Best Simulation Apps

  • Plague Inc.

    During the epidemic a game called Plague Inc. once again drew a lot of attention on itself. Plague Inc. is a mix of high strategy and realistic simulation. In this game your ultimate aim is to bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global plague. By playing this game, you will get to know how a disease spreads itself and what kinds of measurements human society will adopt to fight against it. Hopefully you can learn necessary knowledge to protect yourself and the people around you, whilst you have fun playing Plague Inc.


    • Stunningly realistic: The interface is highly polished with stunning HD graphics. An advanced AI supports the simulation of a highly detailed, hyper-realistic world. More than 50 countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to.
    • Helpful tutorial: Worried that this game isn’t for because you know nothing about virus or infection? This wouldn’t happen. Plague Inc. offers you Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system. Also, it would teach you strategies to master 12 different disease types.


    How much costs Plague Inc.?

    Plague Inc. costs $0.99 on Apple Store, is currently free on Google Play with ads and in-app purchase.

  • The Sims FreePlay

    What’s New:

    • Bring your valentine to Tropical Romance Island.
    • Transform into a mermaid or merman.
    • Have dinner above the water with candlelight.
    • Bulid your dream wedding at the beachside.
    • Have a morning yoga session.

    The Sims FreePlay is the world’s most popular life simulation game where you can totally enjoy the way of romantic lifestyle. Here you can create unique Sims, construct your dream homes and let them live your way! Notice that the game has in-app purchase, you may want to turn it off in system settings.


    • Dress Sims with tons of fashionable outfits
    • Make them fall in love and have babies
    • Experience each stage of a baby growing up
    • Take care of magical pets
    • Unlock new places in town
    • Have a story of Sim’s life

  • The Sims 3

    The Sims 3 game was first announced on March 19, 2008, and released an app version to smartphones on October 26, 2010.

    As a simulation game, players can experience the joy of creating the one and unique Sim character with specialized appearances and personalities. Players can also command their Sims to explore new locations and meet other Sims. The Sims 3 provides an online community where players can download exclusive content and share the creations to the world.

    How to Play

    • Creating your own Sims: Players are given full authority to change the looks, clothes, and personalities of their Sims. For example, there are many options for you to make when it comes to personal traits including evil, paranoid and more.
    • Controlling Sims: Like the human being, Sims have both basic needs like eating and longtime goals like getting married or becoming a scientist. It's your decision to make whether or not their wishes should be satisfied.
    • Customizing Everything: Players can customize and download new content from another source site to change their game the way the like. The Sims 3 Store provides new content every week.
    • Explore new locations: You can send your Sim to the coffee shop for a date with nearby Sim, or to visit neighbors’ homes. New kind of activities worlds is available to add to your game directly from the store.


    The app contains advertisements for EA and its partner, also direct links to the Internet.

  • BitLife

    Choose your life. Choose a good education, to marry the love your life, have kids, have a well-paid job, and become a model citizen. Or choose to cheat on your spouse, smuggle duffle bags, start prison riots, and descend into a life of crime.

    In BitLife, You are allowed to have multiple choices and experience different lives. Once you make a choice, you will be excited to see the consequences arising from your choice!


    • BitLife contains infrequent adult content and is rated 17+.

    • BitLife contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

  • The Sims 4

    Developed by Electronic Arts, the Sims 4, the latest version of the life simulation game has been the bestselling one since its initial release in 2014. With its excellent features, the Sims 4 has achieved good sales records. As one of the fastest Sims game which can even be played on the lower-end computers, the Sims 4 offers users endless possibilities and fun.

    Being the fourth version of the Sims game, it can be available on PC, Mac, and Android systems. Come to download it and enjoy it right now!

    The Sims 4 enables players to create simulated characters with unique personalities and build themselves homes to live in. The Sims has been created smarter than before since their emotions can change according to the environments they are in. The function of multitasking allows the Sims to do different things at one time, such as having a meal when watching TV and take a conversation.

