Best Action Apps

  • Fortnite

    Latest Updates:

    Fortnite landed on Google Play Store:Finally, Fortnite landed on Google Play Store, 18 months' after releasing the game as third party software downloadable outside of it. Previously, the reason why Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, refused to cooperate with Google, was that if they did so, they would have to pay Google 30 percent cut mandated by the Play Store for all in-app purchases, quite similar as the situation on Apple Store. However, after 18 months' struggle, Epic Games has come to a realization that the situation is very tough for those apps which are obtained outside of Google Play Store, for Google deliberately puts them at a disadvantage through "technical and business measures such as scary, repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive manufacturer and carrier agreements and dealings, Google public relations characterizing third party software sources as malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect to outright block software obtained outside the Google Play store".

    Released in 2017, Fortnite is a top-rated online video game developed by Epic Games. It is available in three game mode versions. After the first two games have been successful for Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale became a huge success, attracting 125 million players in less than a year. It even has become a cultural phenomenon.

    Game modes:

    • Fortnite has three different game modes with the same engine and similar graphics, art assets, and game mechanics.
    • Fortnite: Save the World is set as a player-versus-environment game. Four players make up a team with a common objective on various missions. The players need to build home base shelters, collect resources, save survivors, and defend equipment. From missions, they get awarded many in-game items, including hero characters, weapon and trap schematics, and survivors.
    • Fortnite Battle Royale is designed as a player-versus-player battle royale game for up to 100 players but also allows one to play alone. Weaponless players must scavenge for weapons, items, resources, and even vehicles if they want to stay alive and attack other players.
    • Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game where players are allowed to create anything they want on an island. The most popular creations from Creative will be rotated into the Battle Royale map in an area called "The Block." Featured creations are also displayed in the "Creative Hub."

    Why is it so popular with kids?

    The game is fun to watch as well as play. The Fortnite: Battle Royale has very bright, cartoon-like graphics and lots of ridiculous items and costumes to attract kids' attention. Besides, developers keep adding new items features and play modes to attract players.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - an action game with role-playing components set in an open world environment. Developed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has the biggest release on mobile games featuring San Andreas and three major cities.

    San Andreas has the core gameplay of two elements - a third-person shooter and a driving game. Players can walk, run, swim, climb, jump and sprint as well as use kinds of weapons and arms. Besides, players can also drive various vehicles like bikes, motorcycles, boats, trains, tanks, helicopters, automobiles and more.

    With more than 70 hours of gameplay, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes place in Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro. It provides high-resolution and well-designed graphics. And it improved some features like lighting enhancements, color palette, and character models especially for mobile devices.


    • Support multi languages include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Japanese.
    • Players can save all their data across all the mobile devices with Rockstar Social Club Members right on cloud.
    • High-resolution graphics designed for mobile devices as well as improved character models and lighting enhancements.
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have three different control schemes with contextual options for players to customize and display buttons when necessary.
    • Players can adjust the graphic settings to experience the visual effects. San Andreas is compatible with MoGa Wireless Game Controllers and combined with Immersion tactile effects.


    • Users can reboot your device after the download for optimal performance.
    • New features like Gang Wars, Burglary, Money, Minigames, Car Modification and Multiplayer are added to the new update.
    • If you have any questions about the mobile version, please visit to find information. Or visit to get more excellent gameplays.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's is a unique horror game played through simple point and click. Created by Scott Cawthon, it was first released as a video game on August 8, 2014. Later, the mobile version was also launched both for Android and iOS devices. Three sequels of Five Nights at Freddy's, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 have been available for players until now. If you're really into scary games, you must give it a shot!

    This is a game aiming to give you the experience of extreme terror and smell of death, prepare and go ahead!


    Freddy's namely "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza," is a pizza restaurant in the game where all the children and parents love to go for an enjoyable meal. The owner Freddy Fazbear along with his animatronic animal robots are running this restaurant, but the robots will turn wild and murder people.

    Every player will start the game as night security watch to survive for five nights by using the security cameras and closing the office door. There's one thing you have to keep in mind that too much use of cameras and closing door will consume the limited energy you have. Once the electricity energy runs out, you may get eaten by those animal robots.


    In the video game, each shift lasts from midnight to 6:00 a.m., a duration of about 8 minutes of real time. While in app version, it's about 4 minutes and a half. The player must be seated in the office and cannot move. With the roaming of the animals, dimmed lights, insufficient cameras and limited cameras, it's like a terror movie where you are the main character surrounded by horrors.

    The five nights you have to survive stands for five different difficulty levels. The 6th level will only be unlocked after you succeed from the former five. After all the sixth levels, the "Custom Night" level will become available where you can adjust each character's difficulty degree.

  • Mortal Kombat X

    Have the best experience of visceral fighting in Mortal Kombat X! Bring the visually groundbreaking game to your mobile and tablet devices. Create a strong team of Mortal Kombat warriors and fight against the enemies on Earth.


