Best Arcade Apps

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    As the mobile version of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB, the pocket edition of this game was initially created exclusively for the Xperia PLAY on Google Play and later open to other Android platforms on the 7th of October 2011.

    The pocket edition of Minecraft presents you the joy of adventuring, collecting, and building right in your hands. Just try a free 30-day trial before purchasing.

    Description and Tips

    Here you may explore randomly generated worlds composed of big blocky cubes of dirt, stone, and sand. What makes it attractive is that you can use your imagination and creativity to build fabulous houses and castles in whatever shape you like. In creative mode, there are unlimited resources for you to exploit. In survival mode, you may experience the fun of crafting weapons and armor to fight the dangerous mobs.

    The game offers two different modes for users to play. In Survival mode, you must gather, transport, and arrange every single block by hand from an open world with the potential danger of bad guys coming after you after the sun goes down. The extent of danger you are in was proportional to how far from your base you roamed, which also keeps the game super tense and exciting at the right times.

    The Creative mode which gives players unlimited resources of Minecraft’s items is essentially a digital tub of LEGO. If you want to build something, all you need to do is to tap on the item with no need to dragging.

    To Be Improved

    • The pocket world is too small. In PC version, you may build as wide and far as you like. But in Pocket, if you head too far towards a direction, you'd probably bump into an invisible wall.
    • Enemies are weak. Simply by swinging an easy weapon or running backward, nearly every enemy can be killed.

    PAC-MAN, the classic arcade game is free to play! Keep eating fruits and run away from the Ghosts to win high scores. Join millions of fans all over the world and compete with them on the Leaderboards.

    Here comes the question, do you want to rule the PAN-MAN game? It can be very challenging and incredibly frustrating at higher levels. An we've got you some tips.

    • Remember that there are only four ghosts in the game and try to keep your eyes on the opponents.
    • Don't get frustrated and realize that you're definitely smarter than the mobile game.
    • Concentrate on amassing as many points as possible when you're getting some trouble.
    • Eat the ghost on a power-up and it will become a pair of eyes.
    • Learn how the ghosts think, there's always a pattern.
    • Classic arcade action game with no quarters and no lines.
    • Enjoy and experience new mazes that added to the game.
    • Compete in fun Tournaments and win some rewards.
    • Challenge your friends and complete the achievements.
    • Get game help from inside pro-tips and become a champion.

  • Happy Wheels

    As one of the most popular insurance-related smartphone applications on the market, GEICO Mobile app makes it simple for people to pay bills, view coverages, update claims and more. This application has more additional features than what you have expected from your insurance provider.

    The GEICO Mobile app can be available on almost every mobile devices including iPhone, Android smartphones, tablets, and event the Kindle Fire. And the experience of using this application on each device is going to be somewhat similar because they are based on the same software.

    Compared to other insurance company smartphone apps, The GEICO Mobile app is different, and it can serve as a replacement for their website. There are many features included in this application which will be introduced in the following part.

    Key Features

    • Obtain an insurance quote
    • Pay your premium bill
    • View claims status
    • Display mobile ID cards
    • Update claims information
    • Check your insurance coverage limits
    • Find out about available insurance discounts
    • Request roadside assistance
    • Change your payment plan
    • Voice assistance
    • Email GEICO from your mobile device
    • Locate the nearest GEICO agent
    • Access insurance ID cards
    • Make updates to your policy

    Pros and Cons


    • Easy to operate
    • Allows updates to policy
    • offer quites for new policy
    • Digital ID Cards provided


    • Reports of this app do not work on certain devices
  • Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers is a good casual puzzle mobile game released by Kiloo Games in October 2012. This game is more classic than Temple Run. The image of the game is beautiful, colorful and delicate, which makes people feel comfortable. It works smooth when playing this game.

    One boy acts as the hero who escapes from the police and his dog through simple upward, downward slide, left and right paddle to avoid obstacles and the oncoming train. This game is easy to operate and learn. You need to run as far as possible once you begin this game.

    Most fascinating part is, this game allows you play with your friends. The game is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.


    There are many different props for the game Subway Surfers. Today we will introduce you the props of Coin Magnet, Jet Pack, 2X Multiplier and Hoverboard.

    • Coin Magnet: Players can collect all the gold coins in the valid time for the prop once you get the Coin Magnet.
    • Jetpack: Players fly in the sky without coming across the train and obstackles in the valid time of the Jetpack.
    • 2 x Multiplier: In the valid time of the prop, players can obtain twice the multiples of the original score once they collect a gold coin.
    • Hoverboard: In the process of this game, players can get the hoverboard if they click twice on the screen and you will have two lives in the valid time of the hoverboard.


    • Stylish Sprint: Players need to avoid the oncoming train.This game helps senior, skilled and inexperienced new players avoid grumpy inspector and the check of the bulldog.
    • Decorating the train: You can enjoying surfing on the train and decorating the train with your friend to make it more interesting and vivid.
    • Lightning fast speed: Challenge and help your teammate to join the most adventurous chasing game. You can enjoy the lightning fast speed in this game.
  • Geometry Dash

    As a music-themed action platform game, Geometry Dash makes players navigate a square across an increasingly hostile environment. Even one small slip- up will cause you a fresh restart, but the game is so addictive that although it leaves you screaming in frustration, you’ll just keep coming back for more.

