Flippy Bottle Extreme!

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Developed by Most Played Games, Flippy Bottle Extreme! is a game in which players flip the bottle to land it right on next platform. Unlike other bottle flipping games, this game offers an excellent selection of variety and some fun bottles for you to unlock.

Easy as it looks like, it's actually pretty difficult at first. If you plan to play it casually as you did in other similar games, you may get frustrated by the unpleasant results. This game makes you feel like you are flipping a real bottle by adopting some realistic physics. To ensure the bottle land on an exact place, you need to choose proper angles and levels of force. It's necessary for players to calculate each jump accurately in order to manage the bottle to land on its bottom.

  • Price: Free
  • Version: 12.4
  • Category: Action
  • Developer:Most Played Games
Average User Rating:
4.1 (2,240 votes)

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For beginners

☻ Proper angle and force

It may be a good way to flip the bottle onto a somewhere nearby the platform by swiping nearly straight up. If the platforms become higher, it might require a more dramatic angle and more powerful force.

☻ Index finger is more flexible

The index finger is more suitable both is adjusting the angle or handle the force of power. Thumb finger tends to tap too hard sometimes and can be tricky when adjusting the angle.

☻ Use the endless mode

Among lots of game modes for players to try and challenge, endless mode is special because it enables you to flip the bottle as many times as you want without limits. This unique feature makes the mode a perfect way to practice your angle and force until you master the key to this game.


- 3D Flip Action

- Many exciting game modes

- Over 15 colorful bottles

- Most Extreme Flip Game Ever

- Retro style graphics

- Collect all Bottles

- Leaderboards


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