Best Adventure Apps

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Update on May 15, 2020

    Many of you have been asking when will GTA5 be free" since the launch of the game. Now your dream has come true. And it's very likely to be the only chance to get GTA5 for free. GTA5 is now free for everyone, starting from May 14, through the next Thursday, May 21. Go to the Epic Store and claim this game during its featured week, and you can keep it for ever.

    Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of the most popular and successful video games the human history has ever seen. GTA 5 provides you a most realistic city, where you can melee attacks, firearms, explosives to fight enemies, and navigate its world by running, jumping, swimming or using vehicles. For a game like GTA 5 there is no need for introduction. Experience it yourself!


    • Michael, Franklin, and Trevor: Michael is a 40-year-old ex-con who has an airhead daughter, an idle son, and an unfaithful wife. Franklin is a young gang banger from Los Santos. Trevor, a sociopath with bloodthirsty tendencies, used to sell drugs in the desert and murder rednecks. Each character has eight skills that show their ability in certain areas like shooting and driving.
    • Play modes: The single-player mode enables players to control three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The three criminals' stories interconnect as they complete different missions. Some missions are completed by one character and others require two or three. Surprisingly, players can switch between characters to have unique fun.
    • Realistic adventure: Whether in San Andreas open countryside area or in the fictional city of Los Santos, the world in this game is much larger than earlier settings in the former series. It gives you a world waiting to be explored without any boundaries and you will get the feeling you're playing in a real place.

    Current problems and outrages of GTA 5 Online:

    Currently there are many problems reported with GTA 5 Online since its last relaunch. It is believed that the PC version of GTA 5 lies with Steam.

    Matter that needs your attention:

    Parental Control Needed:

    As we all know, GTA 5 is a game of crime, violence, nudity, drug and alcohol abuse. And as it is, Grand Theft Auto V is M-rated. Therefore, for safety concerns, it's better to keep it away from kids or try it in person before introducing it to your kids.

    No Official Mobile Version So Far:

    For fans who are so eager for a mobile version of GTA 5, so sorry to let you down. Currently GTA 5 can only be played on PC, XBOX and PS4. Unfortunately due to technical limitations (most of all hardware) there isn’t any official mobile version of GTA 5 released by Rockstar Games. If you really want to play GTA 5 on your cell phone, we provide you the APK file developed by a third party, which can satisfy your “desire”.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    Launched by Studio Wildcard, ARK: Survival Evolved is a sci-fi video-game where players aim to survive and not to be eaten by dinosaurs. And you need to use your skills to tame or kill the dinosaurs or other primeval creatures. Team up with other players to survive by hunting resources, growing crops, creating shelters and storing valuables.

    For the final release, there are more than 100 different creatures and most of which will be tamed. Download to take part in the challenge for survival now!

    ARK: A Distinctive Game

    What makes ARK Survival different is that there are dinosaurs here and people need to tame them. To fight the ruthless dinosaurs will not be so easy that you need to arm yourself by creating certain items and building shelters.

    Early Access Of ARK

    This game was released eventually in August 2017 after the period in Early Access over two years. It can be used for free on Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam. Besides, it requires a top-notch PC to play, or you will experience the freezes and jolts frequently.

    Creating Your Own Character

    You should create a character before you start this game. Between the male and female, you need to choose one. Meanwhile, you will have lots of options for customization. Similar to the game DayZ, ARK: Survival Evolved has many effects which can destroy your health, like the extreme cold and heat.


    ● Have your own dinosaurs tamed

    ● Own the atmosphere of Jurassic Park

    ● Customize yourself with a variety of options

    ● Offer online mode


    ● You will need excellent computer performance to resist the lags and make the game more accessible.

  • Pokemon Go

    Developed by Niantic, Pokémon Go is a free augmented reality mobile game for all iOS and Android devices. The game was released in July 2016 and gained lots of affection, then became the hottest game right now.

    It is also the first great game within the Pokemon franchise to finally land on mobile phones. It is an adventure where you'll need to go outside, move around and become a real Pokemon trainer.

    Any player who's ever played Ingress before will immediately know what you'll need to do and will quickly understand what the real idea is behind Pokemon GO.

    Those are not familiar with Ingress won't have too many issues either. The game turns your city into an enormous video game scene where you'll get to interact. Thanks to the GPS on your phone, your avatar within the game will move along with you so that you can get outside and capture Pokemon.

