• Snapchat

    Snapchat is a photo sharing application developed by two students from Stanford University.

    Users can use this application to take pictures, videos, add text and images. Users of Snapchat are called snubs.

    One of its primary functions of Snapchat is that all the photos have a life span of 1 to 10 seconds. All these pictures will be automatically destroyed after users have sent them to their friends at the preset time. Meanwhile, users will be noticed if the receiver is trying to capture the picture during this period. This application provides a safe platform for young people since there is no sign left for that information they have sent to each other.

    It has been four years since Snapchat was released in September 2011. Now we will introduce you the history of Snapchat.

    In April 2011, Evan Spiegel presented the final project of Snapchat in the produce design course at Stanford University. And finally in September 2011, Snapchat went online formally.

    In January 2012, Snapchat get 0.48 million dollars investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners. In May 2012, there are 25 snapshot pictures sent on Snapchat every one second. At the end of the same year, there are more than 20 million photos sent on Snapchat for iOS platform.

    In February 2014, Snapchat received about 13.5 million dollars in the A round investment. And in the second half of the year, Snapchat received about 80 million dollars in the B round investment.

    At the end of 2014, Snapchat cooperated with Square to released a new service to help users transfer money to make investment.

    The audience users of Snapchat are mainly the youth between 13 to 25 years old. The most attractive function of Snapchat is that it can be used privately, that is, it can protect your privacy. The bigger market it faces is the product that is abundant in American market: instant communication. The most attractive thing of Snapchat is not that the pictures can be destroyed in a particular period but that it can send the images at a faster speed than other share tools.

    Snapchat can make everyone communicate freely, even with the strangers. You don't need to worry about the information will be leaked. Because it can protect your privacy information. Thus, it will decrease the burden for people to chat with strangers. The ambition of creating Snapchat as a social communication platform gradually shows at some new functions, such as the function of Stories. It is similar to Facebook information flow. It indicates that users not only can share the photos to themselves, but also they can share their Stories to their friends. Users' friends can scan their Stories. And also the content of Stories will disappear after 24 hours.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest uses a way of waterfall stream to show pictures so users don’t need to open a new page to see the next content. Pinterest is called the picture version of Twitter, you can save the photo, like the photo and forward it to your own account.

    If Google+ is the promise land for the tech nerds, then Pinterest will be the paradise for wives. Pinterest applies two elements that are pinboard and pin. There are four elements for the Pinterest:Pin, Repin,share,board

    It has been a long history since Pinterest was released. Pinterest is a creative mix of two words: pin and interest. The original meaning of it is to pin the pictures that you are interested in on a board to share.

    In 2010, Pinterest was created by a team name Cold Brew Labs.

    In August, 2011, pinterest was selected as one of fifty best websites on Times Magazine in America.

    In November 2011, Pinterest was listed as one of ten biggest social network website by Hitwise.

    In January 2012, the traffic of Pinterest has surpassed Linkedin, Youtube and Google+.

    In January 2013, Pinterest get invested by the venture investment SV Angel, after this investment, the value of Pinterest estimated about 1.5 billion dollars.

    In May 2015, American social website Pinterest carried out three kinds of pins, which took the first step in the cooperation with large retail brand in the United States.

    You can make the fast registration on the welcome screen if you never use this application. Or you can also log in by using your Facebook and Twitter account. While you can scan all the users' photo sharing if you register a new account on Pinterest. While the goal of creating this application is mainly to view some interesting or eye-pleasing pictures in the leisure time. Come and experience it now!

  • Nextdoor

    Nextdoor is a free, private social network and will help you connect with your neighbors, find home services near you, and make acquaintances with the people around you.

    Nextdoor can be helpful in many ways. You can use Nextdoor to see what happened, find a garage sale, last-minute babysitter, dog walker, handyman, or sell your unwanted household items. Besides, you can also get local news, plan a local event, or share safety tips with this app.

    Key Features:

    • Social networking for neighbors: sell your idle items to your neighbors; get recommendations for handymen, dog walkers, and skillful babysitters.
    • Neighborhood events: find local events like community activities and cookouts; find yard sales and garage sales around you
    • Home Services & Deals· find a babysitter or a handyman: find a babysitter or a handyman; find a pet sitter or dog walker
    • Safety Tips & Crime Watch: Share neighborhood crime reports; share information during a natural disaster


    Nextdoor is a free app, and you can download it from the Google Play Store, the Apple Store, or use the apk on our website to finish your installation.

  • Tango

    Tango is a free online messaging and video calling application that is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It also works on tablets. All messages and video calls are free.

    Released in 2009, Tango becomes more and more popular among the web. Over 350 million people are on Tango to socialize and communicate.

    Users can send messages, make video or voice calls to people or group. Meanwhile, users can also share photos, post status updates, and comment on other people's photos and videos.

    Uri Raz, the co-founder and CEO of Tango, introduced to the Wall Street Journal that he wanted Tango to become the "WeChat" in western countries. All the functions of "WeChat" are included in the Tango while he will make them all westernized.

    In March 2014, Tango gets 0.28 billion investment from Alibaba. The mode of Tango is similar to the Asian applications Wechat and Line. At first, Tango only supports the video call function, and later it gradually enriches its own product functions including the post, game, and social communication.

    It is said that one-half of the Tango income source comes from the game revenues and value-added features, another half of the income comes from the advertising revenue. The advertisements are presented in the page of game applications.

    Currently Tango has 200 million registered users, including 70 million monthly active users. The user groups were concentrated in North America and the Middle East. Raz said that a quarter of users was from the United States. Tango can make you connect with your friends and family freely. Come and download it for fun!


    • It's free to use Tango to send and receive messages, photos, stickers, audios, videos, and location information. Users can also play games while in a call.
    • Groups are also free on Tango. Keep in touch with your family, friends, colleagues or other partners. Send texts, photos, videos and more in the group chat.
    • Tango is the first video calling app that works on both smartphones and tablets. It has the best video calling quality so that you can always connect with your friends and family no matter where you're.

  • TextNow

    TextNow is an application used for sending messages. This application is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems.

    It has features of unlimited talk, text& data. Users can sign up this application using their free phone number. This application will save you money in the future in the calling and texting aspects.

    Functions of TextNow will be listed as follows:

    • Free Wi-Fi version saving you a lot of money.
    • You can log in different devices with one number.
    • Starting as low as $18.99 per month with no contract, you will enjoy limited texting and calling.

    With TextNow, you can say goodbye to large phone bills. Enjoy the unlimited talk, text and data. No hidden fees here. TextNow developed a kind of technology to save money for you.

  • Google+

    Google+ is an SNS social application where you can share different things and interests with your friends. You can log in this app through your Google account.

    It is designed by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz to provide the functions of social services. The goal of Google+ is not to make the click of the website surfing but to make the online asset on Google in our daily life more familiar.

    Seven Services:

    • Info Cluster: The info cluster indicates the newest trends of the contacts.
    • Photos: Users can upload photos automatically through Android and iOS phones.
    • Sparks: It is a sharing searching engine which can collect inspired topics.
    • Social Hub: It is the most important function of Google+. Users can choose and organise their friends to form a group to make the sharing more convenient


    • Discover wonderful things.
    • Explore your interests.
    • Post group topic with collections.
    • Join communities of anyone.
    • Connect with others and share your interests.
  • POF Free Dating App

    POF, short for Plentyoffish, is a simple and free dating app with over 3 million active daily users which makes it the largest dating site. Every member of POF will be matched with the most suitable date based on different personalities after taking a Chemistry Test. Besides, POF will help you to find your inner needs and wrong doing in the past relationships and customize a plan to make the next date a success.

    There are much more users, visits and dates on this website than any other similar dating services which give users more chances to find the perfect ones for them! Unlike other similar dating apps, It's completely free without any in-app purchase. Download it now and give it a try, romantic dates are waiting for you!

    First of all, you need to create an account and fill in the profile list to describe your personality, relationship longevity, needs, strengths and so on.


    • There is an advanced matching algorithm we offered to help analyze your personalities and needs which will raise the chances of matching the suitable dates.
    • The location function enables you to search people by a specific distance such as people who are only 500 meters to you.
    • Users are sorted out by many categories so that you can search by distance, age, height, and username.
    • The "Meet Me" option gives you easy access to scan through profiles.
    • The "My Matches" option will show your matches based on the profile selections.


    There's an upgraded version of POF at the cost of about $6.78 to $12.90 a month. It will give you the rights to use themes in the profile, send gifts in messages and upload up to 16 pictures.

  • Grindr

    As a mobile social networking app, Grindr is designed to help gay and bisexual men meet and connect without having to give any personal information. It’s completely safe and anonymous inside this app.

    Grindr is available for both Android and iOS users, and Grindr comes in both free and paid versions, namely Grindr XTRA Subscription. This app uses every user’s exact location, allowing users to locate other users who are nearby.


    • Grindr lets you see up to 600 profiles with bigger photos than before based on your location. You can filter these profiles according to some rules like age limit, height and more, which will help you find your type of guys in a more efficient way.
    • You can chat and share private photos, exact locations or block someone. Once a conversation is started, you two can keep chatting forever, and it won't disappear no matter how far you two become.
    • You can customize your profile to show and share more about yourself, creating a bigger chance for people to notice you and be attracted to you.

    Grindr XTRA Subscriptions

    If you’d like to have more fun on Grindr, welcome to upgrade Grindr XTRA which keeps you away from annoying banner ads, gets access to all premium filters, sends lots of pictures at once. You can choose from the subscription project below:

    • 1 month - $14.99
    • 3 months - $29.99
    • 6 months - $50.99
    • 12 months - $77.99
  • Periscope

    Developed by Twitter Inc, Periscope gives you access to explore the world through other people's eyes.

    Periscope is a kind of live streaming video app that allows you to broadcast all over the world. Once you go live, your followers will get notifications. And then they can join, comment, even send you hearts in real time.


    • Followers can comment and send hearts in real time.
    • Replay your videos at anytime you want or your followers want.
    • Send videos to specific people only. Private and safe.
    • Directly share your video on Twitter.
    • Send and receive hearts. Enjoy your broadcast.
    • With Periscope, you can broadcast any live videos to the world anytime.

    What's New

    • Introduing you the Teleport.
    • Watching broadcast with your follwers much easier.
    • Message Carousel helps you navigate messages, replies and more.
    • Adding broadcaster's local time and location in the info panel.
    • Bug fixes.
  • FunForMobile

    FunForMobile is a social application where you can be acquainted with others and make new friends by abundant interactions. It provides a platform that you can chat, play and download photos, ringtones, and videos made by others.

