Best Card Apps

  • Solitaire

    Solitaire is an online card game that is easy to operate for all people. It is developed by Mobility Solitaire. Solitaire is always on the top of the popular game.

    The simple and direct rules make everyone play this game easily. You only need to clear all the cards on the desk to improve the score, and you can also play the two-player mode with your friends.

    Solitaire is available on both the iPhone and Android systems. This game now ranks No.1 card game on mobile phones. Playing this game will make you challenge yourself every day. Come and enjoy this game now, it will give you an extraordinary and truly solitary experience.

    Now we will introduce you the functions of this game:

    • There are five variants of Solitaire, Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Tripeaks and Pyramid.
    • You can try different themes and enjoy different background to define your background and design.
    • Connect with your Xbox account to get achievements and scores.
    • Finish different objectives in the game to win the cards. Enjoy this game and have fun!

    Solitaire has become one of the most popular card games all over the world. Players can enjoy the comprehensive functions and features of this game on your phones. You can see the features of this game in the following part.


    • Unique Immersive Mode
    • Tablet support: Honeycomb
    • Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards
    • Statistics
    • Landscape
    • Vegas Scoring
    • Portrait
  • Spades Plus

    Spades Plus is a free card game application which is available for both iOS and Android-based devices. It offers users a great experience to fight against those Spades players all over the world. Spades Plus contains different game modes like Solo, Classic, Whiz and mirror.

    Similar to games like Hearts, Euchre, Bid Whist and Canasta, Spades Plus is a traditional card game. However, it is played in Paris where Spades is very popular and is the trump all the way. Download it to join the Spades Community and play with millions of online players around the world now!

    Features of Spades Plus:


    • Spades Plus offers users a 16 player-Tournament to challenge themselves to get an excellent prize.

    Add social experience

    • Here with Spades Plus, players can know more new friends when fighting against the others together to challenge themselves in this game. Meanwhile, they can chat with other players using the public or private chatting tool.

    Obtain new achievements

    • In Spades Plus, users can get new deck designs by joining the seasonal competitions. Just show the decks you’ve achieved to other players when fighting against them.

    Five Modes

    • Solo: Players will play this game themselves without any partnership. Meanwhile, they will achieve their own points.
    • Classic: In the classic mode of Spades Plus, players will bid with their partner to challenge other players or team together.
    • Whiz: Players can bid “NIL” or the number of Spades Cards under this mode.
    • Mirror: People bid the number of Spade Cards in their hands.
    • Vip: Users will play the classic Spades in the custom Tables.

    More information

    • Keep in mind that you will get the best game experience if you’re with the best internet connection.
    • Spades Plus provides the additional bonus and in-game purchases though it is free to play. And the in-app purchases cost from $1 to $200 USD.
    • Please feel free to view at if you have any questions.
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a poker game collection released on Windows 10, which replaces FreeCell, Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. Meanwhile, players can get access to Pyramid and TriPeaks, along together with new daily challenges and customized themes. Besides, Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes some new features like in-game music, cloud syncing and more else.

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection has been one of the most played games, which is now available for all the Android devices for free!

    Five Game Modes:

    • Spider: There are eight columns of cards waiting for you. Your goal is to clear them with the fewest moves possible. Meanwhile, you can choose to challenge four suits or play the single suit.
    • Klondike: Klondike is a kind of classic and timeless Solitaire in which players need to clear all the cards with one or three-card draw. Come to try the traditional scoring!
    • FreeCell: Use some strategy and the four extra cells to move the cards and you need to clear all the cards on the table. There will be some rewards if you make some steps ahead.
    • TriPeaks: Here in TriPeaks game, players should choose some cards in a sequence to clear as many as cards they can to earn combo points.
    • Pyramid: User’s goal is to remove the two card which can add up to 13 from the board. Come to challenge yourself now and get to the top of the Pyramid.

    Daily Challenges

    Enjoy all the five game modes with 4 levels of difficulty and complete the challenges yourself every day with this game to earn rewards and badges!

    Xbox Live Support

    You can also sign with your Microsoft account to get the achievements on Xbox Live with your family and your friends. Besides, all your game data and progress history are saved in the cloud.

  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire, designed by MobilityWare, is a fun and addictive card game like Solitaire. To win the game, players need to place all the cards in each suit descendingly which is suitable for both kids and adults.

    Spider Solitaire is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Solitaire is a classic card game loved by people from the worldwide. Solitaire by MobilityWare is launched in 2008 and has attracted millions of users by now.


    ● Nice interface and excellent animations, graphics.

    ● Spider Solitaire game comes in 1, 2, 3 & 4 suit varieties.

    ● The puzzle gets increasingly difficult for you to challege!

    ● Feel free to undo operations.

    ● Automatic hints to help you win the game.

    ● Track your Spider Solitaire statistics.

    ● Customize card back and backgroud pictures.

    ● The automatic game-saving feature allows players to leave the game at any time.

    ● Earn a Solitaire trophy if you beat consecutive daily puzzles!

    ● It's friendly both for right hand and left-hand play!

    About MobilityWare

    MobilityWare aim to make the best fun casual games, and are now the creators of the No.1 Solitaire game on Google Play played by millions of players!

  • Pokemon TCG Online

    Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (Pokémon TCG Online) is the first Pokémon game of the massively-multiplayer online trading card game genre. The game is free to download and can be played by both adults and children.

    Pokémon TCG Online was initially released as a browser-based game in 2011. Later, the game was relaunched as a downloadable application in 2012 for the PC and Mac, iPad in 2014, and Android platform in 2016.


