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The beauty of Film Photography is that it can generate surprising results with a random mix of many elements.

From the moment you press the shutter, the basic aperture, vignetting and color of the photo are already settled. When you picked the wrong film and wrong tune aperture, a piece of good time would no longer exist.

This week's best app goes to「VSCO Cam」, the VSCO filters gives you the best experience of Film Photography. It fully simulates the real effect of films and takes you back to the moment of pressing the shutter to look for the best combination.


VSCO Cam Editing

VSCO Cam lets you edit basic elements of photos like exposure, contrast, temperature, cropping, rotating natively and more. You can quickly edit with ease of use and share it directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Weibo or just save to camera roll.

VSCO Cam Filters

VSCO Cam provides you a selection of gorgeous filters. If you can't get the free ones enough, you can also buy packs or individual filters to add to your library. The film-like filters make it better looking than other photo editing apps that your photos can stand out more professional and fashionable.

VSCO Cam Tutorial

VSCO Cam has a great range of advanced manual controls, and you can adjust your photos with essential adjustment tools and a wide selection of elegant film-like filters. Here we help you discover the most important things you need to know about using VSCO Cam to shoot and edit amazing photos.


Adjust your image of overall brightness. Push the sllider left to make it darker or right to make it brighter.


Adjust the bright and dark areas of your photo. Increasing contrast makes the shadows darker and highlights brighter, while reducing it makes a softer image with less difference between dark and light.


Adjust the vibrancy of the colors in your photo. Increasing saturation makes the colors more vibrant, while decreasing it makes the colors less vibrant.


Enhance the detail of your image by draging the slider to the right to make your image more colorful.

Highlights Save

Darken the highlights to reveal more details and colors in the brighter area of the photo. This can be very useful when you have an over-exposed photo that is too bright.

Shadows Save

Brighten the shadows to bring out the details in the darker area of your image.


Warm up your image by giving it a yellow/orange tone, or cool down it by giving it a blue tone.


Adds a green or purple color tint to your photo to make it different from original ones.


This helps you darken the edges of your photo to bring more attention to the centre of the photo.

More Information

Obviously VSCO Cam has more excellent selection of editing tools. The best way to make an excellent picture is to use them more on your photos. Pay attention to what happens to your image when you push the dial from side to side.

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