• HP ePrint

    HP ePrint is a printing app available for both iOS and Android devices. With HP ePrint, users can scan or copy solutions for their HP printer. HP ePrint will provide you a more convenient way for you to copy and print instantly.

    HP ePrint can compatible with multiple mobile devices which enables users to print coupons, photos, directions and more directly to your HP ePrint enabled printer. Download it to make your printings more convenient now!

    Features of HP ePrint:

    • With HP ePrint, users will make a new way to communicate, and everything will be more productive. Meanwhile, users can gain greater control with true mobile printing from HP Connected.

    • HP ePrint is very user-friendly which provides an easy way to operate. Besides, users can print any email or supported attachments including MS Word document, MS PowerPoint presentation, MS Outlook document, Image file, Adobe Acrobat file, Text file, Rich Text file and HTML file, etc.

    • HP ePrint will become a portable printer in your pocket. You can bring the printer wherever you go together with the document you need.

    • Besides, users can also print files to share and keep those important documents like receipts and tickets or turn the magical moments into tangible memories as long as you like.


    HP ePrint for Android will be retired soon and it will be no longer the HP recommended solution. Later you can consider using the alternative recommended solution application named HP Smart (Printer Remote).

  • Google Photos

    Now with Google Photos, users can easily keep their photos safe and sound. The function of visual search is available now; your photos can be searched by people, place or anything tags on them. It is the perfect photo gallery you need.

    Google Photos can automatically backup all the photos and videos, and you can look through them on any devices with just one Google account. They can be safe and private. With cloud function, you can back up photos and videos so that you can save device spaces and no longer need to worry about deleting them.

    Users can edit photos with various filters, colors, and other tools. You can share any of your photos with anyone just by sending a simple link. Download it now and enjoy the power of Google Photos.

    Getting Started with Google Photos

    ❍ First, you can download free Google Photos application on mobile phones, tablets, Windows or Mac. You need a free Google account to log in and sync all the data among all your devices even though the devices are totally different.

    ❍ Once you installed Google Photos, you can copy all your photos to Google Cloud automatically. And you can make a choice between two storage options, which are High-Quality option and Original Resolution. The former gives you free and unlimited storage with a picture limit under 16 megapixels or less and a video limit under 1080 resolution or lower. While the latter allows you store Raw pictures or very high-resolution videos with 15GB free storage. Additional storage will charge at $1.99 per month for 100GB.

    ❍ Besides, photos on camera cards or DVDs can be directly uploaded to Google Photos on computer.

    Google Photos Assitant

    ❍ With Google Photos Assitant, you can check on the progress of photo updates and syncs. You can add descriptions on the photos, and it will put them into stories based on time, subject and location.It is quite impressive Google Photos does with your photo collections.

    ❍ You can choose any pictures to add information or create albums to make a full story you want to memorize. Tools, filters or other photo editing items are also available on Google Photos.

    ❍ Choose any photo to share on social media. Or select an entire album to share. Remember when you delete one photo from Google Photos, it will be deleted from all the devices from the same account. But you can retrieve the deleted photos for two months.

    Google Photos is a great method to organize your photos. You can find them in an interesting way. With all the albums, stories and editing items, you’ll feel comfortable and proud of yourself.

  • Snapseed

    This amazing photo editing app is now free of charge. Snapseed is the best photo app of processing daily pictures.

    With Snapseed, you can easily beautify kinds of photos with just fingertips. It is a first-class digital photo editing app that anyone can easily landscape, convert and share their photos.

    ★ Snapseed Features:

    ◈ Crop

    Crop images the way you like.

    ◈ Rotate

    Ratate 90° easily, or free rotate the way you like.

    ◈ Tune image

    Auto adjust effects, adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and more.

    ◈ RAW Develop

    Adjust exposure and white balance, add structure in DNG RAW image, tweak shadows and highlights, and so on.

    ◈ More

    Transform & Brush & Selective adjust & Healing

    With the built-in function of Google+, you can share photos easier with your family and friends. And now it supports multiple languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. With Snapseed, your photos can be as perfect as you wish.

  • Flipagram

    With Flipagram, you can quickly create, edit and share slideshows, photos with stories and music videos with tons of free licensed songs. It has more than 10 million monthly users all over the world. Flipagram becomes the best way to tell people an incredible story.


    ★ Add photos and videos

    ★ Clip 60 second music for free

    ★ Stunning filters and amazing fonts

    ★ Various channels to discover

    ★ Follow friends, get likes and comments

    ★ Explore users and share via social platforms

    ★ Auto-time for Instagram or Vine

    Flipagram - Everyone has stories worth telling. You can create, share and discover fun photo-video stories with your favorite piece of music. It is now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • GoPro

    GoPro, formerly named Capture, is an application which enables users to control, view, and share videos, photos or other favorites on different social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

    With GoPro app, users can get full remote control of all camera functions. For instance, users can start or stop recording videos, take a photo or even adjust the setting according to their personal uses — all from their phones. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download it to enjoy your photography now!

    Key Features:

    ❍ Create a quickstory

    With GoPro, users can create a quick story by transforming their latest footage into an awesome video with different effect and customized music.

    ❍ Share their favorites

    There are many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for you to post your favorite videos and photos. Furthermore, you can also share them by emails or texts.

    ❍ View photos & videos

    Users can take a look at the shot they’ve captured right on their phones. Besides, users can also browse and delete files through the memory card of the camera.

    ❍ Create clips

    With GoPro, you can easily trim videos to create short clips. Or you can grab a still photo to share with friends easily and flip through the video frame by frame.

    ❍ Control the GoPro

    Customize the GoPro by using your phone to frame your shots, start and stop recording and adjust the setting based on your requirements easily.

    ❍ Access it anywhere

    With GoPro Plus, users can access their photos and videos anytime, anywhere they like since Plus enables users to set up auto upload to the cloud.


    1. GoPro is only compatible with HERO6 and HERO5 cameras, and it requires the Quick and GoPro mobile apps.

    2. GoPro is also only compatible with videos captured in selected modes.

    3. GoPro Plus subscribers can use it in selected territories. With the pro version, users can enjoy the Cloud function and can access it anytime, anywhere they like.

    4. GoPro Plus is available for only these devices: HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+, HERO+LCD camera.

  • VSCO

    If you've ever used VSCO Cam to edit photos, then I bet you'd never let it removed from your phone. This well-designed photo editing app is becoming a standard app of mobile photography.

    The built-in filters are so amazing and fascinating that users can choose to create fabulous photos. You can also set your data includes Exposure, Contrast, Straighten, Crop, Sharpen, Saturation, Highlights Save, Shadows Save, Tint, Temperature, Skin Tone, Vignette, Grain, Fade, Shadows Tint and Highlights Tint.

    The whole app uses modern attractive flat design that makes it better looking than ordinary apps. Users are available to purchase in the in-App store to buy more stunning packs. Create and share photos here, enjoy!

    VSCO Features:

    ❍ 1. Advanced camera controls.

    ❍ 2. Be your own curator of content with collections.

    ❍ 3. Advanced tools and stunning presets.

    ❍ 4. Minimalist photo publishing platform.

    ❍ 5. A curated gallery of exceptional images.

    ❍ 6. Follow your favorite creative users.

    ❍ 7. Discover inspiring original content.

  • Camera360 Ultimate

    Camera360 Ultimate is an online image tool making you a better photographer just taking a few swipes of your finger on your devices. It offers dozens of classic filters to satisfy your personal preferences.

    Camera360 Ultimate is never short for features with tons of different options including the effects cam, the funny cam, the selfie cam which allows you say goodbye to the fake-looking photos.

    Camera360 Ultimate gains trust from 500 million world-wide users with high rankings. Best of all, it is free!

    Camera360 Ultimate Features:

    ✔ Fuuny Stickers: loads of fun.

    ✔ Photo Challenge: newly added short video area.

    ✔ Impressive Selfie: make yourself beautiful instantly.

    ✔ Exquisite Filters: more than 100 top-level effects.

    ✔ Advanced Edit: enjoy creative painting.

  • Google Camera

    The new version of Google Camera app 7.1 hasn't officially rolled out, though; it's quite expected by users. It will possibly include a new feature called "Dual Exposure" in Google Camera and might debut on the Pixel 4.

    Main Features:

    1. Dual Exposure(possible): this function will allow for taking "dual exposure" photos. The Dual Exposure controls are two knobs that let you manually adjust the brightness and darkness of your shots.

    2. Better Night Sight: this function allows your phone camera to see in the dark, and you don't want to use your flash any more as it will bring out all the details and colors that lost in the darkness.

    3. Super Res Zoom: Super Res Zoom lets your pictures sharp when you zoom in.

    4. Top Shot: Top shot recommends your best pics where no one is blinking, and everything looks right.

    5. Portrait: The camera can make the subject of your pictures pop by leaving them in color while changing the background to white and black.

    6. Playground: Mixing the real world with the virtual through AR effects and stickers.


    You can download Google Camera 7.1 APK that we provide here to start using it as soon as possible.

  • Photo Editor Pro

    Photo Editor Pro provides tons of powerful effects and amazing filters for photo editing. It satisfies almost every need of you to edit a single picture on your phone.

    There are tons of effects, stickers, and tools for you to edit your photos. Photo Editor Pro provides photo collage feature to give you the look you want in a few seconds. You can transform your photos with one tap of a finger.

    ◆ Gorgeous effects, filters, and frames

    ◆ One-tap auto enhance

    ◆ Cute stickers and color splash

    ◆ Free to draw and add texts

    ◆ Create your very own memes

    ◆ Crop, rotate, straighten, sharpen and blur

    ◆ Combine multiple photos with photo collage

    ◆ Share to social networks with your friends and family

  • FaceApp

    Get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps! Powered by FaceApp AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations.


    • Perfect selfies with the Hollywood filter

    • Change hair color and style

    • Find your perfect beard/mustache style

    • Add a beautiful smile

    • Replace background with a single tap

    • Try color filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools

    • Apply perfect evening or day makeup (paid feature)

    • Full-size Impression filters (paid feature)

    Have fun

    • Swap genders

    • Let AI find your best hairstyle and color

    • Change your age

    • Add amazing tattoos

    • Let AI find the best style for you

    • Check out the Hitman, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind-blowing transformations

  • PicsArt

    PicsArt has more than 250 million users after its launch and already ranked 1st photo editor online. PicsArt is undoubtedly the best choice to make your photos more creative and fun. With PicsArt, you can not only make collages, create drawings, but also edit with amazing filters and effects. PicsArt offers hundreds of tools and effects to make edit process professionally.