    • Brutal 3v3 Kombat
    • Massive Poster of Fighters
    • Jaw Dropping X-Rays and Fatalities
    • Summon Allies into Battle
    • Unlock Rewards in both The Console and Mobile Game
    • Challenge other players

    Notice that Mortal Kombat X has the best high-quality visuals so the performance will not be optimized for devices with less than 1GB RAM. Your device will need at least 1.5 GB free space to install the game. And the game contains intense violence, blood, and gore.

  • Gang Beasts

    Gang Beasts is a physics-focused party game played on computers with cartoon-like colorful characters, brutal fight scenes, and hazardous environments. Players need to beat down the opponents by punching or kicking and dispose of them by throwing them into one of the stage hazards.

    Gang Beasts is developed by Boneloaf and published by Double Fine Presents. Given that most party games often go better with the console, Gang Beasts really seem to be a great choice when you want to play on computers.


    • Unsteady Physics: Unlike all the other physics-based games that pursue the accuracy of every movement, Gang Beasts has some strange physics which make it hard for you to control your punching strength. So, whether your next punch will kill the opponent or miss the target, you will never know. The unpredictability may piss you off sometimes, but it's fun too.
    • Interesting Game Modes: In survival mode, you have to fight across 8 different and complicate maps while confronting fatal ingenious devices and pitfalls. Your only goal in each of these maps is to be the last man standing by beating others down or lowering their health bar to zero.
    • Amusing Combat Arenas: Gang Beasts has a special combat system which will make all the players involved in the game cannot help but laugh throughout the whole process. Try it, and you will have fun! 


    • Exciting physics and gameplay
    • Good multiplayer party game for computer
    • Amusing combat
    • Various characters look like psychopathic Teletubbies


    • Hazardous environments and brutal fight
    • Not suitable for children
  • Super Mario Run

    As Nintendo's first real foray into the mobile game market, Super Mario Run lets you controls Mario, an automatic runner, to jump, collect coins, clear small gaps, and other actions by utilizing some simple touches. The game was released for iOS in late 2016 and Android in March 2017.

    Aims at making mobile users enjoy the fun of this classic video game to the maximum extent, Super Mario Run has to strip away a core part of the original formula while manages to preserve the magic of a Mario game in the meantime. In this mobile version, Mario runs along automatically, leaving players only in charge of his springy leap. The game has three modes and gives you a short-time free try before asking you to pay for unlocking the following games.

    Three Play Modes

    World Tour Mode

    The world tour mode makes Mario run and jump through 24 levels spread across six worlds. Each stage has some special coins, and by collecting all of the special coins, the new set of coins will be unlocked with new obstacles. The essence of this mode is coin hunt, and since there's no running count of lives, you can try all the levels as many times as you need to.

    Toad Rally Mode

    In toad rally mode, you'll race against another player's ghost to earn the most coins in timed stages built from the tour mode. The top priority here is collecting coins and paying special attention to Super Stars which basically decides the winner and loser. If you win, you'll earn a bunch of Toads for your Kingdom; otherwise, you'll lose some of your Toads.

    Build the Kingdom Mode

    Build the Kingdom mode is simply a city-building game which lets you build your own Mushroom Kingdom. Some buildings give you special bonuses, and some special buildings will unlock new characters for you to play as.


    The game can be installed and played for a while for free. If you want the full access to the all the game content, you'll have to make a one-off in-app payment. It will cost you $9.99 in the US.

    For Mario fans, Super Mario Run is a great mobile game that makes necessary formula changes for the purpose of sticking to the original flavor.

  • Crossy Road

    Developed by Hipster Whale, Crossy Road is a mobile action game launched on November 20, 2014. In this game, players have to run as far as possible to cross the roads, rivers and other obstacles.

    If players cannot pass these obstacles smoothly without dying, the game will be over. Players need to be clear where is safe to go and how they can pass the obstacles smoothly in advance.


    • Look ahead in front of you, do not focus on your character.
    • Tap the screen behind your character in a way that will not affect your view.
    • Sometimes backtrack and turn around for a better opportunity.
    • Slide swipe the opposite direction of a particular lane to save time.
    • Jump instantly after the car or trunk passes to ensure you can have the most time to get to the next lane.
    • Don't get too obsessed with coins.
    • Seize the opportunities for sprints to get higher scores.
    • Pay attention to how the river flows and cross towards a side as quickly as you can.
    • Discover specific patterns when in crossing sections.
    • There's no need to spend real money on Crossy Road.

    Crossy Road is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone system. This game can make people calm, and it is suitable for both adults and children. One important element is the coins. Players have chances to earn coins via free gifts. Have fun enjoying the game.

  • Suicide Squad

    As a meticulously- designed, engaging, and free action movie tie-in game, Suicide Squad is an endless survival high-marker chaser in which users play as three main characters from the movie: Deadshot, El Diablo, and Harley Quinn.

