Best Sports Apps

  • Game Pigeon

    Game Pigeon makes it possible to play a collection of fun mini games including 8-ball, poker, sea battle, anagrams, chess, gomoku and more with your friends online via iMessage. 


    Basics about some games


    As a typical billiard simulator, 8-ball enables users to do some tricks with balls. Many users find it's hard to understand how to pool In fact when you point the ball, the game will show the potential rolling direction of the ball, so you can adjust the angle.

    Sea Battle

    Sea Battle is not a hard game because it sticks to the standard rules. You can casually play with your friends and just enjoy it at any time.


    Poker game in GamePigeon is meant for two players playing against each other by classic rules. It's more of an involving game which gives you some time to bond than a competition. Therefore, players who look for excitement and pleasure of winning may feel a little boring.


    All the games included in GamePigeon

    8-Ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Gomoku, Mini Golf, Basketball, Tanks, Cup Pong, Mancala, Knockout, Shuffleboard, Chess, Checkers, Four in a Row, Reversi, 20 Questions, Dots and Boxes, 9-Ball, Word Hunt, Filler and more to expect.


    Game Pigeon for iMessage Service is now exclusive to Apple devices, and no clear signs have shown about its realization on Android devices. To run GamePigeon, you need a device with iOS 10. With GamePigeon installed on your phone, you can enter in a conversation window with a friend who has installed iOS 10 and send the invitation to the game. By a single tap, you can go into full-screen mode and adjust your settings for music and sounds as you like.

  • BTN2Go

    BTN2Go belongs to Big Ten Network, which is a platform that provides hundreds of live games. You can use BTN2Go on smartphones and tablets. BTN2Go recently has shut down and was replaced by its new version of BTN+ that takes over BTN2Go's direct-to-consumer subscription service. With a BTN+ subscription, you can get access to the following Big Ten content.


    Main Features:

    1. Live Streaming Non-Televised Games

    BNT+ subscriptions include more than 1,400 extra non-televised Big Ten games and events made by the Big Ten Network in partnership with the member schools of the Big Ten Conference.

    2. Next Day, On-Demand Game Archives

    BTN+ subscriptions include access to the next day, on-demand archives of all games and events made by BTN+, and the rest of the major Big Ten Conference television partners like FOX, FS1, ABC, ESPN, etc.

    3. Previous Season Big Ten Classics And Originals

    BTN+ subscriptions include access to on-demand archives from BTN's library of Big Ten Classic Football games, Big Ten Classic Games, Big Ten Classic Basketball games. With BTN+ subscriptions, you can see on-demand previous seasons of BTN's Originals, like The Journey, Big Ten Treasure Hunter, and Big Ten Elite.

    4. Available in fourteen schools

    BTN+ subscriptions are available on a monthly or an annual basis; you can get access to the content for all fourteen schools in the Bit Ten Conference with purchase.



    For Android users, you can download this app from Google Play Store now, or click the button to download the Android apk file. For iOS users, just go to the Apple Store to get a link.

  • Yahoo Sports

    With Yahoo Sports app, you can watch the NFL, live local and primetime games and stream live CONCACAF champions league matches whenever you like.  

    Yahoo Sports is the fastest way to get the latest scores, stats, and info on your favorite teams and leagues. It is free on your phone and tablet and will keep you in the game with live updates so that you won't miss a play.


    Yahoo Sports Includes:

    NBA, WNBA: Scores, highlights, breaking news

    NFL: Live local games, scores, highlights, breaking news, and stats

    NHL: Scores, highlights, breaking news

    MLB: Scores, highlights, breaking news

    Soccer: Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Premier League, Italian Serie A, Brazil Serie A, MLS, Bundesliga and many more

    Golf: LPGA, PGA, PGA Champions, PGA European

    Tennis: Men's and Women's Tennis

    Auto Racing: NASCAR Xfinity, Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR Sprint


    How to use Yahoo Sports?

    1. Sign in with your Yahoo account

    2. Pick your teams and leagues to get personalized news and updates about your favorite sports.

    3. Set notifications for your favorite teams so that you won't miss their updates.

    4. Get exclusive content from writers like Dan Wetzel, Chris Haynes, and Pat Forde in the app.

    Note: Yahoo Sports is optimized for color contrast, and VoiceOver, and supports Smart Color Inversion. It is also enabled for physical keyboards, switch control, and alternate input devices.