    Or you can share photos, videos of your own to other members. You can also set custom ringtones from the music folder on your phone, or your voice recording. There are other suitable designs, such as sending greeting cards, color customization menu selection, smarter popup window for accessing private information, talks or friends.

    More fun will be found on playing gif animations or downloading and demonstrating large selection of gif animations at FFM, tons of ringtones, wallpapers, video libraries.

    FunForMobile Features:

    ♥ Customize your very own ringtones

    ♥ Send greeting cards

    ♥ Play GIFs on your phone

    ♥ Upload ringtones, photos, sounds

    ♥ Chatting with others

    ♥ Customize talk messages

  • Facebook Lite

    Facebook Lite is designed for low-speed connections and low spec phones by using less RAM and CPU power. It is small, helping you save space on your phone and can use Facebook in 2G conditions.

    At the very beginning, it is only available outside the US  but now is available in the US too. Facebook Lite is as fully featured as the regular Facebook app. You can like or comment on your friend's content, visit their profiles, and post to your own Timeline.

    Key Features:

    • Find friends and family, start your social connection without the limit of phones and web quality.
    • Share your stories; post status updates; use Facebook emoji to display what's going on in your world.
    • Get notified when someone likes and comment on your posts.
    • Explore local social events, RSVP, and make plans to meet up with friends.
    • Follow people you interested in.
    • Check local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures.
    • Buy and sell products on Facebook Marketplace.


    Should you use Facebook or Facebook Lite?

    Facebook Lite almost has all the banner features of Facebook. It needs fewer system resources as well as less data, and can work on slower connections. If you've run an older phone or want to save mobile data, choose it! Or the other way around, choose the regular Facebook app.

  • Instagram

    Instagram is a mobile application that is initially available for iOS platform. It can capture the pictures to share with the others in a fast, wonderful and interesting way.

    Facebook announced to take over of Instagram on April 10, 2012. Instagram enables users to capture pictures and videos of their life memory and share with each other, whatever the environment is.

    Users can choose different effects of photos including Lomo, Apollo, Poprocket and so on. After that, users can share the pictures or videos on Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter platform.

    As a light but very interesting application, Instagram not only focuses on photo functions, but also integrates with lots of social elements, like the establishment of friend relations, reply and share. That is the biggest value the application owns.

    The name Instagram originates from Instamatic, which is the series name of a point-and-shoot camera Koda starts to sale at a low price. This series of camera is so popular that the last type of camera is still on sales until 1988. Instagram is a mobile application that is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms.

    On April 11, 2012, Instagram first become a free application on App Store and on April 14, 2012, the amount of users on Instagram reach 40 million. On September 12, 2012, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated that the registered mobile users of the Instagram application have surpassed 100 million at Techcrunch's meeting. Even American President Obama used this application.

    This application is easy to operate which allows more people more convenient to use. Users can put common cameras and single-lens reflex camera away, because those cameras need a complex process to put all the photos on the computer and deal with the photos then send them on the web. While Instagram can save all the complex procedures and users can enjoy the shoot and send fun, which let you share the fun of life at any time anywhere.

    Instagram has the following functions:

    • 100% free custom design of filters and borders, such as XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro and so on.
    • Users can share the pictures any time on Sina, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and so on.
    • There are no limitations for the quantity of pictures, and users can shoot, send and share.
    • It allows users to interact with friends through accepting and sending like and comments.
    • Support iPhone front-facing camera and rear camera entirely.

    Except from those functions mentioned above, there is another special advantage which will make all the users happy.

    Instagram build the whole community not on the web but on the app, which means the official Instagram only provide the simple log in, pictures show and application download.

    The Instagram community can be wherever you are, like the when users are on bus, in a party, on a walk or drive. Users don’t need to worry whether their friends has relied the photos they have shared on the community; they will never miss the latest feed of the friends they have liked.

    Come and download this application to enjoy the fun interacting with friends.

  • Live.me

    Live.me is a popular social platform for broadcasting and watching live streaming videos. Within the app, you can broadcast yourself gaining followers and meet new people sharing same interests worldwide. What's more, you may even get money rewards from your followers if your broadcasting is popular enough.

    What's special:

    • Live Broadcasting from SuperStars!
    • Live.me will invite superstars, famous YouTubers to broadcast live. And every user has the right to vote for the next star you want Live.me to invite.
    • Stream everywhere via one touch.
    • Send hearts, emojis and gifts like Teddy bears to show your support to the live you are watching.
    • It's easy to share with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social platforms.
    • Meet new friends with the same interests values and personalities.
    • The Gifts you received will turn into diamonds which can be exchanged for real money.
    • Funny stickers, makeup and filters effects will enhance your broadcasting.
    • Search by #hashtags to find the types of videos you’re interested in.

    Meet new people and create amazing memories now!

  • Tumblr

    Tumblr is an application where people can express themselves freely and interact with friends. And now it has become one of the most popular social networking application and the biggest light blogging network.

    Users can post short essays, photos, videos or links and so on to attract friends. There is no words limit for Tumblr. You can also follow a blog and all the posts related will appear once you follow it, and repost it as yours. Other people or your friends will do it as you do, then you can meet and make friends here.

    There are seven post types you can meet here. The main page of Tumblr is Dashboard where will show the updates of all the followers.

    Following contents are supported to publish on Tumblr:

    • Text: Text is availble, as well as HTML with no length of words limited. You can upload pictures among texts which will be reduced to 500px width. The title is optional to use.
    • Photo: You can upload local photos or use your camera to shoot. It also supports external links as long as ten photos most at a time. Each picture is limited with 10M capcity, no format resrictions and descriptions can be added.
    • Quote: You can quote other people’s statements, pictures or other contents. Descriptions can be added.
    • Link: A simple link is available and the title is optional.
    • Chat: A section of chat can be added with no format resricted.
    • Audio: A piece of audio files can be uploaded with MP3 format only. You can use local files or external links. Descriptions can be added.
    • Video: Videos can be embedded from all kinds of video websites, or you can just enter YouTube or Vimeo address link. Local videos can also be uploaded. And for now, Instagram videos can also be directly played. In short, you can post anything from anywhere. You can follow anyone you like and personalize anything you love. Create your own blog here.

  • Text Free

    Text Free is free for texting and calling with a real US phone number. You can send text to anyone, even though they don't have the app. Enjoy free SMS messaging, group messaging, calling and voicemail with Text Free! You can send unlimited free texts and free MMS picture messages to all your friends, even if they don’t have Textfree app!


    ❍ Provide real phone numbers

    ❍ Unlimited texts and pictures for free

    ❍ Group chatting

    ❍ Free calling

    ❍ Turn any device into a phone, including desktop, tablet and mobile phones


    Developed by BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD., BIGO LIVE is a video-streaming platform where you can live stream your life and live interact with other users online. It's free to download, but it contains in-app purchase.

    BIGO LIVE is available both for Android and iOS users from Google Play Store and App Store, or you can download BIGO LIVE apk file from the link we offer below. It now has over 200 million users around the world who broadcast their lives, gain fans, receive gifts and earn money.


    ◆ Live stream your life

    Bigo Live provides a platform where you can live stream amazing moments like singing, dancing, traveling and more.

    ◆ Watch streams from others

    Here you can see all kinds of videos including food, scenery, dancing, and comedy uploaded by millions of talented broadcasters.

    ◆ Voice Chat Rooms

    Bigo Live enables you to create or join a voice chat room where you can play games, sing karaoke together.

    ◆ Earn money and receive gifts

    You may receive or give virtual gifts like roses, angels, supercars, luxury cruises, and more. The best part is that the gifts can be redeemed for real cash!

    How to earn money with BIGO LIVE ?

    Users can purchase bean packages of different price to ‘gift’ or their favorite broadcasters. All the gifts can be cashed out for real-world money.

    Is BIGO LIVE safe for kids?

    Nearly all the video-streaming apps have content concerns, and BIGO LIVE is not an exception. The app is restricted to users at least 17 years old. Besides content concern, another potential danger its that BIGO LIVE requires users to submit personal information, such as name, gender, and location.

  • Text Me

    Text Me

    Text Free - Free Text to any number in the USA Canada: free text / SMS plus MMS plus group chat!

    Free Calling App - Free Call to any number in the USA Canada: next generation real voice calls plus voicemail

    A Real Phone Number: Get now your own real USA Canada phone number to call, text now for free

    Turn now your Google Android Tablet into a text and voice device: call from phone and tablet with Text Me free texting apps, free calling app

    Unlimited Text and Calls to USA, Canada: enjoy as many as you want free calls, free SMS, free MMS, free text now

    Cheap or Free International Calling : earn free Text Me credits or buy Text Me credits to text / send SMS and call 200 destinations

    No need of cellular data plan: Text Me is the best free wifi calling app - send SMS, MMS on wifi

    2nd, multiple number: burner number, disposable number, anonymous free call, anonymous texting

    Key Features:

    A real phone number for free - anonymous texting - anonymous calling - burner number, disposable number

    Unlimited Free Message to USA, Canada

    Real phone free call, free text

    Free voicemail

    Call forwarding

    MMS picture messaging - group messaging app - group chat

    International Calling

    Number Lookup

    Text free customizable signatures

    Customisable text tone, sent text sound

    Unread message reminder

    Customisable call tone/ringtone

    Text filtering

    Call filtering - Inbound Call on Lockscreen Filtering

    Customisable background/wallpaper

    Video call

    Customisable voicemail greeting

    Privacy - Anonymous - Passcode: keep your text message private

    Privacy - Anonymous - Hide text messages, conversations

    Preview text message on locked screen

    Text message reminder

    Free Wifi

    Share GPS location by free text message / SMS / MMS

    Burner Phone: Private second number to text, call

    Sign up via Facebook & Google

    Compatible with main texting app: Google Voice, Talkatone, TextNow, TextFree

    Send Picture by MMS

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn, founded in 2002, is committed to providing a communication platform for global professionals to help them find jobs and chat with each other. As the world’s largest professional social website, the member number of LinkedIn has reached more than 300 million; and each ‘Fortune’ Global 500 companies have executives to join in.

    The site was formally launched on May 5, 2013. The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make themselves more effective. And in the long term, they want to build business opportunities for the 3.3 billion labor force in the world. You can find interesting opportunities here and also some charming people and jobs. Find your partners here and make yourself more perfect.

