Infinite HD Wallpapers Named By Cats

This app has wonderful background stories. The developer sent it to his wife as a birthday gift. Loads of its wallpapers are named after cats around the world. There's an Easter Egg hidden under seven taps...

The name is「Tapet」- which means 「wallpaper」in Latin. The app only has 3MB to install, and it doesn't need Internet connection. Besides, the number of wallpaper is infinite.

Tapet doesn't provide wallpaper, it produces wallpaper. It can generate unique geometric wallpapers randomly based on mathematical algorithms, with an original Material Design style.

Editor's Choice Vol.2 goes to Tapet. You can feel the quality of this app with the following wallpapers.


Unlimited Wallpaper World Created by Algorithm

Each series of Tapet Wallpaper has its own algorithm. The developers originally designed「Mekong」series by drawing some lines with random width and angle, then began to explore the results under different parameters. At last, they chose the fun and beautiful results as a series of wallpaper. Tapet can also generate infinite possibilities with colors and elements according to the algorithm.

Each Slide Generate A Surprise Result

Tapet only has one interface where you can finish all your creativities with single-finger swipe. Slide in different directions to change color and pattern. Besides, you can「Like」or「Dislike」the wallpaper to let Tapet know your preferences.

Named After Cat

The name of each Tapet wallpaper is very interesting. It comes from various kinds of cat name all over the world. For example,「Siamese」is Siamese Cat,「Bengal」is Leopard Cat,「Cornish」is Cornish cat, and more.


A Birthday Gift To His Wife

Adrian always wanted to make his own app for a very long time. But for some reasons, he couldn't make it. To help him finish the wish, his wife demanded an app as a birthday gift of the year.

So Adrian started a temporary project to find inspiration and learn Andriod program. At first, Adrian created a very simple app to set random wallpapers for mobile phone.

Later he learned that most wallpaper apps are similar - to provide users with a ready Wallpaper Library. Then he decided to do something different and started real app development.

Adrian finally made it a birthday present to his wife. And now he adds some advanced features to make money as the second present to his wife. Let's hope his wife will be satisfied until next birthday.

About Developer

Adrian Aisemberg, an independent developer who lives with his wife in Seattle. The family has three children and three cats.

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