Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020 For Meetings & Class During Coronavirus

A fortnight ago few of us would foresee that the spread of the COVID-19 would affect our life to such a degree: Activities and events cancelled, public facilities closed down, citizens were asked to self quarantine, in order to slow down (not stop!) the spread of the disease. And now all of these have become our new everyday reality, not for several days, but in the foreseeable future.

But don’t forget the fact: We have entered the information age! The almighty Internet still connects us to the rest of the world, despite the fact that we’re physically isolated in our apartment. We believe many of you have realized that to deal with the problems at hand, you will need a reliable and efficient conferencing software and/or app for meetings and class. So here we go! Following is a list of the best and most popular conferencing apps for mobile devices carefully selected by our editors. We Wish you a good time connecting with the rest of the world through video conferencing apps.


Zoom is now probably the most popular video conferencing app worldwide. It's been leading the board of communication apps on iOS Store in many countries for days. Bad news is, also due to the increasing users in a short time, a pretty nasty side effect emerged: a lot of problems were reported, especially by the Android users. Many of them gave Zoom 1-star reviews complaining about connectivity, the very concept of remote learning, and "Some ass app", which drastically wrecked Zoom's previously stellar reputation. Zoom is grappling with increased demands.

More details about Zoom

Max. allowed participants: 100 by default in every meeting, 500 with Large Meeting add-on.

Cost: Various plans for customers with different needs, from $0 to $19.99/host/month.

Best for: Work conference calls and therapy sessions.


Skype by Microsoft provides video and audio calling as well as a messaging service, with which most of you must be familiar. Skype is almost available for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

More details about Skype

Max. allowed participants: 50 for audio calls, while the number of video callers depends on what device you're using, according to the company.

Cost: Free, and $2.99/month if you want to call directly to a phone.

Best for: Calling parents and other older relatives, especially if you don't want to download a new app (or teach your grandparents how to.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Teams by Microsoft aims to replace Skype for Business after its retirement on July 31, 2021 by expanding on the capabilities in Skype for Business Online by bringing together files, chats, and apps in an integrated app, with functionality that enables organizations to move faster and collaborate more efficiently. It is already announced that by the end of April 2020 users of Microsoft Teams and Skypes will be able to call and message each other. Previously, many users were reluctant to switch to Microsoft Teams because of the lack of this feature.

More details about Teams

Max. allowed participants: 250 attendees in an audio conference.

Cost: Starts at $12.50 per month, per user, with a free trial. There is also a free version with more limits.

Best for: Communication and collaboration in the workplace.


Hangouts is a communication tool developed by Google. Advantages about Hangouts include running in your Google browser and being deeply integrated with Google’s other apps. For example, if you create a new Google Calendar event, you will get a Hangouts video chat link included automatically and can pick up your chat conversations right inside Gmail.

More details about Hangouts

Max. allowed participants: 25 for a free version, 250 for paid subscription.

Cost: From 0$ to $25/user/month (includes unlimited storage and a Gmail business account.

Best for: Those who get bored amid social distancing. You can chat with your whole gang, or share your screen with them on the movie night.

Google Hangouts Meet
Google Hangouts Meet
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Hangouts Meet is another communication tool owned by Google. Compared with Hangouts, Hangouts Meet is designed around scheduled calls. For the most part, Hangouts Meet is the same as Hangouts' video calls—only with a fresh new design focused just on video chat. There's no text chat—that's saved for the companion Hangouts Chat app.

More details about Hangouts Meet

Max. allowed participants: 25 for G Suite Basic and Business plans and 50 participants with G Suite Enterprise.

Cost: G Suite Basic starts at 6$/user/month, Business 12$, Enterprise 25$.

Best for: Those who work with a team and have scheduled meetings, and use Google apps for work by default.

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