    Development History

    • In 2002, LinkedIn was released to provide the communication platform to help people find jobs and chat with each other.
    • In 2006, with the online of the public archives, LinkedIn started to build its professional files database.
    • In 2007, Reid invited Dan Nye to manage the company. LinkedIn moved to Stierlin Court and established the customer service center in Omaha.
    • In 2008, LinkedIn became one real international company, which established its first overseas office in London and launched the Spanish and French version of LinkedIn.
    • At the end of 2010, LinkedIn had 90 million registered members and owned one thousand employees in 10 offices around the world. There is a rapid growth for LinkedIn in this year.
    • In 2013, LinkedIn was built for ten years. The registered members had reached 225 million at its tenth anniversary.
    • On 9 April 2015, LinkedIn purchased the online education company Iynda.com for 1.5 billion dollars.
    • The LinkedIn records the profile and the career people have got around the world.

    What can you do with LinkedIn?

    • Know new friends here and search for jobs and companies.
    • Record your story about your professional profile.
    • The others can see you and your professional profile.
    • You can use the app to update your profile.
    • Get updates from the people, publishers and companies that matter your success.
  • Wishbone

    Wishbone is your home for comparing social content. Every morning you receive a new "Daily Dozen", which is a series of 12 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices. 

    If you complete all 12, then you get a "Nightly Dozen" too!! You pick a side and then you can see how your friends voted. It's a quick and fun start to each morning, giving you a little bit of knowledge about what’s buzzing around the world. We cover humor, fashion, celebrities, sports, music and pretty much anything that you want to talk about.

    Now with Community Feed!! - Get 20x the questions every day!

    Also - Create your own Wishbone to share with your friends. If it's really great, we'll feature it in the app for the whole community to vote on.

  • InstaFollow

    What's New:

    • Bug Fixes
    • UI Enhancements
    • Performance Improvements

    InstaFollow is a social app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have Instagram and you want to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, InstaFollow is the app you need.

    InstaFollow keeps a watchful eye on your followers. It can help you find who stops following you and show you new followers. InstaFollow can help protect your Instagram account and get so many new friends of vision.

    It is fast, accurate and intuitive. It can follow your followers instantaneously. This app can not only identify unfollowers, but also make you unfollow them back!

  • Helo

    Helo is the best Indian social app with 50,000,000+ users and mass of videos and images for free downloading, sharing, chatting and making friends.

    In Helo, you will find many AMAZING TOPICS

    WhatsApp Status Videos

    Wishes & Quotes

    Trending News

    Entertainment Gossips

    Cricket News

    Comedy Videos

    Song Videos

    Love Quotes

    Good Morning

    Good Night




    Helo is available in 14 Indian languages viz. Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani and Haryanavi. Helo allows users to connect with friends and family in their native language, all over the country with great ease.

    You can make friends and share regional videos with people who speak in your own language. Hindi language users can now download Hindi videos, Hindi love video songs, Hindi shayari, and Hindi WhatsApp status videos and similarly, there are Tamil WhatsApp videos status, Telugu WhatsApp video status, Kannada WhatsApp video status, Marathi WhatsApp video status, Gujarati WhatsApp video status, Bengali WhatsApp status, Urdu WhatsApp video status, and Malayalam WhatsApp video status. You can download videos in just one click.

    Download unlimited video status for FREE

    Now you can download any video for free within a few seconds. Once downloaded, you can show your favourite videos to your friends and family by sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook.


    - Read a wide collection of jokes, WhatsApp status, wishes, shayari and entertainment news.

    - Watch different kinds of trending and viral videos: funny videos, news videos, TikTok type videos, TV show clips, movie clips, dance and song videos.

    - Share video files wherever and whenever through WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status, Facebook and Xender.

    - Handy comment and repost feature to share your thoughts on the go.

    - Supports multiple sign-in methods including phone, facebook, google and twitter.

    - An entirely new camera that allows you to add fun effects and beauty filters.

    - New editing tools for photos and videos. You can now add music to videos! As well as colored text and animated stickers!

    - Launch a poll to see which celebrities, politicians and favorite foods people support.

    - Stay tuned to cricket live scores & chat with cricket fans.

    - Follow superstars and chat with your stars. Stars also may follow you and watch your status.

    - Become popular among people by recording and sharing your thoughts and life in Helo. With Helo, you can be an internet celebrity!

    - Helo offers a variety of privacy features to protect your content.

    Helo is the best way to know what's happening in India and discover thousands of comedy and romantic status videos and to share them with your friends and family. You can always know what's happening and EXPLORE the WORLD through Helo.

    Download Helo, the best social app in India!

    Any feedback? Contact us by Clicking on "Profile Page-Settings-Feedback" in Helo app.

  • MeetMe

    MeetMe helps you make new friends nearby. You can meet people that share same interests and have a nice chat. And it's totally free.

    There are more than 100 million people chatting on MeetMe to make new friends. Anyone from any country or area for all ages and all nationalities can join here to enjoy making new friends.

    Users can use their Facebook account to login or register a new account. Then you can set up your profile, add additional information and upload the photos so that other users can see you and learn more about you. Once you've set up the profile, you can start finding new people around you.

    Functions of MeetMe

    The mobile app of MeetMe is the app version of the popular online dating site which was once called My Yearbook. Users need to be over 13 to register and can have some privacy and safety corners. Users log in to interact with new people instead of contacting with real-life friends.

    MeetMe has its own virtual money called Lunch Money. Users can earn it in many different ways, or just buy it with credit card. You can use the money to get better profile layouts and homepage themes.

    Users can use credits and "lunch money" to put their profiles at the top of the homepage to attract other people or get "priority in match" to increase the opportunity of having dates. You can also play online games on MeetMe.

    MeetMe provides users kinds of ways to connect with each other. It helps you find someone that is living in your area or whether he or she is going to your school.

    How to delete MeetMe?

    In order to cancel your MeetMe account and delete the profile permanently, you need to log in and find the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

    Then go to the Account panel and choose Deactivate Account. The system will ask you to enter your email address and password to confirm deleting.

  • Blued

    Blued is a diverse, fun & reliable gay dating app with more than 40 million users globally. Blued allows you to date cute guys from around the world! Go make a video call, find cute guys, go on a gay date.

    Go livestream and earn bonus!

    Go live on your phone and express yourself ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME. Like singing, dancing, cosplaying or just chilling? We have something for everyone.

    Safe & Secure!

    Blued cares about your privacy from the very start. Create an account and the fun begins! On Blued, you can create private photo albums, send private messages, video chat and even go live stream privately. We disabled screenshot or recording, so you can show yourself at ease, no pressure at all!

    More guys & More fun!

    No matter what kind of guys you are into: twink, daddy, bear or jock. They all have joined Blued! Browse unlimited guys in your neighborhood or use our travel feature to meet guys anywhere in the world. Photos, audio & video messages, GIF and real-time location sharing are all available in chatting! Finding your perfect man has never been easier!

    Connect with hot guys and stay updated!

    Follow whoever you're interested and stay updated on their latest post in timeline and their live stream. Gym selfie? Check!

    Photos, videos or live streaming depicting explicit content are not allowed.

  • Playsee

    Travel from the eyes of our global community. Discover new destinations, connect with fellow explorers and share your stories. Be original, be curious, be hungry for adventure. Experience the world with Playsee.


    • Have the world in the palm of your hand. Take virtual trips and explore cool places around the globe. Travel thousands of miles with just one click.

    • Find out and experience what's trendy and what's happening around you. Explore and make unforgettable discoveries. Your next adventure is out there.


    • Show travelers what your city has to offer. Follow locals and see what they love to eat, play and see. Travel with your avatar to connect with the local community and have fun together!

    • Be a Playsee guide and put yourself on the map. Join a global community of world explorers and make friends while traveling.


    • Post what you love to eat, play and see. Check in and review nearby places and businesses. See what others are doing around you. Share great experiences and create memories.

    ** You can change who sees your check-ins, videos and information in account privacy **


    Join us to start collecting memories. With your avatar, never miss an opportunity to connect with your local community. Never forget a moment with your personalized collection of videos and followers. Never stop having fun with the world.


    Find what's good in your neighborhood, whether it be food and drinks, famous (or not) sights or shopping. Get inspired by people's stories and plan your next great escape. Cross some items off your bucket list and discover the world, one video at a time.

    Playsee's Safety Practices: 

    To make sure our users get the most useful information, Playsee requests location access while you use the app. But don't worry, we are super serious about user privacy and safety. Your immediate real time location is never shared with anyone and is only visible to you. Just relax and have fun!

  • textPlus

    Call and message your friends with a real phone number - no phone service required! SMS text any US or Canada number or call worldwide.

    #1 free text and call app with a local phone number of your choice.

    Send and receive unlimited sms / text / MMS / group messages to anyone in the US or Canada.

    Ad-supported or cheap local & international calling - you choose how to call!

    textPlus is the ONLY app where keeping in touch is made simple, cheap and hassle free.

    textPlus also lets you do more:

    - Turn your tablet into a phone for free texting and calling with a real US number!

    - Great for keeping in touch with family/friends in the US / Canada while traveling abroad

    - Group texting / message / send MMS & SMS

    - Toll-free calling from anywhere in the world with no restrictions!

    - Unlimited free inbound calling and calls - your friends can always reach you

    - Access your chat and call history on any device with free cloud hosting

    - Save tons of money on your mobile plan


    Yes - no fees to send unlimited SMS messages and you can earn credits to place a call (inbound calls are completely FREE).


    The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

    Great SMS phone alternative for:

    - anyone needing a second number for work / privacy

    - kids

    - seniors

    - travelers to and from the US

    - anyone looking to save money on cell phone bills.


    - Full picture messaging (MMS): send, receive and save pictures

    - Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration

    - Customizable themes

    - Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends

    - Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly via any device as your one-stop SMS texting app!

    - Real SMS texting and calling: text and call ANY phone that accepts SMS texting, and ANY phone for calling.

    - Voicemail

    - Works over WiFi or data

    Location data may be used for providing you more relevant ads.


    GOGO LIVE is the best way to see your favorite broadcasters live. It is free, quick and easy to watch some of the best entertainment live! Meet new friends all over the world, receive and send virtual gifts.

    You can also become a broadcaster and get in on the gifts and opportunities of live streaming with GOGO LIVE. How would you like to create a fan community with rapid growth and interaction? GOGO LIVE is great for live promotions, product launches, live performances and getting large groups of fans together for that powerful personal interaction.

    What you can do on GOGO LIVE? ALL OF THESE!!

    Live Streaming, Virtual Gifts, Celebrities, Influencers, Fan Community, Beauty Cam, VIP

    Don't be left out, JOIN THE PARTY! Live stream with stars and celebrities. Send and receive virtual gifts. Join fan communities, or start one. Are you an influencer? Become a broadcaster and make CASH!

