Best Role Playing Apps

  • Avakin Life

    Developed by Lockwood Publishing Ltd, Avakin Life is a 3D mobile game with a virtual world where users can customize their apartments, design their avatar with the beautiful and hairstyles based on the fashion trends.

    Avakin Life is an exciting simulation and role-playing game with endless possibilities. It is compatible with both iOS and Android-based devices. Download Avakin Life to explore the virtual reality 3D world now!

    Customize your own avatar

    • Users can choose the best character with beautiful hair, eyes, colors and more in this simulation and role playing game.

    • Dress your character in different styles as long as you like it. Just pick your favorite style here to design your avatar.

    • Here users can enjoy the endless possibilities in this virtual reality world.

    Enlarge your social circle

    • With Avakin Life, you can meet millions of other players around the world to socialize with.

    • Meet, chat, date or even fall in love with other players.

    • Users can get advice from their friends on the latest trends, styles and more.

    • Explore whatever they want like the good brands and outfits with their friends.

    Decorate your home

    • Make your apartment perfect with the great design.

    • Users can design their home with whatever style they like including the modern, classic or Hollywood style.

    • Enjoy the happy time spending with your best friends on parties.

    Make yourself perfect

    • Use the fashionable Avakin clothing brands and accessories to make yourself more beautiful.

    • Fill your closet with hundreds of awesome items.

    • Here in this game, you can make a tattoo or change your hairstyle.

    • Users can choose to be a model or a fashion star.

    • Shop whatever you like including shoes, jewellery, skirts, bags and more other items.

    3D Role-playing game

    • Here in this 3D virtual world, you can be whoever you dream to be.

    • Enjoy the second perfect life here.

    • Meet and chat with millions of people.

    • Take advantage of accessories to design your own look.

    • Go wherever you want, there are dozens of great places.

    • Find the best brands to design your stylish outfits.

    • Explore this amazing virtual world of Avakin Life now!


    As the 7th installment of a classic role-playing game series, Final Fantasy VII first adopts 3D computer graphics and pre-rendered backgrounds compared to its predecessors.

    With more than 11 million pieces sold, Final Fantasy VII remains to be the best-selling game in all the series. The great characters, background and soundtrack setting, has long been appreciated as a successful model to other similar games.

    Before playing

    - The app will take up about 2GB memory, and there should be at least 4GB storage space left for it to download.

    - The game process will not be saved automatically if the player escapes from an ongoing battle even with the Auto Save function on.


    In this game, the story unfolds surrounding Cloud Strife, a mercenary hired by an eco-terrorist group to fight against a mega company who scheme to transform every bit of blood on the earth into a powerful energy for massive profits.

    At first, Cloud Strife carries out the task just for professional ethic and personal gain. As his journey went on, his value, mind state and also personality changed secretly, and he finally realized who he really is. Afterward, he proceeds his mission and fights to protect people with genuine care and great passion.

    Popular lines

    - "Originally a member of soldier, he is now a mercenary who will take any job..."

    - "I pity you. You just don't get it at all... there's not a thing I don't cherish! —Cloud to Sephiroth in Advent Children

    - "Then later... I began to think I was different... that I was different from those immature kids.—Cloud talking to Tifa about his childhood

    - "If only I were soldier..."—Cloud talking to Zack in Nibelheim

    - "It's not my problem. The only thing I care about is finishin' this job before security and the Roboguards come."—Cloud about AVALANCHE's mission to blow up the Sector 1 Reactor.

    - "I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody." —Cloud to Tifa

  • School of Dragons

    Released in July 2013, School of Dragons is a 3D massive-multiplayer online game made based on the popular movie named “How to Train Your Dragon”. Teamed up with JumpStart, Dreamworks Animation team has brought us a game where players can create their own roles and bond with the dragon they’ve chosen when exploring more islands and competing quests.

    In School of Dragons, users aim to raise, train and compete with your chosen dragon. You can achieve excellent ranks at the School of Dragons if you accomplish more with your dragon. It can be available on both Android and iOS devices. Download it to challenge it now!


    • Challenge quests with your friends such as Toothless, Hiccup and others from franchise named How To Train Your Dragon.

    • Users can become the ultimate dragon trainer by training more than 30 dragons with a Stormcutter, Toothless, Flightmare.

    • Enjoy the vast world of Berk beckons you with other game like Viking Racing, Fireball shooting and more.

    • There are two basic elements which are farming and fishing for Viking. You can customize and style your own farm with essentials like animals, crops, decor and more.

    • Remember to fish the depth of the seas that surround the School for new and different species.

    • You can create your own avatar and customize its appearance using multiple options based on your own requirements.

    • There are more than seven different lands for you to explore. Therefore, you can experience something new every day.

    • Users will get rewards and glory if they race their dragon against dragon trainers around the world.

    • Play School of Dragons on multiple devices including your mobile and computer. It offers users a cross-platform gameplay experience.


    Users can use the in-game currency to unlock different features of School of Dragons, such as game content, consumables, and customization options. How to get currency. You can challenge the game to get currency through the gameplay or achieve it by purchasing. If you don’t want to purchase, you can also lock the ability to purchase by disabling it through the settings.