    The app includes text, sticker, image overlays, artistic brushes, plenty of photo editing tools and customizable filters. Users can also generate animated gif and videos. Such powerful photo app allows users to share with anyone on PicsArt, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox and so on. You can go to picsart.com to get more information about this wonderful app.

    PicsArt Features

    ◆ A powerful mobile photo editor

    This feature provides a wide range of editing tools including the clone tool, photo blending, text overlays and so on to users.

    ◆ Sharing beautiful pictures with other people

    Users can share the beautiful pictures with their friends. PicsArt is also a social tool for people. Users can enjoy the instant sharing on different communication tools including Facebook, Instagram and so on.

    ◆ The best collage maker

    PicsArt also provides the best collage maker that can create photo collages in grids and various of other forms with background.

    ◆ A drawing suite of picture editing tools

    It includes lots of tools including the artistic brushes, layers and overlays. You can also make videos of drawing process and share them on YouTube.

    What do the PicsArt include?

    ● A variety of photo editing tools

    ● Customizable effects of photos

    ● Create animated videos and gifs

    ● It has a collage maker

    ● The best photo camera

    ● A great community of creatives

  • PixelLab

    Adding stylish text, 3d text, shapes, stickers and drawing on top of your picture has never been easier. With a simple and clean interface that lets you focus on whatever you're doing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than 60 unique options that you can customize and of course your imagination, you'll be able to create stunning graphics and amaze your friends straight from your phone or tablet.



    add and customize as much text objects as you want…

    3D Text:

    create 3d texts and overlay them on top of your images, or have them stand on their own in a cool poster…

    Text effects:

    make your text stand out with dozens of text effects like : Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d text...

    Text color:

    Set your text to any fill option you want, be it a simple color, a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or an image texture.

    Text font:

    choose from 100+, hand picked fonts. Or use your own fonts !


    add and customize as much stickers, emojis, shapes, as you want...

    Import images: add your own images from gallery. This could come in handy when you have your own stickers, or you want to composite two images...


    pick a pen size, a color, then draw anything you want. after that the drawing acts like a shape and you can resize it, rotate it, add shadow to it...

    change the background:

    with the possibility of making it : a color, a gradient or an image.

    Save as a project:

    you can save anything you do as a project. It'll be available for use even after closing the app!

    Remove the background:

    be it a green screen, a blue screen or simply a white background behind an object in an image that you found on Google images; PixelLab can make it transparent for you.

    Edit image perspective:

    you can now perform perspective editing (warp). Handy for, replacing a monitor's content, changing a road sign's text, adding logos on boxes...

    Image effects:

    enhance your pictures' look by applying some of the available effects, which include vignette, stripes, hue, saturation...

    Export your Image:

    save or share at any format or resolution you want, For easy access you can use the Quick Share buttons to share the image to social media apps with a click of a button (ex : facebook,twitter, instagram...)

    Create memes:

    using the provided meme preset, you can easily have your memes ready for sharing in matter seconds.

    Browse quotes and insert anything you like, into what you're making !

    If you have a suggestion, a question or you want to report a bug please use the provided feedback function or contact me directly via emails...

  • B612

    B612 comes from where the romantic little prince lives in the famous book The Little Prince. It is a great self-timer application that reached 20 million downloads within six months after its launch.

    B612 offers built-in filters, collage modes and video modes, allowing users to shoot, edit and complete photos with just one simple app. Just as its name origin, this app is mysterious and full of cultural atmosphere.

    The whole app is simple and fresh to use, you can switch filters sliding around the screen. And B612 also offers collage mode of whatever you like, two, four, nine, horizontal or vertical columns.

    B612 also has its watermarks, all of them are well designed and stylised. The app is designed for self-timer, to shoot better and play funnier.

    B612 Features:

    ❍ 1. Selfie videos: a 3 or 6 second video clip with sounds.

    ❍ 2. Rear camera support: swipe the screen from top to bottom.

    ❍ 3. Random filters: tap the random button and select your most used filters.

    ❍ 4. Vignette: darken the borders of photos as the way you like.

    ❍ 5. Tilt-shift: blur the lines of focus to bring out the true one.

    ❍ 6. Collage shot: create a 3D picture with different photo collages.

  • Open Camera

    Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera app.


    * Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what (see example image).

    * Expose your camera's functionality: support for scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, selfie with "screen flash", HD video and more.

    * Handy remote controls: timer (with optional voice countdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay).

    * Option to take photo remotely by making a noise, or by voice command "cheese".

    * Configurable volume keys and user interface.

    * Upside-down preview option for use with attachable lenses.

    * Overlay a choice of grids and crop guides.

    * Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos and videos; for photos this includes compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).

    * Apply date and timestamp, location coordinates, and custom text to photos; store date/time and location as video subtitles (.SRT).

    * Panorama, including for front camera.

    * Support for HDR (with auto-alignment and ghost removal) and Exposure Bracketing.

    * Support for Camera2 API: manual controls (with optional focus assist); burst mode; RAW (DNG) files; slow motion video.

    * Noise reduction (including low light night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes for better quality photos.

    * Options for on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peaking.

    * Focus bracketing mode.

    * Completely free, and no ads in the app (I only run ads on the website). Open Source.

    (Some features may not be available on all devices, as they may depend on hardware or camera features, the Android version, etc.)

    Note that it's not possible for me to test Open Camera on every Android device out there, so please test before using Open Camera to photo/video your wedding etc :)

  • YouCam Makeup

    YouCam Makeup - the best selfie camera app for creating stylish hairstyles and chic makeups. Try the newest fashion style with makeup tips and guides on your selfie photos.

    YouCam Makeup supports real-time makeovers with tons of beauty looks. Try kinds of lipsticks, blushes, eye colors and more! The app also provides one-touch Halloween looks to prepare you for fun.


    ❀ With YouCam Makeup Selfie Camera, photos will look better with stylish tools like lipstick, blush, eye makeup, and more.

    ❀ Users can record a short video with series of makeup looks and share it on social media like Instagram and Snapchat to get followers.

    ❀ YouCam Makeup also provides Daily Horoscope with makeup and beauty tips for you to read and learn. You can get real fashion and beauty trending styles to follow.

    ❀ Before the photo shoot, YouCam Makeup can auto beautify the makeovers for you in real-time. The app gives you a perfect look ever with flawless skin and photo editing tools, including eyes, eyebrows, and lips & teeth.

    ❀ What's more, YouCam Makeup offers you kinds of hairstyles and hair colors to make sure you get the most trending salon fashion. DIY your very own hair color and style as you like - long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair!


    ❀ Beauty Circle now supports video sharing in messages.

    ❀ Update to the latest version to try our new multi-face editing.

  • Beauty Camera

    The most powerful selfie app is coming! Powered by Meitu and endorsed by Angleababy, the Beauty Camera is recommended by hundreds of celebrities and installd by more than 500 million people.

    Beauty Camera takes gorgeous selfies within seconds, it is very easy to use. Just open your camera and touch the screen to take flawless photos. Besides, you can make your eyes bigger and shiner with this app, as well as adding beautiful filters and makeovers.

    You can also make your teeth whitening, skin smoothing, face and body slimming, and so on. With the heighten effect, users can easily get long legs as you wish. And you can remove your dark circle and eye bags with the function of eye bag removal and the function of hair salon can make your hair super shiny.

    Beauty Camera Features:

    ❍ 1. Exclusive MV: Make your video pop.

    ❍ 2. Stylish Makeup: Beauty yourself in the best way.

    ❍ 3. Various Filters: Add colors to your selfie.

    ❍ 4. Natural Contour: Instant girlish skin.

    ❍ 5. Romantic Effect: Dreamy and fantastic.

  • Boomerang

    Make your photos unexpected and fun with Boomerang from Instagram. Make a delightful mini video and share with your friends. Find something fantastic or someone amazing or create an original video selfie by switching to the front-facing camera. All you need to do is to tap it once and Boomerang will do all the rest procedures for you.


    ❍ Use front and back camera to shoot a mini video.

    ❍ Quick start and capture immediately without login in.

    ❍ Just tap one button to make a video.

    ❍ Save your videos to camera roll or share them directly to Instagram and Facebook.

    What's New:

    ❍ Videos are no longer automatically saved. Choose your best videos to save.

    ❍ It's smoother and faster sharing videos on Instagram.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express


    Tap into your creativity on the go with Photoshop Express–the standard for fast and easy photo editing–used by millions of creative individuals. Enhance photos like the pros with an easy-to-use digital studio full of editing features on your mobile device.

    Photoshop Express delivers a full spectrum of fun tools and effects at your fingertips. Personalize your experiences with borders and text, enhance color and imagery, create collages, make quick fixes and enhance your share-worthy moments for free.


    • Fix crooked images instantly with Auto Settings.

    • Correct distorted camera angles with the Transform Tool.


    • Smooth out graininess or Reduce Color Noise for crystal clear pics.

    • Sharpen details to make your photos look their best.


    • Shift focus to specific elements and blend out backgrounds with Radial Blur.

    • Enhance imagery and create movement with the Full Blur features.


    • Customize stickers, memes and captions with your own unique personal touches.

    • Style your messages with a wide array of fonts, colors and opacity controls.

    • Inspire with photo color matching borders or choose unique custom frames.

    • Fine-tune text placement with pan, zoom and rotate settings.

    • Add watermarks easily by adding custom text or logos.


    • Intensify emotions with dramatic effects from Looks categories: Black and White, Portrait, Nature and Duo tones.

    • Explore Color Temperature, Vibrance and other color effects with an easy adjustment slider.

    • Remove atmospheric fog or Dehaze for clear, detail-rich scenery.


    • Create professional-quality compilations by adding ready-to-use grid layouts.

    • Easily change border thickness and color.

    • Print directly from the application.


    • Easily reduce blemishes and spots from selfies and portraits with Blemish Removal


    • Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos for eye-catching compositions.