    Live Streaming

    is an exciting way to interact with celebrities and users from everywhere. See your favorite Instagram users and chat with them. Meet new people and make new friendships.

    Virtual Gifts

    Show your appreciation by sending broadcasters virtual gifts. There are lots of cool gifts to send, of different sizes. By sending gifts, you gain access to bonus levels and prizes. Gifts can be redeemed for real payouts! $$$


    Get up close and personal with celebrities, both online and in the real world. GOGO LIVE brings top personalities together for awesome interactive entertainment.


    You know them, you see them, they are the influencers. Check in with them and see what is happening in fashion, art, sport, music and entertainment. Interact and find out who, what, and where to be.

    Join Us

    Become a broadcaster! Interact with your fans and get rewarded for it. Broadcasters receive gifts from fans that can be converted to payouts. We are here to support you and help with your growth. Convert your followers from other platforms and maximize your impact with GOGO LIVE streaming. Set up your own store that your fans can buy your featured items. Leverage the power of the platform to make sponsorship deals to take things over the top.

    Fan Community

    Join groups or create them for celebrities, games, sports teams and events. The possibilities are up to your imagination.

    Beauty Cam

    Built in Beauty Cam feature is a filter that enhances the light and appearance of the broadcaster. The first of many filters and add ons being rolled out in the next couple of months.


    Members get special access and additional benefits. You get a bonus with each purchase, and unlock additional VIP only gifts to send. Become a VIP and experience special treatment.

  • Amino

    Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino.

    Start by exploring a new type of video with Amino Stories to share the best parts of your interests with millions. Then, chat and connect with fans like you in Communities around all your passions.

    Our latest update empowers you to create videos, Communities, posts, and quizzes to represent your interests to the world, the fandom, or just your favorite group of friends.

    Key Features:

    - Watch Stories, videos, and (read) blogs

    Kick back and enjoy videos and blogs covering all interests, from Art and Anime to K-Pop and Video Games, created by passionate fans like you.

    - EXPLORE Communities for whatever you’re into

    Amino Communities are safe spaces that bustle with thousands of friendly super fans. Join to discover in-depth Stories, long form posts, reviews, analysis, fan art, polls, quizzes, recommendations, photos, journeys, commentary, fan fiction, cosplay, and anything else you can imagine.

    - CHAT with people like you around the world

    Join global and community chats that are completely anonymous and full of new friends. Discuss Indie Games, DIY Projects, and Nightcore, or get even more involved by taking part in Roleplay skits and Singing Competitions! Use thousands of handmade stickers (like tofu dog) to show people exactly how you’re feeling, then make new friends with the Internet folk you click with (because who doesn’t like tofu dog?!).

    - CREATE your own Stories, blogs, polls, quizzes, and more

    Upload videos, gifs, and pictures into Scenes, then make them shine as a Story with our built in video editing features.

    Add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones -- so they’re full screen! -- to craft a Story that’s uniquely you.

    - CUSTOMIZE your profile

    Check out our digital store featuring handcrafted stickers, saucy chat bubbles, and beautiful profile frames to stand out from the crowd in Communities and chats. Go on, try on a profile frame. That one looks great on you.

    - MAKE new friends

    We believe in you!

  • Parallel Space Lite

    Do you have two accounts for instant message applications, tired to log in and out to receive double messages form your dual account?

    Do you have double game accounts, want to keep them simultaneously online to get dual function and double experiences?

    Do you have two accounts for the social network, want to separate work and personal life, double experience your entertainment time?

    As one of the top-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps more than 90 million users log on multiple accounts simultaneously online on same device by virtual system. Also, the Parallel Space Lite will provide a faster performance to simulate your dual account through a high speed virtual system.

    Parallel Space supports 24 languages, and compatible with most instant message apps, game apps and social networking apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and double enjoy the fun of your dual app.

    ★Log in to your double instant message apps, double game apps and double social networking apps

    • Balance between your life and work easily by the virtual system.

    • Double game accounts and double enjoy the fun.

    • Almost all instant message apps, game apps and social networking apps are supported for the dual account in Parallel Space. Data from both accounts won't interfere with each other.

    ★Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap

    • Run two accounts simultaneously on the virtual system, and switch between them fast with one-tap to effectively manage your dual accounts.


    • If you are using the Parallel Space and the Parallel Space Lite at the same time, theoretically you can achievable that running more than 2 accounts at once :)


    • Permissions: Parallel Space needs to apply for the permissions required by the apps added in Parallel Space to function normally. For example, if Parallel Space is not permitted to acquire your location, you will be unable to send your location to your friends in some apps that run in Parallel Space. Parallel Space does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.

    • Consumptions: Parallel Space itself doesn't take up too much memory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by the apps running inside. Details can be viewed in 'Storage' and 'Task Manager', which could be found in 'Settings' in Parallel Space.

    • Notifications: Please add Parallel Space to whitelist or exceptional list of some 'boost apps' to ensure that notification of some social networking apps functions well.

    • Conflict: You cannot run two accounts of some social networking apps by using a same mobile number. You should use a different mobile number to run your second account of those apps in Parallel Space and ensure that the mobile number is active during your first login because there will be a verification message sent to this number.

  • YOLO

    YOLO is a Q&A app that allows users to receive and answer anonymous messages from your Snapchat followers, directly in the app. Your responses are immediately shareable into your Snap Story. Since its first release on the App Store, it has shot up to take the No.1 spot on the charts within seven days, especially rocks among teenager groups.

    As it is built on top of Snapchat's Snap Kit platform, users can create accounts and log in to them with their existing Snapchat ID. Meanwhile, Snap Kit also allows third-party apps to integrate with Snap's own app.

    Who made YOLO?

    French start-up Popshow, Inc. created the app, and they use the Snap Kit platform for third-party developers. Creator Gregoire Henrion claims that the growth of YOLO is totally organic.

    What are the main concerns about YOLO?

    YOLO warns users not to send harassing messages, or their identities will be revealed. However, it is not like what they say. If a comment is reported for being improper, it simply disappears.

    People also have raised concerns about privacy. YOLO's terms of service state that the app may "collect and store personal information," including your name, password, phone number, email address, and so on.

    What should you do if your teens use the app?

    YOLO is similar to the "Questions" sticker on Instagram, which will be relatively safe for teenager use. But parents should pay close attention to any app that feeds the teen brain's longing for peer approval.

    Therefore, tell kids that their words have power, even if they are anonymous, and it's crucial to think about any possible consequences before they type. Encourage them to tell you if they are being bullied, online, or off.

  • Houseparty

    Latest Update:

    Recently Houseparty has gained increasing popularity, as the outbreak of COVID-19 forces millions to stay at home worldwide. According to a report by App Annie, Houseparty raked in 2m downloads worldwide, compared with around 130,000 the same week a month ago. In 17 countries including the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, it ranks at number one in the Apple app store.

    Houseparty goes viral overnight and has already prompted a new set of social rituals.Houseparty is San Francisco-based app owned by Fortnite Epic Games. Launched in 2016, Houseparty has focused on enabling what it calls “shared experiences”, offering in-app games such as trivia or screen-sharing services that allow friends to go on dating apps or watch TV programmes together, for example.

    While plenty of apps offers free video calls, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts & Duo, what makes Houseparty special is its addition of quizzes and games, which allows users to have more fun than just sit in front of a camera and chat.

    Advantages of Houseparty:

    • Accessibility: Houseparty provides users a clean and easy-to-operate interface which helps them enjoy the user-friendly application without any technical bugs. Houseparty will work more and more smoothly with the frequent updates. It achieves 3.4 rating on Google Play given its usability and great features.
    • Security: You will be given some specific control to choose whoever you want to chat with when creating video chats on Houseparty app. Houseparty build a secure environment for users to enjoy fun chatting by blocking out those who are not explicitly invited. Meanwhile, users can feel free to ignore the request that people have applied. There are no privacy leaks or other scandals ever appearing in Houseparty currently.
    • User-friendly: Houseparty allows the long-distance relationships to chat with each other safely and enjoyably simultaneously, especially for those teens with their friends and family members. Houseparty will be a good application to bring all the people or groups together at the same time.

    What should people care about?

    • Privacy: Houseparty won’t warn you to use those security filters even though it possesses them. Other people can enter the video chat if users don’t “lock” their chat room. Keep in mind to turn the privacy filter on when going on the video chatting, which will keep the video chat secure and private.
    • Danger: One of the disadvantages of Houseparty is that it doesn’t have the age verification. It won’t be a big issue if you chat with your friends or family members. However, people of any age group can be available for the spontaneous video chat since Houseparty has no age limit, which will lead to the strange danger problem. Therefore, we encourage users to set rules for the chatting room when getting in touch with their friends.
  • ShareChat

    Download and Share FREE WhatsApp Status Videos, Instagram Stories, Funny Short Videos, Talk To Strangers, Latest Events and Trends in 14 Indian languages.

    ShareChat: Join India’s Own Social Media App With More Than 100 Million Users.

    Trending Topics on ShareChat:

    Wishes & Quotes


    Funny Videos

    WhatsApp Status & Instagram Story Videos

    Short Videos

    Cinema & TV Gossips


    Devotional Videos


    Health & Fitness

    Trending News

    Status and Stories

    Create Funny Videos With ShareChat Video Filters, Use 300+ Emoji Stickers and Face Filters

    • AI Beauty Filters

    • Fashionable and stylish filters

    • Magic Music Filter

    • 3D Camera Stickers

    • Dubbing & Lip Syncing in 14 Indian Languages

    Put a video status, share and chat it with your friends across all of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter with exclusive Magic effects.

    There are millions of users already using ShareChat with the best magical performance.

    Create WhatsApp stickers of any photo on ShareChat and share stickers on WhatsApp with your friends and groups. ShareChat is the best WAStickerApp available on Google Play Store.

    Download Funny Short Videos, Jokes, Gifs, Audio Songs, Shayari, Motivational Quotes, Funny Quotes, Bhajans, Devotional Songs And Funny Images all in one platform.

    Multiple Indian Languages:

    ShareChat is available in 14 Indian languages viz. Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi & Urdu

    You can make friends and share regional videos with people who speak in your own language. Hindi language users can now download Hindi videos, Hindi love video songs, Hindi shayari, and Hindi WhatsApp status videos and similarly, there are Tamil WhatsApp videos status, Telugu WhatsApp video status, Kannada WhatsApp video status, Marathi WhatsApp video status, Gujarati WhatsApp video status, Bengali WhatsApp status, Urdu WhatsApp video status, and Malayalam WhatsApp video status. You can download videos in just one click.

    Features of ShareChat:

    • Download Jokes, Whatsapp Status, Memes, Trolls, Wishes And Greetings.