  • Summoners War

    Summoners War: Sky Arena is an action RPG game with more than 50 million Summoners all over the world. You will summon over 900 kinds of monsters in the Sky Arena to win the battle.Developed by Com2uS, this is a monster evolution collection game with loads of PvP, PvE and hard dungeons waiting for you to explore.


    ★ Play with the best strategies.

    ★ Battle as a team.

    ★ Available in 14 different languages.

    ★ Collect as many monsters as possible to make the greatest team!

    ★ Enjoy kinds of playing modes from decorating village, fighting in PvP battles, exploring dungeons to train monsters, and more!

    ✩ The new version comes with new characters.

    ✩ The new version has some bugs fixed.

  • DragonSoul

    Happy Easter from the Heroes of DragonSoul! This role-playing game has won lots of affections. With dragons and multiple monsters, users can have exciting battles in the match.

    And the Easter update just brings you to Spring, which brawls with a lot of fantasies and surprises. A long time ago, there were great heroes with mighty powers ruling the land. But the evil dragon Umlaut caught them in Soulstones out of jealousy.

    Now, only a few of heroes remain alive. Only you can pick up your weapon and fight with them to kill the dragon. Now fighting the way to win and free the heroes, defeat the evil ones!

    DragonSoul Game Features:

    ♥ Amazing graphics

    ♥ Take down enemies

    ♥ Tons of heroes

    ♥ Save the world

    ♥ Epic story campaign

    ♥ Play with friends

  • Crime Coast: Mafia Wars

    Crime Coast: Mafia Wars is a kind of strategy game developed by Pixel Squad company. Users act as the role of Mafia members and try to plunder resources everywhere. In the meantime, players need to avoid the police who want to chase after them.

    And players need more money to build their own bases. The graphics of the game is also incredible and fun. With Crime Coast, you can be a real kingpin here. Notice that the game has in-purchase, if you need to buy some specific stuff, you may have to pay them with real cash. And the network is a must to play the game. Download it now and have fun! You will not be disappointed by the amazing Crime Coast - Mafia Wars.

  • Idle Crusade

    Welcome to the best and free role playing RPG game! Play it anytime you want and even earn gold while you're sleeping. Players can customize their roles with plenty of stuffs.

    The game provides incredible visual effects to watch real-time battles. Heroes can be combined with thousands of skills and abilities. Fight your way to the glory of winning and become the best player here.

    Make your roles strong and undefeatable with speical equipment. Idle Crusade is really an amazing app to kill time. Download it now and share it with your friends and family. Have fun and enjoy!

  • Walking Dead: Road to Survival

    Get ready to take over the Woodbury and end the tyranny of Governor, Walking Dead: Road to Survival is ready for you. Have a battle with undead and struggle to live.

    In this role-playing game, you can choose whichever character you like to play. Based on the original novel - The Walking Dead, the game presents an all-new story to increase excitement and joyness.

    Combine a team with other guys and fight over enemies. In this endless zombie battles, you will kill or be killed as you fight. Pick up weapons and fight your way to survive. Download the game now and enjoy!


    ◆ Establish survival team

    Players need to learn from Rick in the TV series to establish one team to fight against the walking dead. Upgrade your team to become more powerful.

    ◆ Build the final base

    Players should have the living place that prevents from the attacking of the walkers.

    ◆ Join online factions

    Fighting with friends and allies to find your own strategy will be a good solution to remove the walkers.

    ◆ Analyze strengths and weaknesses

    Find their strengths and weaknesses by watching the walking dead. Then find a way to fight against them.

    ◆ Recruit famous survivors

    Collect some capable members to join your team, and then made a proposal to begin the new journey to fight against the enemies.

  • Heroes Charge

    Heroes Charge is a kind of best action RPG online battle game where users can invite their friends to play together. Join your teammates, collect heroes and train them, wipe out the enemy and win the game.

    Make a choice between 50 unique Heroes, explore the world of Kron, upgrade your skills, strengthen your equipment and battle for prizes and scores. Users can fight through the PVP Arena to earn fame. Varies of challenges are waiting for you to collect.

    Notice that Heroes Charge is a free game to play while some items in the game can be purchased for real money. You can diable the in-app purchases in the settings section. Download the game now and have fun with your partners!

  • Galaxy Legend

    Conquer the Galaxy Legend with your friends now. Galaxy Legend is a kind of strategy game waiting for a leader like you. Compete with hundreds of players online and have battles with them.

    Collect prizes and become the final winner. A single or multi-dimension is supported in the battlefield. Beautiful and stunning imagery and interface are provided for players. Tons of combinations of fleets can be set up in the coordinate battles.

    Join over 100 missions to quest your way and gain rewards. Loads of amazing items are waiting for you to explore. You will play as the Commander and take the reigns. Fight against aliens, enemy outposts, Space Pirates and other unknown looms. Write your own legend in this game right now!

  • Shards of Magic

    Clean images, excellent design and smooth battles give you special feelings. Shards of Magic is a role adventure game that allows you make friends in the battle, and you can also be a team leader to command the battle.

    Players can experience the most fantastic strategy game that will give you the 3D visual effects. There are over 350 parts for this game and every part is full of challenges. Players can choose whatever role they like to arm themselves in the game.

    Different roles will own different skills. Players can exploit the weakness of the enemies to strengthen their team to fight against the enemies. Now it is time for you to challenge it.