    • Use Auto-Fix options for one-touch adjustments to Contrast, Exposure, and White Balance settings.

    • Remove Red-Eye and Pet-Eye from your favorite moments.


    • Upload images from your mobile device, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook and Google Photos.

    • Support, import and edit raw and TIFF photo formats seamlessly.

    • Resize images options before saving and customize the quality and size of your final jpeg images.

    • Share with 1-tap to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WhatsApp and many more destinations.

    Photoshop Express is brought to you by Adobe, proud makers of the Photoshop family.

  • Layout

    Layout is Instagram’s newest app, it offers a great method to make better collages. With Layout, you can remix your photos as you like and share them with your friends directly via Instagram or other social platforms.

    You are the editor and controller, the app is full of magic. So what are you waiting for? Just click the button and download this great app to make your own layouts.

    Key Features:

    1. Support up to 9 of your photos to remix at a time to create your layouts and collages.

    2. Faces tab gives quick access to find photos with people in them.

    3. Photo Booth mode captures the moment with quick, spontaneous shots.

    4. Save layouts in your gallery and share them on Instagram or other networks.

    5. Remain the record of the last 30 photos you've chosen in the Recents tab.

    6. Match your collages and layouts with Instagram's filters to make them stand out more.

    7. Easily change the size of the frames by tapping the blue handles and pushing them in or out.

    8. Four tools help you edit your design. Tap the Replace icon when you want to change your pictures. Mirror and Flip tools will help reorder the images.

    9. No signup or account required, as well as no clutter breaking up your flow. Just download and use it.

    How to use:

    ★ First, take shoots with the built-in photo booth or choose photos from device gallery, you can immediately see them laying in a cool collage.

    ★ Then pick out your favorite layout and make it your own picture. The whole app is as smooth as possible to give you creative ideas to control your photos.

    ★ You can pinch to zoom in or out, tap to replace, mirror or flip images, hold and drag them to resize or swap.

    With Layout, you can spread your creativity as much as possible. Making your photos better and funnier. Share with your friends and family. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make next.

  • Shutterfly

    Welcome to Shutterfly, your one stop shop for holiday cards, gifts, and exclusive deals! Do you want to find free prints and coupons? Download and explore Shutterfly app, you will get some surprises. Also, Shutterfly is delivering best offers for you, such as New User Sign Up Offer and Only-For-You offer. Know more on support.shutterfly.com.


    Main Features:


    • Unlimited free 4x4 and 4x6 prints

    • Get a free 6x6 photo book a month to capture everyday moments

    • Unlimited free photo storage to save all the memories on your phone

    • Plus other great daily deals, only for our app users!


    • Capture everyday fun with a FREE 6x6 softcover photo book every month. It’s quick and easy to pop your pics into a book that shares all of life’s little stories! Exclusively on the Shutterfly app!


    • Make your photos shine with one of our premium foil-stamped and glitter cards in various sizes and trims. Choose from a huge variety of options to find the perfect sentiment and style that fits your family and friends. Be sure to check out our luxe Tiny Prints collection as well, with exclusive designs from top stationery designers.


    • Wedding planning? Meet your one stop destination for wedding stationery, bridal party gifts, decor and more. Easily browse our designs in just a few taps and find everything you need to personalize your perfect wedding down to every last detail.


    • Create photo and home decor gifts directly from the Shutterfly app. Share your favorite moments with family and friends.


    • Kids collection - Get gifting with all new designs and products just for kids! Shop backpacks, folders, pencil cases, notebooks, bean bags, & so much more.

    • Pets collection - Shop playful pet gear for dogs and cats! Personalize pet accessories like bandanas or pet tags, and make sure your furry friend is comfy-cozy with a one-of-a-kind pet bed.

    • Baby corner - The best of our baby collection, all in one place. Create birth announcements, baby shower invitations, baby thank you cards, keepsakes and more in just a few taps.


    • Upload, store and organize your photos with unlimited free photo storage and save space on your device. We will never delete your photos, so you know that your pictures are safe and secure with Shutterfly. Upload from your app, then access from any device.


    • The Only-For-You offers are only available for existing Shutterfly customers. The New User Sign Up offer for new users are automatically loaded upon successful signup and are valid for 30 days from the date of registration. To redeem, simply personalize your free gifts and add them to your shopping cart.

  • Photo Grid

    Photo Grid - the best mobile application for photo collage maker. Users can combine multiple photos together with kinds of layouts and beautiful filters.

    You can also tag your own waterprint on the pictures. It also offers various frames and supports multiple languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. You can share the photo via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

    Photo Grid offers editing modes like photo editor, scrapbook, video slides, template, and filmstrip, with these functions you can make your photo totally fascinating and fashionable. The image can be exported at high resolution with both .jpg and .png format.

    And if you want to add something more interesting to the photo, there are also plenty of great stickers to choose. Text can also be added. Photo Grid is both fun and easy to use, download now and enjoy this remarkable app.

    Photo Grid:

    ❍ Grid

    Combine photos with funny layouts easily and creativly.

    ❍ Square Fit & Blur

    Edit and post your photo in a fast and simple way.

    ❍ Photo in Photo

    Provide photo-in-photo mode, a kind of fantastic selfie style.

    ❍ Video Slides

    Create s piece of video with music.

    ❍ Scrapbook & Photo Editor

    Be creative and use your imagination with the app.

    ❍ Community

    Discover popular photos and users, and make some new friends.

  • Pic Collage

    There are more than 100 million people are using Pic Collage to combine photos, videos, stickers, fonts and others to create the most wonderful collages.

    You can even print photos and collages as high-quality posters, greeting cards or gifts for yourself or send to others.


    ◈ Import photos from Instagram, Facebook, camera roll and more.

    ◈ Use touch gestures to rotate, resize, edit and delete.

    ◈ Choose various backgrounds and stickers.

    ◈ Pick your favorite templates to make collages easily.

    ◈ Share your collages to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

    ◈ Create your own username and profile pic.

    ◈ Remix collages with collages.

  • Hide Photos & Video and App Lock

    Hide Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, Calls in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED

    Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

    About the app

    The app is cleverly disguised as "Audio Manager" in the App Drawer.

    Disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your SECRET VAULT of hidden photos, videos, messages, apps etc.

    You can Hide photos, videos, or any other files in your Private Vault


    1.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager (Other disguises like Calculator etc. are available)

    2.) Categorize media into hidden folders of your choice

    3.) Free Cloud backup of your files

    4.) App Disappears from recent apps list, can't be tracked

    5.) Gallery with integrated Slideshow and sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc.

    6.) Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc.

    7.) Multiple lock screen options - Pin, Password, Pattern

    8.) Fingerprint unlock

    9.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught

    10.) Built in encryption tool to secure your most important files

    11.) Other Features like Secret Chatting, Private Messaging / Calls, Private Browsing, Locking Apps.

    12.) Hide app icon from the app drawer of phone


    There are a lot more features like custom slideshows, batch delete, share, unhide, move data between albums, sort files and folders to your liking etc.

    Please email us you have any issues, If the app doesn't install properly do a reinstall, that would solve 99% the problems

  • Photo Editor Pro

    Photo Editor Pro offers everything you want to edit pictures. A host of stylish effects, filters, grids and draw tools help you create an eye-catcher, even if you've never edited a photo before. With Photo Editor Pro, you can directly post your artworks to Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. Unlock your creativity, and edit pictures like a pro!

    Main Features:

    1. 60+ Filters for Pictures

    - Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa...

    - Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth etc.

    2. Glitch Effects & Blur Background

    - GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Swirl, Pixel, Fisheye and more;

    - Blur photo background to get DSLR Blur Effect.

    3. Photo Blender & Light FX

    - Mix and blend two images to make stunning artworks;

    - Bokeh, Lens, Splash and dozens of light leaks effects.

    4. Body Retouch

    - Slim body and face to get a perfect figure;

    - Elongate legs to make your proportion better;

    - Multiple hairstyle, muscles and tattoos stickers.

    5. Photo Collage Maker

    - Remix up to 18 picture into a photo collage instantly;

    - 100+ grids, massive backgrounds, frames, filters to choose from;

    - Halloween, Aesthetic, Cartoon, Emoji, Doodles and more photo stickers for BABY.


    + Powerful and easy photo editing tools;

    + Hundreds of filters for pictures and photo effects;

    + Glitch and light leaks effects;

    + Body editor for slimming body & face;

    + Collage maker with 100+ layouts and backgrounds;

    + Blur photo editor with DSLR blur effect;

    + Massive fun stickers;

    + Draw and add text with various art fonts;

    + Crop, rotate, vertical and horizon;

    + Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation etc;

    + Highlight and shadow;

    + Insta 1:1 square & blur background for Instagram.

    + Share pictures of high resolution to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.


    100+ Photo Effect

    Highlight your photo with charming photo effect. Sparkle, art, old, aesthetic, vintage filters, glitter, overlay, glitch, angel wings photo effect… There are so many interesting features wait for your discovering.

    Aesthetic Photo Editor

    Aesthetic Photo Editor allows you add cool aesthetic glitch effects to your photos. Start your psychedelic journey with glitch effects. If you are a fan of Aesthetic style, you can not skip this Aesthetic photo editor.

    Blur Photo Editor

    A must-have blur photo editor with advanced blur image brush. It is used to blur parts of your photo to get DSLR blur effect. You can also unblur the image with eraser and adjust its blur strength as well.

    Glitch Photo Editor

    Glitch Photo Editor combines old-school and modern digital styles rather well. Its glitch effect brings intense visual conflicts, which makes your photos eye-catcher on Instagram.

    Photo Editor New Version 2018

    A useful photo editor free with massive filters for pictures. Powerfully make you a vivid photo artwork with Glitch effects, double exposure, photo blender etc. It is the best photo editor free.

    Photo Editor Free

    The prevalent photo editor new version 2018, photo collage maker for Instagram users. It is packed with unlimited features including stickers, grids, backgrounds and other photo editing tools.

    Photo Collage Maker

    Just select several pictures, Photo Editor instantly remix them into cool photo collage. You can pick layout you like best, edit collage with filters, background, stickers, text etc.

    About our permissions:

    Photo Editor Pro asks for permissions "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to read your photos so that we can edit and save photos. We do not use this permission for any other purpose.

