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Developed by Team 17 Digital Limited, Escapists is a strategy jails’ game which is similar to Prison Architect. The players will be prisoners in a prison where they want to escape. They must finish the daily tasks prepare the getaway using the free time for their escape. Check out this game The Escapists if you're going to challenge yourself.

To escape, players need to steal the uniform of the prison guard and build an underground tunnel and collect your breakout tools to hide them in the bathroom. The Escapists is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download The Escapists to challenge yourself now!

  • Price: Free
  • Version: 1.0.9
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer:Team 17 Digital Limited
Average User Rating:
4.1 (2,481 votes)

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Features of The Escapists

  • Gameplay: The player, who acts as the role of the prisoner in The Escapists aims to escape prison. At the beginning of the game, the players can choose whatever names they want of each prisoner and guard. In their escape, players can take advantage of a vast range of tools. Taking part in activities like study and exercise helps players level up their characters and increase the chance of escape. One most important thing is that they need to avoid being found by guards in prison and do following the prison’s daily routines like eating the prison meals and more. There are a great number of methods for escaping such as via vents, roof escape and others.
  • Endless possibilities: There are endless possibilities in The Escapists. Meanwhile, it enables users to challenge themselves by overcoming those difficulties. The goal for players who are prisoners is to escape. What they have to do is to avoid being caught by guards who have the careful eyes. Besides, they can learn to get useful weapons and tools by transforming those innocuous items.
  • Skills required: You need to have the strategy and proper equipment if you plan to escape. It also offers players chances of staying five steps ahead of those guards at all times. In The Escapist, the advantage players can enjoy is that they can have a secret place to hide their getaway contraband. Download the application of The Escapist to make the dream of becoming a mastermind escapist come true.


• Over 185 items for players to use

• It offers a fun feature of Prison Editor.

• Players can choose from 10 separate prisons.

• There will be over one way to make an escape from the prison.


• Players need to have much patience if they want to succeed


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