    Are you near a beach or a river? It's an excellent idea to check out those areas specifically so that you can find a water Pokemon.

    Do you need a plant Pokemon for your collection? Then it's time to have a picnic. Similarly, you can get new items when you visit the PokeStops, which are usually found at interesting places like art galleries, museums, and historical sites. You can also buy pokeballs and restock here before facing off against a rival trainer.

    Pokemon GO is an excellent role-playing game to explore on mobile phones. It's fabulous in every sense of the word. The game has an elegant interface as well as fantastic graphics. It is also well optimized. But, the most important thing is that you can catch a ton of Pokemon.

  • Minecraft: Story Mode

    Based on the video game Minecraft, this app is an episodic interactive graphic game where you are the main character who decides how the story will be developed.

    In Minecraft: Story Mode, you may play as a male or female hero named 'Jesse,' and embark on an incredible adventure across the world, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond.


    The background is set in an interpretation of the world of Minecraft where the main character, Jesse who is a passionate new Minecraft player who embarks on a journey with some friends to find The Order of the Stone – five legendary adventurers who once saved the Minecraft world.


    Episode 1: The Order of the Stone

    Episode 2: Assembly Required

    Episode 3: The Last Place You Look

    Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place

    Episode 5: Order Up!

    Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery

    Episode 7: Access Denied


    • Created by famous Telltale Games, in partnership with Minecraft creators, Mojang.
    • Featuring the voices of Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson, Brian Posehn, Scott Porter, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Billy West, and Paul Reubens.
    • You can lead the story as you like: what you say to people what you choose to do in specific moments of thrilling action will make this your very own story.


    Episode 7: Access Denied now becomes available to download via in-app service.

  • Minecraft

    Designed by Markus Alexej Persson in 2009, Minecraft is a sandbox game with a randomly generated 3D world where users can play based on the blocks made of texture mapping. Minecraft also features the world exploring, resources collecting, items synthetic, survival risk and more. There are multiple modes in this game, and gamers have to maintain their lives to build the world by collecting resources.

    Mine Craft won numerous awards and honors. Its sale has overpass 121 million until February 2017, making it the second ever popular games, only second to Tetris. However, on September 15, 2017, the iOS version of Minecraft didn’t offer access to users in mainland China. Therefore, all Chinese users cannot download and install this game or people who have installed it even cannot enjoy the update and support services.

    Multiple Modes of Minecraft

    • Survival Mode: As one of the most important modes in Minecraft, players have to collect natural resources all over the world to make squares and items. Based on different difficulty, players need to build a shelter at night to prevent the monsters who will appear in the dark area from a certain radius of distance. The life value of players will decrease when coming across the attack, drown, hunger or suffocation.
    • Hardcore Mode: Different from survival mode, hardcore mode is a variant mode in which the players cannot survive and change the difficulty of the game. Players only have one life in this mode, and the world will be removed once they die. However, they can survive only with spectator mode. Players cannot choose the cheating and rewards option in this mode.
    • Creative Mode: As one of the main game modes, the creative mode allows users to create and destroy the structure and remove the survival content. In this mode, players can achieve limitless resources and objects from the menu, and they can place or destroy them immediately. Players will have the ability to fly without bearing the harm and hungry. The creative mode mainly helps users focus on creating large-scale project.
    • Adventure Mode: Adventure mode is one mode used for users to play on their custom maps. Similar to the survival mode, it has some limitations for players. For instance, they cannot place blocks. One special design is that the command blocks which allows players to make interaction with other players through some server commands.
    • Spectator Mode: As one mode added in the new version of Minecraft, it allows players to observe the world through the flying mode. However, they cannot interact with the world and cannot move the creatures. In this mode, the backpack will become a menu. Players can get to other players’ location through the map. All the creatures will neglect the players who are in the spectator mode.


    ROBLOX is an online set of world for children and adults who like to build, compete and mingle with others. In the ROBLOX world, users may put together virtual components to make houses, vehicles, scenery, and traps. The game enables users to fight for possession, exchange creations, or just hang out at each other’s virtual land.

    It's like a virtual universe powered by imagination, and kids are also welcomed to take part in since the building and creating process is basically the same as playing with Lego.