    • Viral Videos From Tamil Movies, Bollywood Movies, Telugu Movies, Marathi Movies And Bengali Movies.

    • Latest Gossips Of The Upcoming Movies.

    • Love Stickers For Whatsapp, Birthday Stickers For Whatsapp & Funny Stickers For Whatsapp.

    • Good Morning Wishes, Good Night Wishes And All Other Festival Wishes

    • Get Famous By Showcasing Your Talent And Become An Internet Celebrity.

    • Repost The Images Or Videos That You Like.

    • Make Whatsapp Sticker From Any Image

    • Best Hindi Shayari, Love Shayari, Romantic Shayari, Marathi Shayari and More.

    • Talk To Strangers With Sharechat Shake & Chat.

    • Beauty Tips, Home Makeup Tricks And Fitness Videos.

    • Latest Trends Of Your Locality!

    • Daily Horoscope, And Best Astrology From Panditji In All Indian Languages By Birth Date

    • Find Latest love Quotes, Tips To Dress Well And How To Prepare For Interviews

    • Health Tips And Fitness Tips On How To Cure Yourself With Home-made Remedies

    • Religious And devotional Songs Like bhajans

  • Kiwi

    As a social Q&A platform, Kiwi provides a fast and convenient way to ask your friends or strangers all around the world interesting questions. You may also play as an instructor in the area you specialize by giving answers to curious people.

    The best place on the internet to ask and answer!


    • Ask any question you like for answers from friends, your followers, or the whole Kiwi community.

    • Answer questions raised by anyone based on your experience and thoughts.

    • Follow people you find interesting and create a personalized feed.

    • Get connection with a community of curious people globally.

    • Get familiar with a city by asking people nearby like restaurant, club and so on.

    • Share your own story and communicate with people.

    • Surprises are on the way – you never know what question someone will ask you.

    • Share your profile and experience to gain a following.


    Go ahead – ask anyone anything! And do remember, ask nicely


    MSQRD - the best new social apps to change the way you look! This is the app that makes mobile phone crazy out of "face-swapping". You can record selfie video animations and share them with social networks.

    It is so popular that Facebook bought it. Change the way you look in a simple swipe. Have fun with all the crazy animations and masks. You can also switch visages with a friend, show emotions with live face effects, take selfies in celebrity masks and more.

    MSQRD uses advanced 3D video mapping technology to transfer one of its amazing images onto yours. It accurately tracks where your eyes, noses and top of your head are. And then transform its special effects onto your unsuspecting noggin.

    There are a series of built-in masks, and some of them have interactive animation features. You can save the photos and videos to camera roll or share them on social media. The app updates regularly to add more effects and masks.

  • ooVoo

    ooVoo provides free video calls, voice calls and text messages for you to connect with friends and family more comfortable and convenient. You can even make a group video call up to 12 people.

    With Free video calls, voice calls, and texts, you can caht with as much as you want. ooVoo works with your Wifi network or data plan.


    ★ Free texts, voice calls, and video calls with high-quality

    ★ Free group chats and video calls through 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection

    ★ ooVoo everywhere: works on all kinds of devices


    ★ CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree

    ★ Best Social Comunity 2016 Mobile Excellence Awards

  • Telegram X

    An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features.

    An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features.

  • Tapatalk

    Tapatalk, developed by Tapatalk, Inc., is an application which gives users access to the Internet forums on mobile devices. It connects to more than 100, 000 forums online all over the world.

    Originally it was only available for Android systems, and now it also supports iOS and Windows Phone. With Tapatalk, users can use their mobiles to get access to forums such as MacRumors Forums, M3Forum, Adventure Rider, Cruise Critic, Operation Sports and much more. Whatever forums you like, you can find it here.

    Tapatalk Features:

    ❍ Building Communities

    As a first-class mobile-first community application, Tapatalk is trusted by hundreds of thousands communities around the world. Come to download Tapatalk to connect the community by starting a new community with this app online.

    ❍ Beyond Community Software

    Tapatalk app enables users to connect to the existing community, and it provides a great mobile app experience for all of its members. Besides, Tapatalk is also compatible with most community software. Therefore, members can access the communities on the go. It is free for both the members and the community owners. Users can also purchase the subscription version to enjoy the control of the ads, brands and more.

    ❍ Managing Community Platform

    With Tapatalk application, users can establish the Tapatalk groups which are a combination of the community software, payment systems, cloud hosting and premium membership subscriptions. With the groups, users will save their time and money to focus what matters the most to them, to enjoy the great discussions.

    ❍ Interest Graph

    Except for what we’ve mentioned above, Tapatalk also offers good data points by building the interest graph to tell people what topics the members want to read next. It helps the members to get the updated feeds, recommended discussions or even the email newsletters of the community.

    More about Tapatalk

    Users can download Tapatalk for free. However, it can make you VIP after you purchase the subscription version which is $0.99 per month. And it will be renewed automatically until you opt to cancel. Tapatalk also allows users to get access to multiple forums simultaneously using the unified interface.

  • Yee

    At Yee, we’re fueled by the vision of utilizing mobile technology for the wellbeing of all and believe in a world where meeting new people via video calls is common. Whether it's saying hey in instant video calls, seeing what's up in instant text chats, or swiping through profiles, Yee lets you instantly keep in contact with someone new.

    We harness the synergistic combination of human intelligence and advanced video call technology to bring the world closer together. By introducing this new wave of social media, we’re creating a space where individuals can thrive socially, be more connected than ever before, and feel happier as a result.

    • Group Video Calls: Meet new friends with your real life friends. For when you and your friends feel like being social, together.
    • Instant Video Calls: Meet new friends instantly, face-to-face. For when you’re craving talking to someone new.
    • Instant Text Chat: Meet new friends instantly, without video. For when you’re in need of a new friend to text with.
    • Swipe: Swipe through profiles to meet new friends. Be sure to turn your sound on so you can bump to their profile songs.

  • Airtime

    Airtime is a platform for people who want to video chat with their friends while watching shows, movies, and YouTube. Spend time face-to-face with the people who matter most, and watch them react to the videos we love to hate, the ones we hate to love, and the ones we just plain adore.

    We believe that life is better when you experience together.

    What you’ll find on Airtime:

    - Create your own Rooms where you can have peaceful, low-stakes, private interactions with different groups of trusted friends.

    - Watch YouTube videos, hand-picked TV shows and movies, or listen to music with friends. Add a personal touch by sharing your own photos or videos as well.

    - Video chat with up to 10 friends at once and see their reactions to priceless moments in real time.

    - Customize your video chat with animated stickers, sound reactions, and face masks.

    - Choose your own privacy settings with a Secret room, or create a Party room where all friends of room members are welcome.

  • Yubo

    Yubo is a social video live-streaming app to find new friends, chat with people just like you, and build a social community based on YOUR interests! Friendship is going live on Yubo!

    1.STREAM: Go live and stream videos with friends! You can start a live video chat with up to 10 people, and even invite new friends to join you. Sing, dance, talk about your day or play a game - you can do it all on Yubo.

    2.CHAT: Use the chat feature to say hi to new friends, and reconnect with old ones. You never know who you’ll meet on Yubo!

    3.SWIPE: Find new people nearby AND from all around the world in seconds, with a swipe of your finger.

    4.FIND A COMMUNITY: Are you into beauty, sports, music, travel or LGBTQ+? There are friends all over the world for you! Discover and connect with the perfect community, full of people who share your interests.

    5.SHARE: Earn rewards for inviting your friends to join Yubo on Snapchat and other social apps.

    Why choose Yubo?

    - Yubo is the best place to make new friends, find a community, and share your world - LIVE.

    - Over 25 million people have already signed up for Yubo to start making new friends, so you’ll never be alone!

    - New games, tools, and updates every month - and we’re always listening to suggestions.

    Ready to go live? Download Yubo and start making friends now. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Taimi

    Taimi community is a first gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 5,000,000 real users. Chat for free, call, make videos, create posts & stories, and find love.


    *Just the best dating: swipe, match & chat with gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, bisexual, asexual or other LGBT people;

    *Real users near you (and unique filter for relevant matches);

    *See who liked you;

    *Gamers, Pets lovers, Movies, Music, Memes - a little part of our communities;

    *See full statistic of your account;

    *PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint.

    All those features are free to use.


    Taimi started as a unique Gay Dating, but now is more than a dating app for queer people - that's the community of open-minded and easy-going LGBT people who live their lives in all the colors of the rainbow. At the same time, you can swipe, match, chat, call and meet the partner of your dreams! You can enrich your network with like-minded queer people and meet someone special.

    If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL.

    Our goal is to become the #1 LGBT Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual communities since we understand that every man wants to meet his partner and every woman deserves to find her love too. Meet someone brutal with scruff or very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active - we bring together the greatest people.

    Are you tired of the daily grind alone? Find out your soul mate, friend, or partner in Taimi.

  • Free phone calls

    Houseparty with Dingtone group chat!

    Dingtone, a free calling app allows you to make unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages to anyone. Dingtone also gives you a free number as 2nd line, a real phone number with local area code for free calling and free texting. You can call any mobile/landline phone numbers in over 200 countries and regions, your friends don’t need to install the app.

    Free Calls & Free Texting

    Dingtone lets you make unlimited free internet calls to anyone over WiFi, 3G/4G data network without using any cell minutes; Invite your family members and friends to use the free phone call app for free internet calling and free SMS, and start saving money now.

    Real US Phone Numbers

    Get a real US phone number as a second line without adding an extra SIM card. Enjoy crystal-clear phone calls and unlimited texts on phones and tablets.

    Cheap or Free International Calls

    Call any mobile/landline phone numbers in over 200 countries and regions at super low rates. Calls between Dingtone users are free. Caller ID is supported so that your friends know it is you who are calling.

    Crystal Clear Calls

    Voice calls are transmitted on Dingtone's high-quality dedicated VoIP network. With HD voice technologies, most free online calls between Dingtone users have superior clarity to existing regular phone service. Free calls and cheap calls are no longer cheap quality! With Dingtone, you can make or receive calls even under bad cellular reception.

    Walkie Talkie Re-invented

    Tired of typing text messages on the small screen? Dingtone transforms your phone into a real Walkie Talkie - simply push a button and speak. It works like a two-way radio! Push to talk and voicemail are perfectly tied into one clean interface.

    Amazing Premium Features

    Dingtone provides various Premium features including visual voicemail, call blocking, call forwarding, call recording, etc.

    Why use Dingtone?

    Dingtone is super simple and fast. You can use it when you have no cell minutes or under bad cellular. Just download Dingtone and you can make free international calls, send free SMS.

