8 Ball Pool

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Play the world’s most famous Pool game with your friends! You can take the 1-vs-1 matches to practice your skills or join tournaments to win pool coins, exclusive cues, and trophies. You can customize your table and cue as well. Win the Coins so that you can use them to enter higher ranked matches or buy something new in the Pool Shop.

Sign in with Facebook or Miniclip accounts to play with friends. Challenge them anytime you want, show them your spectacular skills. Play with the best Pool players in 8 Ball Pool, and get more access to exclusive matches. Download it now and have fun!

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Compared with 9 ball game, the 8 ball pool is a little different in rules. Let's see it together. The simulated degree of the graphics of the game is very high. You can even see the reflective surface of the billiard balls. As a billiards game, the interface of the game is relatively easier. All the opponent in this game is real, which makes it cooler than playing with the computer. At least, it can increase the stimulation of the game.

The game also has the gambling property. The system will give you some chips after your registering. With the automatic bets, the winner will get the chips. If you are forced to exit or offline, you will be sentenced to be negative and left a bad record. The higher the stakes, the higher the levels of the player are. Come and challenge with your friends and make a final bid for victory.

It adopts 8 ball playing method in this game. Maybe most people are not so familiar with the 8 ball game, while you will understand the rules after my introduction. The operation of this game is very simpe and you can refer to the following instructions:

1. Use your finger to drag the pole and rotate in a right angle.

2. Pull the pole behind and the angle will show on the surface.

3. Let the pole go until it reaches the angle you want. Then the ball will kick into the hole.

You just need to pull, rotate and let the pole go into the right angle, then you will get an excellent perfomance in the game. In general, the image of the game is real and simple. From the rules to the physical collision and operation, it is easy to learn. And after playing a few times, you will find the feeling of the master. Whoever likes to play the billiards don't miss this interesting game.


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