    Game Features:

    • Rhythm-based Action Platform

    • Create and share your levels by using the level editor

    • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks

    • Regularly unlock new colors and icons to customize your character

    • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more

    • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills

    • Lots of achievements and rewards

    • Steam users get two exclusive unlockable icons


    This simple one-touch game will keep you entertained for hours! Please contact [email protected] for help with any issues.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action and adventure third-person shooter game released on 20 October 2002. It is the sixth title of the Grand Theft Auto Series.

    Players can freely walk in the Vice City which consists of two main islands. The game's plot is mainly based on many people and events of real people in Miami like Haitian, Cuban and more. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now compatible with multiple devices such as Android phones including Samsung Galaxy Note series and Android Tablets like Sony Tablet S, Google Nexus 10 and more.

    Key Features:

    • Offer high-resolution graphics, smooth controls.

    • Provide updated graphics, lighting effects and character models.

    • With the fully customizable layout, players can enjoy and customize controls themselves.

    • There are massive gameplay for users to play for a whole day.

    • It can be compatible with Moga Wireless Game Controller and support the USB gamepads.

    • Players can adjust the graphic settings to tailor their visual experience.

    • This game integrates with powerful tactile effects for users.


    In this game, the player aims to control the criminal named Tommy Vercetti and helps him complete missions and other set objectives to get process through the story. The player can run several missions simultaneously since some of the mission need him or her to wait for further events or instructions.

    Except for the missions, the player can walk in the game’s open world freely, and he or she can run the optional side missions. The world of this game is much bigger than the prior versions with two main islands and several small areas. The player will unlock the islands when he or she makes the story get progress.

    In the virtual world of this game, the player can run, jump or even drive some vehicles. And how to fight against enemies. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City provides players multiple weapons, like the melee attacks, firearms and explosives all can be used by players.

  • Angry Birds

    Angry Birds is a casual puzzle game app developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. It was first released in December 2009 for iOS. Now it is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WebOS, Symbian and more.

    The story of this game is fascinating. To take reprisals against those pigs for stealing birds eggs, birds try to attack pigs' fortress by using their body as weapon. It is easy for players to handle this game. You just need to slide the screen to pop up the birds from the slingshot to hit the green pigs. If all the pigs can be hit, you win.

    Angry Birds makes the global phenomenon. Play Angry Birds game and use the power of birds to destroy the defenses of greedy pig. Save the eggs. Play the biggest mobile game of all time now.

  • Hungry Shark Evolution

    Control a hungry shark and try to survive as long as possible by eating everything in Hungry Shark Evolution! It is a very addictive Action and Arcade game developed by Future Games of London.

    Choose different sharks from Great White to Hammerhead! Battle enemy sharks, submarines and other creatures in the deep sea! Your target is to unlock the Great White Shark quickly - it's the largest and deadliest of the sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution. Players need to feed it up and make it become a ten-ton killing machine.

    Here are some tips you need to know for Hungry Shark Evolution:

    • Before you start the game, make sure you watch the free video trailers for extra coins and gems.
    • Find out the giant crabs in dungeon entrance gates for the big boss fights.
    • Get yourself a baby shark. You can get one by purchasing it with coins or gems.
    • Collect all the goodies in the Daily Reward Treasure Chest every day.
    • Take advantage of the Gold Rush.


    • Amazing 3D graphics
    • Unlock 12 kinds of sharks
    • Intuitive touch
    • Compete over 75 missions
    • Get your sharks great items and gadgets
    • Sync all the game data with Google+ account
    • Contain in-app purchases
  • Spore

    Spore, developed by Electronic Arts in 2008, is a life simulation game which allows you to control the development of a species when it was still a microscopic organism. Spore covers a variety of different genres like real-time strategy, action, and role-playing games. You can take advantage of those creators to produce content for the games through each stage.

    Spore is a video game which can be divided into five stages. Meanwhile, there will be a difficulty selector for you to choose to achieve. The default mode for Spore is the easiest level. You need to advance to the next stage or go on playing the current level once you’ve completed the primary objective.

    Five Stages

    • Cell Stage: The Cell Stage, also known as the Tide Pool stage, is the first stage of this game which starts with the scientific concept of panspermia. Players begin this game when the microscopic organism moves on the 2D plane with the effect of living inside a petri dish. Similar to the game FLOW, in this stage, the cell has to adapt to the fluid dynamics and predators. Players need to determine whether the creature is a herbivore or a carnivore and choose their starting organism before the game begins.
    • Creature Stage: Next level for creatures to evolve is called Creature Stage in Spore. In a three-dimensional environment, the game makes the ground act as a plane. Your aquatic creature goes to the beach to find its brood mates and leads them to a coast to build a nest, the phenomenon mentioned above will be the starting sign of the stage. Players evolve and come across various topics like habitats, environment, migration, and reproduction since the Creature Stage will be more advanced.
    • Tribal Stage: Players in the Tribal Stage aims to take advantage of domination and cooperation to fight with other tribes through forming simple societies. Players can enter the Tribal Stage after their species evolve sapience. Players cannot evolve into new species anymore since this is an RTS style game in which the players have to take care of the whole tribe. In this stage, what acts an important role in the tribe is behavior. How the players utilize the creatures will affect their behaviors. For instance, the autonomic behavior will appear if the player uses the creature aggressively. Conversely, the behavior will be more gentle if the player uses the creature peacefully.
    • Civilization Stage: The Civilization Stage will appear when the players’ tribe occupy all the Homeworld of the other species. Meanwhile, the species will be divided into several nations competing for spice, a mineral resource. Players can take control of a single nation. The players will try their best to unite the whole planet and conquer it in the way which can be military, religious, economic, or even allied.
    • Space Stage: Players aim to spread through the galaxy following the new paths and goals provided by the Space Stage, which will be the most expansive stage and the one that will never be ended. The Space Stage is also known as a sandbox since players can take the entire control of everything.


