FreeCell Free for PC

Free Cell Free is a classic solitaire card game suitable for people of all ages. No matter beginners or advanced players, you can enjoy enormous fun in through this game.

Free Cell Free is designed for Windows users, and it has two versions. The free version lets you have fun in a simple way and enjoy its resizable game board. You can also purchase the full version to reach the advanced levels and try different play modes.

  • License:Free
  • Developer:Summit Data Corp
  • Category: Games, Card
  • Link:Official Website
Average User Rating:
4.7, 1140 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.


◆ It has Autocomplete to help you finish the game

◆ Updated Scoring system for you to have better game experience

◆ Several modes for you to choose from

◆ Various themes to personalize your game (Need to purchase the full version )

◆ The game will save your state if you are interrupted.

◆ It will give you hints when you get stuck.

◆ There are unlimited undo chances when you regret your moves.


◆ Provides hints if you get stuck

◆ Undo is an option

◆ Resizable game board


◆ Useless scoring system

◆ Level and themes changes require payment

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