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GIPHY is the world's largest website of animated GIFs; now it is available on your mobile phone. GIPHY app for Android is the fastest way to search and share GIFs across all of your favorite social channels like Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Snapchat, and more.

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Latest Updates:

Many people are required to stay at home because the virus is ramping up its speed. People are spending more time on communicating online. Thus, GIPHY, a platform that provides people an engaging way to share their mood, has seen a big increase in usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Leading GIF platform GIPHY says that it's seen a 33% increase in usage over the past month, with more than 10 billion pieces of content being shared on the platform each day.

Key Features:

1. Explore and search

You can find various topics there, from memes, TV, Music, to animals, stars, highlights from your favorite sports. They almost have all the content you could imagine.

2. Text, share or save

Text to your friends favorite GIFs and enjoy your time together.

Share a GIF on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or an Email and Twitter.

Copy to clipboard or save the content for later on your library.

3. Animated Stickers

Animated sticker GIF brings you more fun than static emojis.

4. Make your own GIF

Upload any videos, pictures from your Gallery to make your favorite GIF. Besides, you can toggle text fonts, special effects, filters, and other animated components but GIPHY only supports up to 15 seconds of content, in addition to 256 colors.



· Free to use

· Users can create their own work

· Search engine with billions of GIFs

GIPHY's Cons:

· Create low-quality GIFs

· GIPHY supports up to 15 seconds of content


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