Hola Unlimited Free VPN for PC

Hola Unlimited Free VPN, before named Hola Unblocker or Hola Better Internet, is a powerful tool for different browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox to access video content in many other countries like USA, UK, etc. Hola can also be used by people who want to protect their privacy by surfing via proxy.

Hola is powerful because it enables users to get access to content which may not be available in their location. It means that users can access a whole new range of videos covering different types, such as Sports, Entertainment, Life and much more. There are over 140 million users all over the world. Meanwhile, Hola Unlimited Free VPN is available for multiple devices including Android, Windows PC, and Mac.

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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Key Features:

❥ Get access to BBC, Hulu, Netflix and more

Hola Unlimited Free VPN aims to give users access to different sites including Hulu, BBC, Pandora, Netflix and more which are blocked outside the USA. Besides, for people who are outside HongKong, Hola gives them access to those blocked content on sites like Channel 4, ITV, and BBC iPlayer. You just need to click on the logo to switch the site you want to watch.

❥ Reliable for streaming videos

Generally, Hola Unlimited Free VPN offers users fast and smooth browsing and streaming videos viewing experience. However, sometimes, we also can come across some issues when using it with Hulu platform. It may cost a long time to change among different countries or even sometimes it simply doesn’t work. In other words, it won’t stream any videos at all when choosing the right proxy for certain countries.

❥ Unblock some countries by adding scripts

What attracts people most is the feature that Hola allows users to add scripts to unblock the videos if it can’t unblock a particular video site in a certain country or region. There is a search box which will automatically provide users the possible scripts to help them unblock the service they want to. Hola Unlimited Free VPN is considerably more powerful than most other proxy switchers though it is not reliable in some cases.

❥ A great tool for American expats

Hola Unlimited Free VPN will be a great tool for those American expats who miss their favorite blocked content from back home or for people who like British and American movies and TV shows. There will be no doubt that Hola will be one of the best proxy switcher add-ons.


• A powerful tool for users to watch Pandora, BBC, Hulu, etc.

• Users can install and setup this software easily.

• For certain regions, you can customize it with scripts.

• Hola helps unblock the content out of your region.


• Hola will be slow in watching videos sometimes.

• This software cannot unblock all the regions.

• It doesn’t work properly for some country proxies.

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