    The enemies you are fighting against are numerous undead humanoid freaks shooting assault rifles and hacking with axes. Every character has unique weapons and skills which are ideal for different types of attacks.


    • Entirely free with no ads, IAP, or any other monetization scheme

    • The very first person shooter action optimized for mobile devices.

    • Survive as long as you fight over increasingly challenging enemies.

    • Master Harley’s, Deadshot’s and Diablo’s unique weapons and special abilities.

    • Explore the whole city to locate ammo, health packs and upgrades to survive.

    • Compete against other players on a daily, weekly and all-time leader board.

    • Record HD footage when playing and share it on all the social media.


    • Simple to learn and play with very effective difficulty ramp

    • Responsive, smooth combat and high-quality graphics

    • Three notably unique character experiences

    • 100% free with no IAPs


    • No saving feature or progress checkpoints

    • Current Squad is limited to 3 characters

    Final thoughts

    It's definitely a simplistic experience, but Suicide Squad: Special Ops is one of the better first-person shooters we've come across on mobile, and Sticky Studios also hints that they might expand what they've done here into a more full-fledged game in the future. For something fun to toy around with over the weekend, this one is a must have.

  • NBA LIVE Mobile

    NBA LIVE Mobile is an all-new mobile basketball game with daily challenges. With this app,you can play, share and compete with your friends for FREE.

    Download the new NBA LIVE Mobile app and let the fast-paced NBA action in the palm of your hands get you ready for next season.

    Tips for starters:

    There are four different modes for you to choose: live events, head-to-head, season, and leagues. To play these four modes, you need to create a team. The starter packs of players you get the moment you register in are divided up automatically into different lineups based on their different skills.

    Each kind of games requires you to choose which lineup you want to use. But some games ask certain lineups for the challenge presented.

    • Live events: Live events season games and many skill challenges that help you to improve your skills. Every time you reach an appropriate skill level, some new live events will be unlocked.
    • Head-to-head: In Head-to-head games, you may challenge anyone to match-up since the mode show all the people playing those games. The rule of each player taking control of a quarter gives the game more fun and less chance of lagging. In other words, if you begin a game with an opponent, you will play the 1st and 3rd quarter vs the other team’s AI team, and they will take the 2nd and 4th quarter vs your AI.
    • Season: Playing a season is pretty similar to playing a season on traditional consoles. The only exception is that you don’t play as many games and every quarter lasts two minutes.
    • leagues: There are already a large number of leagues that you can join. You can still choose to create a league for 5,000 coins.

    Secret trick

    Here is a Secret trick they don’t tell you that I learned while trying to play. While on defense and holding down the guard button, letting go of the button and tapping it will help your player score the ball.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the fourth revise of the Counter-Strike series developed by Valve Corporation is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has aimed to promote itself to be strong for more than a decade creating the challenging atmosphere for its fans.

    Released in August 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is suitable for lots of devices, like Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X and PlayStation 3. There are two teams against each other which are named the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Download it to challenge yourself now!

    Six Models of CS: GO

    • Competitive: Two teams of five members fight against each other in the match which is roughly 45 minutes.
    • Casual: Being less serious than the competitive mode, the casual mode will not register friendly fighting against other players of the opposite team.
    • Deathmatch: Similar to the Casual mode, the Deathmatch has the same function of it and they both are used for practising players.
    • Demolition: Here in this mode which is also similar to the “Gun Game” mode, the players can plant and remove the bomb. However, they also need to kill the enemy to get the update of the guns.
    • Arms Race: Similar to the other games like Gun Game, which means that the players need to kill the enemies to upgrade their guns.
    • Weapons Course: The Weapons Course, designed to help users the use of basic items like guns and grenades. All the other five modes of this game can be played offline or online except for this mode. 


    • Loyal to franchise
    • Multiple game modes
    • Latest UI
    • Offer great maps, graphics and designs
    • Provide community which ensures a variety of matches
    • Enjoy new weapons


    • Less experience or tutorials for new users
  • Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter 2016 comes from the great game of Deer Hunter 2014, with which you can have the most significant experience in hunting across the wild world.

    From Alaska to Zimbabwe, users can buy all sorts of trophies in different locations. Track and hunt animals with nearly real jump off the screen effect. Take a perfect shoot at your targets like a pro shooter. Get the animals and collect trophies to win achievements and have ranks on leaderboards.

    Deer Hunter 2016 is a free game to play, but you can have a choice to pay some real money for some particular stuff. For more information, follow @glumobile on Twitter or Facebook. Have fun and enjoy your hunting!

  • Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 is an online action game which provides you opportunities to equip your character with lethal weapons. Its users have reached 40 million.

    Shadow Fight 2 lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and dozens techniques to crush enemies and defeat demon bosses. Enjoy kicking, jumping, punching and slashing your way to win! Download this game and begin the battle now!

