Google Chrome for PC

Google Chrome, one simple and secure browser which allows users to browse any web page, open web software, and games with no hassle. It supports most significant technologies and standards like Flash and HTML5.

Developed by Google, Google Chrome is available for multiple devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and much more. As one principal component of Chrome OS, it serves as a powerful tool to run web apps. Till now, Google Chrome has a large part of users using it as a desktop browser. Besides, it also has various other products like Chromecast, Chromebase, Chromebox, etc.

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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

❍ Simplicity

Known for its great feature simplicity, Chrome’s browser window is very clean and simple. For instance, users can search what they want quickly from the same box and arrange tabs the way they like.

❍ Customization

Users can customize Google Chrome as their own browser in tons of ways like they can tweak their settings and add some extensions and themes from the Chrome Web Store.

❍ Speed

Designed for fast browsing speed, Google Chrome provides users a quick loading speed of web pages. Besides, it enables users to run complex web applications quickly.

❍ Security

With the built-in malware and phishing protection, Google Chrome offers users a safer and more secure way to surf on the web, making sure they can enjoy the greatest security around the world.

❍ Privacy

The privacy function will be one of the greatest features which attracts most users. It helps protect your personal information and keep them private when your browsing the web pages.

❍ Sync

There will be history, bookmarks and more when you sign in Chrome and it sync across all the computers to service you once you log in your account and password.


• Offering numerous themes and extensions

• Great performance

• Data syncing feature

• Privacy management

• Anonymous mode


• Password cannot be imported sometimes

• Some bad pages

• Blocking 10% malware only

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