    Photo Editor Pro deserves your try right away. It is the simplest but the most useful photo effects editor. With Photo Editor Pro, your moment will be as brilliant as an artwork. If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to let us know. Email: [email protected]

  • Photo Collage

    Just select several pictures, inCollage the best Photo Collage Maker & Editor will instantly remix them into cool photo collage or a meme. You can pick layout you like best, edit collage with filter, sticker, frame, text and much more. It's is completely free!


    ● Combine up to 18 photos to create pic collage.

    ● 100+ Layouts of photo frames or grids to choose from!

    ● Large number of Background, Sticker, Font, and doodle to choose from!

    ● Pick a picture, add text and share Meme with friends.

    ● Change ratio of collage and edit border of collage.

    ● Make photo collage with Free style or Grid style.

    ● Crop pictures and edit photo with Filter, Text.

    ● Insta square photo with blur background for Instagram.

    ● Save photo in high resolution and share pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, etc.

    Photo Frames

    Photo in templates is much trendy nowadays. Tons of photo frames and effects make your moment stunning, like love photo frames, anniversary, holiday & baby photo frames…

    Meme Generator For Free

    This photo collage maker is also a meme generator and meme maker. You can create the funniest memes with more than 50 fonts to choose from, and text color and size adjustment.


    Create photo collage with hundreds of layouts in seconds. Custom photo grid size, border and background, you can design layout on your own! So easy to make a beautiful photo collage.


    All-in-one photo editor provides a bunch of editing tools: crop picture, apply filter to picture, add sticker and text to image, draw on image with doodle tool, flip, rotate...


    Select beautiful background with full screen ratio to create a wscrapbook. You can decorate with pictures, stickers, texts, doodles, and share your scrapbook to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.


    Insta square photo in a blur background or white to fit for Instagram. You can choose Instagram’s 1:1, 4:5 ratio or other ratios to square. Easily post entire photo on Instagram with no crop. You can even square up to 10 photos at one time.

    About our permissions:

    inCollage asks for permissions "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to read your photos so that we can edit photos and save photos. We do not use this permission for any other purpose.

  • Celebs

    Wish to see what celebrity do you look like? Take a photo and Celebs will find your celebrity match. It is totally free.

    With Celebs look alike app, you can answer questions such as:

    • Which celeb do I look like?
    • Find my look alike.
    • Which celeb is my twin?
    • Which famous person do I most resemble?

    This fast, fun and free app helps you find what celebrity you look like, and compares your picture to thousands of famous celebrities to find your best match. It is simple, fast and fun. You may use real face recognition technology to analyze your face and features and compare to thousands of celebrities. You can take unlimited pictures, them find what celebrity you resemble unlimited times.

    Key features include:

    • Celebrity face recognition and matching
    •  What celebrity do I look like generator
    • What celebrity do I look like results for Instagram and Snapchat stories
    •  Easily find your celebrity lookalike

  • Candy Camera

    Take a selfie with Candy Camera! Make your photos beautiful and attracting with Candy Camera's amazing filters!


    ★ Each filter in Candy Camera will make your face look amazing.

    ★ Decorate your picture with beautiful and fun stickers.

    ★ Candy Camera provides Slient Mode to allow you take selfies anywhere.

    ★ Beauty functions: Slimming, Whitening, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Blush, Mascara and more!

    ★ Take multiple photos for collage, choose various grids and make them your style.

    More about Candy Camera:

    ★ Optimized for beautiful selfies.

    ★ Support real-time filters.

    ★ Create your very own unqiue photos.

    ★ Diverse collage options to choose.

    ★ Add your favorite filters.

  • Retrica

    Retrica is a new photo app that loading with filters, it's simple but effective. Retrica has ranked #1 photography app in about 65 countries, and it has been downloaded more than 250 million times. Retrica helps you color your everyday life.


    ◆ More than 100 real-time filters.

    ◆ Choose your photos in over 20 layouts.

    ◆ Decorate your photos with Retrica Stamp.

    ◆ Let light come in to reach exposure.

    ◆ Upload your photos on social platforms instantly.

  • PicMonkey Photo Editor

    Developed by PicMonkey, PicMonkey Photo Editor is a free photo editing app which enables users to adopt professional tools and various effects for better pictures with their smartphones. PicMonkey Photo Editor has everything you need to take your pics to the next level including photo editing, collage making, graphic design and more.

    PicMonkey Photo Editor app is free to download both for Android and iOS users. For those who need more functions, PicMonkey also have a premium version for you to purchase.


    ● Professional Edit & touch up tools

    Basic Edits allow you to crop, rotate the image, change the canvas color, affect the exposure, and resize. Touch Up effects like blemish fix, teeth whitening, and lip tint are explicitly for portraits. Wrinkle Remover, Eye Tint, and Mascara functions are in Premium version.

    ● Various effects

    Effects allow you to change the tune of an image easily. There are tons of effects for you to choose including big-impact effects like Mirror and Ombre.

    ● Extra-fabulous fonts

    Text feature allows you to add words to your pictures. With dozens of font options, you can also change the size and color. If you find the fonts in the app is not appealing, you can also use any font installed on your device.


    PicMonkey recently launched a feature called “the hub” which is is only available to premium users. It allows users to save unfinished pictures within the PicMonkey application so that users can continue to work on them next time.

  • BeautyPlus

    800 million selfies edited by BeautyPlus? What? Find out why 300 million choose BeautyPlus to edit their selfies, pictures and videos every single month. Here's a hint: BeautyPlus offers simple, yet powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and so much more to take your selfie game to the next level. So, let's get ready to post the best selfie to your social media account!

    Spread some Christmas cheer with the powerful selfie editing feature of BeautyPlus and have some fun with the cute filters.

    Creating beautiful and natural looking photo and video selfies has never been easier. With BeautyPlus you can erase acne marks, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, edit eye color, add filters and special effects, blur photos and so much more.

    It’s our little secret!

    BeautyPlus has worked with well-known makeup artists, photographers and real people just like you to develop the perfect photo editing app - a tool that is both easy to use and gives flawless selfies. Selfie edits are so subtle no one will ever suspect you’ve used an app, allowing you to show off your natural beauty without harsh filters.

    Skin Editor

    + Beauty camera adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pictures

    + Retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool

    + Blemish remover lets you make pimples and other skin problems disappear with just a tap

    Perfect Eyes

    + Erase bags and dark circles beneath your eyes

    + Brighten eyes and make them pop in photos

    + Edit eye color to match your hair color and hairstyle using custom contacts

    Create The Perfect Smile

    + Beauty editor with teeth whitening brings out the natural beauty in your smile

    + Take a perfect selfie with a clean smile every time

    Live Auto-Retouch (NEW!!!)

    Need to do a quick retouch? Let our selfie editor do the work for you! Retouch using multiple special effects, and instantly preview your photo or video live in BeautyPlus. Pick the one you want and take your flawless photo or video with just one click and flaunt it on your social media account.

    Magic Brush

    Give your selfies and photos a fantastic new look with our unique effect brushes: Glow, Neon, Stars, Hearts and so much more to satisfy your imagination about funny selfie. Enjoy finger painting with numerous colors!

    Professional Photo Editing

    + Blur: Selfies instantly take on a professional look with a quick blur. Just swipe to apply the effect!

    + Crop: The perfect selfie and photo is just one crop away! Tap to resize and trim

    + Photo Filters: From the romantic to the dramatic, we have dozens of special filters to make your selfies and pictures pop

    + Professional Control: Enlarge, Stretch, Slim and Rotate features give you the freedom to edit your selfies and photos the way you want!

    Additional Features

    + Selfies aren’t everything - BeautyPlus works with both the front-facing and outer-facing camera

    + Selfie Timer built in so you can get off the perfect hands-free shot

    + Multiple face recognition lets you go for the group shot!

    + Perfect lighting even in the darkest locations. Low light? No problem! BeautyPlus automatically adjusts exposure

    + Ready for sharing. When you are done editing, you can share to popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat!

    Device Compatibility

    The vast majority of all BeautyPlus tools and features will function on most devices. However, our AR filters require storage space of at least 1GB and a minimum resolution of 480x854; if your device does not meet these specifications then the AR filters will not be available.

  • YouCam Perfect

    YouCam Perfect is the best beauty camera & selfie photo editing app, with over 300 MILLION downloads and counting!

    Download YouCam Perfect for all the selfie and photo editing tools you need – face beautifying, collages, filters, effects, fonts, stickers and more!

    Save photos to your cloud backup and access them across multiple devices. Take perfect pics and get creative with YouCam Perfect to turn your photos into masterpieces!

    YouCam Perfect Premium Version

    ◇ Upgrade to YouCam Perfect Premium for unlimited access to 1000+ exclusive effects, frames, stickers and more!

    ◇ Share awesome edits with friends and show off your creativity with NEW premium content monthly! YouCam Perfect Premium features include:

    • Save photos in HD

    • Remove watermarks

    • Unlimited object removal

    • ADS-FREE editing experience

    Take Perfect Photos and Edit Selfies in Seconds

    ◇ Beautify selfies by removing blemishes, smoothing wrinkles & skin, shaping facial features and more

    ◇ Use live photo editor effects to instantly take beautiful snaps or record videos in one tap

    Collages, Frames & Effects

    ◇ Find the perfect collage or frame for every photo, no matter the holiday or occasion

    ◇ Use filters and pro photo effects to level up your photos

    ◇ Customize your pics with stylish grid or template to share to Facebook, Instagram and your favorite social networks

    Magic Brush & Layers

    ◇ Magic Brush adds a burst of shapes and colors wherever you touch

    ◇ Layer up multiple images, stickers, and text to create awesome pics

    Photo Backgrounds & Object Remover

    ◇ Cut out the subject of a photo, then give it a fun new background

    ◇ Use photo backgrounds as green screen for your images

    ◇ Erase unwanted background objects or people with the intelligent object removal tool

    Highlight or Hide Object with Blur

    ◇ Highlight images or focus on what’s important in a photo for better portraits

    ◇ Edit photos to conceal photobombers or background objects and make your photos more professional!

    Download YouCam Perfect to take and edit the perfect picture today!