    Methods to Victory:

    • Focus on the epic combat sequences and render in the lifelike detail through the brand-new animation system.
    • Thanks to the brand-new designed fighting surface, you can defeat the enemies with the intuitive controls.
    • Travel through six different worlds filled with the immersive and interesting stories.
    • Customize yourself with armor suits, magic powers and more.
  • Bowmasters

    Bowmasters enables users to battle against an AI opponent, each lobbying various projectiles at each other in turn until one of you runs out of life.

    Bowmasters functions almost like an effective form of stress relief. In the game, all your task is to throw projectiles at your enemies and watch blood splattering everywhere which is sure a fun way to unwind after a long day.


    • 30 crazy characters for free!

    • 31 different weapons for total mayhem, excellent fatalities with rag-doll physics!

    • Epic duels with your friends. Show mates what you’re worth!

    • Multiple game modes. Shoоt birds or fruits down, conquer the opponents in duels and get money for that!

    • Endless rewards for your skills.


    • Only one mode is available – fighting against the CPU enemy. Users may get fed up with the repetitive thing after a while

    • So many ads

    Bottom line :

    Bowmasters is filled with too many ads, but it also brings some advantage for you, providing with coins and some occasional new characters.

    It might not be the kind of huge game that will be stored on your iPhone for months, but as a fun and compelling short-term distraction, brewmasters is worth of playing.

  • Color Switch

    Color Switch, developed by Fortafy Games, is an interesting action game with beautiful graphics. Users need to tap the ball very carefully to cross each obstacle.

    The ball will switch color with powerups, and you must follow the color pattern to pass obstacles. If you go through the wrong color in the game, you will have to start over and cross barriers again. This game is available for both the iOS and Android systems.

    Color Switch is a simple and fun game proper for anyone. What you need to do is to press the bottom button of the screen to change the color of the routes. You will get through if you make the color of the ball and the color of the route same. The more lanes you go through, the higher level you will achieved in the game.

    What’s new:

    ◆ New racing mode

    ◆ New patterns

    ◆ Lag fixed

    ◆ Banners removed

    ◆ New obstacles

    ◆ Unlock for new level

    ◆ More challenges

    There is a time limit for this game, you had better change and match the color of the ball fast with the lane. Then you will get through smoothly. Come and challenge yourself now! Can you cross all the obstacles and get the top of the leaderboards?

    There are many different colors in this game. You need to confirm the color name and font color that confuse you. Come to unlock achievements and get high scores to challenge your friends now!

  • Kill Shot Bravo

    Kill Shot Bravo is a first-person shooting game for mobile phones released by the Hothead Games. This game is named one of the most successful sniper games on mobiles.

    The player will act as an assassin to accept different tasks in the game and take advantage of various weapons to kill the enemies to protect himself. The details of this game including the operating and rules both refresh the players' feeling.

    Take the sniper for an example, the optical sight, bullets and the gun barrel are all created based on the real 1:1 ratio. Many brand-new scenarios and weapons are added into this game, which make this game more challenging. Players can challenge more than 200 tasks here. Come and challenge it now!

  • Marvel: Contest of Champions

    Welcome to the Marvel: Contest of Champions! Developed by Kabam, the app is a kind of free-to-play mobile fighting game published on December 10, 2014. Set in the Marvel universe, users can enjoy the greatest battles in the history of Marvel.

    Players can play as the classic Marvel characters like Spide-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine or the villains like Rhino, Magneto and so on. Each character has its own powers, abilities, special moves and traits. Players can totally enjoy the fun of their characters in Marvel: Contest of Champions.


    ★ Unlock new Champions by earning 5 star crystal shades.

    ★ Enjoy battles between Iron Man vs. Captain America, Drax vs. Deadpool, and Hulk vs. Wolverine!

    ★ Collect and level up your heroes and villains to gain bonus rewards.

    ★ Build a mighty team of so many heroes and villains with friends and other Summoners to assemble the strongest alliance!

    The game now has 56 characters including: Abomination, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Black Widow, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, Darren Cross, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Drax the Destroyer, Electro, Elektra, Flash Thompson, Gamora, Green Goblin, Guillotine, Gwen Stacy, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jane Foster, Jessica Jones, Juggernaut, Kamala Khan, Kang the Conqueror, Loki, Luke Cage, M.O.D.O.K., Maestro, Magik, Magneto, Miles Morales, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Punisher, Rhino, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan the Accuser, Scarlet Witch, Scott Lang, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Storm, Super-Adaptoid, Thanos, The Collector, The Hulk, The Red Skull, Thor, Ultron, Vision, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Wolverine, X-23,

  • is an addictive multiplayer snake game based on the classic game Snake.Snake You can play against other people online and compete to become the biggest snake!.

