Spore for PC

Spore is a life simulation single-player game available for multiple devices including Microsoft Windows and Mac. It enables the players to take charge of the development of the species from the microscopic organism to the macrocosmic one.

Created by Will Wright, the father of The Sims, it was regarded as one of the best games focusing on user-generated content. There are 5 stages of the evolution process in this game. And players can enjoy this game since 5 stages offer players totally different genre of game.

Average User Rating:
4.9, 1369 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of Spore:

❍ Creating universe

Spore allows players to create one universe where they can control the evolution of the creatures included from the microscopic organism to the macrocosmic one. They can even make them as a social and intelligent creature.

❍ Evolving process

There are totally 5 stages for players to evolve their creatures in Spore. What may be the funniest thing is that your choices may affect the development of those creatures and finally, it will affect your fate of the game.

❍ Exploring the world

Do you want to rule your world or you like your planet to be blasted by the superior alien race? Come to explore your world and become stronger now!

❍ Sharing with others

What you have created here in this game will be shared with the other players. Spore also provide tons of cool creatures to players, and there are also some new places for them to visit.


• A good game for casual players

• Deep final stage of this game

• Full of user-generated content


• Early stages users may feel like a chore

• A little short

• Not so challenging

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