Guide of The Sims Mobile
The Sims Mobile


There are two kinds of money here in the Sims mobile: Simoleons and Simcash. You can buy things like clothes and furniture with Simoleons which gained from work, hobbies and special events. It can also be exchanged for Simcash. Regarding as ‘diamond’ in other games, Simcash can be gained by paying with real money or by completing missions. It helps a lot in speeding up the game process.



Here we’ve listed two websites which can hack your game and change both the number of Simoleons and Simcash. All you have to do is offering username or Email and select which platform you are in.



How to move the Furniture?

1.Pick the item you want to move.

2.Press down to it until it pops.

3.Move it to where you want.

4.If you want to store it, press the button which looks like an empty box.



Your sims will grow up naturally in the process of playing. You can hold a ‘birthday party’ for your sims when a bubble appears over his heads. When your sims are old enough, they will let you know that they can retire. You will have an ‘Heirloom’ if you chose to retire or chose not to remain your sims. Retirement will make your sims no-playable but you can still interact with them.



Many people asked the question ‘How to end a party?’ on Google. However, the answer is no. You have to wait for 24 hours in the game before the party ends independently. Therefore, don’t be impatient and try to get more point before it ends. It takes long before holding another party.



Make sure that you are using ‘Romantic Interaction options’ when socializing with your future spouse. When your relationship with that one raises to Lv 10, it will turn into ‘Soulmates’. After that, the engage option will show up in your social list with your spouse. Holding a wedding party can be expensive so try to gain more Simcash before you decided to get married.



When you are Lv 11 and have a love relationship with someone who is at Lv 8, you can have a baby by buying a cradle and click it. Babies cannot be controlled only when they grow up, and they grow up independently. Babies can have their thoughts while you’re looking after them. Once a bubble with birthday cake appears over the baby’s head, it is high time to grow up. If you meet a problem with aging up the toddler, you could try to update your game.