    Free phone calls home and abroad

    Unlimited text messages to/from anyone

    Great call quality, hd voice over cellular data & wifi

    Walkie talkie mode for instant push to talk

    Group conference calls up to 8 people

    Group messaging with up to 100+ people

  • BAND

    Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app, with features like the Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more!

    BAND is BEST for:

    ● Sports Teams – Keep track of game days and team practices with the Calendar, send quick notifications about canceled practices, and share team videos and photos, all in one place.

    ● Work/Projects - Share files and keep everyone in the loop with the community board. Have a quick group call with remote teams. Hold everyone accountable with shared to-do lists.

    ● School Groups - Plan all your school events easily with the group Calendar. Use Polls to plan activities and food options. Send group messages to keep everyone updated.

    ● Faith Groups - Organize activities with weekly notices and event RSVPs. Support each other throughout the week by privately sharing prayer requests through chat.

    ● Gaming Clans and Guilds - Set up a raiding schedule with the group calendar and share important information about any game with all your members. Use multiple chat rooms to find groups, manage recruitment and share strategies.

    ● Family, Friends, Communities - Stay connected with your family and friends. BAND also has Public groups! Use the Discover feature to find communities with similar interests.

    Why BAND?

    BAND is the best way to stay connected with your group! BAND is trusted by group leaders as the Official Team Communication App for Varsity Spirit, AYSO, USBands, and Legacy Global Sports.

    ● Be social & stay organized in the same place

    Community Board / Calendar / Poll / Group File Sharing / Photo Album / Private Chat / Group Call

    ● Create or join a space that meets your group’s unique needs

    Adjust privacy settings (secret, closed, public), control notifications, manage members (admin & co-admins), assign privileges, and make a vanity URL or home cover design dedicated to your group. Customize your group and use it how you want to!

    ● Accessibility

    You can chat wherever you are. BAND can be used on any device including your phone, desktop, or tablet by going to http://band.us.

    We value your feedback! Send us your feedback and/or suggestions so we can make BAND better for you & your groups.


    Instantly meet people near you or around the world! See who is broadcasting in Live. Broadcast yourself and feel the love! Discover new friends nearby or around the globe. Millions of people are connecting and meeting through Skout every day. Use exciting in-app features to increase your chances of friending or chatting!

    Start Skouting and make new friends, or meet new people, anytime, anywhere.


    Meet people by preference and proximity, chat, broadcast yourself and watch others’ streams, see who checked you out, get updates from nearby users, save your favorite users, browse profiles and pictures, promote your profile with in-app features.

    Download and join Skout now!

  • Lemon

    Lemon is a talkapp for everyone who want to find a best partner!

    You can use this app for free and it’s easy to register!

    【Recommend for these people who...】

    ・can’t believe they can meet their fate.

    ・are bored.

    ・are always with same friends

    ・want to meet new people but there are no opportunity

    ・are nothing to do

    【How to use】

    You only need nickname to register!

    You can immediately start talking when you find your favorite person.

    If you are interested in this app, feel free to use it!

    【Should not be used to】

    ・Slander or attack on any individual or group of individuals.

    ・Post sexual content on the timeline.

    ・Post advertising content on the timeline.

    ・Talk about job openings and solicitation.

    ・Transmit your personal information.


    This App is not available for under 18 years old.

    Please don’t tell others your SNS IDs.

  • Facebook

    Latest Update:

    After several months’ testing, Facebook’s redesign for its desktop version is finally official. All the changes, in one word, aim at giving users a faster and easier experience.

    With the new Facebook.com, you can find what you want to find faster, using the new streamlined navigation. Besides, the dark mode can reduce glare to protect your eyes.

    Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you.

    Features on the Facebook app include:

    • Connect with friends and family and meet new people on your social media network
    • Set status updates & use Facebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world
    • Share photos, videos, and your favorite memories.
    • Get notifications when friends like and comment on your posts
    • Find local social events, and make plans to meet up with friends
    • Play games with any of your Facebook friends
    • Backup photos by saving them in albums
    • Follow your favorite artists, websites, and companies to get their latest news
    • Look up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures
    • Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace
    • Watch live videos on the go

    The Facebook app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. It's also your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing photos. It's easy to share photos straight from your Android camera, and you have full control over your photos and privacy settings. You can choose when to keep individual photos private or even set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.

    Facebook also helps you keep up with the latest news and current events around the world. Subscribe to your favorite celebrities, brands, news sources, artists, or sports teams to follow their newsfeeds, watch live streaming videos and be caught up on the latest happenings no matter where you are!

    The most important desktop features of Facebook are also available on the app, such as writing on timelines, liking photos, browsing for people, and editing your profile and groups.

    Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in our Help Center: http://on.fb.me/133NwuP

    Sign up directly here:


    Problems downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1

    Still need help? Please tell us more about the issue. http://bit.ly/invalidpackage

    Facebook is only available for users age 13 and over.

    Terms of Service: http://m.facebook.com/terms.php.

  • Bunch

    Group video chat with friends while playing your favorite games!

    Bunch is the first group video chat app for live mobile games. Play online multiplayer games with friends while you're on group video chat. It's like playing games with your friends together at a house party!

    You can now easily play your favorite games with friends in person; and even when you are physically apart, a virtual house party anytime anywhere!

    On Bunch, you can Hangout with your friends before, during and after playing a game just like you are having a house party! Bunch also lets you start games with your friends directly from text messages.

    See when your friends are playing and what they are playing!


    Drop into these Bunch-Exclusive games with your friends, No additional install required! Voice and video chat with friends while playing these games.

    Draw Party: Draw silly pictures with your friends in Draw Party

    Trivia Superhighway: Put your brain to the test with Trivia Superhighway!

    Mars Dash: Race your friends on the hills of Mars!

    Flappy Lives: Flap through the pipes with friends - last bird flapping wins!

    Bunch Pool: Play pool with up to 8 friends over video chat


    Bunch also supports many of your favorite titles with voice chat! Discover which of your games Bunch supports by checking the game catalog!

    Not seeing your downloaded game on Bunch? Let us know at [email protected] and we'll add support for other players to discover.

  • LMK

    LMK is the place to do Q&A, make new friends, and share moments of your life.

    *Ask questions or polls

    *Make new friends with Instant Match

    *Post an HMU and see who responds

    *Share a moment of your life on the LMK community feed

    *Chat with people who answered your anonymous questions. You can even start a streak!


    *You can report any user or content. Please help us keep our community safe by reporting any inappropriate behavior.

    *You must follow our golden rule: always be kind. If you post demeaning or inappropriate content, you will be banned.

  • Wink

    Wink: Unlimited friends! Wink is the best place to make new friends from all over the world. It’s as easy as swiping right and starting up a conversation with your potential new bestie. So...what exactly do you do on the Wink app?


    Swipe right and left through a bunch of new faces! Does that guy have the same quote in his bio as you do?! SWIPE RIGHT! Instant friends. She likes the soccer team that you hate the most?! SWIPE LEFT! No chance of a friendship there! On Wink, you can meet new friends in your country and around the world. You can add them on Snapchat, or start up a conversation right on Wink. You’ll see tons of new faces, read about them in their bios, and decide who you really want to be Wink friends or snap friends with! Start swiping to meet your new pals!


    When you request to add someone or they request to add you, Wink makes it super easy to add the new friends you’re meeting to Wink and on Snapchat. With the click of a button, you become instantly connected! You go from a swipe on Wink, right to being friends!


    The fastest and safest way to chat with your new Wink friends is to start up the conversation right here on Wink! You have the option to add them on Snapchat as well, but why not chat a bit first? Get to know your new friends. Find out what you have in common! Who knows, someone you start messaging on Wink could become your lifelong best friend.


    You have the opportunity to earn gems every day on Wink! What are the gems used for, you ask? You can use gems to send add requests to your new friends, or to click the back arrow when you may have missed someone. Whether it’s a daily check-in or sharing Wink with your existing snap friends, there are tons of ways to get more gems. If you keep earning gems, unlimited friends is truly what there is on Wink.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is... you can never have too many friends. And tbh, it can be hard to make friends sometimes. All the awkwardness and asking for numbers and Snapchats and whatever. Wink exists to help you easily put yourself out there, and find more and more people to make your life even more fun! All you have to do is create your profile, tell everyone who you are, and start to discover your future besties.

    But wait...there’s more! There are some other major bonuses to using Wink. Remember how I said you can not only chat with your new friends on the Wink app? Well you can also add them on Snapchat super easily! The more new friends you make and add to snap, the more views you get on your Snapchat story. You could go from 50 to 500 people watching! You’ll also have even more people to start snap streaks with (just make sure to keep those alive.

    Say yolo and just do it. Download the Wink app, put yourself out there, and see all of the cool people you can find by sitting there and mindlessly swiping while you watch TV even though you’re supposed to be doing homework. What do you have to lose? Go meet people to become friends with!!

    Safety disclaimer

     Wink is intended to be used for making new friends from all over the world to add and chat with on both Wink and Snapchat Snapchat. Although this communication with new friends doesn’t always happen on our platform, we urge our users to be mindful when considering sharing their location, full name, and all other personal information with new friends. Additionally, Wink is not intended for the buying and selling of adult content. Account selling, or requesting adult content will be disabled due to violating our community guidelines. Please report anything you see that isn’t right!

  • IGTV

    Watch long-form video from your favorite Instagram creators.

    IGTV is different from your typical video experience. It’s built for how you use your phone and not limited to one minute. As Instagram’s long-form video platform, you can see even more from the creators you follow and discover video content, personalized for you.


    * Download and sign in with your Instagram account. You can start watching videos right away.

    * Watch videos from creators you follow and discover new ones you might like on Home.

    * Browse other creator videos or search for a specific creator’s channel on the Discover tab.

    * Create and upload videos on IGTV instantly with Hands-free Capture on the top left.

  • F3

    F3 is the most honest place on the internet. See what your friends think of you, answer anonymous questions and ask others the things you have never dared before.

    How does it work?

    1) Share your link with friends

    2) Let them send you anonymous messages and questions only you can see

    3) Express yourself by making cool answers with photos and videos. Bring them to life with text and drawing tools.

    4) Questions and answers disappear in 72 hours

    5) Follow your friends to see everything they post

    The app is free to download and use, however we offer optional in-app purchase called F3 Plus (premium features include: see who viewed your posts and answers, see everyone who is nearby, use app without ads). If you don’t choose to purchase F3 Plus, you can simply continue using F3 for free.

  • Instagram Lite

    Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. The Instagram Lite app is small, allowing you to save space on your phone and download it quickly. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over one billion people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day––the highlights and everything in between, too.

