A Dedicated Camera App For Food Photos

Nowadays, no perfect meal would be complete without first snapping a photo and uploading it to social media like Instagram or Facebook. Taking delicious pictures of food is becoming an essential step of dining. But there's no specialized app for "shooting food" only until Foodie comes out.

According to our editor' choice, this week's best app goes to Foodie - a dedicated camera app for food photos. It pursuits a simple and ultimate way of functional experience, focusing on true nature of food through beautiful filters.


Simple Operation

There're just three steps you need to do with Foodie - select a proper filter, press the shutter and share with your friends. The whole process is simple and quick.

Besides, to avoid tedious filter selection and improve efficiency, Foodie also uses data analysis to help you quickly find your favorite filters by displaying them randomly.

Awesome Filters

Foodie is designed to shoot food only, and its aim is to restore the essence of food. Thus, the filters are customized for taking good-looking pictures.

Besides, there are several options to adjust brightness, contrast, grid and more. You can also add auto blurring effect to camera shot.


Foodie from LINE

There's no other app like Foodie in the market now that shows so much compassion to food lovers.

Foodie was originally going to be called Food Camera - which simply indicates food shooting to users. Obviously, the name Foodie is even more impressive.

You may be surprised to know that Foodie comes from the LINE Corporation - the famous company which created loads of cute images like Brown Bear and Bunnies.

The company also launched a selfie app named B612, which is also an interesting app to try on. If you still think Line as a communication company, perhaps it's time to change the impression.

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