  • Adobe Lightroom

    O Adobe Photoshop Lightroom é um editor de fotos profissional gratuito, avançado e intuitivo. Adicione os efeitos para fotos ou filtros para fotos mais populares atualmente no mundo da fotografia, edite suas fotos RAW ou tire fotografias com a tecnologia HDR. Além disso, o Lightroom permite editar fotos de modo incrível enquanto ajuda você a se tornar um fotógrafo melhor. O editor de imagens completo para melhorar fotos de um jeito que só a Adobe entende. Saiba mais abaixo.


    • PREDEFINIÇÕES: Faça mudanças radicais em suas fotos com o nosso editor de fotos profissional fácil de usar. Adicione os filtros para fotos que você mais gosta com apenas um toque

    • PERFIS: Use esses milagres de um toque para editar fotos e criar mudanças visualmente impressionantes na aparência de suas fotografias

    • CURVAS: Faça edições de fotos avançadas para alterar o contraste, a cor, a exposição e o tom

    • MISTURADOR DE CORES: Refine e ajuste as cores em suas fotos para criar efeitos deslumbrantes e torná-las populares

    • CLARIDADE, TEXTURA E DESEMBAÇAMENTO: Dê vida às suas edições com essas ferramentas líderes do setor para melhorar fotos

    • TUTORIAIS INTERATIVOS: Inspire-se e aprenda a fazer as edições de fotos que você deseja, concluindo as lições do passo a passo com a curadoria de colegas fotógrafos. Adicionar efeitos para fotos profissionais, cortar fotos e muito mais de modo descomplicado é possível com o editor de imagens da Adobe

    • C MERA DE NÍVEL PROFISSIONAL: Libere o potencial do seu celular com controles exclusivos. Escolha entre exposição, temporizador, predefinições instantâneas e muito mais

    • MODOS DE C MERA AVANÇADOS: Obtenha fotos com mais detalhes com modos de captura avançados, como RAW, profissional e HDR*

    • ORGANIZAR E GERENCIAR: Use pastas, álbuns, classificações por estrelas e sinalizadores para destacar suas melhores fotos


    Você pode melhorar fotos ainda mais com o Lightroom Premium! Atualize para desbloquear ferramentas fáceis de usar na edição de fotos, como o Pincel de recuperação, ajustes seletivos, geometria, armazenamento em nuvem, recursos do Adobe Sensei e muito mais diretamente no seu editor de fotos favorito

    • PINCEL DE RECUPERAÇÃO: Remover objetos de fotos é simples. Assuma o controle total de sua imagem removendo praticamente qualquer coisa da sua foto

    • AJUSTES SELETIVOS: Editar fotos com precisão usando seu dedo ou caneta stylus para aplicar melhorias com detalhes exatos em partes específicas

    • GEOMETRIA: Certifique-se de que tudo esteja alinhado. Crie fotos com muita nitidez com linhas retas ajustando a perspectiva da imagem com poderosas ferramentas upright, upright guiada e controle deslizante de geometria para melhorar suas fotos

    • EDIÇÃO DE RAW: Importe fotos raw de sua câmera DSLR ou mirrorless para o seu celular, permitindo cortar fotos e editar em qualquer lugar

    • ADOBE SENSEI: Aproveite o poder da inteligência artificial para marcar e organizar automaticamente suas fotos com base nos objetos ou nas pessoas que estão nelas. Uma pesquisa rápida por "montanhas" ou "Maria" irá exibir todas as fotos com esses elementos

    • EDIÇÃO EM LOTE: Edite fotos em álbuns grandes com facilidade e obtenha aparências consistentes copiando as edições preferidas de uma foto para a outra

    • ARMAZENAMENTO ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD: Faça backup de suas fotos e edições originais para acessá-las em outros dispositivos, bem como no Lightroom na Web

    • COMPARTILHAMENTO AVANÇADO: As galerias da Web do Lightroom permitem que você exiba suas fotos online com facilidade. As edições das fotos são sincronizadas imediatamente para que suas alterações estejam sempre atualizadas

    *O modo de captura HDR raw completo é atualmente compatível com dispositivos que contêm processamento avançado e recursos de memória, incluindo, mas não limitado a, dispositivos como Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, e OnePlus 5.

  • Remini

    Remini is an online real-time photo enhancing app. Fully leverages state-of-art AI generative technology, Remini brings professional film production level image enhancing and restoration technologies to our daily life.

    Since Remini launched in the beginning of 2019, more than 10 million photos – low resolution, blurred, compressed and damaged – have been enhanced.

    Amazing features

    • Enhance old photos and low quality photos to high-definition

    • Enhance photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones to like with up-to-date cameras or mobile phones

    • Repair blurred photos to clarity

  • Enlight Pixaloop

    Chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019!

    Bring your photos to life in just a few taps. Create animated pictures, from a flicker of flame to cascading waterfalls - the creative possibilities are endless. Pixaloop lets you create and edit moving photos with easy and powerful editing tools.

    Edit photos into animated pictures - use arrows to add movement, choose the speed, and control what moves with anchors. Picture effect tools based on artificial intelligence make it easier than ever to define whole areas of a picture, or fine tune for more control.

    Pixaloop allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use picture animation tools. The photo editor lets you see your image come to life with real-time edits as you create mesmerizing art in moments.

    Pixaloop brings life to images, creating moving pictures and cinemagraphs that will wow anyone from your friends to your followers - best of all, it’s a free photo animation app. Animate photos and add video effects to watch your image come to life as incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.

    Need inspiration? Look for #Pixaloop, then get in on the social media trend and start sharing photos! Tag your own creations and we’ll feature the best ones. Share animated pictures and take the next step for your social feed!



    - Add photo movements with a few taps and swipes

    - Simple arrows set photo motion direction

    - Anchor points limit photo motion and hold parts of animated photo in place

    - Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush


    - Replace bland Skies with colorful sunsets and animated clouds

    - Choose from a wide variety of automated Skies resembling timelapse

    - Get the Sky results you want easily with this animation photo editor


    - Add fun Overlays to bring mood, emotion & movement to still photos

    - Photo sharing for a popular look for your Stories and Feed

    - Effects for pictures with weather Overlays, sparkles, and more!

    - Create motion graphics effects resembling cinemagraphs to make your stories come alive


    - Animated photo editing tools including speed, direction, and style

    - Photo editor effects and adjustments to distort perspective & style

    - Video and photo maker with every type of effect you need


    - Picture effect editor for making any and all necessary photo adjustments

    - Adjust, edit, and animate photos for amazing animation effects

    - Make a picture come to life!


    - Animate photo elements: hair, waves, clouds & clothing

    - Animated video results with Pixaloop’s high-end and easy animation tools

    - Create moving masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand

    - Get pro photo animation results with ease with this Android photo animation app!

    - Learn to animate in minutes with incredible design and animation photo software & technology

    Add video effects, graphics and bring your pictures to life with Pixaloop!

  • Photo Collage Maker

    Free Photo Lad is A Selfie maker, photo collage maker, funny sticker which will provide you different adventure of photo editing!

    1. Beauty face: choose different makeup for your face.

    2. Eyes: Choose different eyebrow for your eye.

    3. Beauty Camera: Auto Filter, one tap to smooth your skin, light up your eyes, look best with our beauty camera!

    4. Funny Sticker: Amount of funny stickers are offered in our store. Take photos and then make up with our stickers let your photos different and outstanding.

    5. Collage Maker: Just few steps to combine several photos into one, our collage maker.

    6. Body Shape:Be the best of yourself! Show your photos to friends and feel proud of yourself now!

  • InstaSize

    Millions of people use Instasize to experience remarkable photo editing. With Instasize, you can make your photos full-size and share with any social media.

    You can also add filter effects and texts to your images. And there are beautiful fonts to choose from, beautiful frames to add on and different background patterns to tag with.

    Instasize also offers high-resolution pictures to export from 612x612, 1536x1536 to 2048x2048. Users can share photos to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or just save to camera roll.

    InstaSize Features:

    ✔ Professional filter effects.

    ✔ Tons of stickers and stamps.

    ✔ Modify saturation, tint, brightness, contrast and more.

    ✔ Add text to create meme.

    ✔ Create collages with frames, overlays and backgrounds.

    ✔ Save high resolution images and share instantly on social media.

  • PIP Camera

    PIP camera is most noteworthy for its PIP function, which is short for Pic-in-Pic. You can choose a photo from camera roll or just take a photo shoot to edit.

    The app can focus on a particular section and blur spare background. You can choose several different frames such as bottles, light bulbs, foam or Apple devices to help you complete image processing. The central part of your photo will appear in the frames while PIP Camera would automatically obscure the rest.

    Besides frames and particular scenes, users can also use filters such as sketches, watercolors, lomo and other general effects. Processed pictures can be saved to camera roll or shared with your friends via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

    PIP Camera Features:

    ❍ 1. Import photos from the gallery or take a snap form camera.

    ❍ 2. Tons of photo-in-photo frames for you to choose, like glass, hand, camera, board and more.

    ❍ 3. Blur photo in photo automatically.

    ❍ 4. More than 200 collage frames.

    ❍ 5. Over 20 filters to decorate your photos.

    ❍ 6. Easily share your photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

  • Phonto

    Phonto - the free and powerful app for adding texts to images. It has the most comprehensive text editing functions and highest freely effect combinations.

    Users can also import fonts from iTunes on iOS devices. And Phonto also supports multiple Chinese fonts. Maybe the interface is not beautiful enough, but the powerful features and freedom to use are unreachable by other similar applications.

    It is strong enough to provide a variety of fonts, rich text effects and styles, as well as text mask effects and so on. Users can integrate so many functions together and produce different combinations of visual effects. Images can also be added to kinds of filters or backgrounds. You can post it on Instagram directly after editing.

    Phonto Features:

    ❍ 1. Over 200 availabe fonts.

    ❍ 2. Install your favorite fonts.

    ❍ 3. Changeable text size, color and shodow.

    ❍ 4. Text is also rotatable.

    ❍ 5. Changeable text stroke color, width and background.

    ❍ 6. Changeable letter spacing and line spacing.

  • Foodie

    Foodie: The very camera app that pops into your mind when you're faced with food. Developed by Line - the world's leading lifestyle platform, Foodie helps diners take the perfect food photo.