    Specifically, you can use Instagram Lite to:

    • Post photos you want to keep on your profile grid and edit them with filters.

    • Share multiple photos to your story. Bring them to life with text. They disappear after 24 hours and won't appear on your profile grid or in feed.

    • Watch stories from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed.

    • Discover stories, photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.

    • Now you can send messages to your friends.

  • Status Saver

    Loved a Friend's Status?

    Well, You are at the Right App page

    How to Use?

    1 - Check the Desired Status/Story...

    2 - Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View...

    3 - Click the Save Button...


    1 - Check the Desired Status/Story...

    2 - Hold on a Status to Enable Multi Selection,

    3 - Select "Save" from the Toolbar Menu!

    The Status Image/Video is Instantly saved to your Gallery!

    The Only App in the Store which shows you Statuses from 4 Different Apps/Environments!

    They include -

    1) Normal Statuses,

    2) G.B Statuses,

    3) Business Statuses,

    4) Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Pro!

    Notable Features:

    * Multi Save, Delete, Repost / Share, Delete,

    * Easy Repost even without Saving,

    * Easy & Fast Saving,

    * Built in Image Viewer & Video Player,

    * Easy Navigation!

  • ASKfm

    ASKfm is the No.1 Q&A app that has more than 150 million users. You can ask anonymously or not. Find out more about your friends by asking them questions and seeing their answers.


    ❍ Ask questions to any friends.

    ❍ Follow your friends to see all their answers.

    ❍ Add pictures or GIFs to your answer.

    ❍ Express yourself freely.

    ❍ View anyone that has liked your answers.

    ❍ Toggle off the question or answer that annoys you.

  • Tagged

    Tagged - Meet, Chat & Dating is a social application where people can meet new friends, share live streaming and play online games together. It's developed by Ifwe Inc, aiming to create an online community for people to meet and chat.

    Tagged is only available for Android users, and you can download its apk file from Google Play Store or the link we offer below. Tagged is a suitable choice for users who dislike getting outside and meeting new friends.

    Tagged Features

    • When creating accounts, users need to fill in their birth date, gender, and sexual preference(straight, bisexual or gay ).

    • Users can manage their accounts information like profile photo, relationship status, religion and more.

    • The Meet Me feature will present users with several contacts nearby, and users can choose one contact to chat with or swipe for the next one.

    • The algorithm feature helps you to match with people of similar interests.

    • It lets you start your own live stream or watch others' streaming.

    • You can play a card game called "Pets" with others within the app.

    VIP Mode

    The VIP Mode includes additional benefits like Luv feature, quicker meeting with others, undo the “No” vote from Meet Me, show the actual profile picture and more.


    • Sign in with Google or Facebook account

    • Chat and play games online with others


    • Kids need parental guidance

    • May be pretended by others

  • Hike Messenger

    Hike Messenger is a communication tool for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that allows you to send free instant messages. Like other instant messaging tools, for examples Line and Viber, Hike lets you chat with your companions, and send them photographs, voice messages, and recordings.

    The best thing about this application is that you can send messages to all your friends and contacts even if they don't have Hike installed. There are a lot of fun emoticons you can utilize while talking, making the conversation all the more intriguing.

    Hike allows you to create a group chat and maintain a personal conversation with all participants in this group.

    Hike Messenger Features:

    ✔ Hike Direct: Chat and share files without data charges

    ✔ Hidden Mode: Set passwords to private chats

    ✔ Stickers: Express yourself in a fun way

    ✔ Attachments: Send Zip, PDF or other files up to 100 MB each time

    ✔ Themes: Set your favorite chatting themes for the conversation

    ✔ Free Group Calls: Up to 100 people

  • Snapster

    With Snapster, users can directly take pictures with the front and back camera. At the mean time, you can choose the resolution of the picture and control the flash switch.

    Snapster automatically selects square finder to display photos, and frames can be added while you are shooting. Users can also select photos from camera roll to import into Snapster so you can cut it into squares.

    The biggest feature of Snapster is its filters, the app provides more than 33 kinds of free filters and 9 different frames. There is also the upgraded version of Snapster+ that further enrich free filters, borders and texture types.

    It is unique that you can customize and save filters you like. Users can also share photos on Facebook, Flicker, Picasa, Tumblr and Twitter, or send them to your friends via e-mail.

    Snapster features:

    ✔ Share photos with other people.

    ✔ Create private rooms and invite others to join.

    ✔ Discover and follow interesting rooms.

    ✔ Eidt your photo with existing filters.

  • We Heart It

    We Heart It is an online image application where you can find the most beautiful pictures of what you like. Here you can create your own favorite image library with hundreds of people all over the world.

    You will be inspired all the time and find, save the portfolio you like. See the interesting pictures and find the fashionable images here. Additionally, you can also get the updated news of the latest style images.

    Recently the new function of this application has have the notice page where you can see who has saved your images and when your images has become so popular, then you can make friends with who has the same interest with you. You can also post and share images to encourage other users on We Heart It.

    Welcome to We Heart It:

    ✔ Find any wallpapers suit your device.

    ✔ Get inspired from quotes, travel, music, fashion and more.

    ✔ Follow your favorite celebrities and get to know their thoughts.

    ✔ Discover the best pictures and Gifs of animals, fashion, food, cities and people.

  • Dark Mode Theme for Instagram

    Switch your Instagram feed to dark mode!

    This is an unofficial app that changes the style of Instagram to a black theme. No need for Android 10, works for Android 6, 7, 8 and 9!

    You were browsing Instagram for far too long even though you have to get up at 5am the next morning? Well, we can't help you with that, but we can help you to reduce eye strain by turning bright and colorful colors to a dark mode. Use your favorite social network during the night!

    If you start the web version, you can change the background to any other color! Change Instagram to blue, green, pink, whatever your heart desires!

    Frequently asked questions:

    How do I activate the dark mode?

    -> Start the app. Click on the "Toggle Dark Mode" button on the bottom. After you watch a short ad, the dark mode will be activated and Instagram should start. If it fails to start for any reason, you can select the "Start Web Version" button. This will load the web version of Instagram with a dark theme. It does not have all the features as the full Instagram app, but it has our multi-color support.

    It doesn't work!

    -> Unfortunately, some vendors are not supported yet. This is outside of our control. But you can always use the Web version by clicking the "Start Web Version" button.

    How do I turn dark mode off?

    -> The same way you turned it on: click on "Toggle Dark Mode". Wait a few seconds until everything reloads. If it doesn't work, try rebooting your phone.

    I have a Xiaomi phone and the dark mode cannot be turned off!

    -> This is a bug in the latest MIUI 11 update. A quick solution to this is to use the security app that is already on your phone (a green icon with a shield and thunder). Let it find all problems and press "Fix it" to solve the dark mode issues. If this doesn't work, try resetting your phone.

    I uninstalled the app but everything stayed black!

    -> You uninstalled it without disabling dark mode first. Install our app and click on "Turn Dark Mode Off". If it doesn't work, try rebooting your phone. If nothing works, try resetting your phone.

    Why is my Google Play also dark?

    -> The app actually activates a global dark mode which also affects other apps like Google Play. There is not yet a possibility to limit this only to Instagram.

    How do I change the background color to something else?

    -> You have to use the Web Version to change the colors. Select "Start Web Version". Swipe right to open the menu. Click on "Change colors". Pick your favorite color and give it a few seconds to display a preview of your choice. If you like it, press "Apply changes" and enjoy the new hip colors!

    I don't like the colors I have chosen, how do I go back?

    -> Swipe right to open the menu. Click on "Change colors". Press the button on the bottom titled "Reset to default".

    Do I need to create a new Instagram account?

    -> No. It works with all accounts.

    How do I go back?

    -> Please use the back button on your phone to go back.

    Do you have any suggestions or questions? Feel free to email us: [email protected]

    We are not associated or related to Instagram or its rights holders in any way or form -- this is an independent third party application.

  • Path

    With Path, moments and messaging are simply better together. Path means to bring users a simple and personal social networking.

    You can share more than just text: photos, music, movie, books, trips, check-ins, workouts and more. Path offers timeline search, you can revisit a lifetime of moments to find birthdays, places, holidays and more.


    ♥ Capture thoughts, photos, music and more.

    ♥ Emotions - more than just a like button.

    ♥ Share songs, movies, TV shows, books and more.

    ♥ Posts your sharing to other networks instantly.

    ♥ Create and edit wonderful photos and videos.

    ♥ Send and receive photos, music, locations and more.

    Path Inner Circle allows you to enjoy your times with friends you care about most when you have too many contacts. You can share any of your Path moments on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Wordpress and Tumblr.

  • Unfollow for Instagram

    Unfollow for Instagram - Unfollowers & Fans is a simple Instagram Manager tool that find out users who do not follow you back on Instagram. You can not only track non-followers but also unfollow a single users or unfollow multiple users at a time. This is the best growth manager tool for Instagram growth and a must have for all Instagram users. You can Instafollow other Instagram users.

    With Unfollow for Instagram, you can easily find a list of all users who do not follow your account on instagram but whom you follow. While tracking non-followers, the app also lets you unfollow these users. You can either unfollow a single user or unfollow multiple users. So, if you are asking yourself - Who unfollowed me on instagram?, just start using this Unfollow for Instagram to find out who unfollowed you. This app does not increase your followers on instagram. It only tracks users who do not follow you back on instagram and allows you to unfollow them.

    This instagram management app allows you to unfollow unlimited users.


    Here are the incredible features of the "Unfollow for Instagram" app

    - Simple UI to track non-followers

    - Unfollow a single user

    - Unfollow multiple users by tapping multiple times

    This can be an incredibly easy to user and handy media management tool for your Instagram account. Whether you are a brand or and advertiser using Instagram, this tool can be extremely useful for you to track your followers and non-followers.

    So, next time you ask yourself - Who unfollows me on instagram? or How can I unfollow my non-followers on Instagram?, just start using the Unfollow for Instagram Growth app to answer these questions and more.


    - This app is by no means affiliated to instagram

    - App makes use of Instagram APIs and the same complies with Instagram API usage Policy


    Follow these steps if you are facing troubles logging in to "Unfollow for Instagram"

    - Sign in to Instagram

    - Like any photo

    - Come back to "Unfollow for Instagram" and login

    The above is a workaround for some users who are unable to use our app. If you like the app, do rate us and tell your friends about this unfollow app.

    Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

    If you are asking yourself about your non-followers on Instagram and want to unfollow them, try the Non Followers for Instagram app now. With this non followers app, you can not only track your non-followers and fans but also unfollow them directly using the app. This is the most unique unfollow for Instagram app.