    With the Sims 4’s building tools, the task of building homes for the Sims will become easier than ever before. Here in this latest version, players can also build the community like clubs, gyms, bars and others. There are also features like rounded decks, easy roof placement, adjustable foundation heights, which will be a great attraction to players.

    The Sims 4 offers several packs which are available to purchase separately. Till now, there are three types of expansions: game packs which can add new objects and interactions focused on a particular theme; expansion packs which can add new objects and extensive options; and stuff packs which can add new objects.


    • The Sims 4 performs significantly faster than the previous version.
    • Function of multitask enables players to experience more realistic gameplay.
    • It has the searchable buy mode catalog.
    • The Sims 4 provides free monthly updates with new content.
    • The Semi-open neighborhood offers fast performance for this game.


    • The Sims 4 doesn’t have the basic features in the previous versions’ base games.
    • The closed world makes some Sims lose their progress when another Sim is visiting another part of the world.
  • The Sims Mobile

    The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game developed by Electronic Arts that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Published on March 6, 2018, The Sims Mobile contains excellent story elements, and it is a multiplayer game.

    Players can create unique Sims with the in-game character creator, build their own houses, decorate the home with different designs and control their lives. Players can make interaction with other players’ Sims, like attending their parties or rating them since it is a multiplayer game.


    • Create unique Sims: Here in this game, players can create their own Sims and make them unique with good appearances, outfits, hairstyle, and accessories. There will be endless possibilities for players to show on Sims from nose to toes. Besides, players can also train their Sims to be of some type, such as Active, Musical. Whatever they are, they must be trained with more life experience.
    • Build a perfect house: Similar to our life, players can also create a house which is personalized with beautiful designs and layouts for their Sims. Here their Sims can enjoy whatever they want. And the house will be full of stylish furniture, decorations or themed collections. After that, players can take their Sims to find some awesome places, like nightclub, restaurant to enjoy themselves.
    • Shape Sims’ lifestyle: In The Sims Mobile, users can also guide their Sims to challenge themselves, such as to develop their hobbies, to experience the career changes and more. The players can also help their Sims choose their careers like Doctors, Designers or Cook. The Sims may start a family as the time goes, and create a great future with their relationships by passing through a variety of difficulties.
    • Play together: In the virtual world of The Sims Mobile, players can socialize with different people by hosting and attending parties with each other. The sims you’ve created can join with other sims to develop a romantic relationship and decorate their house. Meanwhile, to interact with other sims can also be a method for them to know if your sims are Hot, Cute or Fabulous.

  • Jurassic World: The Game

    Based on this summer’s epic action-adventure, Jurassic World is the official mobile game. The Game brings more than 50 enormous dinosaurs in the film into real life. Players need to construct the theme park and fight against the opponents in earth-shaking battles.

    In Jurassic World, you will:

    ❍ Collect, hatch and evolve over 50 amazing dinosaurs.

    ❍ Construct the landscapes and buildings that inspired by the film.

    ❍ Connect with characters from the movie.

    ❍ Earn coins and other rewards by doing daily tasks.

    ❍ Challenge yourself in this adventurous world.


    ❍ Battle colossal opponents.

    ❍ Build your very own park.

    ❍ New aquatic battles.

    ❍ Collect packs and earn rewards.

    ❍ Create powerful hybrids.

    ❍ Interact with your dinosaurs.

  • Episode

    Episode feat. Mean Girls is an entertaining and addictive game in which you can make decisions about your path through stories as they unfold. Here you can step inside girl world and navigate the drama of Senior Year at North Shore Highadded You will also meet the guy of your dreams, but Regina won't let you win that easily. All the interactive aspect makes stories a lot more entertaining.


    • Create your look and choose your best clothes.
    • Make friends with mean girls and hang out with the coolest guy.
    • Party at prom with your date and meet new friends.
    • Increasing story options: Every new player is given two different stories to get you started. The opportunity to unlock more stories shows up every three days.
    • Write your own: You can write in the app, but to complete your creation, you'll have to use a computer.