  • Golf Clash

    Developed by Playdemic, Golf Clash, a real-time multiplayer, allows players to play 1v1, challenge your Facebook friends or hit the Tour to find a random opponent. Golf Clash combines easy-to-learn controls with well-designed gameplay centered around online matches to make users have fun playing on beautiful courses.

    Golf Clash is now available both for Android and iOS usersThe game provides an easy access to play golf for users who don’t get plenty of chances to play golf in real life. For beginners, the game prepares a short tutorial that explains the main gameplay mechanics.


    The basics

    The game has two modes: play with friends and PvP. To ensure the ball heads in the right direction the guiding line aiming at, you need to pull back on the ball until your thumb lines up alongside the center of the circle at the bottom. Then, just line up the arrow with the bullseye and release the ball.

    Tips to make you a better player

    ● Use the overhead view - In the overhead view, users can drag the target in the right direction you want the ball to go in. It will automatically point at the shortest point between you and the hole.

    ● Upgrade some clubs - You don't need to upgrade every club, just the driver and putter ones, as you'll always use these.

    ● Earn trophies - Trophies are important for you to get chests. Each tour has a maximum number of trophies that can be won. The higher level the tour is, the more trophies you will earn.

    ● Improve your spin skill - You can swap your ball and spin direction by tapping the icon on the top right or left. Topspins and backspins will make the ball move forward farther, while sidespins will go in the direction you point it in. Users need to practice the spin directions and after you master the skill, you will have an advantage over your opponents.



    The game seems simple to play, but very tricky to master. Golf Clash offers an in-app purchase for users to buy new balls. Upgrading clubs and purchasing new balls will give you some advantages, but it still requires skill to win.

  • Madden NFL Mobile

    You must have a try of the best games of 2015 - Madden NFL Mobile. It’s not only a kind of sports game but also action and adventure. Pick a team of NFL stars and get in the game anytime you want.

    Challenge every event and battle your way to the Super Bowl. Madden NFL Mobile brings whole new football game to your fingertips; you can enjoy every live event or in-season plays every day and challenge yourself to a new level.


    ◉ Save your coins and spend them on players or collectibles when you really need.

    ◉ Check each Set to see if there's a spot for your unneeded player. You will get some nice rewards.

    ◉ Consider using faster players at HB, KR, WR, and PR. You should know that speed kills everything.

    ◉ Use Stamina on live events since season games are always there when nothing else is going on.

    ◉ Pick and choose who you want to play in Head-to-Head games.

    ◉ The NFL season is a long-time run, make sure you have the patience and stick to it.


    Dream team can be established here with stars like Odell Beckham Jr. or Rob Gronkowski. Take your team and compete with your friends. Madden NFL Mobile support both mobile phones and tablets. Download it now and enjoy!

  • 8 Ball Pool

    Play the world’s most famous Pool game with your friends! You can take the 1-vs-1 matches to practice your skills or join tournaments to win pool coins, exclusive cues, and trophies. You can customize your table and cue as well. Win the Coins so that you can use them to enter higher ranked matches or buy something new in the Pool Shop.

    Sign in with Facebook or Miniclip accounts to play with friends. Challenge them anytime you want, show them your spectacular skills. Play with the best Pool players in 8 Ball Pool, and get more access to exclusive matches. Download it now and have fun!


    Compared with 9 ball game, the 8 ball pool is a little different in rules. Let's see it together. The simulated degree of the graphics of the game is very high. You can even see the reflective surface of the billiard balls. As a billiards game, the interface of the game is relatively easier. All the opponent in this game is real, which makes it cooler than playing with the computer. At least, it can increase the stimulation of the game.

    The game also has the gambling property. The system will give you some chips after your registering. With the automatic bets, the winner will get the chips. If you are forced to exit or offline, you will be sentenced to be negative and left a bad record. The higher the stakes, the higher the levels of the player are. Come and challenge with your friends and make a final bid for victory.


    It adopts 8 ball playing method in this game. Maybe most people are not so familiar with the 8 ball game, while you will understand the rules after my introduction. The operation of this game is very simpe and you can refer to the following instructions:

    1. Use your finger to drag the pole and rotate in a right angle.

    2. Pull the pole behind and the angle will show on the surface.

    3. Let the pole go until it reaches the angle you want. Then the ball will kick into the hole.

    You just need to pull, rotate and let the pole go into the right angle, then you will get an excellent perfomance in the game. In general, the image of the game is real and simple. From the rules to the physical collision and operation, it is easy to learn. And after playing a few times, you will find the feeling of the master. Whoever likes to play the billiards don't miss this interesting game.