    Foodie offers multiple features aimed at making food photos look more delicious and tasty, including +26 filters designed and named after food types like "Meats", "Sushi", "Cakes", "Sweet" and more. Select a filter that suits your style for your favorite drinks and food pics.

    Foodie Features:

    ♥ More than 26 filters customized for taking good-looking pictures.

    ♥ Awesome photo editing features that turn simple food photos into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

    ♥ Auto blurring effect adding to camera shot.

    ♥ Share photos instantly to social networks.

  • Amazon Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Prime members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB video storage. Everyone else gets 5 GB for photos and videos. Use the Groups feature to privately pool and share full-resolution photos and videos. You can view and share your photos on nearly any phone, tablet, or computer, and you can set a screensaver on your Fire TV, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.


    Set the app to Auto-Save your photos and videos from your phone so they get backed up automatically. Once your photos are stored in Amazon Photos, you can delete them from your device to make room on your phone. This free photo storage app can help you keep your photos and videos safe, even if your phone is lost or damaged.


    Amazon Prime members get free unlimited photo storage + 5 GB video storage as part of their Prime membership. They can also share their unlimited photo storage benefit with five others by adding them to their Family Vault, and search for photos by keyword, location, or the name of the person in the photo.


    Your photos are easy to find, because the app organizes your photos automatically. Prime members can quickly find any specific photos by searching for the things in their images, like "dog," "sunset," or "Seattle."


    Collaborate and share photos and albums with your friends and family by inviting them to a private, invitation-only Amazon Photos Group. You can pool everyone’s photos together from your latest family vacation, soccer team season, birthday party, friend’s wedding, or knitting club--or just share goofy photos with a collection of your favorite people.


    Once your photos have been saved to Amazon Photos, you can access them from nearly any device. Finally move those family photos from your old laptop, your phone, and your desktop so they’re all together in one safe place.


    - Auto-save photos for easy backup and to free up memory on your phone.

    - Back up your photos and videos securely with Amazon.

    - Share photos and albums via SMS, email, other apps, or privately with Groups.

    - See your photos on your Fire TV, tablet, computer, or on the Echo Show, where available.

    - Prime members can search photos by keyword, location, and more.

    Amazon Photos offers secure online backup for your photos and videos. This free online storage app lets you store, view, and share your important photos right on your phone.

  • Meitu

    •One of the BEST FREE photo editing apps in the world!

    •The most advanced way to make your photos more beautiful

    •The brilliant beauty app that is unmatched even by professional cameras

    Endorsed by celebrities and key influencers, Meitu is the perfect beauty camera app to customize your pictures. Beautify yourself and your friends, add text, apply filters, blur out backgrounds, and so much more!


    •No more dull photos! Animate and liven them up with 10+ original and unique effects!


    •Cutting edge tech that automatically turns your portraits into stunning illustrations!


    •Select the beautification level of your choice

    •Get flawless skin, sparkly eyes, a straighter nose, whiter teeth, etc. in just ONE tap!


    Make your photos stunning and sensational!

    •Effects: add filters to your photos and create a different mood

    •Mosaic: cover anything that you want to hide ;)

    •Magic Brush: doodle over your pics with different brush options

    •Add-ons: customize your pictures by adding frames, text, stickers

    •Collage: combine several photos into one collage using in-app templates, text, and layout options


    Customize your body features the way you like by using in-app functions

    •Skin: smooth, firm, tone and adjust the hue of your skin exactly the way you like!

    •Blemishes: get rid of any unwanted acne, scars, spots, etc.

    •Eyes: brighten and enlarge your eyes, and completely erase dark circles

    •Body Shape: Want to be curvier, slimmer, more muscular, shorter, or taller? Whatever your beauty preference, do it all with Meitu!


    •With groundbreaking AI technology, Meitu auto detects your facial features and is able to add cute motion stickers or hand-drawn effects to your face while taking selfies.


    •Compare your work with the original photo at every step of the way with only one tap!

    •Instantly share your edited photos with friends & family through the social media

    •Having trouble? Let our technicians know about any problems or suggestions in our feedback section!

  • Kuji Cam

    Create beautiful photos with vintage touch. Tons of filters and effects.


    - 180 + filters

    - Tons of light leak and dust, grain bokeh, effects..

    - Beautiful photo frames

    - Apply filters directly in camera

    - Advance editing of photos

    - Kuji, KD Pro, Vintage and Black & White

    - Random light leak filters applied

    - Instant preview

    - Random light leak filters

    - Date stamp

    - Film dust

    - 3D effect

    - Portrait and landscape

    - Self-timer

    - Import photos from gallery

    - No subscriptions

    Premium Upgrade (one-time purchase)

    - No ads

    - Use all filters directly in the camera

    - Create Filter Recipes (Your own filters, and effects that you can apply again on photos)

    - Copy / Paste Edits

    - No ads

    Note: Kuji Cam is only available in Play Store. Getting the app from anywhere else has it's risk. Be smart and support us by getting Premium upgrade.

  • KODAK VERITE Print&Scan

    Developed by FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD, KODAK VERITE Print&Scan app lets you scan, print, and copy by connecting your device wirelessly to the Kodak Verité printers.

    KODAK VERITE Print&Scan app is free to download both from Google Play Store and iTunes Store. It's designed for the Kodak Verité printers only. Some functions and services of this app may not be available for all kinds of Kodak printers.


    ● Connect portable devices wirelessly

    ● Scan, print, and copy with one touch directly from your smartphone or tablet.

    ● Print up to 55 pieces at one time

    ● Adjust print settings right on your smartphone or tablet

    ● Scan documents and photos of many formats such as PDF or JPEG

    ● Check Ink levels, ink model number

    ● Use ECO mode for resource saving

    About KODAK

    George Eastman and Henry A. Strong found The Eastman Kodak Company (often referred to simply as Kodak) on September 4, 1888. It's an American technology company providing packaging, functional printing, graphic communications with its historical basis on photography.

  • StoryArt

    Use StoryArt to unfold your stories and make your story a piece of art!

    StoryArt is an Instagram story editor app that offers 1000+ story templates to help you create beautiful collage layouts for Instagram story, which can help you easily get more likes and followers! Stretch out one finger to customize your amazing stories and video status right now. It’s never too hard to be a collage maker, feed planner, storyboost or video snapchat story editor in IG!

    StoryArt - Insta Story design lab:

    Use StoryArt to:

    - Edit your photo or video with mojo filters or professional toolbox and make them amazing instories that get you likes and followers!

    - Add high quality Instagram and a color story templates with different tezza styles and mojito borders.

    - create your original highlight cover with high quality logos and tezza icons that makes your profile looks mojito great and elegant.

    - show your quotes, status, captions and quiz with a different style of the hype type text.

    In StoryArt, you can find:

    Flawless Layout storychic Templates, highlight cover icons, stickers, background colors, collage design, prequel filters, presets for Instagram dazzle story post and snapchat story

    - 1000+ collage templates with different color and tezza shape including tezza squares that help you create amazing Insta instories and Instagram highlight cover.

    - 60+ Themes with different mojito designs and colors, including Film, Retro, Minimalism, Polaroid

    - Animated Instagram story swag templates and tezza video editor.

    - Highlight Cover Maker: 120+ Highlight Cover icons and stickers that can make your profile looks mojito great. Use Storyart to create Facebook & Instagram highlight cover for a color story.

    - Different background color including white and black and a color story will be made.

    - Write down your mood and thoughts with different tezza styles of fonts, text that hype type your mojo instories and be a storyboost.

    Multiple Tools for photo & video edit including prequel filters, trimmer tools, text, words, fonts and more

    - Text: Type text with various hype type fonts & unique design of words.

    - Prequel Filters: High quality mojo filters and presets for instagram that fit perfectly for any occasion and highlight your chroma stories.

    - Adjust video speed with slow/fast precisely so it can fit your snapchat story.

    - Professional editing tools that enable you to resize and trimmer your images, videos including storybeat zooming and clipping that make your dazzle stories.

    StoryArt guarantee:

    - Your story gets the perfect-fit size so you can upload to IG without worrying size problem and no need to cut or crop your images;

    - All the resources including storybeat templates, collages, layout, icons, logos, hype type fonts will be updated often;

    - Being the story maker, editor and creator that helps you create high quality insta chroma stories that stand out and gain you more likes and followers for your snapchat story.

    Use StoryArt, the instagram story maker, as your mini insta story design lab and be a story artist that make dazzle story:

    - One-click sharing to Ig Story

    - Hashtag @storyart.official in your stories for your chance to be featured

  • Z Camera

    Z Camera is a handy light-weight stock camera replacement developed by GO Dev Team. It offers fantastic customizable features, including quick swiping modes by gestures between photo, video, beauty modes, and the capability to hide photos in a private gallery. Z Camera can be the fastest camera to take pictures and record videos.


    Real-time filter – Preview your photos before taking the photo.

    Fastest Capture – Capture photo after press the shutter button in 1s.

    Simple Interface – Intuitive using gestures to switch between different modes.

    HDR – Save images captured in low light, and backlit scenes.

    Beauty selfie – Beautify your photo in one tap.

    Private gallery – Keep your private photo invisible to others.

    Video mode – Record video by the front-facing camera and rear camera.

    Photo Mode – flash on/off, set a timer, front camera and also a filter icon.

    Beauty Mode – Take enhanced images quickly


    ★It was the Best App of 2015 on Google Play in 75 countries★

  • Ulike

    Perfect your features with personalized fine-tuning

    Touch-up your eyes, nose and mouth right after photo-taking. No more need for post-editing. Save your favorite edits that define your gorgeous features so you will never have to retouch again!

    Variety pose samples for your reference

    Follow the guideline and easily get the fashion blogger style’s pictures. Selfie, street snap, shopping, travel... With various themes, you can find suitable pose for different scenes.

    Look more stylish and classy than ever

    Never bored with our various filters and makeup tools. Style cover looks of your own.

    Look lovely anytime with enhanced filters

    Innovative filters give you a glowing and supple complexion. Trendsetter, Indie, Artsy, Retro... Choose your favorite filter! We have every style for you!

  • Selfie Photo Editor

    Selfie Photo Editor is a special photo filter and make your selfie to cartoon photo App.

    It has funny stickers while you editing your photos.

