitions and sample sentences!

    Magic Translate:

    Translate in any app with the magic translation ball. Chat freely with no borders.

    Text Translation:

    Translate between any two languages from 108 languages.

    Camera Translation:

    Snap a photo with text to get it translated. Recognizes 12 languages.

    Offline Dictionary:

    Free download of Offline Packages for 44 languages and synonyms, antonyms, phrases, English sample sentences, Collins Advanced Dictionary, and WordNet Dictionary.

    Offline Translation:

    Free download of Offline Translation Packages for 58 languages. Get the translation even when you are offline.


    Copy to Translate:

    Copy any word or sentence while browsing, messaging, or reading news, to get meaning instantaneously.

    Word Lock Screen: Show words you choose on Lock Screen without network by accessing the offline package.

    Quick Translate:

    Get the meaning in the notification bar without opening U-Dictionary.

    My Words:

    Save important words into different folders. Collect and revise.

    Perfect English Pronunciation: Authentic UK (British) and US (American) accent. Listen and learn.

    Sample Sentences:

    Collected from famous international news websites such as BBC, NPR, etc.

    14 Display Languages:

    Now you can read in your native language.

    Word Games:

    Find synonyms game and spelling game. Play and learn.

    Funny Videos:

    Fully utilize your free time to learn English with ease and fun.


    HOMER Reading is an early learning program for ages 2-8 that is personalized to your child’s interests to help them fall in love with reading. It has been proven to increase early reading scores by 74% with just 15 minutes a day. And with stories and activities customized to each child’s interests, they’ll learn while having fun.

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    If you would like to try HOMER, you can start a FREE trial! After that, it’s $7.99 USD per month (for other countries, see pricing below).


    A HOMER Reading membership is needed to access and create a personalized learn-to-read plan, as well as the rest of the content HOMER offers. If you are already an existing HOMER member, just log in with your username and password.

    If you enjoy your trial, simply allow your membership to automatically continue and a $7.99 USD per month membership fee will be charged to your account.

    To cancel, go to the Google Play Store, click “Manage My Subscriptions” and click “Cancel”, or contact customer support (below) BEFORE the free trial period is over. If you have any questions about cancelling, visit Homer's cancelling subscription FAQ's at http://bit.ly/2yjSk2m.


    HOMER has been featured on the TODAY Show and Morning Joe as well as in the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and Parents Magazine. HOMER has won the prestigious Teachers’ Choice and Mom’s Choice Awards.



    • Proven to increase early reading scores by 74% with just 15 minutes a day

    • Combines your child’s passions and interests with their age and ability to create a personalized learn-to-read plan

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    • Download 150+ printable worksheets, learning games, and activities

    • Track your child’s progress with the Parent Dashboard and record your child reading their first book

    • One membership designed for the whole family with up to 4 customizable profiles

    One membership designed for the whole family with up to 4 customizable profiles


    Please send us an email at [email protected] or visit https://homerlearning.zendesk.com/hc/en-us, and we’ll gladly help you with any questions or concerns.


    HOMER is free to qualified and verified teachers and librarians to support educational instruction with progress tracking for up to 32 individual students.

  • Noggin Preschool Learning Games

    Welcome to the all-new Noggin – the learning app from the experts at Nick Jr. Bringing over 30+ years of preschool edutainment experience into a smart and fun tool for kids ages 2+. Noggin is the only subscription service where learning is led by the trusted Nick Jr. characters your kids know and love. When you subscribe to Noggin you’ll get access to an ever-expanding library of eBooks, educational games, activities, and exclusive shorts developed by curriculum specialists. With 1,500+ ad-free full episodes of preschool favorites like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig & Bubble Guppies — kids can go on fun learning adventures and explore math, science, literacy, music, manners, and more!


    Here’s why Noggin is great for your preschooler:

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    • One subscription gives you access to the Noggin app on multiple devices


    • Library of downloadable stories help foster a love of reading

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    • Parent tips offer reading comprehension questions

    Play-Along Videos

    • Your child’s favorite shows made interactive!

    • Kids can swipe, tap, and even talk to their favorite characters as they learn

    Educational Games

    • Math, literacy, and puzzle games will have kids using their noggin

    • Coloring books featuring kids' favorite characters

    Start Your Subscription Today!

    • First 7 days free and then $7.99/month until you cancel.

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    Noggin collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data). User data collection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon's services. For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Google, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Google's collection or use of your personal user data and information. Additionally, this App may use “local notifications.” Local notifications are sent directly from the App to your device (you don’t need to be connected to the Internet) and may be used to notify you of new content or events within your App, among other reasons. Use of this App is subject to the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement.

    Noggin offers in-app purchases and charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.