    • Customizable characters: To initiate this function, you need to sign up first. The platform will give you a customizable character and an in-game real estate to play with.
    • Massive multi-player gaming platform: It's the largest user-generated community where more than 20 million visitors come each month to explore amazing 3D virtual worlds with friends and strangers.
    • Thousands of games to choose from: Play paintball, Run pizza shops, Explore other galaxies, Outmaneuver enemy jets, Fight Pirates, Race opponents through obstacle courses, Combat zombies, Star in a fashion show and Hang out with friends in a virtual club.
    • Message and chat features: Users may exchange ideas or simply just chat with each other during the game.


    • Free to download, with in-app purchases: ROBLOX is free to download, but some game items need to be purchased with real money.
  • LEGO

    LEGO® Jurassic World™ combines the fun of Lego game and the adventurous experience with dinosaurs from Jurassic World. The story line is based on Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park movie, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3, and Jurassic World. Players will be invited to an epic journey where they can build the Lego and explore the over 20 kinds of dinosaurs on the vast magic lands. The beloved characters from the movie also have their parts in this game.

    To get started with this game, you need to know that the free roam mode will open if you solve enough puzzles. There's also a two-player mode for you to explore. You can choose characters to play as from the 100 options, and each character possesses unique power. Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Triceratops are included in the over 20 dinosaurs.

    Game Features:

    • Enjoy the excitement of experiencing all four Jurassic films in one game: Go back to 65 million years ago in classic LEGO brick!
    • Customize your own dinosaur and human character: Players are allowed to design and create original dinosaurs completely out of your own wishes. TO achieve that, you need to collect LEGO amber and experiment with different DNA.
    • Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Choose from over 20 dinosaurs, including Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    • Explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Once you are done with the mission, you may put your unique dinosaur creations there.
    • Two-player cooperation mode: You can play with family and friends with easy access.
    • More than 100 unlockable characters to choose from: You can choose some characters to play as and each of them has different capabilities.
    • There are 20 difficulty levels, and every five stands for a film.

    Final thoughts:

    As one of the first Lego games with dynamic lighting and weather effects, it's a real nice touch game. The dialogue appeared in the game is taken directly from the movies . The awesome part is they even invite some casts of the latest Jurassic World movie to make some additional dialogue just for the game.

  • Terraria.

    Terraria - an adventure game full of mysteries and explorations. Players will build their own lands to defend and have fun. Select your favorite characters to begin with - an action gamer, an explorer, a collector, or a master builder. Kinds of options for you to choose.

    Terraria will provide players a land of unique experience on the journey, as well as the characters themselves. It's a mix of classic action game with freestyle of sandbox creativity. As a player, you need to fight for your survival, seek for the fortune, and win the glory in Terraria.

    The choice is in your hands - build your own city, have a combat with your enemies, or investigate deep into faraway regions. Explore and discover more than 300 weapons of magic, with which you will use in the coming battles. Besides, players can also go fishing, riding, floating, or building houses for NPCs. And there are much, much more waiting for you to explore.


    • DIG:Terraria provides a collection of unique Terrarian world which you never know what you'll find. Kinds of raw materials waiting for you to be found, used, and transformed. Organized with a strong crafting system, Terraria is full of possibilities and creativities.
    • FIGHT:Terraria offers plenty of armors and weapons like firearms, magic spells, swords, and more. When you defeat your enemy, their arms are yours, too! You can also use the weapons and designed traps to protect yourself from attack. Hold the weapons and show the enemy crowds who’s the boss!
    • BUILD:You can construct your ideal world as you like - become the architect and choose your favorite style. Build your very own home and start the exploration. Use your creativity and work with kinds of materials and equipment in Terraria. Create a statue of yourself, an impressive fortress, a complicated mechanical system or just a simple home - the choice is in your hands!


    • Terraria supports multiplayer mode with WIFI connection.
    • Terraria provides the best mobile experience for users with crafted pixel effect.
    • Terraria adds more weapons, potions, enemies, pets, bosses, block types and more every time it updates.
    • f you have any question about this game, please visit or follow the developer on Twitter @Terraria_Logic and @505_Games to get more information.
  • Crafting and Building

    Crafting and Building is a pixel-based building game where players can create their own characters, build structures with blocks and explode the world. It's a free and fun game suitable for people of all ages.

