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  • Price: Free
  • Version: 20.2.2
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Developer:Life360
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Family Locator (Life360 Locator) is an application to track the trace of your family members. By using it, parents can always see the location of their child and don't have to worry about some place their child shouldn't go.

Besides location, Life360 Locator also does well in safety and communication. Users can look for real-time service, check out nearby hospitals or police offices, or communicate with other family members via text or messages.

It also offers services such as medical assistance, children missing alarm, family insurance and professional tracing for lost properties. The application now is only available in English and currently free, you can download and try it.

Why did Life360 just stop working all of a sudden?

If Life360 has just stopped working all of a sudden, don't panic. You're not going to suddenly lose track of where your kids and family members went. If the app has crashed, try a simple restart on your device first. That will fix 90 percent of the issues you experience with Life360 and can get you back on the road to normalcy in no time. But if it's an issue with someone whose location has stopped updating, the fix is a bit more involved. There are a few reasons that Life360 could have stopped working. Your family member might have closed out Life360 as an active app, which is easy to do if you go through and close out apps all at once. Their battery may be less than 20%, or they may have entered an area where the network connectivity is poor. With two bars of signal or less, Life360 will not function correctly. These are all important things to check before you start freaking out. Chances are, these things will fix your issue.

Family Locator Features:

  • Family Tracker Offers Real Time Location Data
  • GPS Tracking of All Circle Members
  • GPS Tracking to find Friends and Family
  • Reliable Cell Phone Tracker
  • Directly send photos, voices, and files to students and parents.


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