    Turn on your camera to take a selfie. Upload your selfie to Selfie Photo Editor App, turn on cartoon. It is easy and fun.

  • Magic Face

    Magic Face is an AI face editor, similar with FaceApp, which can predict your future face, your baby with your lover, your present in your young age based on the photo you privide.


    Young Camera

    Young Camera is like a time travelling machine, it takes you back to your 18 any time. Want to find out what you look like at your 18s? Have a nice trip with Young Camera.

    Past life

    You can live your life just once. There are so many possibilities you can’t live out. The function Past Life makes it up for you. Have you ever think of being a million dollar princess? Or a famous Itlian opera singer? What would you be in the past life? Let's test it now!

    Gender Switch

    What would you look like if you are the opposite gender? Aren’t you curious? Gender Switch is ready to give you the answer.

    Aging Prediction

    Now that you already know how you look at your 18s, let’s find out how you look in the future. How will your face change when you getting older and older? Come on to reveal the answer!

  • MV Master

    Video & Instagram Story Maker with powerful lyrical video editing

    Editor's pick: top recommended app by Google Play

    MV Master is the best video maker tool to turn your photos into magic video clips easily with only 3 steps! With its massive free magical video templates, you can instantly record your life moments in a spark video with awesome effects, fantastic filters, popular themes and songs! You can quickly create your own Instagram Stories and receive more comments and likes!

    You're just a few steps away from a high-quality photo MV!

    Massive immediately-updated high-quality templates.

    All templates are Free to use.

    Save MV to album instantly after making it!

    Magic face photo album: organizing photo albums via intelligent face identification.

    Powerful lyrical video editing allows users to add song lyrics to pictures which makes them more unique.

    Share to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp with one click, allowing your friends to to see them in time.

    New Feature Highlight:

    ·Magic filters on editing page helps to make ideas come to life more easily.

    It's a good choice to make video status with a large collection of the best Status Video Songs and share it to WhatsApp and Instagram.

  • instaShot

    Best FREE HD Video Editor and Video Maker with all features,trim & cut video/movie, blur background and no crop, add music and video effects!

    InShot - Featured by Google Play, top movie maker and HD pro video editor with music, helps you create video with ease, edit video for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.


    Video Trimmer & Video Cutter & Video Splitter

    * Trim and cut video. Pro video trimmer & cutter and video crop app.

    * Split videos into two parts, Multi-split videos into several clips.

    * Crop video and Export it in HD quality. Easy-to-use free movie maker & vertical pro video editor for YouTube.

    Video Merger & Video Joiner

    Merge multiple clips into one. It is a free video maker for YouTube, Instagram,Musical.ly,Tik Tok etc. helps split, trim & cut video, combine and compress video without losing quality. No crop app for Instagram & Whatsapp.

    Music, Sound effects & Recorder

    * Add InShot featured free music, Vlog music or your own music.

    * Add your own voice to your video, like a recorder.

    * Adjust music volume and music fade in/out option.

    * Video making application with Vlog music. Adding music to video like Vinkle.

    Video Filters and Video Effects

    * Add movie style video filters and full effects such as Glitch effect, stop motion, Old TV, RGB, ect.

    * Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Customized video filters and video effects.

    Text & Sticker

    * Add text on video, many fonts for the text editing.

    * Add animated stickers and emoji. 1000+ stickers!

    * Add custom memes and images.

    Video Speed Control

    * Adjust video speed with video filters and video effects. Fast/Slow motion full screen video maker and free video trimmer and movie maker app.

    * Speed up videos or add slow motion.

    Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker

    * Easily convert video to MP4 format. Free video cutter app.

    Photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshow with music.

    * Mix photos with videos, add custom photo cover for video.

    Video Cropper

    * Crop video in any ratios. Powerful movie maker and pro video editor for YouTube, Instagram, Musical.ly, Tik Tok etc. Best video crop app and video editing app.

    * Crop video to remove watermark or any unwanted part.

    * Zoom in/out video.

    Flip & Rotate Video

    * Rotate video by 90 degree.

    * Flip video up to down or left to right.

    * Fast rotate video tools for video editing.

    Video Ratio & Video Background

    * Fit your video in any Aspect Ratio. Easy-to-use instagram video editor and Tik Tok editor.

    * Add different borders and no crop. Background color and video blur editor.

    Easy to Share

    * Custom video export resolution, HD pro video editor (1080P or 4K) , professional movie maker

    * Share to all social apps YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tik Tok, etc.

    Collage & Photo Editor

    * Lots of stylish layouts.

    * Unique filters & colorful backgrounds, blur background.

    * Multiple ratios supported. Cute frame. fun memes.

    InShot is a powerful full screen video maker & video trimmer, best video editor with all features, free photo slideshow maker. It's great for cutting, trimming and splitting a long video into short video clips. The blur tool also helps blur background for your videos and photos.

    With InShot, you can easily add music to video, add text on video, flip & rotate video, merge video. Fast/Slow motion feature is super fun. InShot is a free HD full screen video editor and video cutter. You can crop video easily and export it without losing quality, and share your videos to Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter and Messenger by one click, or edit video with music and pic for Tik Tok.

  • Facetune2

    Want to look amazing in every selfie you take? Facetune2 is an easy to use photo editor that acts as your own personal glam squad. Get that Insta-worthy picture every time with mobile editing tools, features and filters.

    Facetune2, the next generation of the award-winning Facetune selfie editor app, provides an amazing, new, collection of the best pro retouching features. Glam yourself up or go for a more natural look with the best makeup and beauty editing app on the market! Make fun and powerful edits with ease by using our super-advanced technology behind every magical and easy-to-use tool. In only a few swipes, you can whiten teeth, remove blemishes & pimples, smooth out skin, correct bad lighting, contour faces and upgrade makeup! Want to wow friends and followers with your photos? Leave reality behind and live your fantasy with Facetune2!

    Experience the incredible magic of Facetune 2’s selfie editing now!

    Remove Zits, Pimples & Blemishes

    - Get rid of zits, pimples and blemishes within seconds.

    - In a few taps, our advanced tools will remove any pores, blemishes or pimples and will

    soften your skin.

    Brighter Eyes & Whiter Teeth

    - Use Whiten to get that million dollar smile with whiter teeth.

    - Swipe over your teeth to easily whiten them or widen your smile. ?

    - Use Details to accentuate features you like. Brighten your eyes and make them


    - Remove red-eye.

    Smooth Skin

    - Use Smooth to airbush your skin to get a smoother, softer look.

    - Edit, retouch and refine any part of your skin to make it look natural and soft in every


    - Blot away the shine from oily skin.

    Professional Tools for Selfie and Photo Editing

    - Easily enlarge or minimize features & make them skinnier or wider.

    - Easy compare tool at every step to compare before & after.

    - Use Reshape to slim or re-adjust your selfie and enhance the features you like in your


    Artistic Tools

    - Enjoy editing features and retouching tools like fun & colorful light effects.

    - Use makeup brushes to paint hair or skin.

    - Tap to crop, blur, and fine-tune your pics for a beautiful look.

    - Retouch your selfie and edit your photos with a variety of professional tools.

    Top-of-the-art Technology for Photo Editing

    - Retouch your selfies, choose from dozens of filters, blur your background and touch up

    your features using sophisticated photo editing tools.

    - Get impeccable results and step up your selfie game with professional-looking photos.

    Live filters for your selfies

    - Edit your photo after snapping your selfie and enhance features in real-time.

    - Fine-tune your photo and use different tools before you upload your pic to get a

    stunning result.

    Vibrant, Glowing Filters

    - Facetune2 filters upgrade every selfie and photo for a fashionable look.

    - A wide range of high-quality beauty filters for unique editing and sense of style.

    Step up your social game and share your selfies

    - Facetune2 gets every photo 100% ready to dominate your social feed. Use our magical

    photo editing tools to enhance the features you like and share your photos to social


    Stay on top of the latest photo, selfie and beauty trends! Share your pictures and selfies with us for a chance to be featured!

  • Mixart Photo Editor

    * Mixart Photo Editor is the best all-rounded photo editor for free with powerful collage effects, cutout effects, trendy filters & various stickers.

    * Mixart Photo Editor contains the face & background swap function that can help you appear in different scenes.

    *Mixart Photo Editor has easy steps to design your pictures and make your perfect photo quickly.


    Cartoon Effect

    Multiple stylish art filters make you seem like a Cartoon Role.

    Face Swap

    Mixart Photo Editor has powerful matting functions and multiple cutout effects. You can easily realize face swap with any people in our app to be in a new places and do something crazy, no matter standing at the edge of skyscraper roof or trying skydiving in the clouds.

    Photo Collage Maker

    Mixart Photo Editor provide 100+ stylish collage effects. Magazine templates let you be a super idol on the magazine cover. Scene templates can take you into a big screen or billboard, even some amazing scene that you never thought. Easily choose your pictures, one or more, to create your unique style collage picture.

    Powerful Editor Function

    All-rounded photo editor tools, including Crop, Rotate, Body Shape, Doodle, Blur, Mirror, Frame, Stickers, Filters etc. Moreover, the beauty functions can adjust your hair color, lip color, eye size, height, skin tone & brightness. You can easily edit your pictures by our tools until satisfactory.

    Background Changer

    You can select a magical background and get into it by using our matting functions. Try to be a giant higher than skyscraper, or even a guy with super power that can get out from the picture. Let’s make your picture with visual impact though our background changer.

    Multiple Stickers

    200+ stunning stickers will create a lot of creative combinations. It is easy to use by moving by using multi-touch. Mixart Photo Editor provide diverse themes including super star, stylish hair style, sexy makeup, Animal Face, Muscle, Beard etc. You just need to click them and make your picture more attractive.

    Stylish Filter

    Adjustable photo filters for different picture styles, such as Leak, Oil Painting, and so on. You can use filter when photographing and editing.

    PIP Pattern

    It is the popular ‘picture in picture’ style that can put your picture in another picture. Multiple themes are proved for you. Put your best memory into PIP style picture and show them to your friends!

    Mixart Photo Editor offers you multiple effects and powerful editor function, which helps you easy to design your pictures. Subscription content will be updated regularly and you can enjoy the updating content during an active period of subscription. It is an auto-renewing subscription after your 3-day free trial. If you choose to purchase Mixart Photo Editor, payment will be charged to your Google Play account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the Play Store after purchase. The current subscription price starts at $9.99/month, $ 59.88/year. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. If you don’t choose to purchase Mixart Photo Editor, you can simply continue using it for free.

