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Top Buzz shares the latest fun, entertainment and technology news and videos both in your neighborhood and worldwide. In the modern world booming with all kinds of information, people who want to stay in tune with the latest trends need a tailored feed based on their interests.

Since we are already engaged with the internet so much, why not try to make it more efficient? TopBuzz takes this into consideration and offers people a great app to obtain all information they need. With the simple and concise design, it will save you much time and make your life easier. Users can choose a category and scroll down to see numerous news about the topic while lying in bed or having coffee.

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Personalized feeds

You no longer need to waste your time in searching for new you care about in the ocean of information. Topbuzz will customize the every day feeds strictly according to your interests. Instead of getting bombarded with irrelevant news, you will only be recommended articles, gifs, and videos that match your interest.

User-friendly interface

The app is designed concisely with many categories covering Latest, Buzz, Featured, News, entertainment, sports, and technology, etc. Big headlines along with preview stories make users scan the headline quickly and grasp the main idea of the article.

All things in one app

Say goodbye to the old times when you have to gather information from different sources. Here in TopBuzz, you can find the latest things about sports, technology, and entertainment in forms like videos, GIFs, articles and more.

No ads

Users can browse through the headlines without being annoyed by the messy advertisements which they may accidentally click on.


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