    ● It requires no disc after installation of Spore. However, players need disc after installing Spore Galactic Adventures, unless they download Spore directly onto their computer.

    ● Spore was listed #20 on Time’s list of the Greatest Inventions of 2008.

  • Dancing Line

    Launched by Cheetah Games, Dancing Line is a funny game in which you need to tap on the screen to lead the line to move around according to the flow. The line will crash to end the game if you don't touch on the line without delay. The goal of Dancing Line is not only to notice the traps and obstacles but also to play along with the music.

    Dancing Line is compatible with both the iOS and Android systems. Come and enjoy the relaxed game to test your rhythm skills! Enjoy the wonders and surprises Dancing Line leaves for you! We will introduce you a series of tips and tricks of Dancing Line in the following section.

    Tips & Tricks

    ☞ Tap precisely

    One of the most important things for Dancing Line is to tap with precision, which means that the line will crash if your action behaves earlier or later than the line. However, you can get back to the normal position if large space exists. Therefore, remember to be timely when playing Dancing Line.

    ☞ Practise more

    The advantage of Dancing Line is that it has some practice sessions for you to exercise. Nothing happens when failing in the practice levels and it makes you more confident and prepare you for the actual levels.

    ☞ Expect layout changes

    You can predict when you can make the tap by seeing the path. Meanwhile, there are also guides that the line will travel along. You don't need to mind some obstacles which are just popping out to confuse you. What you need to do is that mind the path your line traveling along and neglect the backgrounds popping up.

    ☞ Follow the music

    There will be some hints when you play Dancing Line to the music carefully. As you upgrade your level, the music makes some changes along with the new level. It will be a good way for you to rely on the music if you can listen to it well.

    Dancing Line features

    ◆ Provide the simple practice mode

    ◆ Guide users with the original background music

    ◆ Increase the difficulty with their own stories in multiple levels

  • Fruit Ninja Free

    Fruit Ninja 5th anniversary special game! Play Fruit Ninja Free like never before!

    Game Features:

    • Slice fruit, don't slice bombs.
    • Slice for higher scores.
    • Use powerups and special bananas.
    • Enjoy the nuances of Classic, Zen and Arcade mode.
    • Meet new amazing characters.
  • Temple Run

    Compete with your friends for the highest scores in Temple Run!The story begins with your stealing the cursed idol from the temple, and you need to run as fast as you can to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys.

    Try to avoid the obstacles in your running and jumping, collect coins and unlock new characters. Let’ see how far you can run!

    • Hold your phone in a proper and comfort way. You need to feel natural and comfort if you want to earn a high score.
    • At the beginning of the game, you should upgrade with the coin magnet power-up. And you'd better unlock upgrades in the following order: Coin Magnet first, then Double Value, then 50 Coin, then Invisibility, and last the 250 M-Boost.
    • Since many obstacles in Temple Run need you to slide to jump, it's better for you to jump more than slide. And you will get higher scores for jumping other than sliding under.
    • Remember that money can't buy life. If you're interested in earning coins, pay attention to the obstacles in front of you and stick to the middle path.


    • “A fast and frenzied experience.” -
    • “More than 50 million players all over the world!”
    • “Most thrilling and fun running game in a while, possibly ever.” -
  • Geometry Dash Lite

    Geometry Dash Lite is a small leisure game that is released by RobTop Games to practise players' reaction. Players can tap the screen to help the dash avoid different levels of obstacles.

    This game also supports players to DIY the level, and they can share the levels with their friends. In this game, players need to use the dash to cross the obstacles with the rhythm-based platform.

    It is interesting for players to enjoy and it can bring lots of entertainment for the whole day! Lots of features are waiting for your experience. Come and enjoy it and challenge yourself to improve your skills.

    ★ Artwork

    The artwork is simple and super clean, including the triangles amd the square. Users will find it satisfying to play.

    ★ Music and SFX

    The background music is pretty retro that will give you the feeling of playing a wonderful game. The music and the game sync together well.

    ★ Story and Originality

    There is no story line in Geometry Dash Lite. You have to try hard to avoid all the triangles and get to the finish line.

    Geometry Dash Lite is a music-themed action platform game that users need to navigate a square in a very hostile environment. You can make your own levels and some of the levels are really challenging. The background music will make you feel even better during the game.