  • Moments

    With Moments, you can easily and quickly get photos from your friends and give pictures to them in a simple way. You can have a look at the photos taken in celebrations, trips, travels, or any other events without asking others to transfer them to you.

    Photos can be organized well in groups by time and person. In just one tap, you can sync all your photos to whoever you choose. Then everyone can get the photo they took together.

    Moments: A Private Way to Share Photos With Friends

    Moments keep your pictures in a private and safe place, so you don't have to worry about security issues. Search to find pictures of yourself inside the app, and share them directly on Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms.

  • SNOW

    SNOW is a camera app used by over 200 million people around the world.

    - Find your favorite version of yourself by creating and saving custom beauty effects.

    - Take profile-worthy selfies with stylish AR makeup features.

    - Explore thousands of stickers with updates every day.

    - Don't miss exclusive seasonal filters that add color to your daily life.

    - Professional photo edits with just a few taps.

    See what's new in SNOW

    • Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snowapp

    • Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snow.global

    • Promotion & Partnership Inquiries: [email protected]

    Face Technology by SenseTime

    Image Segmentation & Bokeh Technology by NALBI.Inc

    Permission Details :

    • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To save photos

    • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To load photos

    • RECEIVE_SMS : To automatically input verification code received via SMS

    • READ_PHONE_STATE : To automatically input country codes while signing up

    • RECORD_AUDIO : To record sound

    • GET_ACCOUNTS : To automatically input email address while signing up

    • READ_CONTACTS : To find friends from contacts

    • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : To load location-based filters

    • CAMERA : To capture photos or videos

    • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : To display alert messages

  • SuperFX

    Smart editor for adding effects to your videos. You will know how fun and easy to make high quality special effects videos!

    Add effects to your video:

    -Import your video to SuperFX.

    -Then with a simple press and hold, the state-of-the-art motion tracking AI will add amazing effects to your movements. Boost your video quality to a higher level!

    Download SuperFX now and start your blockbuster production!

    Privacy Policy: https://superfxapp.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/privacy-policy/

    Terms of Service: https://superfxapp.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/terms-of-services/

  • S Photo Editor

    S Photo Editor lets you edit and adjust photos with unique effects, beautiful filters, and abundant creative stickers. With S Photo Editor, all the wonderful moments in your life can be captured and saved.

    It is a handy photo tool to make collages with simple design and outstanding features. The app now is only available for Android user, and it can be downloaded from Google Play store for free. Through innovative photo processing, all of your photos captured by phone may have high qualities of pictures shot by cameras. Photo editing becomes easier and faster!


    • Massive effects, filters, and stickers

    S Photo Editor – Collage Maker app has inbuilt 150+ realistic photo effects and filters including Glasses, Polaroid, Bubble, Drops, and other effects. You will have fun editing your photos with cute Emotion, emoji, doodle, Animal Face, and many funny stickers.

    • Pic-in-pic and Mirror effect

    Enjoy the impressive pic-in-pic feature! The mirror effect lets you make two of you appear on one photo by just one single touch.

    • Collage maker

    There are over 50 photo frames for you to choose from, and you can turn your selected photos into awesome collage. Moreover, you can apply your photo collage with fashion magazine style.

    • Dynamic picture

    If you are tired of silent pictures, S Photo Editor enables you to make your photo moving with one touch. It's cool to share your live photos with your Facebook and ins friends.

    • Lock your photo gallery

    The app protects your private photos by offering the lock feature. Your secret is safe with us!


    S Photo Editor Android app helps you to remember all wonderful moments in life with extra fun. Users can easily edit their photos right from cell phones and share them with friends quickly via Facebook, Instagram, and other social network platforms.

  • FiuFiu

    FaceU has boasted approximately 300 million users all over the world, being extremely popular in Japan and South Korea. It has become a selfie APP used by all kinds of fashion icons, web celebrities and renowned stars.

    Multiple updates in the new version for better shooting effect for both people and sceneries! Special effects including rain control, magics control and various film style filters updated, providing fresh ways to take selfie everyday!

    Over 1000 special sticker effects

    Seeing yourself being more glamorous with FaceU. Adorable cat's ears, dog's ears and animal stickers; chic outfits/accessories; interesting 3D effects, movie styles and fireworks; hair colors always changing; twisting facial expressions; styling in an ancient way; music stickers; multi-cell photo frame stickers and various kinds of special sticker effects are updated everyday for you to discover and explore!

    Powerful retouching function for your skin and styling

    Retouching function for your skin from level 1 to level 5, enabling you to get rid of the pimples, freckles and scars with one simple click while remaining a natural texture on your face. With a variety of face shapes for your choice, why not have a test on what kind of face shape you own?

    Professional filters

    Over 30 different fashionable filters available for you to switch around. Professional photographers and designers are invited by FaceU to modulate the filter. By routinely updating different styles of filters, even the same sceneries will be shot with different touches.

    Short videos+ music stickers

    More than 100 music stickers to be used with videos! And the FaceU music library offers massive background music for you to choose at will. From now on, video shooting will be way more interesting!

    GIF emoji packages

    You are now able to create your own GIF emoji packages with FaceU! GIF emojis are widely used in global social networks. The accelerating play mode facilitates to display your facial expressions and moves in a more amusing way~

  • PicSay

    The fun award winning photo editor. Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

    This is the free Lite edition, buy PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more.

    Edit and quickly share using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other service you have installed on your device.

  • PicsArt Photo Studio

    500 million installs strong, PicsArt is the #1 photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. Download PicsArt and enjoy our tools, effects, collage maker, camera, free clipart library, millions of user-created stickers and our drawing tools. PicsArt’s all about making awesome pictures and having fun by remixing free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages and memes.

    With our collage maker, drawing tools, photo editor, camera and more, PicsArt’s your all-in-one creative suite. And it’s FREE.

    Show off your awesome edits on Instagram with #picsart, we'll feature our favorite ones!


    PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100s of free templates, and the PicsArt community uploads 1000s of new images every day that can be used as backgrounds. PicsArt lets you make grid style pic collages, templated collages and freestyle arrangement collages. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a great collage, we’ve got you covered.


    With 1000s of amazing features, PicsArt’s photo editor has everything you need to make every picture awesome. It includes tools to create cutouts, crop, stretch, clone, add text and adjust curves. It also has a full library of artistic photo filters (including HDR), frames, backgrounds, borders, callouts and more. All tools have a brush mode for fine-tuning and applying selectively on just part of your photo. PicsArt provides 100s of fonts for adding text to your pictures and making killer text overlays. PicsArt also provides a rapidly evolving set of AI-powered effects.

    PicsArt is also your go-to for making awesome double exposure photo edits. You can make double exposures using layers with adjustable transparency. You can also create memes by applying text on free-to-edit pictures, pictures from friends or your own pictures.


    PicsArt’s Cutout (scissors) Tool lets you make and share custom stickers for everyone to use. The PicsArt community has already created millions of free custom stickers and clipart. They’re creating more every day, and they’re all up for grabs for you to use in messaging and remixing — for free.


    PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers and professional drawing tools. Additionally, the PicsArt Camera lets you snap pictures with live effects and is your new go-to sticker maker. Yup, you can create stickers right from your camera captures — it’s that easy!


    We *invented* image remixing on mobile! It means you can take any image that’s free-to-edit in PicsArt, add your own personal touch by editing it and then share it back to the PicsArt community.


    PicsArt’s Remix Chat is a whole new way to edit with your friends and make awesome pictures. Share photos 1:1 or with your chat group, where you and your friends can do quick remixes, together.


    PicsArt’s Photo Challenges and Contests are an easy and fun way to learn new editing tricks. Daily challenges are a popular way to find inspiration every day, where users upload thousands of amazing photos, collages and edits. You definitely don’t want to miss out on them.

    PicsArt provides all these creative tools for FREE, and makes it easy and fun to make awesome pictures. Install it now!

  • Magi+

    Wanna record a blockbuster to amaze your friends? Download Magi+ now!

    Magi+ is an AI powered video builder and editor that provides the tons of Fictional Movie Level video effects. Become a superhero and realize childhood dream by taking fantastic magic videos. Imitate superheroes like Iron Man, casting your Magic.

    The usage can never by so easy:

    1. SELECT: from a vast variety of options, we allow users to try new themes as soon as we release them, they can try and apply according to their preferences.

    2. CAPTURE: by building the guide option, we have made making super hero post so much easier than any other platform out there. Simply follow the guide and move to record incredible videos.

    3. EDIT & SHARE: after all the above, we let our users edit those videos with a strong and intelligent editing tool to finally have a polished version of the video. Most age group can edit the video without any help and then simply share it with the rest of the world.

    A huge variety of free and paid effects are available, including:

    ? Superpower: energy ball, ninjutsu, transformation, flash, magic shield, control magic and more

    ? Natural Power: wind, fire, thunder, lightning, water and more

    ? Disasters: tornados, earthquakes, meteors, floods and more

    ? Sci-Fi and Fantasy: mechs, UFOs, aliens, dragons, robots, armors and more

    ? Weapons: missiles, rockets, drones, flamethrowers, nukes and more

    ? Vehicles: trucks, cars, helicopters and more

    ? Magic: flying cards, flying rain, flying cars and more

    Making a blockbuster can never be so easy. That's because we've tuned every step visually, and operationally.

    Magi+ isn’t just a one time package, it’s a never ending stream of awesome new additions. Our design team has taken the task to work day and night to deliver the best experiences with constant updates. Allowing our users to leverage the power of AI even more as the time goes.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us in the app and let us know your true feelings. We are eager to do better!

    Privacy Policy: https://magicamapp.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/privacypolicy/

    Terms of Service: https://magicamapp.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/termsofservices/

  • Background Eraser

    This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture's background transparent.

    The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage.


    ☆ "Auto" mode ☆

    Erase similar pixels automatically.

    ☆ "Extract" mode ☆

    Select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using blue & red markers.

    ☆ it's very important to make a picture's background transparent accurately

    if you want to superimpose photos and make good composite photos.

    By using this app, you can do it better.