    • Wait for passes: You must wait four hours for just two passes, and these passes don't add up, which means that no matter how long you wait, you'll only have two passes when you come back to it.


    Before beginning, users must reach 13 years age or older since it contains dating, romance, and/or sexual behavior.

  • Goat Simulator

    As an open-ended third-person view game, Goat Simulator allows the player controls a goat freely. Goat Simulator uses latest goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to you. Players are free to explore the world by jumping, running, bashing things and licking objects in a suburban setting.

    Things to put first

    Goat Simulator is an entirely stupid game; please don't expect too much. To be honest, it's probably better to spend your money on something more meaningful, such as a hula hoop, a box of chocolates, or maybe pool your money together and buy a real goat.

    For new players

    Goat Simulator is all about making as much destruction as you possibly could as a goat. It has long been compared to an old-school skating game, except in this time you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you will wreck stuff. You destroy things with unique, crazy tyle, such as doing a backflip while headbutting a bucket through a window. Or you can just give Steam Workshop a spin and create your own goats, missions, levels, and more! Not a single thing is called a limit in this game.


    • You can be a goat

    • Get points for wrecking stuff in creative fashion

    • Millions of bugs! We're only eliminating the crash-bugs, but it's hilarious, and we plan to keep it.

    • In-game physics that will bug out all the time

    • Look at that goat's neck seriously

    • The last one, You can be a goat

    What's new

    * If you are stuck on content downloader, try deleting the Goat Simulator Data in settings or just reinstall the game.

    * Removed the patch file that forced players to download a file every time they opened the game. If you encounter that issue again, follow our instructions above.

    * Solved a critical issue with some players being stuck in ragdoll mode.

  • Monster Legends

    Monster Legends is a game where users can collect monsters and make them fight in the ultimate battles. They can discover new skills, collect monsters and take them to the fighting arena. Users can build a hospitable world with unique habitats throughout Monster Legends.

    One of the most significant features which attracts players is that Monster Legends has the Team Wars mode which enables users to join other players to fight. Monster Legends is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

    The Gameplay

    ❍ Level up with RPG mechanics

    Rank your monsters up at the Lab to level up your monsters with RPG mechanics. You can also break their limits to make the skills of monsters upgrade to be No.1.

    ❍ Offer the multiplayer mode

    Here in this game, you can be the legendary leader climbing up the leagues by dueling other players in the multiplayer mode. Meanwhile, you can also team up with other Monster masters to strategize, chat and fight in epic Team Wars.

    ❍ Build strategy

    With Monster Legends, users can battle legendary monster to build their strategy and customize monster teams containing tanks, supporters, and attackers based on your requirements. They can also get rewards by taking their monsters to pass the quests through the Adventure Map and finish it in limited time.

    ❍ Monsters collection

    Here in this game, there are more than 500 monsters for players to collect. Players can also feed their monsters and let them breed new species of creatures.

    ❍ Build a home for your monsters

    In Monster Legends, users can choose to build a monster paradise for all their monsters on those magical floating islands where they can own habitats, breeding sites, and farms. Furthermore, they can find new areas like Library, Monster Lab and more when leveling up.


    • Over 300 monsters to collect

    • The unique element Team Wars included in this game

    • Access to exclusive team monsters by joining alliances


    • It doesn’t always offer you the tribes you’ve earned

  • Pocket Mortys

    Pocket Mortys provides more than 70 bizarre Mortys for you to recruit and train. including Wizard Morty, Mustache Morty, Cronenberg Morty and more. You can set a dream team, then challenge rival Ricks by commanding your grandsons to fight each other. You can combine, command and level up your Mortys until you become the greatest Morty trainer of the world.


    ❍ Find dozens of bizarre Mortys

    ❍ Train your Mortys and watch them grow

    ❍ Have a battle with rival Ricks

    ❍ Meet with your favorite characters

    ❍ Win prizes and get rewards

    What's New:

    ❍ Updated council dialogue.