  • Slime Rancher

    Published by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher is a first-person life simulation video game in which players have the control of a farm which is full of slugs. Besides they aim to survive through solving problems and amassing fortune in the business of slime ranching.

    Officially released on August 1, 2017, Slime Rancher was available on macOS, Windows, Linux and Xbox One. Users will control a role named Beatrix LeBeau who moves from the earth to a planet far away to enjoy the life of a “slime rancher”. Players will face challenges each day when playing this game. Come to challenge it now!

    Your is Beatrix LeBeau who is a rancher and somewhat clumsy. Meanwhile, she has made the deep space as the best place to operate her ranch. Your goal is to keep the ranch running. However, there will be adorable slugs around the area. You need to train the slugs since that they are not very smart. Taking advantage of the poop of slugs, you can sell it for more items which are needed on the ranch.

    Here in this game, you can throw whatever you don’t like into space or across the ranch. There will be a pack for you collecting the different types of valuable poop. Besides, you need to find evil slugs which can only be defeated by using certain maneuvers. Moreover, you can also purchase items to upgrade your equipment.


    • Stay busy playing all the way
    • Slugs in this game are adorable
    • Upgrade items you’ve got


    • Sound quality not the best
  • Call of Mini

    As a third-person multiplayer shooting game, Call of Mini Infinity enables players to use powerful weapons and high technological armor to defend their base from the attack of alien. Meanwhile, they can also team up with their friends to challenge the powerful space bosses. And players will enhance their combat power and surviving ability of their character through this game.

    Call of Mini Infinity offers players a fluid and direct action type which will not usually be seen on Android terminals. Meanwhile, the control system is more adaptable to touch screens. Call of Mini Infinity is available on both iOS and Android devices. Download this app to start your protection travel of the planet now!

    Call of Mini Infinity Features:

    ◆ Enjoy the thrilling battles.

    ◆ Use powerful weapons to fight against enemies.

    ◆ Fluid 3D shooting gameplay.

    ◆ Gain desirable buffs by upgrading armor.

    ◆ Learn talents and skills to customize the way you fight others.

    ◆ Defeat epic bosses through the cooperation with friends.

    ◆ Challenge various of combat missions.

    How to play it?

    The player uses both of his or her thumbs to control the soldier on either side of the screen copying a game controller. When the player is moving the soldier on the left side, the right side will be used to aim. It serves as a replacement of having the actual joysticks. The shoot and reload buttons also locate on the right side. There are upgrades later in the game such as turrets and grenades. In addition, Call of Mini Infinity offers responsive controls to make users play well due to the rectangular device.

  • Cooking Fever

    Cooking Fever provides you sorts of menus of meals and desserts all around the world. Make a choice from 13 unique locations, you can practice your cooking skills and techniques in kinds of different settings from fast food to delicate desserts. Use hundreds of ingredients to make your food tasty and fun.

    Have a try on all types of appliances including coffee makers, pizza ovens, juicers and rice cookers. You can also decorate your kitchen and restaurant to attract customers. Produce your style of cooking dishes including bakery, seafood, sushi, Chinese food, ice cream or fast food recipe. Have fun with Cooking Fever and share your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook.

    Features of Cooking Fever will be listed as follows:

    ◆ This game has 13 different locations including the Bakery, Pizza, Ice Cream Shop, Corn Dog Van, House of Crab, Indian, Fast-Food, Chinese, Seafood, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Bar, Paradise Cocktail Bar, and Cafe Mexican. More and more other locations are coming.

    ◆ With the higher level you get, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances and interior decoration.

    ◆ There are more than 400 kinds of dishes used to cook different meals.

    ◆ In this game, more than 400 levels are provided for players to complete.

    Cooking Fever adopts the different ingredients to cook meals. You can improve your cooking skills in a different environment including the fast food store to the desert shop.

    Upgrading of the kitchenware decreases your cooking time. You will earn more if the customers wait for a short period. You can also upgrade your kitchen and food to improve your cooking speed. Come and download this application to enjoy the cook now!

  • Disney Crossy Road

    Developed by Disney, Disney Crossy Road is a Disney version of Crossy Road with the same design and Playing mode. The game offers more than 100 classic Disney figures in 3D Pixel Style including Mickey, Donald, Buzz Lightyear, Mufasa, Rapunzel and so on. What's more, it designs ten unexpected obstacles in the 8-bit worlds of Zootopia, Toy Story, The Lion King and more.


    Parkour Gameplay & 3D Pixel Style

    with the same play style of Crossy Road, users will control a pixelated 3D character to cross the street and avoid numerous obstacles.The whole game has no limit time and numbers; you can cross the road, get hit and restart over and over again.

    Over 100+ Disney figures

    Based on famous classic animation, Disney provides users an extensive list of cartoon figures including Mickey Mouse, Donald, Mufasa, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, etc. you can also see new characters like Judy Lane and Nick from the famous movie, Crazy Animal City.

