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Powered by YouTube API, Free Music Player is a free and powerful third party music tool which is similar to the app like YouTube Music and Spotify. With Free Music Player, you can get access to trending songs and music you like quickly and free. Up till now, over millions of people start to listen to free music - YouTunes, where you can find your favorite songs and music.

YouTunes cannot control directly over the content displayed which is provided by YouTube services. Enrich your music playlists by adding your favorite songs and trending music provided by Free Music - YouTunes.

  • Price: Free
  • Version: 1.0.4225
  • Category: Music & Audio
  • Developer:Free Music YouTube Player - YouTunes
Average User Rating:
4.7 (1,133 votes)

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Key Features

♫ Featured Playlists

It is now available to get multiple featured playlists of free music here on Free Music. You can also find current playlists by different genres. Come to download Free Music - YouTunes to enjoy the music of the recent release. Please note that YouTunes cannot provide downloading music because it is not a music downloader.

♫ Create Your Own Playlists

You can create your playlist by searching your favorite music and add to your music playlists. Aside from that, you can also store different music genres and sort them the way you like. With the playlist, you can manage the songs you like wherever you are.

♫ Unstoppable Music

You can listen to any music play modes and switch between them freely. Meanwhile, you can skip your favorite songs and the unlimited music you like. This app provides you the way to get continuous listening experiences. Just move the music video player to enjoy music wherever you want.

♫ Hi-Fi Mode

You can calculate how much data it will charge for your outdoor use of YouTunes. It also will save you much data and battery power even though it is not a music downloader. In addition, it will guarantee you to have free music experiences with the high-quality Free Music.

♫ Power Saving Mode

It is banned for you when it comes to the background play based on YouTube's terms of use. You had better use the power saving mode to make your battery life longer. Thus you can enjoy your favorite songs for a longer time.

♫ Synchronization

It will make a synchronization of all the music playlists across all your devices.


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