Best Comics Apps


    WEBTOON is a wonderful app for comic lovers as it has thousands of creator-owner content with fantastic, various visions from all over the world. Its UGC platform CANVAS allows creators to participate in ad-sharing.

    JunKoo Kim initially founded it in 2005 called LINE Webtoon; its website and mobile app were launched worldwide in 2014. After that, international artists started to be able to upload their work to the service.


    Is it for teens?

    WEBTOON is not for very young children, because some of its comics contain mature themes like suicide, violence, and sex. Generally, if a comic is for an adult audience, it is marked as mature, but some will slip through the cracks.

    However, on the other hand, many kids over 12 claimed that the app is great for teens and said their classmates use it in school. They thought the content funny while they also find some inappropriate stories. So if parents allow your teens to use the app, you should educate them to avoid those unsafe stories and teach them how to tell from the content. 


    WEBTOON has over 50 million installs and is rated 4.5 by more than one million users. It is free to download and use. You can download this useful app from Google Play Store and Apple Store, or click download above to finish your installation via our safe apk.

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