    Journey through 8-bit depictions of crazy worlds

    Besides Al’s Toy Barn, the Haunted Mansion, the Pride Lands of Africa, San Fransokyo, you can also enjoy 8-bit versions of familiar tunes like “I Just Can’t Wait to be King!” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

    Special themed challenges unique to each world

    While you are playing, you will never know which awesome challenge you will meet. For example, weathering blizzards, avoiding thundering stampedes of wildebeest, collecting cherries to earn special power-ups, staying clear of falling barrels, and more for you to explore!


    Besides collecting coins appearing randomly in the game, you can also get coins by watching ads. You may choose to ignore them, but you may in urgent need of them once you want to unlock new characters.

  • Doodle Jump

    Doodle Jump is extremely suitable for those people who dream to fly higher and higher. It's full of fun and crazy elements such as jetpacks, mushrooms, snowballs, aliens and so on.

    It makes the player use a graffiti monster jump up constantly through plenty of moving or still things like broken platform, black holes, UFOs or bad guys, depends on which scene you choose to play. It is surely an interesting game with certain skills and strategies.

    The higher you jump, the larger score you get. Scores can be uploaded to social platforms so that your friends can play together with you. As a game began in March 2009, Doodle Jump has been downloaded more than 10 million times just one year later. Download now and have fun with it!

    Doodle Jump Features:

    ♥ So many fantastic worlds to play in - Ninja, Space, Soccer, Jungle, Snow, Underwater, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter, and Pirates!

    ♥ Pick up your favorite power-ups - Jet Packs, Rockets, Trampolines, Propeller Hats and more.

    ♥ Try your best to avoid trippy obstacles - UFOs, Black Holes, Various Monsters.

    ♥ Play with your friends and compete in the global leaderboards.


    Offered by VOODOO, is an online game in which you can experience the feeling of conquest and achieve your goal of killing every intruder. can be available on smartphones(iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone), and tablet. Aside from that, is also playable in browsers, like Safari and Chrome.

    As a multiplayer game, is easy to learn and play where you need to eliminate your opponents by touching their tail to expand your territory. Being a crazed game on Android and iOS now, maybe you need some tips and strategies to help you get 100 percent score.

    Tips & Strategies

    ◆ Turning off your Wifi and network connection to disable ads. Thus you can keep yourself focused on the game if you're hardcore practicing.

    ◆ Watching a timed ad on the title screen helps you get extra lives which you cannot get without data connection.

    ◆ In corners you can take large chunks if you are sure that no opponents can cut you off. Squeeze near the border if you can make it.

    ◆ It will be a great bonus if you kill other players. However, you should do it only when you see the obvious opportunity while getting your space.

    ◆ The best score, current percentage and kill count will appear on the top left of the match if you want to know about that.

    ◆ You need more or less to start the match from the beginning if you keep failing all the time.


    It seems that you may die out of nowhere when you just get started of The ways of where you may die and lose instantly will be listed as follows.

    ◆ Another player clashes with you when you are in their color.

    ◆ You will die if you don't connect your drawing line to the bolded base.

    ◆ Lose if another player disrupts your trail.

  • Snake

    Snake is a classic casual puzzle game which is simple and has lasting appeal. By controlling travel direction of the snake, to make the snake eat food and become longer and longer. Then you get scores.

    You need to find food, control the direction and eat food. One bite gets certain scores, snake's body will get longer and longer and the game will become more and more difficult.

    The snake cannot hit the wall and cannot bite its own body and tail. When you get enough scores, you can come to the next level.

  • Sonic Dash

    Sonic Dash provides you the best 3D environments to dash, jump and spin your way. Challenge the obstacles in this endless running game.


    ❍ Amazing Abilities - Use Sonic's power to dodge hazards.

    ❍ Stunning Graphics - The beautiful and detailed world comes on both tablets and mobile phones.

    ❍ Multiple Characters - Choose the one you like to play.

    ❍ Epic Boss Battles - Fight against Dr. Eggman and Zazz.

    ❍ Power-ups - Unlock, win or buy power-ups to help you run further.

    ❍ Socially Connected - Invite your Facebook friends to have a challenge on the leader boards.

  • Stack

    Stack up the blocks as high as you can!


    ◆ Simple and clean interface

    ◆ Beautifully designed graphics

    ◆ Compete for the best score all over the world

  • Vector

    Vector is a kind of arcade game that you can play as a free runner in a totalitarian world. Run, vault, slide and climb with extraordinary techniques. Stay strong and break free.

    Vector Game Features:

    ♥ 20 challenging levels.

    ♥ Quick to learn, but hard to master.

    ♥ Don't get caught.

    ♥ Break free and run.

    What's New:

    ✔ Adding 1 Construction track

    ✔ Adding 8 Techopark tracks

    ✔ Fixed purchasing crash problem

    ✔ Fixed inability to restore Deluxe version after uninstall

  • Tap Tap Dash

    Launched by Cheetah Games, Tap Tap Dash is an addictive game in which players aim to tap to jump and swipe the screen to ensure that the character they play doesn't fall off the platform. It is similar to the endless running game such as the Dancing Line.

    With different speed, the game becomes a little difficult for people to master but simple to control. There are totally 1000 levels involving in Tap Tap Dash which will be a long-time battle. Come and challenge it to unlock new characters now!