  • World Bowling Championship

    Designed by mobirix as a casual game, World Bowling Championship game aims to let people experience the fun of play bowling anytime anywhere they want even without internet connection!. It provides convenience for bowling lovers who have no time to actually go to the bowling alley.

    World Bowling Championship app is available for both Android and iOS users. It has been ranked into the TOP 5 Most popular games in Bowling Games category. To run the game smoothly, you need Android devices with 4.0.3 or higher. The game offers different, fun gameplay modes for users to play.


    Gameplay Modes

    The main play mode

    In this mode, players bowl against themselves and try their best to break their own record. You’ll be rewarded with one to three stars depending on which points score you beat. A score meter indicates 3 separate numbers. The more stars you win, the more gold coins you will get. You can use the coins to upgrade bowling balls which will, in turn, improve your bowling performance.

    Bonus stage mode

    There is a 100-pin round for you to accomplish. Players who complete the bonus round will be rewarded Gems which can be used to purchase coins or upgrade skills and balls.

    Local two player mode

    As the name suggests, the mode enables two local players to bowl against each other for the victory.

    Online multiplayer mode

    The online multiplayer is very interesting since it allows players to gamble with their gold coins and gems with any amount they wish to bet. They can link up with a friend or some random opponents online.



    • The game contains in-app purchase for players to buy in-game currency.

    • It supports 16 languages altogether

    • Features like Leader Board, Achievement and friend invitation are included

  • FIFA Mobile Soccer

    FIFA Mobile Soccer - the mobile sports game has been redesigned and built in a more friendly and practical way. Playing soccer can be exciting and fresh in the gameplay - where you can build a team, manage the members, keep up with the daily news and more.

    FIFA Mobile Soccer offers more than 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and 17,000 players to give you the best soccer experience. Users can select their favorite teams and create their own ways with players. Try to master the game and compete to win.

    FIFA Mobile Soccer also allows user to buy the top-ranked players, which means you can purchase your favorite player names, kits, badges, stadiums and more. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.



    ❉ Play Attack Mode to enjoy thrilling matches - compete with other teams and lead your members to win.

    ❉ FIFA Mobile Soccer will update live events and stories every day, making sure you'll never miss a single match and keep up with the player items.

    ❉ Players can choose a league to join and win for glory with your team members all over the world. Besides, it's also an excellent opportunity to train your skills and learn something useful.

    ❉ Players are allowed to send gifts and chat with others in Leagues. The League is a social community for soccer lovers to join and make new friends. Play the games here and compete to climb the leaderboards.



    ❉ FIFA Mobile Soccer will need the Internet connection all the time.

    ❉ FIFA Mobile Soccer will collect some data based on third-party analytics. It also contains direct links to some social apps or websites.

    ❉ The game has improved its gameplay features like visual effects, camera enhancements, tutorial flow and more. Languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional & Simplified Chinese are supported.

  • NBA All Net

    On November 26, 2014, developed by DeNA China, the strategy game NBA All Net was formally launched in the United States by proxy provider Kick9. And it was ranked Top 10 free games on iTunes Store.


    The game has a famous video podcast on Youtube and obtained thirty-eight thousand clicks. It also has been recommended by the nation's largest mobile gaming video sharing website Kamcord. So if you're a crazy fan of NBA games, you must try this fantastic game now. Download it and have fun!

  • ESPN Fantasy Sports

    ESPN Fantasy Football is a wonderful app for NFL lover. Alongside fantasy football, it also provides various hockey, baseball, basketball, and uber-fun prediction games; all ESPN games are entirely free to play. It makes you keep track of your Fantasy Football draft with ease.

    ESPN Fantasy Football is an excellent multiple team management app too; you can either manage numerous teams or various leagues. You will also get real-time scoring updates.


    Key Features:

    1. You can create a fantasy football, baseball, basketball, or hockey league to play with friends or participate in an existing league to compete against other fans. You can play ESPN's standard game or customize the rules according to your preference.

    2. You can draft your fantasy team, add players, edit your lineup, and make trades.

    3. You can get player rankings, projections, and analysis from the most famous names in fantasy sports.

    4. You can follow your players all season. Live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring, never worry about missing them!