    The game will end when the head of your snake touches another snake. And on the contrary, you can continue the game when other snakes touch you.The game is all about eating out other snakes and become the biggest one. is a game that the developer firstly released on March 30th in America. The craziest thing was that they did not plan to do any promotion or advertisement for it, but all of sudden, everyone was talking about the snake all over the world.

    As it becomes part of the popular activity for millions of people, the old server seems incapable of retaining a good condition of that game. Therefore the developer starts a journey of constantly optimizing the game code to make it smoother and more fun for every player.

    Gameplay is one of the best examples of a theory - the simplest, the most addicting. The sole mission of any player is to collect colorful balls to help you grow longer. You will start off as a tiny little worm, and the more balls you collect, the larger you get. It's ok to touch your own tail, but you will blow up once you hit any other snake.

    Other players will try to kill you and take away your hard-earned balls, so be careful and alert when you are gaming. What's more, big snakes tend to pick up little ones to eat, so it's better to keep a distance from them when you are not powerful enough.

    Final thoughts

    With the simple concept, smooth graphics, and good gameplay, it's an excellent game for people to kill some time and fun. Despite its simple operation, it still manages to be a game with the whole package which means you'll die, explode, and then come back looking for revenge and more power.

  • app provides the same wonderful gameplay as millions of people have enjoyed on computers. Play online with other users all around the world.

    Compete with them to stay longer and become the biggest cell. Have your cell in control and eat others to grow larger. And if you’re eaten by others, they will become larger as well. Handle your cell and try to survive longer.

    The newest version comes with a better touchscreen experience and all-new VETERAN SKINS for free when you get a level up. You can also have a Christmas skin for your game. Download the game now and have fun with your friends or strangers!


    ★ You can always play with someone since the game for online multiplayer. And the leaderboard displays the leaders on the top-right of the game screen.

    ★ It is very easy to understand the mechanics, and everyone can handle the game well enough.

    ★ The game only occupies a little space and will not consume too many resources. is available for all kinds of devices.

    ★ Users can be challenged by other players in the same room who have just as quick and smart moves as you are.

    ★ Interesting items of hidden Easter eggs can be attracting in the game. You will find various of things like Doge, Mars, 8-Ball and others.

    ★ The game is free to play and has no in-app purchase.

    ★ You can pick up or put down the game anytime. There are no timers or energy bars in the game.

    In short, is an amazing game to play. You can just start as a little cell and float around the game board, then collect miniature cellsw. With collecting cells, players will grow and power. Download it now and give a shot!

  • Alto's Adventure

    Alto's Adventure: Best looking video games in 2015. Join Alto and his friends in the journey on an endless snowboarding odyssey. You will encounter and walk across beautiful hills, ancient wonderlands, native villages and more.


    ❍ Fluid gameplay and a piece of interactive art.

    ❍ Beautiful visual design for players to enjoy.

    ❍ Dynamic lighting and weather effects.

    ❍ Easy to learn and hard to master.

    ❍ 180 handcrafted goals and six unique snowboarders.

    ❍ Challenge with your friends.

  • Hitman

    Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman series are episodic action stealth video games where your only goal is to assassinate the target despite nations, ethics or justice. Hitman: Sniper is included in one of the series with a first-person shooter perspective. In this game, all the players are named as Agent 47, a cloned assassin- for-hire care for nothing but take the target down in various ways. Until now, there are five episodes taking place in 5 different cities including Episode 1: The Showstopper (Paris), Episode 2: World of Tomorrow (Sapienza), Episode 3: A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh), Episode 4: Club 27 (Bangkok), and Episode 5: Freedom Fighters (Colorado).

    The mobile version of Hitman: Sniper was released both for iOS and Android in 2015. It's comparatively simpler because you just need to snipe the target from a long distance.

    Hitman: Sniper only has one level where you have to learn to make the best use of your weapon and the surroundings. In most of the cases, your mission is to shoot one target down along with the side task of disposing of the body or sneaking out the scene before the guards spot you. As you move on in the game, the mission will get harder which requires you to grasp high-level shooting skills like Domino kill to earn extra scores. In this game, every character moves in predictable patterns varied in difficulty levels; you just need to observe, learn and cooperate accordingly. After repetitive tries, you will find out a perfect angle to kill a guard with no one noticing, a quick secretive path which leads you out the assassin scene and a way to lure the object to a wrong direction by initiate a car alarm.


    • Be the mysterious assassin - An exciting experience of shooting targets in various assassinating ways.
    • The adventurous zombie mode - Be prepared for a seemingly never-ending combat with the most difficult and hard-bitten enemies.
    • Over 150 missions and 11 targets - As the story unfolds with 150 missions and 11 targets, your assassination skills will be improved to a whole new level.
    • 17 weapons with different abilities - Complete each task and collect the awarding parts, then a whole new powerful weapon is waving towards you.
    • Compete with your friends online - Enjoy the fun of fighting against your friends online.


    Welcome to the World of Extravagant Assassination.

