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Founded by Ed Cooke, Memrise is an online learning tool which provides about more than 300 thousand courses including science, history, music, philosophy and popular culture. Here Memrise makes learning languages and vocab joyful and fun which involved about over 285 million words in total.

Memrise will be an excellent manager for you to train your language learning skills and finally stand out among the elites. Every language is a kind of discovery and adventure. Pick one language whatever it is and start your learning travel now!

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There are 3 elements for you to learn effortless using Memrise.

☻ 1. Science

The first step of effortless learning is science. We aim to use brain science to help users learn better and faster. From the first day, we've customized the very best knowledge to arm learners and help them learn as quickly as possible. Then use the vivid and sensory courses to make their memories get stronger and stronger.

☻ 2. Fun

The second step of quickly learning is fun. Don't take learn as learning, just take it as the favorite playtime activity. Therefore users will have a relaxed and confident attitude to learn, at the same time, they will get the most from what they have learned. Actually learning a course is like watering a little flower. They will make significant progress on the course every time they help it grow up a little.

☻ 3. Community

The third is the community. With the built-in community and the multimedia wonderland of this app, users can get improved through videos, audio, usage, etymologies and much more. In fact, every member is partly a teacher, and we hope you can help others in the community once you got it.

What Memrise gives you:

● Learn any language: There are over 200 languages involved in the high-quality courses.

● Compete with your friends: Memrise improves you to be better than your friends.

● Learn anything: With course of rich, multimedia flashcards, you can have better understanding of what you are learning.

● Adaptive learning tech: Use science teaching ways to send customized courses to make good performance.

● iOS & Android: Download Memrise app on your smartphones and learn your courses anytime, anywhere.


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