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Airbnb is an odd name. In America, B & B refers to the hotel, which represents the Bed and Breakfast.

These are two essential services which can be provided by the small hotel. Here the "Air" refers to the inflatable mattress. Don't get me wrong, Airbnb is not a typical hotel of inflatable mattress, services of which are very straightforward and complex: help people rent the vacant room.

According to our editor' choice, this week's best app goes to Airbnb, a global app for worldwide travelers. It provides not only vacant rooms but also the first-rate service for travelers.


Experience of the Founder

Everything arises from the founder's personal experience. In the United States, it is said that once he went for a short-term trip to other cities and stayed in acquaintances' home. He thought he should pay some money to thank them on his return, which makes both sides a bit embarrassed.

He came up with an idea on this matter: people in every city happen to have a spare room, and many travelers don't have to go to rent the hotel. It will be better to make a website to provide convenience for such landlords and travelers.

Development of Airbnb

From its release in 2008 to now, Airbnb has extended to 192 countries and regions, 33,000 cities and towns. Cities in some western countries almost can find people who are willing to rent their rooms. The rooms rent out are various, from the simplest vacant room to the landlord's room, even the features of tree house, castles, etc.

It 's hard for these places to provide the short-term rent since there is transaction cost in the past. However, against the reality, the landlord just needs to release the simple information on Airbnb, which will help them find tenant.

Management and Operation of Airbnb

In the development history of Airbnb, it occurs that there is a dispute between the landlord and tenant, even there is an accident of owner's property from the tenant. Nowadays, with deposit, customer service and a series of measures of Airbnb to ensure both parties' rights and interests, everything seems smooth.

While the most important thing is not the system, but the meaning of the service. You will know the magic of this service if you make an interview on the tenant. It breaks the human diaphragm in a special way only because of a few days share under one roof. Therefore, it becomes not so difficult for people to make a transaction with strangers in a distant way.

The mobile client of Airbnb reduces the difficulty further. It is the same with many other booking application. Users just need to input the location and check-in time to select the room sources. You can screen where you want to live. You want to rent it independently, or share an apartment with others; even you can rent a family sitting room sofa, which makes the rent very interpersonal and the experience is comparable to hotel.

Payment of Airbnb

You can finish the payment on your mobile phone if you find the adequate room. Meanwhile, the landlord will get the payment after your check-in. As mentioned by the founder, compared with the hotel lobby, there will be lots of trouble to discuss the rent with strangers. While Airbnb provides the price tag before the transaction and the payment will be finished after check-in. For travelers who go abroad, there are many good conditions independent apartments whose price is far below the approximate level hotel.

Airbnb provides not only rooms but also the system of renting your vacant house. Most importantly, it provides the possibility of mutual trust. You only need to tap on your phone to get a room in a distant city according to the authorized system and convenient screening room application.

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