This Pixel Game Has 150 Classic Disney Roles

Playing games is the best way to kill time - on your way home, at workplace or rest somewhere. No matter long or short, a kind of great game can give you a better experience of having fun.

This week's Editor's Choice goes to Disney Crossy Road - the Disney version of original Crossy Road which has over 120,000,000 downloads. This is a whole new 8-bit endless adventure game for you to cross the road without splatting.

Inheriting the design and game playing mode of Crossy Road, the Disney version collects more than 100 classic Disney and Pixar figurines including Mickey, Donald, Mufasa, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, Sadness, Madame Leota, Wreck-It Ralph, and other favorites. Besides, it specially designed 10 different scenes from the worlds of Toy Story, Zootopia to The Lion King, The Haunted Mansion and more.


Familiar Parkour Gameplay & 3D Pixel Style

Disney Crossy Road has the original gameplay style of Crossy Road, you will control a pixelated 3D character to cross the street non-stoply and avoid the unceasing obstacles that appear randomly.

The whole game has no limit time and numbers, you can cross the road, get hit and restart over and over again.

Choose 150 Disney Characters As You Like

Unlike the original game, Disney Crossy Road has 150 game characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald, Mufasa, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, etc. They're all based on the famous stories of classic animation.

You can also see the new characters like Judy Lane and Nick in Crazy Animal City, or Mao Keli in Fantasy Forest.

Besides, the game has designed each character unique game scenarios with different background sounds. For example, when you use Judy, the game turns into a snow scene; when using Mao Keli, the game turns into a forest scene. And the background sounds are redesigned according to the original musical works.

Surprisingly The Ads Aren't Annoying

Disney Crossy Road have 150 built-in characters, which brings great fun to unlock them all. And it's totally free - you just need to collect coins that appear randomly in the game. Gathering 100 gold coins can open one chest, and one chest helps you unlock a character.

You can also gain coins by watching ads. The ads will appear several times but not affect the game process. You can choose to ignore them, but you may expect them sometimes when you need to unlock new characters. Watching a 30-second ad can get you 20 free coins - and it's much shorter than the time you spend collecting the coins.


It's not just a game, it hides story that only Disney fans can understand.

The 150 Disney characters are the most attractive part of this game. However, not all characters can be unlocked by collecting coins. Interestingly, there're about 40 roles that require speical skills to unlock. And these skills are hidden behind the Disney stories.

Here we introduce you three Disney backstories. They can help you understand the game better and unlock all the characters.

Mickey Mouse's original name was Mortimer

We are familiar with the name Mickey Mouse. But the character was originally called Mortimer until Walt Disney's Wife thought it was too feminine and changed it to Mickey.

Therefore, Mortimer is a hidden role in the game. When you use the Mickey role and run into Mortimer, the character will unlock.

Attila - the confectioner

Attila was a confectioner in the animated flim「Tangled」. Therefore in the「Tangled」scene, there will be speical game props - cake.

You will need 50 cakes when using Attila to unlock「Warthog」, and then another 50 to unlock「Captain of the Guard」when using Maximus.

Hiro Hamada and his 5 friends

In the animated film「Big Hero 6」, Hiro Hamada has five good friends - GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and Baymax.

Thus, the game set a rule that you can unlock the hidden role「Fred」 by reaching the achievement of 「Best Friend」. And before that, you'll need to unlock Hiro Hamada, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Baymax first.

Of course, there're many other stories behind the game. You can imagine the difficulty to know all the characters and their backstories to unlock all the levels.

But this is the reason that the Disney Crossy Road is so appealing.


Disney Crossy Road

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