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Tetris is a puzzle video game designed by Alexey Pajitnov from Russia in 1984. The most popular design of this game is the use of Tetromino that is composed of four pieces of mino cards.

A random tetromino sequence that consists of four block groups falls from the top of the matrix. The goal of this game is to operate all of those tetrominoes to make everyone move horizontally or rotate in 90 degrees to reach a row that has no gap, and then this row will disappear.

The rows that on this disappeared row will fall off. When clearing some amount of rows, the game will enter another rate. With the going on of this game, one more rate, the faster speed the tetromino falls. When tetromino piles up to the top of the spot and stops from the new tetromino coming into the spot, the game will be over. Whoever likes this game can download it on our website for free.

  • Price: Free
  • Version: 3.0.10
  • Category: Puzzle
Average User Rating:
4.9 (1,817 votes)

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How to Do Better at Tetris:

  • Learn how to make a T-Spin.
  • Do Tetrises, bulid up 4 solid lines.
  • Make a plan of your playing style.
  • Try to avoid garbage.
  • Keep pushing yourself and continue playing.
  • Have a battle with another player.
  • Practice makes perfect.


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