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As the world's largest travel site, TripAdvisor aims to help users make the most of each trip like users can make the right choice when shopping for restaurants and hotels. Aside from those, TripAdvisor which has more than 500 million traveler reviews providing users to find free travel guides, low airfares and popular forums with different advice of every trip.

Just a tap away, you can make the booking options for flights, hotels, and restaurants. TripAdvisor is available on both Android and iOS devices. With TripAdvisor, you can make your trip easier. Download it for free trial now!

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4.7 (2,070 votes)

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TripAdvisor Features

◆ TripAdvisor helps users find the best and proper hotel through making a detailed comparison among over 200 hotel booking sites.

◆ Travelers feel free to browse millions of opinions, reviews candid photos and videos.

◆ Find the right restaurants you want under different conditions like price range, food type and rating.

◆ There will be no need for you to worry about nothing to do at destination because TripAdvisor will discover cool things for you.

◆ It helps users compare the price of different booking site and find the best deal.

◆ Discover the options near you by using Near Me Now.

◆ With TripAdvisor, you can add your own reviews and pictures freely and search for the answers to specific questions in the forums.

◆ You can download the maps of more than 300 cities freely to your phone.

App Permissions

◆ Your location: Your locations need to be permitted by TripAdvisor, thus it can help you find restaurants, hotels and attractions around you.

◆ Storage: Google Maps is necessary when users use TripAdvisor to catch the downloaded map information.

◆ Network communication: TripAdvisor enables users to transmit information to and from your phone via the Internet.

◆ System tools: TripAdvisor will choose the best possible location source for you with the location provider provides more detailed information of location.


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