    ❍ Updated app icon

    ❍ Fixed spelling issues

    ❍ Renamed Vest Top Morty to Tank Top Morty

  • Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year

    Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year - An incredible game with colorful characters to choose. Users can pick up their favorite stories and act as the role.

    You can determine who to meet and who to date. Make your stylish character with multiple hair styles, skin tones, colorful eyes and more. Hundreds of dresses are also optional for you to make you a star.

    Besides, choose hot guys like musicians, pop stars to date, maybe the next-door friend is totally your type. Fantastic and beautiful cities are waiting for you to pay a visit where you can hang out with DEMI and her friends. This amazing game now supports both mobile phones and tablets.

  • Design Home

    Provided by Crowdstar Inc, Design Home is an ideal game for those who like to decorate their home. The goal of this game is to decorate the room as beautiful as possible by buying some new pieces of furniture based on your needs. Play Design Home if the home decorating fevered you.

    In Design Home, you can show your creativity for the unique design style through using the high-end brands of furniture. Moreover, you can discover and vote on the design created by other players. Or even you can win the in-game prizes for the best designs. It will be interesting for you to share your design ideas with different people! Download Design Home for fun on your iOS or Android systems.

    Tips & Strategies

    Starting Out

    ❤ Take advantage of everything including the optional items when decorating your room. You need to pay for the items that you pass on. Therefore, the best method to start the design is to use as many free options as possible.

    ❤ Please make sure that you will use the item purchased frequently. Just pick the items which can be reused on decorating your room since you also don't like to leave the items that you have spent lots of money on unused in your inventory.

    ❤ You can get rewards every day you log in. You need to study this app deeply to get the freebies in your way as Design Home isn't very generous.

    Design Challenges

    ❤ The Design challenge mainly comes from its set of objectives for each room. What you need to notice is that make sure to match the right objectives with the particular theme first before you deal with the optional stuff.

    ❤ Keeping the room with the style of minimalist look is vital for the home design since less is more. Therefore, it is no need to place the furniture everywhere in the room.

    ❤ Keep in mind that stick to the theme that you've chosen. People won't vote for the messed designs if you put something not related to the subject. As we all know that the voting is based on the whim of the voters.

    ❤ Sometimes you will need to buy the items that you won't particularly like to fulfill the design requirements. Don't hesitate. Use the items that you may not like because you will provide people a more cohesive look with the item efficiently used.

    The 'Opposition'

    ❤ Learn from others of their best home designs. They've earned the prize by providing some great creations and designs. Take a look at their designs and see whether there are any trends or ideas you can use for reference.

    ❤ Voting for other players will be vital for you since you will get three keys every five votes you make. With 25 keys you can submit a design of yours. Thus it is important for you to gain keys by voting. Plus, you can get ideas checking out others' designs.

  • Block City Wars + skins export

    Block City Wars is an action-packed, multiplayer shooter where players can experience fantastic pixel graphics, multiple modes, and various challenges. The game lets you battle in real-time races and fight with friends and players across the world through activities like blowing up cars, collecting coins and much more!

    Block City Wars is available for both Android and iOS users from the Google Play Store and App Store. In the game, you will find over 100 kinds of weapons like  AK47s, Snipers, Rifles, and over 50 means of transportation including military helicopters, tanks, jetpacks, sports cars and more.

    Game Features

    ▪ The game offers 5 multiplayer modes including Team Deathmatch, Tank Battles, Street Race, Free PVP Fight, and Infection Zombie mode.

    ▪ Lots of megalopolis with top high skyscrapers that can be used as your playgrounds.

    ▪ Over 100 different kinds of weapons like Ak47, Sniper rifle, RPG and more.

    ▪ Over 50 transportation means like sports cars, jet packs, military helicopters, and motorcycles

    ▪ Players can chat with each other within the game

    ▪ You will never be lonely with more than 150 000 players online every day.


    Block City Wars is developed by D-Games Apps, and it has no official connection to the developer of Minecraft. Welcome to the Block City Wars where you can experience the real war!