    • Easy to play: Choose one from Grass, Fire, and Water decks, then you are about to start and learn how to play better during the process.
    • Build up your collection: Unlock cards, open booster deck, and trade with other players as you play to build up your collection and decks. Your decks and collection are stored in your Pokémon Trainer Club account so that you can switch between tablet and desktop easily.
    • Customize your game: Customize the appearance of your cards, deck boxes, and avatar for free.
    • Trainer Challenge mode: The game allows the player to competes against a range of computer-controlled characters in the trainer challenge mode until the player is ready to challenge other players.
    • Versus mode & Tournament mode: In Versus mode, players will compete with each other for tokens or tournament entry tickets. In Tournament mode, eight players compete in a single–elimination style contest for three rounds.


    • Building a deck of your own gives you a better chance at winning.
    • Make the deck box a color that's different with your primary element.
  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire is a classic leisure card game that's suitable for people of all ages. When playing the game, players need to assemble them in the tableau and then remove all the cards from the table.

    Spider Solitaire is compatible with various devices including Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac, so you can have pure fun anytime anywhere. Spider Solitaire by Happy Sky Games now is the NO.1 fun card games on Google Play.


    • Customize your Spider Solitaire backdrops and cards with photos from your album or the internet.
    • There are lots of card animation effects and sound effects for you to find out during the game.
    • Spider Solitaire has a beautiful interface with nice graphics and easy-to-use operating steps. You just need to drag, tap and drop cards for the most fun.
    • The game offers three different Spider variations for you to explore different fun, the tradition 4-suit, 1-suit, and 2-suit.
    • If you make a wrong move, don't worry, because you get unlimited undo chances.
    • Spider Solitaire shows players with detailed rules, scoring systems, statistics and dynamic hints.

    Happy Sky Games

    This Spider Solitaire is developed by Happy Sky Games, an Android developer that has been in this industry since 2016. It now contains five apps in the Google Play Store including App Lock, Spider Solitaire, Blackjack, Pencil Sketch Photo Editor and Pyramid Solitaire.

  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire is a classic game where everyone's goal is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace quickly. Spider Solitaire by Brainium is one of the most popular spider Solitaire card games on various devices, and it's a completely free card game for people of all ages to play.

    Spider Solitaire by Brainium is now available both for Android and iOS users, and you can download and install the app right from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


    ♦ Spider Solitaire by Brainium offers players with 1 suit, 2 suit, and 4 suit games.

    ♦ Here you can have unlimited undo chances when you regret certain moves.

    ♦ When you are stuck on some steps, the smart hints will help you out.

    ♦ The autocomplete feature will definitely save you some time.

    ♦ Even you get interrupted during the game, you don't have to worry because of the auto-save and resume features.

    ♦ Besides Portrait and Landscape view, you can custom themes from your own pictures.

    ♦ The gorgeous high-resolution graphics give you better game experience.


    If you are a fan of Spider solitaire, Klondike solitaire, Mahjong, Pyramid Solitaire, and similar card games, then Spider Solitaire by Brainium may be an excellent game you don't want to miss. Just give this card game a try!

  • Reigns

    Based on card games, Reigns invites players to a royalty simulator where players rule as the king by swiping left and right to make decisions according to questions displayed on the cards. The ultimate goal of this games is simple - make sure your reign and royalty live long and prosper.

    Four main powers, the church, the people, the military and the treasury. During the gameplay, four icons in the bar tell the current different status of each area under your reign. You have to be aware that maintaining the balance of these four powers is of extreme importance. Sometimes, one simple decision may impact the throne for several couples of years. Harsh decisions like killing prisoners, burning churches, leaving people to die must be made when the national treasury runs low or enemies are going to intrude.

    For new players

    The story mainly goes on by answering the questions on cards by swiping left or right. When questions get tricky, a single "yes" or "no" may not be the proper answer. Under such circumstances, you can slightly swipe it towards each direction to see the provided answers in advance which may help you to make a reasonable decision. Your reign length mostly depends on choices you make, in other words, you may die and get replaced by the new king because of a decision. Besides the cards, there are several missions for you to complete, like recruiting soldiers, building churches, etc.

    The main concern is to keep the balance of the four powers ensuring them neither weak nor too powerful, or you may be in danger of being overthrown. The crucifix represents the church; the human figure stands for the people; the sword represents the military, and the dollar icon represents the treasury.

    Interesting things like dialogs with various advisors and visitors can show up may show up. There are still some dark subplots ambushed in secret. It gets dangerous when the entire nation is out of the resource, then you have to find the key to the exit.

    Final thoughts

    There is no in-app purchase needed for any upgrades or tools, and all you need to pay is the $2.99 installment package. The storyline unfolds in different directions under your decisions with a little bit of humor. You don't know what's gonna happen next, so there's always something new to look forward. Reigns restore game process simultaneously, and you can resume the game anytime. If you like story-lead games, then you don't want to miss Reigns.

  • Live Hold

    With Live Hold'em Pro, you can experience the Texas Hold'em card games with your friends. Sharpen your skills in this real multiplayer intense Poker game! Join free poker tournaments now and prove to the world’s best poker players who’s the mighty boss as you climb the leaderboard.


    ❍ Play Poker Games for free

    ❍ Offer real-time chatting

    ❍ Fast online poker action

    ❍ Practice Poker strategy and skill

    ❍ Social games and gifts!