    Tap Tap Dash is available on both Android and iOS devices. Here we've offered a list of tips and strategies for players who take Tap Tap Dash as a great challenge.

    Tips & Strategies

    ◆ Stay in the center

    Keep in mind to stay on the center of the platform to avoid falling off the platform. Please check the platform and see whether it is wide enough for you to run through or not. Staying in the center will be a good way to keep yourself safe.

    ◆ Time your movements

    Timing your movements will be one of the most important elements that determine whether you can make the victory of the game. You need to practice from time to time to get better through the timely movements.

    ◆ Snails for the win

    You can use snails which are like premium currency in the game to help you slow down for your needs. And the effects will disappear when you jump to another platform. However, you need to pay with real money if you want to get some snails.

    ◆ Go offline once in a while

    The ads won't pop up if you play the game offline. However, the disadvantage is that you cannot get snails when you are offline playing.

    ◆ Watch the levels again

    Practice once again and check the platform of the level carefully whenever you lose or complete a level. However, you can only watch the area in which you made progress.

  • Angry Birds Rio

    Angry Birds Rio is a production of the developer and the firm cooperation. Rio is a kind of cartoon movie created in the 20th century. In this game, the angry birds are kidnapped in a magic city and they need to hide from the track of the hunters. The goal of this game is to rescue their partners named Blu and Jewel.

    This game has the same image style with the Angry Birds. Players can see those angry birds appeared in the last version. In the aspect of music, it uses the style of the music from Latin America.


    • 320 levels!
    • 72 Plus action-packed bonus levels!
    • 12 addictive episodes!
    • Spectacular Boss Fights!
    • Get some help from your Macaw buddies!

    A full game of Angry Birds Rio! Download it now! The Angry Birds have been kidnapped to the mysterious city of Rio de Janeiro! You have to save them out! Come and challenge yourself to defeat the enemies now!

  • Nasty Goats

    In the game of Nasty Goats, you need tp help those escaped animals eat as much as they can before the farmer captures them.


    ◆ Five different locations are waiting for you to find.

    ◆ Discover the special hidden area.

    ◆ Six kinds of goats to play and collect.

    ◆ Customize your nasty goats with 50 wearable items.

    ◆ Add some bonus points to your score with crazy combos.

  • Smash Hit

    Smash everything in your path with Smash Hit. You will need focus, concentration, and timing to travel as far as you can. In the meantime, you need to break the pretty glass objects that stand in your way.


    ◆ Smashing obstacles and targets in your path.

    ◆ Experience the best destruction effects on mobile devices.

    ◆ Changing music and audio effects to suit each stage.

    ◆ More than 50 different rooms in 11 graphic styles.

    ◆ Realistic mechanics in each stage.

    ◆ Smash Hit is free to play and with no ads.

  • Jetpack Joyride

    Get ready to go for a ride in Jetpack Joyride - from the creator of Fruit Ninja! Choose your favorite jetpacks and go on a one-way trip to adventure!

    Jetpack Joyride Game Features:

    ♥ Fly higher and reach higher scores.

    ♥ Collect coins and complete missions.

    ♥ Earn cash and buy some new gear.

    ♥ Pick your favorite jetpack and snazzy outfit.

    ♥ Stay alive, get funky and lose yourself.

    Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack:

    1. Turn the Music Off

    2. Buy coins when necessary

    3. Always use Headstarts

    4. Focus on small taps for Ground based Vehicles

    5. Opt for the right Gadgets

    6. Don’t waste your Final Blasts and Quick Revives

    7. Keep the Taps to the Upper Left Corner of the Screen

    8. Focus on Missions

  • Vector 2

    Vector is an exciting, parkour-simulation game in which users can run everywhere without being hold down by any obstacles of the system.

    Vector is inspired by a classical anti-utopia novel "1984" by George Orwell, in which Big Brother is a dictator. Ruled by Big Brother for a long time, our main character finally comes to himself and lead a journey of running from utopia.

    Vector 2 is no doubt a continuation of Vector made by Russian independent studio Nekki. The plot of Vector 2 continues the storyline and brings users back to the future world, in which the Big Brother keeps track of any actions of the people.

    Vector 2 also adds new locations and enemies, new kinds of obstacles and pitfalls, and a huge set of additional gadgets to unlock.


    ◆ Arcade-style gameplay from the makers of the hit Facebook game

    ◆ Highly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves

    ◆ Cascadeur animation tools

    ◆ 20 challenging levels included(40 in the "Deluxe" Version)

    ◆ Quick to learn, challenging to master


    You can be a better runner with good equipment! The experimental high-tech gear will help you survive a little longer and find ways to upgrade it.

    If you are a parkour lover, then don't miss Vector 2! The best parkour-inspired action game ever!

  • is an online shooting game in which you can control a tank and shoot opponents and any obstacles. Users can play the game from a browser or via an app. If you play the game via your browser, there's no need to install anything. Just enter your name and you may start playing.

    It seems that there are two ways to begin developing your tank: as a gunner, or as a ram. There are 16 different kinds of tanks and eight kinds of upgrading skills for users to play with. By shooting down enemy tanks, users will get scores to upgrade tanks and skills.