  • Banana Kong

    Banana Kong is a thrilling game in which a monkey rides through the jungle, caves, and treetops. Players will face different challenges at different levels.


    ❍ It supports the HD display.

    ❍ With one thumb control, you can play the game.

    ❍ This game will realize the cloud save.

    ❍ It provides full game services integration.

    ❍ You can play the game in ten seconds after downloading it.

  • Knights & Dragons

    Come and challenge yourself here on the new application Knights & Dragons. Have fun with your friends to create new records. Knights & Dragons is a strategic game that gives you chances to fight with your friends together towards the enemies.

    In this game, there are many powerful heroes. You can join the battle together with your friends to fight against the evil to protect your kingdom. Come and join us if you want to have fun!

    The features of this game are as follows:

    1. You can make alliances with at most five different knights together to protect your kingdom.

    2. You can get some degree of rewards after you have destroyed the evil.

    3. When you get the particular level, you can choose the set you like to decorate your knights.

  • Smashy Road: Wanted

    Smashy Road: Wanted now has 90 unlockable vehicles! Users can have a higher driving experience. Have a race in the desert, grasslands and city roads to earn great rewards.

    Try to avoid the police, army jeeps, tanks and swat. Test how long can you last. You can also have a race with your friends on social platforms. Experience random environment and meet secret locations.

    And this Christmas version comes with the higher quality of visual sights and amazing new sounds. Unlock as many cars as you want and enjoy the excitement the game brings.

    Here are some tips and strategies for you to play Smashy Road: Wanted, check the following items and unlock the rare and legendary cars!

    How to Unlock Rare and Legendary Cars:

    1. Be Patient

    You can only get new cars by rolling and rerolling until you get lucky. So if you have enough time and just start playing, you can roll and see if you're lucky, then uninstall the game, install again and get your free roll.

    2. Collect the cash

    Collect money as many as possible. Even though it's a slow way, you will get there eventually. And watching videos also help you get 2- free coins every 4-5 deaths. You can simply make a "death roll" on purpose to get the coins.

    3. The time lapse

    You can get one free gift every 5 hours so that you're able to cheat the timers. Go to Settings, and put the time forward by 5 hours, then go to the game and collect the gift. Turn back to the right time and repeat the process.

    So these are the tips and strategies for playing Smashy Road: Wanted. Hope you can get them and use the tips well, enjoy the game!

  • Temple Run 2

    As a redefined mobile game, Temple Run has gained millions of downloads. And now the brand new Temple Run 2 is ready for you to explore. Get more energy here, have fun running and jumping in Temple Run 2! This app gives much more beautiful graphics and organic environments.

    New obstacles are waiting for you to break down. More powerups, more achievements, and more excitement. Each character has its unique powers, which makes the game more enjoyable than ever. And we have a bigger Monkey in Temple Run 2. Users can log in to Facebook to become a fan and follow the official account on Twitter to get more information about the updating news. Download it now and have fun!

    Temple Run is the first one parkour game. Among all of the different parkour games, the most popular one is the Temple Run. As the sequel of Temple Run, Temple Run 2 will log in the system of Android and iOS to continue its legend.

    Sound: comprehensive upgrade

    In the aspect of the game sound, the sound of Temple Run 2 is more realistic than the first generation. The processing technique of different scenarios is more exquisite.

    Gameplay: more rich and varied

    Compared with the first generation, Temple Run 2 increased many different elements including the wire rope, cliffs and trap. Temple Run 2 is more complicated than the first version and players need to keep their tension all the time.

    Game control: simple and smooth

    In the sequel version, players can have a smooth control of the game. The actions in this game are only jumping, falling and moving around.


    In each adventure game there will be always such a scene that the hero finally will get the treasue while he needs to wander in the jungle and defeat the trap of the maze. You can see the features introduced below:

    ◆ The glaring new scene

    ◆ Gorgeous new experience

    ◆ Adding more obstacles for challenging

    ◆ New energy props for using

    ◆ More achievements you can get

    ◆ Each hero has a special skill

  • Devil Eater

    Devil Eater gives you the chance to punish the devils and clear up the city into peace. By training your hunter and upgrading their skills and speed, you can have a level up and select large amounts of weapons.

    Costumes with Skills are also selectable in the Shop. Devil Eater is an easy and simple gameplay to understand. And your data now can be saved. Players need to be quick in move and fast paced. The game experience is smooth and cool.

    Kill demons and enjoy the great achievements the game brings. Challenge yourself by eating more and more devils in the game. Download it now and enjoy! Invite your friends to play together and have fun!

  • Flippy Bottle Extreme!

    Developed by Most Played Games, Flippy Bottle Extreme! is a game in which players flip the bottle to land it right on next platform. Unlike other bottle flipping games, this game offers an excellent selection of variety and some fun bottles for you to unlock.