    5. You can predict the winners from the biggest matchups every day, and you might have a chance to win cash prizes.


    6. You can customize your teams with lots of unique, free team logos.

    7. You can get the latest news, videos, and tweets from ESPN's Fantasy Football analysts and subscribe to the notifications.

    8. You can subscribe to weekly wrap-up emails to track your favorite teams all season long.

  • Soccer Stars

    Soccer Stars is an easy sports game to pick up and fun to play. With simple gameplay interface and excellent physics, you're able to challenge your opponents all over the world for online soccer matches.


    Soccer Stars Features:

    ♥ Paly with your friends.

    ♥ Compete in tournaments.

    ♥ Become a champion in several countries.

    ♥ Collect all the teamers all over the world.

    ♥ Experience multiplayer soccer gaming.


    What's New:

    ✔ Collect 12 new teams on Surprise Packs!

    ✔ Meet the new official team: Borussia Dortmund!

    ✔ Win Soccer Boots and evolve the visuals of your teams!

    ✔ Adding 3 new countries on tournaments: Portugal, Argentina and Germany!

    ✔ Bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

    Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade, as its name suggests, is a free mini golf game displaying with miraculous 3D effects which contains 75 putt-putt courses and each designed with unique varieties of challenges.

    Carefully find the creative way to move your ball in the hole by choosing the right angle, arrows and using the button with strength before you are out of shots. There are a series of challenging obstacles and dynamic objects like jumps, spinning bars, slopes, holes, and loops preparing for you. Do you want to be the last mini golfer? Come and enjoy the crazy arcade mini golf to show your excellent golf skills.



    ● Play golf at rainy days along with the magic 3D effects

    ● Enjoy the 75 unique minigolf courses tailored for you

    ● Challenge different obstacles in each golf courses

    ● Watching a video helps earn free shots

    ● Update content monthly such as the new features, golf courses and upgrades

    ● Purchase in-app item to reduce advertisements

    ● Provide smooth and responsive finger control over different smartphone and tablet



    Users can make purchase in the app which will avoid the advertisements. Meanwhile, purchase the in-app item will unlock all the new levels or cool items of the game including the customized balls and tracks.

    Coming Soon

    ● Multiplayer mode will be added for users who want to challenge their friends and family of the golfing game.

    ● Game store will sell power ups to make people pass the levels easily in the future.

  • Fit the Fat 2

    Fit The Fat 2 asks players to train the pudgy guy in the gym with various fitness equipment including jump ropes, treadmills, and others. In the meantime, you need to make sure that he gets a balanced diet with enough healthy food and sleep.

    It is a sequel to the fat burning game from last year. If you are a new player, we’ve put together some tips to help you know better of the game.


    Tips and tricks

    ◆ How to use jump rope

    Jump rope is the first one and only exercise you have when you first get started in the game. If you are off by just a split second, you will trip and have to start all over. To get the most effective jumps without having your friend trip and fall is to watch carefully and wait for the rope to get to the place where it hits your friend’s shadow on the floor. That’s when you should jump!

    When his stamina is out, you can make him take a 25-minute nap to regain or click on the stamina bar and refill it with one of the three free energy drinks. Jump rope again until your stamina gives out and you’ll reach level 3, where you will unlock the treadmill eventually.

    ◆ How to use treadmill

    The treadmill is the second exercise you. The trick to the treadmill is to keep swiping. You need to swipe down on your screen to move your arrow up, and keep the arrow stay within the green zone of the bar. The green bar will shrink after some time, which makes it harder to stay within it. It will start moving after a while, so the best way to keep up is to stay right in the middle of the green zone.

    ◆ Lifting weights

    All you need to do is tap the screen as quickly as you can. After you fill up both meters, you will earn a rep. Tap like crazy and don’t hold back!

    ◆ Boxing

    Boxing makes you train with a punching bag. You need to tap them as fast as you can when Targets appear. Just be quick with your finger and you will train easily with no sweat!


    ◆ Choose The Healthy Foods

    The healthy foods tend to be more expensive, but they will give your friend in the game more energy and lower fat amount. Your character’s fitness is developed into three weird categories – muscle, fat and skinny.

    ◆ Connect To Health Kit

    If you are playing the game on you iPhone, you can connect it to Health Kit. Every time you exercise or steps, your little friend gets a boost on his exercise routine. This means that you can go for a jog with your phone in your pocket and you’ll get fit both in real life and in the game! This may also be possible on Android systems, but we don’t have a way to verify.