  • Taps to Riches

    Developed by Game Circus, Taps to Riches is a new clicker game where you tap all the way to make money and build an empire. It's one of the best games for people who are feeling down or have plenty of idle time to kill. In this game, you are enabled to build stores, supers, malls with the money you earn and once you get enough money, all of the buildings can be upgraded into larger-size architectures.

    There also several ways to help you get an extra bonus like upgrading your business value, expand your territory and earn money. Watching ads, tapping your house and hiring the valuable Advisors and Bizbots will all earn you an additional bonus.The game now is both available for Android and iOS users without any charge.


    - Build, upgrade and expand your empire

    - Every store, mall, supermarket you build can be upgraded to skyscraper

    - Tapping your new house will also get you extra money

    - Valuable Adviser who will offer you additional bonuses show up randomly, and make sure you get them all!

    - Ads may not be so annoying this time because watching them will double the bonus

    - Fill The milestone bar will earn you a speed bonus.

    - More features to come!

    Tips and Tricks

    ☻ Unlock and choose the most profitable advisor!

    As perhaps the most important asset in the game, more than 100 Advisors can be unlocked by opening the crates or buying with gems. But you can only use three of them at a time.

    Though there are various types of bonuses covering additional money per tap, a lower cost for building, and a boost for business type, you must be aware that these Advisors are often limited to a certain region in the game. If you are currently working in one region, you'd better turn off the Advisors who are assigned to another region.

    When you are tapping it, you need an Advisor to increase earnings per tap. When you want to log out, you may switch the Advisor with someone who profits you each time you are logged out.

    ☻ Get more money by tapping new house and watching ads

    You can tap on a new house to earn money every time you unlocks a new area. The money you get by tapping the old houses is a little bit more than when you tap the new house.

    Ads are annoying, but if you want a faster upgrade, just put up with it!

  • Rusty Blower 3D

    Come and enjoy the A+ graphics of Rusty Blower 3D! The textures and sensations in this game are excellent. Rotate the objects, you’ll get much fun in stripping away the rust!

    Game Features:

    1. Hold to clean the rusty stuff.

    2. Rotate the objects and watch the rusty come off.


    • Rusty Blower 3D is installed more than a million times and is rated 4.7 in App Store.

    • Rusty Blower 3D offers in-game purchases.

  • Choices: Stories You Play

    Choices: Stories You Play, presented by Pixelberry, is the latest simulation game which introduces immersive visual stories where people can fall in love, solve crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures and users themselves can control what happens next.

    This game is currently available on devices of iOS, Windows, and Android for free. You can decide whether to make the in-app purchases or not.

    Current stories introduction


    Part one mainly happened in the Hartfeld University where you could make friends and even may find your true love here. Do you like to date with bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn and football hero Chris all at once?

    ● Impress them with fashion forward outfits by dressing in beauty.

    ● Go on with the elegant and romantic Winter Formal on a special date.

    ● Work together with new friends to tackle freshman adventures.


    The enemies make a theft in your kingdom this time. It's time to raise an army to defend the enemies and reclaim your crown.

    ● You need to build your army by forming alliances.

    ● Make unique weapons and choose elegant ball gowns and powerful armor.

    ● Defeat the enemies together with the army in an epic battle!


    It has been a heated topic that a no-nonsense Texas Marshal and a Hollywood detective are working together to stop the derange hitman. Are you smart enough to catch the killer?

    ● You can play the role as Detective Dave Reyes and U.S. Marshal Sam Massey.

    ● Experience the scenes of investigating a mystery with twists.

    ● Find evidence at the crime scenes to stop killer before he commits another crime.

    About Pixelberry

    Pixelberry, the creator of Choices: Stories You Play, is a company which has created some successful games, like the High School Story and Hollywood U. Both games mentioned have hit the Top 25 and have become the inspirations for other companies. Pixelberry has become an excellent team with a dozen of the most experienced game writer in the industry.