    Easy as it looks like, it's actually pretty difficult at first. If you plan to play it casually as you did in other similar games, you may get frustrated by the unpleasant results. This game makes you feel like you are flipping a real bottle by adopting some realistic physics. To ensure the bottle land on an exact place, you need to choose proper angles and levels of force. It's necessary for players to calculate each jump accurately in order to manage the bottle to land on its bottom.

    For beginners

    ☻ Proper angle and force

    It may be a good way to flip the bottle onto a somewhere nearby the platform by swiping nearly straight up. If the platforms become higher, it might require a more dramatic angle and more powerful force.

    ☻ Index finger is more flexible

    The index finger is more suitable both is adjusting the angle or handle the force of power. Thumb finger tends to tap too hard sometimes and can be tricky when adjusting the angle.

    ☻ Use the endless mode

    Among lots of game modes for players to try and challenge, endless mode is special because it enables you to flip the bottle as many times as you want without limits. This unique feature makes the mode a perfect way to practice your angle and force until you master the key to this game.


    - 3D Flip Action

    - Many exciting game modes

    - Over 15 colorful bottles

    - Most Extreme Flip Game Ever

    - Retro style graphics

    - Collect all Bottles

    - Leaderboards

  • Smile Inc.

    The famous Super Lame Games Company released a super not-lame mobile game - Smile Inc in which players are required to get through the dangerous work they accepted for money by dodging various obstacles and traps like electric gates, chainsaws and so on.

    This new game actually comes from Roman Atwood, one of YouTube’s most popular creator. As an endless runner game, it's different from other similar games for the character you play as starting the mission from the office. With more than 50 missions to proceed, mystery boxes to open, new missions every day and special holiday events, most players find themselves enjoying the game very much.

    The game was designed with a cartoony voxel graphics, simple auto-runner gameplay and a fresh story of the character running through a dangerous office environment. Since there's no affluent information for beginners, let's go through some basic operations of this game.

    Getting started

    By tilting your mobile device accordingly, the character will move left or right. Other forms of action like moving forward, jumping, will be initiated by tapping the screen. If you find it's tiresome to tilt your phone, there's a switch to joystick controls in the settings. You should try your best to avoid all kinds of dangerous obstacles.

    Unlock characters

    All the characters in Smile Inc are categorized into three levels: common, rare and legendary. Jump, roll, sneak and double down are the four abilities the characters are equipped with, and each character comes with only one ability. Their powers and abilities are mainly decided by the levels which means it's better to get the rarer ones. You can either buy the characters with money or acquire them by unlocking mystery boxes which can be obtained after fulfilling missions or simply paying 1000 coins.

    Try to survive

    Among all the dangerous obstacle you have to avoid, some deadly traps are calling for particular attention - the red lines and the danger marks on the ground. No matter how well you've played before, one wood chipper can easily chop you in half.

    To save you from emergent situations, there are some power-ups provided. Helmets protects you from big hit, Coffee mugs increase your speed.

    Coins of the different color will give you different points. You can get one point from a blue coin, 5 points from green coin, and 10 from yellow coins.


    It's free to download the game, but players may tend to use the in -game purchase option to buy stuffs for a faster progress in game.

  • Overloaded

    Wanna have your own vehicles and travel around the world? Just download Overloaded! Overloaded is a simple and fun game for you to play. In Overloaded, everyone has their own vehicles. Upgrade them to fill them with more people! Remember, it is easy to play, but hard to master! Numerous vehicles and cities waiting for you to explore!

    Game Features:

    1. Tap the Screen and hold to fill your bus with people.

    2. Load as many passengers as you can!


    • Overloaded contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

  • Merge Gun

    Welcome to the world of Merge Gun! The newest shoot and Idle merge game.

    Ever wanted to be a shooter and save the world?

    Ever wanted to collect guns, be a weapon tycoon?

    Well, you should not miss trying to Merge Gun!

    Merge better guns and use them to save the world. The high-level gun has bigger clips than low and can fire more powerful ammo. Use the best weapon you have the better gun can let you eliminate those zombies easily. Merge weapons to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your collection rack for your arsenal.

    Idle Merge and Zombie Shoot are combined. Kill the deadwalk, it is Excited!

    There are many types of zombies. Some move slowly, some can jump like clowns, and some can float in the air. Against them with your guns!

    The gameplay is simple:

    • You have some collection rack.

    • Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a gun.

    • Each gun can be merged with other guns of the same variety to form a better gun.

    • Every gun show on the collection rack will earn you money.

    • The better gun you colleced, the more you will earn, and the more guns you can purchase. That can push you develop faster.

    • Use your guns to protect yourself, and kill the zombies!!!

    Merge, fire and increase your own collection in game "Merge Guns"! Become the God of Guns.

    Now! Download Merge Gun! Completely free! Start shooting! The world is waiting for you to save.

  • Sniper Fury

    Sniper Fury is not just a game - it invites the best snipers in the world to take down the evil and have a war.