    "Non Followers" is a unique instagram account management app to grow your followers on Instagram.

    The app is free to use for all Instagram lovers.


    The app is not affiliated to or endorsed by Instagram

    Caution! Instagram admits a limited number of unfollows per hour between 60 and 200 requests depending on your account's age. We recommend you do not exceed this limit! If limit is reached, it might happen that your just unfollowed users still remains as followings.

  • Tantan

    Over 100 million interesting men and women are logged in to Tantan, chatting, making new friends, and finding their perfect match!

    Tantan is the most exciting way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle.

    Receive profiles of interesting people around you, view their photos, likes and interests to review them better. Like your favourites with a swipe, and if they like you back, that makes it a match!


    View photos and check out everyone's interests to decide who deserves a like! Access to an exciting collection of people looking to make new friends without any fear of rejection.


    Once you match with people, chat using texts, voice messages, pictures and videos. Know your matches better by following the life moments they share.


    Chat only with the people you match with. You will never receive messages from random people you didn’t like..


    Your social life is private; we get it. When you choose to hide your contacts, then the contacts in your address book won’t be suggested to you and vice versa.


    The ice-breaking feature is now available on Tantan where you can use ten playful questions to understand your match better.

  • Profoundly

    With Profoundly app, you can send anonymous texts and feedback to your friends. By connecting people with anonymous conversations, you will rediscover your familiar friends. 

    You can now join 12+ million people to send and receive anonymous messages every day, leave your friends clueless, and guess about your identity. Does it sound interesting? You can also show off your favorite texts and conversations on Facebook and other social apps to tell your friends that you've got a secret crush or an admirer.


    You can send anonymous texts to your Facebook friends.

    You can receive feedback and learn about your secret admirer.

    You can share your thoughts anonymously by telling stories or receiving messages from your friends.

    You can post a question on your Facebook Stories and receive anonymous feedback.

    Your identity is 100% protected, and you will always remain secret.

    Your personal information is well stored and won't be shared with third parties.


    This app is designed for adults, and you'd better not let your child under 17 use it for safety consideration. As the path of similar apps is paved with bullies and hurt children. It was the #3 app, just behind YOLO and Snapchat in the whole English-speaking Apple App Store, even though it didn't last a long life, its achievement that millions of apps will never claim.

  • Lasso

    Lasso makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun filters and effects. Follow creators, search hashtags, discover popular viral video trends and join in by putting your own spin on them.

    Once you've found a type of video that's trending, whether it's #comedy or #fail, you can use the in-app camera to create your own spin on them with special effects, music, text on video and editing tools that you can use to cut and edit your funny videos. Add hashtags to your video to share it with the world! You can also add your videos directly to your Facebook story.


    Get high-quality video editing tools, effects, text on video tools, music and more from the in-app camera.


    Lasso's music library is one of the biggest. From trending pop hits to vintage classics, you'll find whatever song you need to take your videos to the next level.


    Lasso lets you know which hashtags are trending or going viral and which ones might be trending soon. Be one of the first people to discover a new trend or one of the first to create and share video for it!


    Lasso seamlessly connects to Facebook so you can post your videos to your story with a single tap. Whether you want your video to show on all your social profiles or just in one place, you have control over what you share and where it goes.

  • Reports+

    Fastest and most accurate followers analyitics tool for Instagram.

    Track your Instagram followers, find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back, detect blockers, view your fans, rank your best friends and much more ...

    Key Features

    - Account Analytics

    - Track Followers Gain/Loss

    - Track Post Performance

    - Track Engagement

    - Engage with your fans

    - Optimize and Schedule your Posts

    - Find out who your best Instagram friends are

    - Which of your friend did like your posts most

    - Which of your friends not following you although you follow them

    For additional insights upgrade to Reports+ Premium.

    Information about the auto-renewable nature of the Premium Subscription

    - Every time in a week you can reach your updated premium reports and if you want to continue getting premium reports, your subscription should be continued.

    - Subscription periods are 1 week / 1 month / 6 months and 12 months. Every 1 week / 1 month /6 months or 12 months your subscription renews.

    -1 week subscription price is $2.99. 1 month subscription price is $3.99. 6 Months Subscription price is $17.99. 1 year price is $23,99.

    - Payment will be charged to Play Store Account at confirmation of purchase

    - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

    - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

  • FastSave for Instagram

    FastSave is most loved app for save photos and videos from Instagram more than 10 Million download.

    FastSave for Instagram helps you to save Instagram photos and videos to your device for free and forever.

    Now you can quickly view Instagram photos and videos offline by downloading them using FastSave for Instagram app. After saving you can even repost them. It is different from other photo video download apps for Instagram, It is very easy and fast to use for download Videos & Save HD Photos.

    Main Features :

    ✔ Save Multiple photos and videos.

    ✔ View quick saved stories in a bar at top of main screen.

    ✔ Get details of users by long press on saved photo and video.

    ✔ Fast download speed.

    ✔ Beautiful Dashboard to manage quick saved photos and videos.

    ✔ Amazing photo views with Slideshows and more.

    ✔ Repost, Share, Delete photos and videos from FastSave App.

    ✔ Hide your saved photos and videos Instant save to secret locker.

    ✔ Batch Save photos and videos in your phone offline.

    Steps to use:

    1. Turn ON FastSave app and Open Instagram.

    2. Do “Copy Share Url” of Photos and videos.

    3. Photos or videos will start downloading automatically, progress shown in notification.

    Enjoy FastSave for Instagram app and please mail your suggestion to us before giving bad ratings.


    Please do not use this program to save photos and repost without the permission of the respective owners. Respect the rights of the Instagram users. If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights than Please inform us so that we remove that content. We respect the rights of Instagram. We only use the contents which Instagram allows to developers.

  • Chat Alternative

    Meet new people, talk about sports and find true love – Chat Alternative is a worldwide community waiting to chat with you. You don’t have to go very far to meet random strangers and socialize. From the comfort of your own home, you can meet thousands of new people on a daily basis.

    Chat Alternative brings you together with people from dozens of different countries so that you can video chat with the world. When using this app, you will experience face-to-face conversations with people half way across the globe or even people who live just miles away from you. You can even choose to narrow down the results by only choosing to chat with strangers from certain locations.

    Absolutely Free Cam Chat

    You shouldn’t have to pay to socialize, which is why Chat Alternative is a free cam chat alternative. Bring your social life with you on the go as you meet new people and talk about just about anything. Whether you want to talk about sports, love or even get support for an addiction, there is always someone waiting to talk to you. As a free video chat service, you can chat for as long as you like without any restrictions.

    G Rated and Fully Monitored

    ChatAlternative is the safest chat app in the world. As the most popular G rated cam chat service available, you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with graphic contents. Our moderators work round the clock to keep this chat room environment safe and predator-free. Many teens enjoy using this service to meet other teens from around the globe. As a G rated video chat service, you won’t ever have to worry about getting banned for underage use

    Fastest Loading Cams

    We have created the fastest loading webcam chat app in the world. When using ChatAlternative, you won’t have to wait a couple of minutes for each cam to load. With fast loading cams, you will be able to go from one stranger to another with the press of a button and without any waiting periods. This means that you will essentially be able to meet more people in shorter amounts of time. If your goal is to meet as many people as possible, there’s no better way to achieve it than by using Chat Alternative.

    Anonymous Chats

    One of the perks of our cam chat alternative is that everything is entirely anonymous. You don’t have to create an account; simply press the start button and begin browsing online users. Nobody will ever have to know that you were on this platform. With no registration procedures, you will be able to jump straight into the action without any delays. No waiting periods and no history of you using this app. If you want to make sure that nobody ever finds out who you really are, you’re definitely in for a treat, because other users will only know what you tell them about yourself.

  • Monkey

    Monkey is a chatting app where you can share who you are and meet like-minded people in seconds. Once you've downloaded and logged in the app, it will ask your age, and you can set your age to whatever you like, then provide your phone number and your Snapchat username, finally it immediately starts connecting you with someone to video chat with, you can skip the connection or accept it.

    Offered by Monkey Squad, it has over one million install and 4.0 ratings on Google Play Store and 4.6 ratings on Apple Store.

    Key Features:

    1. Chat With Famous People: Users can chat or facetime with their favorite celebs and share with their friends.

    2. Video Chat: You can start authentic conversations with funny, cool people whenever you like.

    3. Post a Moment: Have the chance to express yourself and be heard by posting a short video.

    4. Text Chat: Text message is available, so disturbance caused by video chat can be avoided.

    5. 2P Chat: Support group video chat with your friends.

    6. DM: Say hello after your video chat or in response to someone's Moment.


    Kids under 18 should be forbidden to use Monkey as there might be some sexual content not proper to appear in front of the young children.

  • Badoo

    Badoo is the world's most widely-used dating app, with more than 400 million new users every day. It runs in 190 countries and is available in 47 different languages.

    Founded in 2006 by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, the app is available on Android, iOS and the web.

    Main Features:

    1. People Nearby: Users can find and contact people who live nearby and start a romance immediately.

    2. Search: Users can find their match in a different city or another part of the world.

    3. Match: By swiping right (yes) or left (no) on the users' profiles to get a match. (if both swipe right, the match is connected.) Additionally, people can only send two messages to you unless you reply.

    4. Video Chat: Badoo launched its function in August 2017 and allows users to connect real-time, once they've exchanged messages.

    5. Security: Badoo's photo verification requires users to upload a photo of themselves mimicking a specific pose. The picture will be verified by one of Badoo's 5,000 moderators.


    Badoo is free to download and use, but uses can choose to pay for premium features. Such features can give your profile more visibility on the site for a limited time.

  • Top Nine for Instagram

    Find and share your best nine Instagram photos of 2019!

    Thank you for being one of the millions of users who downloaded Top Nine. You've all posted amazing memories, and we couldn't be happier to have taken part in that.

    As always, we're listening to your feedback and working hard to improve Top Nine.

    If you have any questions or comments, please reach out at [email protected] (not .com!)

    Photo Credit: Samuel Elkins, Chelsea Yamase, Alex Strohl, Alec Basanec, Eric Rubens, Jack Morris, Julius Kahkonen, Alexander Neimert, Kyle Hunter, and Jacob Riglin.

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  • VK

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    LOVOO helps you to find people nearby in a fun and simple way. By having this app on your phone, it's easy to find someone of the same interests and chat with them. The best part is you never know what kind of people you might meet before, and life is just so full of surprises that it's likely to meet your Mr.Right.

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    What's new

    ღ LOVOO is now also available in Russian.

    ღ Simplified our notification center.

    ღ Removed some bugs.