    Crafting and Building game is currently unavailable from official stores like Google Play Store and App Store. Upon starting the game, you will be given a couple of blocks to build your world with furniture and skins. It allows you to explore the worlds with friends and adopt a pet if you like. You can choose a wolf or a cat, ride a horse, and don't worry about dangers because there are no monsters in this game.

    Game Features

    • Create your own character
    • Build your house, castle, and temple using cubes and block pixels
    • Decorate your world with skins and furniture
    • The block types vary from grass block to diamond and temple stone.
    • The multi-player mode enables you to play with your friends and help each other with building
    • Friends in the game can reward you with items or other stuff
    • You can meet villagers while exploding
    • If you don't like playing with other people, you can choose to adopt a pet
    • Available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

    More information

    To play Crafting and Building on your device, you need to open some permissions:

    • access information about networks
    • read your contacts data.
    • prevent screen from dimming.
  • Diggy's Adventure

    Developed and first released on Facebook by Pixel Federation, Diggy's Adventure leads you to the fun combination of story-oriented adventure and challenging puzzle solving.

    Diggy’s Adventure unfolds its story by giving users the role of a titular explorer named Diggy with a big head who goes to Egypt with the purpose of looking for his father. Because the Egyptian gods have put a curse on this country result from a greedy ruler, Diggy makes an effort to try and restore the peace.

    On the way of finding your father, there are hundreds of fun maps and tunnels to be dug and hidden mystery of the gods to be solved. Diggy agrees to try and restore the peace.The gameplay mainly includes two distinct parts — building your “base camp” and exploring all sorts of underground mines and tombs.


    Energy is your most important resource which enables you to explore new places and complete quests. You can use gold to make new space, buy useful items and send off caravans to find valuable items for you. Gems can also be used to buy things, and it can also be purchased for real money in the game.

    While keeping an eye on your energy bar, the tasks you need fulfill in this game includes shoveling your way through the ruins, removing blocks out of your way and retrieving treasures and items. There are rocks, wood, sand and other stuff in all ruins that need to be cleared. By removing each block, you will get a chance to gain experience, earn gold or a precious item. Different tasks cost a different amount of energy.

    On you the way of exploring, you need to find a particular item or person in each different place you visit. The clues of how to find them will be given by people you meet on the way, so you'd better pay attention to them. Once you finish a part of the story, you 're allowed to go back your camp and recharge.

    You can dig out and fill your camp with useful items which will increase your energy or make it come back faster. More items can be added as you clear out a bigger space.


    Diggy’s Adventure now has 80,000 monthly active users and 10,000 daily active users. You can play with the whole family since the game is completely child-friendly.

  • Good Craft 2

    Developed by KnollStudio, Good Craft 2, the updated version of GoodCraft is an excellent adventure game which enables players to create the various construction of blocks, useful objects, and craft weapons. Here they can use lots of different blocks to move freely through the virtual scenario. GoodCraft 2 is like a clone version of Minecraft which mainly uses a virtual style based on blocks and users need to build a safe shelter to help them hide from numerous dangers. Furthermore, this game is quite fluid virtually on any device.

    GoodCraft 2 requires being downloaded and installed on Android 4.1+ devices or above. Do you want to play a game which gives you access to place blocks and go on adventures? Don’t hesitate to download GoodCraft 2 to have a try now!

    Key Features:

    ● You will see a huge number of blocks here in this game.

    ● GoodCraft 2 provides nice texture in high resolution.

    ● Users will enjoy the convenient and thoughtful game control.

    ● High FPS without compromise.

    ● Real time world generation.

    ● It will be available for users to enjoy the endless possibilities of cube world.

    ● This game runs smoothly with the highest optimization even on low-end phones.


    As a game of placing blocks and going on adventures, GoodCraft 2 enables people to enjoy a great updated sandbox experience, creative mode, survival, crafting and more else with multiple features.

  • Hanuman Hero Run

    Based on Indian Ramayana story, Hanuman Hero Run is a kind of running game on Android devices. Users could enjoy the most exciting and fast running experience during the game.

    This game is epic; you need run as fast as you can to overcome all the difficulties and through all levels.

    Hanuman is the Indian epic character in the game; you use this great character to run through all the vivid graphics; you need learn how to run, jump, attack, and other skills.

