Adblock Plus for PC

Adblock Plus, simply named ABP, is as an open-source ad blocking software which works with most browsers to provide a way to enjoy their favorite content without any advertisements. As a free program developed by Eyeo GmbH, Adblock Plus is compatible with multiple devices including Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, iOS, Android and Windows PC, etc.

Adblock Plus offers a good way to stop those ads on the websites giving users great browsing experience. However, this software may not function correctly with some websites since they may have some ads embedded deeply in the web code. Users can trust Adblock Plus as one powerful tool to block and filter advertisements automatically.

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4.1, 1177 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of Adblock Plus:

❍ Ads Blocking

Adblock Plus aims to remove all the annoying advertisements by default including different types of ads like Facebook ads, flashy banners, video ads on YouTube, pop-ups and much more. Besides, you can also customize the filter lists based on your own requirements.

❍ Acceptable Ads Allowable

The default settings of Adblock Plus encourage nonintrusive ads rather than those annoying and irrelevant ads. Therefore, we’ve established some strict rules known as the Acceptable Ads initiative to accomplish such situation. Meantime, we’ve defined the placement, size of the acceptable ads for users and the third-party contributors. Ads are visible when meeting the criteria above. However, you can also disable the feature of those ads anytime for browsing free.

❍ Avoiding Tracking

Most firms can track your online data and the browsing history when you go on each browsing session. And a lot of ad agencies know well of your every move. With Adblock Plus, you can browse the web anonymously and get rid of their tracking. As the most efficient tracking protection among all available solutions, the EasyPrivacy protection can extend the tracking protection of Adblock Plus.

❍ Removing Malware

Your computer may be disrupted by malware if it performs slowly at startup. Computers will be vulnerable to different kinds of attacks if infected with malware, including stolen identity, stealing passwords, attacking other computers. Adblock Plus provides a solution to protect your computers from infecting by malware, viruses, worms, spyware, adware and much more.

❍ Blocking Social Media Buttons

We all know that there will be buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus which are used to share content on those social media platforms. The buttons also send requests to servers even though nobody clicks on them. Adblock Plus can disable those buttons on those social media platforms, ensuring that social media won’t create a profile when visiting a website.

Bottom Line

Adblock Plus is popular in many countries including United States, Indonesia, India and much more. It has got over 2000 downloads, one week with 150 downloads since Adblock Plus was added. Besides, this program is also available for users with Windows 10 operating system and later versions.

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