    The game provides a stunning view of 3D graphics. You can experience the most amazing-looking sniper-shooter game here. Sniper Fury also supports a special PvP mode with multiplayer.

    5 x SPOTTER. 5 x SLOW TIME. 5 x PIERCING BULLET. Join Sniper Fury, start the mission and become stronger together. The game is now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


    ➹ Amazing effects while fighting

    3D graphics will bring the urban skyscrapers and exotic scenery right before your eyes. With more than 130 missions to fulfill, soldiers, armored vehicles and much more can be your next target. Along with your every shooting, the Next-gen “bullet time” effects, Sandstorms and other magnificent effects will glorify your move.

    ➹ Cool equipment

    You can shoot with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and other top-secret weapons. It's also possible to make your weapon customized with a unique power.

    ➹ Multiplayer mode

    In the PVP multiplayer mode, winning a battle means you can get the opponent's resources. It's good to win, but it's more important to build up a strong defense to not lose.

    ➹ Take the risk and challenge

    Every enemy you encounter is varied in their equipment and power, so part of the fun is that you never know what's ahead of you. There are also many events for you to participate and challenge, and they often come with abundant resources and rewards.

    Final thoughts

    For those who can gain a lot of fun from seconds-long bouts of sniping, watching bullets flying into someone's body, Sniper Fury is definitely the game you don't want to miss. For people who tries to have some fun occasionally, it may seem to be a little repetitive and dull after some quality time.

  • Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

    Sniper 3D Gun Shooter can be regarded as the best first-person shooting action game where players can confront with the criminals on different scenarios. Here in this game, players can enjoy the great gameplay, finish their missions and get impressive visuals.

    It will be an excellent fps game for players to kill time. Meanwhile, it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Come to free download Sniper 3D Gun Shooter to aim and shoot now!


    ✤ Enjoy it anywhere

    Sniper 3D Gun Shooter enables players to enjoy it offline, and it doesn’t require them to be online all the time for fun. Players can enjoy the game wherever they are. Users can feel free to download additional content online from time to time.

    ✤ Unlock awesome features

    Players can upgrade their weapons including the ammo, the caliber, or the grip to get bullets which can lead to more damage to have better zoom, range stability and scope. Besides, users can buy the best assault rifles, pistols or shotguns if they like.

    ✤ Limited data usage

    Sniper 3D Gun Shooter doesn’t consume a great amount of data from their mobile plan which they can also use to surf the internet like watching videos, listening to music. Enjoy the game with limited data usage.

    ✤ PVP mode

    Players need to try their best to prepare their gun and fight against the enemy since the PVP mode acts as the role to test speed that users can kill or hunt the enemy. They will be dead if they take a long time to kill one.

    ✤ Numerous missions

    In this game, players need to find the target and aim to shoot. Meanwhile, they aim to keep the secrets from spies and rogue agent and prevent them from spreading the horrible virus. Make contributions for your country in the nuclear competition now.

    Game Features:

    ✤ Numerous exciting missions

    ✤ Easy to operate and great interface

    ✤ Available for iOS, Android and tablet devices

    ✤ Addicting FPS gameplay

    ✤ Great options for lethal guns and weapons

    ✤ Awesome animations and ultra-realistic 3D graphics

    ✤ Providing multiple battlegrounds like beaches and huge cities

  • Chicken Scream

    Developed by Perfect Tap Games, Chicken Scream uses your voice to control the chicken's movement while avoiding various obstacles and collecting coins at the same time. In other words, you need to produce a moderate amount of noise to make it move forward and shout loud when you want the chicken to jump.

    It is no doubt a fun, addictive non-tapping game suitable for everyone. The chicken cannot go backward, but you can make it stop by staying quiet. To earn coins and unlock new characters, you need to keep playing the game and spin the virtual wheel of fortune to get some extra rewards. Chicken Scream is completely free with no in-app purchases provided, so you cannot purchase your way to unlocking all characters.

    Tips and Tricks

    Humming to make the chicken move forward

    You don't need to make a loud noise constantly in order to make it move forward because slight humming can do the work.

    Tapping on the microphone part to make it jump

    Screaming is not the only way to make the chicken jump, tapping on the microphone part of your phone can also make it jump. For people who worried about their voice status, it's a good solution. Also, you need to tap the part multiple times to jump over multiple obstacles.

    Blow into the microphone

    Apart from humming and tapping, you can also blow into the microphone part to make the chicken move. If you blow softer, it will walk forward, and if you blow harder, it will jump. There's only one thing to remember - turn the sensitivity on the microphone down. High sensitivity will make the chicken jump even if you blow it softly.


    Chicken Scream is certainly a laughter maker when you paly it among a small group of people. The game adopts fairly new and interesting gaming ideas. You can always open the game when your parents or your boss is screaming at you. Just kidding and have fun!