    Eight skills that you can improve to upgrade:

    - Body damage

    - Health regen

    - Max health

    - Bullet damage

    - Bullet speed

    - Bullet penetration

    - Movement speed

    - Reload


    - Simple and easy to operate

    - addictive with upgrades and get a lot of fun

    - Many possibilities and chances to customize your tank


    - It could be laggy sometimes

    - Play it on a large screen will give you much better experience

  • Piano Tiles 2

    Piano Tiles 2 is the latest sequel of last year’s Piano Tiles. The game is more delicate and smooth now. Remember how many players has been conquered by Do not Step on the White Pieces since last year? And this summer, Piano Tiles 2 officially came into players’ view.

    The background of this game turns into a colored one with speculative bubbles. And a kind of rebound effect appears when switching between menus. The game makes the effort on the overall design.

    Users can play the game by listening to their favorite music, among which you can think the black and white pieces as a row of piano keys.

    What’s New

    ★ The login option allows your to sync game data to all your devices.

    ★ All new gameplays, and you can compete with your friends.

    ★ Instead of just black and white, Piano Tiles 2 now is available with multiple colors with brand-new color themes.

    ★ Users can enjoy and feel the music and play as professional pianists.

    ★ Save your piano performance and share with your friends and family.

    Unlike the last one, Piano Tiles 2 focuses on perfecting the game itself. Players can decide which song they want to play. As you perform longer, the game gets harder. And a bonus level named Endless Rush is appeared to challenge you.

    More levels you pass, more coins you can get to unlock songs to play. Piano Tiles 2 has sorts of classical songs from Beethoven to Mozart, which you can totally enjoy yourself in the music world.

    And the Hall mode allows you to compete against others from all over the world, you will get addicted to this opening competition for becoming the fastest ranking player in a global circumstance.

  • Princess Coin Palace

    Come to the wonderland of Princess Coin Palace! Enjoy the most played coin game with the gorgeous interface and beautiful visuals. Help the Princess collect more prizes and coins, unlock her powers and make her a Queen.

    With Princess Coin Palace, users can collect dozens of frozen awards and choose adorable characters. This game has world class 3D graphics, which is amazingly special and unique. The Queen's Slot provides mini-game to win plenty of prizes.

    You can unlock kinds of achievements and seek fortunes on the way. Princess Coin Palace is surely a good game to kill time with the wonderful theme and special characters. Download it now and enjoy!

  • Blackmoor

    Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest, is a kind of Arcade game with ghosts, goblins and street fightings. Users can play it with several companions.

    You have 7 heroes waiting for you with weapons and magic powers. While you are fighting against the 57 enemies, you can also enjoy incredible atmospheric background music. Choose random arms and various pets as you like.

    Make full use of 16 unique maps and have fights with different bosses. Share the game with friends and family via sorts of social medias. With the newest update, you should experience this smooth game right now. Welcome to follow the developer at Download and have fun!

  • Twisty Wheel

    As a spinning game developed by tastypill, Twisty Wheel gets users to spin the wheel, match the color on the arrow with the wheel color for a high score. You may get immersively addicted to this spinning wheel. What level can you get to? How many color arrows on earth can you match on this amazing wheel? Download it right now to find out.

    How to Play

    > Tap on your screen to spin the wheel

    > Match the color on the arrow with the color of the circle dial

    > Each level requires an additional color match to complete

    > The arrow will change its colors on each tap and the dial will twist back and forth.

    What's New

    ◉ Added five new un-lockable themes

    ◉ Fixed screen glitching bug

    ◉ More new content coming soon!

  • Backflip Madness

    Backflip Madness is an exciting and extreme parkour game that requires a quick reaction. The goal is simple - try your best to make the most incredible tricks and stunts.

    Always keep in mind that you should calculate the distance in advance, or your character may die of failing to complete the figure in the air.


    - Many backflips and locations

    - Free running acrobatics

    - Achievements, Challenges and Scoreloop

    - Experiencing realistic physics

    - Three difficulty levels

    - Action replay

    - Normal and ninja outfit options


    - The Android version of Backflip Madness has three difficulty levels.

    - All of the actions are made in 3D graphics, so enjoy the feeling of everything really happening.

  • Endless Ducker

    Endless Ducker is an exciting PUZ game released by the Dude Perfect team on August 15th. With simple and straightforward rules, it's quick to handle for people of different ages.

    The major action this game will involve is tapping on either side of the screen to command different moves of the character. Tapping on the left will initiate a forward slide, while the right causes the character to jump over an obstacle. Each obstacle he jumps, some points will be scored according to the difficulty. Anything lying in front of him must be treated as obstacles including Table tennis tables, flying Basketballs, panda toys, and wooden boxes. What's tricky is that these obstacles may pop out all of a sudden, so it's crucial to get the right timing and react quickly. To get a high record, every player needs to eliminate lumps as many as he can.

    About Dude Perfect

    As a sports entertainment team based on Youtube in the America, Dude Perfect is made of 5 members who are all former basketball players in high school and roommates at Texas A&M University. They are twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. The main content in their Youtube channel is their unique sports methods, and also the hilarious ways they make fun of current stereotypes existing in the sports field. With more than 2 billion total views and 13 million subscribers this years, they have been the 29th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

    In 2011, the team released their first game application named after their team, Dude Perfect both for iOS and Android. In 2016 this August, they launched Endless Ducker which climbed to the top of the Paid Apps list in store.