    You could also share your records on Facebook with your friends and ask them to play with you. Now begin to play the game and defeat the monster in the game. Write your own game legend and be a hero! Challenge yourself and pick up a sword!

  • GoodCraft

    Developed by KnollStudio, GoodCraft is an adventure game in which you will get useful resources, build constructions and craft objects, and then fight numerous enemies. Your mission is to survive on this big island of the Android game by using different blocks, demonstrating your imagination, building a house and crafting various weapons and tools. Search for resources like food needed for construction when traveling across the world. Use the new blocks you unblocked to change the world surrounded now!

    GoodCraft Features:

    ● Graphics of blocks in high resolution.

    ● Construction of various craft objects.

    ● Fight numerous enemies like wild animals.

    ● Unlock different types of blocks to change the world.

    Bottom Line

    The average score of GoodCraft is 4 of the total, which was a good rating in the Google Play Store. This app is sorted to the category of Adventure. Please note that GoodCraft can be downloaded and installed on Android devices supporting Android 4.1 or above.


    Join Kendall & Kylie in your own adventure! Choose your favorite path and make your unique story! Your followers are waiting for you. You can start a life in fashion, media and more! Connect with your friends and help each other succeed.


    ◉ Customize your style. Choose your character and look.

    ◉ Express yourself. Share what you like and help others when you succeed.

    ◉ Share pictures and stickers with your friends.

    ◉ Make your mark in fashion, media and more.

    The newest version comes with more clothes in store, and you can take part in more events! Go mainstream in Hollywood if you're level 10 or more!

    Notice that the game is free to play, but some in-app items may charge you some real money. You can disable the in-app purchases in Settings.

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the real-world augmented reality (AR) game inspired by the Wizarding World that puts magic in the hands of players worldwide. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is co-developed and co-published by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco as part of Portkey Games, a label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video games inspired by J.K. Rowling's original stories that place players at the center of their own adventure.

    Realize Your Wizarding Potential

    A calamity has befallen the wizarding world, causing Foundables—magical artefacts, creatures, people, and even memories—to mysteriously appear in the Muggle world. As a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, you’ll work with witches and wizards from across the globe to solve the mystery of The Calamity and keep magic safe from Muggle eyes.

    The Magic Is All Around You

    As you step outside and explore the world, the Map will reveal Traces of magic that indicate the location of Foundables. These Traces are found at various real-world locations and trigger richly detailed 3D encounters in full 360-degree advanced AR. You’ll need to cast a variety of spells to defeat the confounding magic surrounding the Foundables in order to safely return them to the wizarding world. Keep an eye out for other things that will aid you on your journey including Inns that replenish Spell Energy, ingredients that can be used to brew potions, and even Portkeys that can whisk you away to iconic wizarding world locations.

    Stronger United

    Gather your friends to take on even bigger magical feats such as Wizarding Challenges, real-time cooperative multiplayer battles against dangerous foes. To overcome the stronger threats and discover rarer Foundables, you’ll need to team up and strategize with your fellow witches and wizards and specialize in different magical Professions—Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor—that each have their own unique skills and abilities that come in handy at different times.Ready your wand, alert your friends, and be ready to protect the wizarding world from a global calamity. Your Wizarding adventure awaits!

  • Criminal Case

    Criminal Case: the 1st free hidden object game to solve murder cases. Join the Police of Grimsborough and have an investigation of who killed Rosa Wolf.

    You can look up each crime scenes for clues and question suspects, and then analyze evidence to point out the killer. Criminal Case is free to play, but some in-app items may charge real money.


    ★ Play with your friends

    ★ Investigate crime scenes

    ★ Question suspects and witnesses

    ★ Look for evidence and catch the killer

    Criminal Case is by far the most popular investigation game, it has more than 100 million players on Facebook and gathers many fans from over 200 countries every day.

    The game has a new investigation every week, and you will have to stay alert for clues and find out the killers. Have a try on the game and let's see if you can solve out all the crimes in Criminal Case.

  • Exploration Lite

    Exploration Lite is an adventure game with tons of creativities. Players have to build their own bases, mines, castles and much more they can imagine.

    The game has a 3D environment where you can move, create or transform the terrain. Inspired by Minecraft game, Exploration Lite is a free version of Exploration game you can enjoy.

    What’s new:

    ★ Removed the permission of unused “write external storage”