    About Endless Ducker

    Simple as it seems with easy sliding and jumping, one also needs to know some tricks to handle the game better. For example, the moving obstacles can be really tough to avoid compared to the steady ones. Sometimes, there isn't enough space between two obstacles for you to jump or slide. When things get tricky, don't forget to use combo actions namely doing a slide while jumping.

  • Geometry Dash Meltdown

    The brand-new Geometry Dash Meltdown game comes with more spikes and monsters you can imagine. This Arcade game allows you flex your fingers when you jump, fly and flip your way through obstacles and caverns. Geometry Dash Meltdown provides three significant levels along with music from F-777.

    Users can challenge themselves and improve skills by playing practice mode. Customize your character by unlocking individual meltdown icons and colors. Enjoy yourself with the rhythm-based action game. There will be more levels next. Keep attention with RubRub and we promise a better game experience!

    Geometry Dash Meltdown is the sequent version of the Geometry Dash. The methods of how to play this game don't have so big changes. Players can also use the same method of playing the game, run with the rhythm by controlling the dice. Compared with the prior games, its image quality has been improved and there exists better design of the level.


    ◆ This game is rhythm-based.

    ◆ More levels for players to challenge.

    ◆ Adding different tools makes the game more interesting.

    ◆ Unlock the difficult levels and upgrade yourself.

    This version is similar to the prior versions. Players need to jump through a variety of various obstacles with the rhythm. There will be more unexpected new traps added in this game, such as the image reversal. Meanwhile, players can also design the levels freely and share those levels on the internet and play with other players.

  • Don't Tap The White Tile

    The original game of Piano Game Playing. Don't Tap The White Tile is super fun and world famous for its unique playing methods. It doesn't need special skills to play; the game is all about highly-attended mind and fast fingers.

    The rules are clear and simple: play your piano without touching the white tiles. Have a try at it and compete against your friends to see how much score you can get. You can customize classical soundtracks and choose multicolored themes.

    The game is booth smooth and addictive, come and share your score with friends on Facebook and Twitter! Play it now and imagine yourself as a real pianist!

    Don't Tap The White Tile:

    ♥ Go further: Challenge your speed limits

    ♥ More than 160 million players all over the world

    ♥ Choose Fast, Slow or Obstacles to play

    ♥ Customize your theme

    ♥ Train yourself, tap faster and faster

  • Picker 3D

    Play the easy game and get more stars! It will be your best time killer!

    Game Features:

    - Drag picker to right or left

    - Pick everything and open gates

    - Reach high scores

    What's New:

    - Added new themes

    - Updated store

    - Added new power-ups

    - Added sound on/off

    - Fixed iPhone 11 issues

  • Glow Hockey

    As a new style of hockey game, Glow Hockey introduces a new way of the hockey game. It's easy to begin with, but difficult to master. You can challenge yourself with the powerful computer opponents. It supports almost all Android devices for mips, x86, armeabi, and armeabi-v7a.


    ❍ Two-player mode.

    ❍ Two kinds of themes.

    ❍ Amazing graphics with multiple colors.

    ❍ Smooth and responsive experience.

    ❍ Use some realistic physics.

    ❍ Four difficult levels.

    ❍ Support almost all devices.

  • Wire

    Developed by Ketchapp, Wire, similar to the endless runner type game, Flappy Bird, is a fancy new game which you need to navigate the wire to go as far as possible avoiding a series of challenging obstacles. There are totally 19 unlockable skins provided in this game to offer you a unique game experience.

    Your mission is to lead the wire to go through colorful obstacles without hitting anything since the wire goes up and down depending on your touching and releasing. The game of Wire is available on both the Android and iOS devices. Ready to lose your weekend to the Wire #SorryBro? Welcome you to download it freely!

    Tips & Guide

    Avoiding everything

    You need to avoid everything back when going through the multiple colors which could be blue, white and something else. Don't worry when you come across the white or any kinds of color because black is the color that you should avoid.

    Going straightly

    It will be better if you can hold the curved line straightly and make it move in a straight manner based on the area situation. However, sometimes you cannot go straightly due to the different layout.

    Staying in a zone

    One of the best ways to avoid obstacles is to stay in one place until the barriers come. For instance, just remain in the middle if you want and move when the obstacles start to appear. You need to move flexibly based on how the layout changes.

    Calming yourself

    You need to move your finger to touch the screen making the line go where you want. However, it messes up if you have a little shaking of your finger. To calm your finger and make it move smoothly will be one of the essential elements for Wire.

    Collecting diamonds

    The diamonds that can be collected will appear along the way when you are moving forwards. You can unlock the items in this app using the collected diamonds. One important thing is that just go forward and don't move back if you have missed some diamonds.

    Bottom Line

    Are you a fan of stylish graphics game? If you are the one who is not afraid of spending the whole afternoon playing the game that you cannot beat, Wire will be the good choice for you to challenge yourself and enjoy.