20 Common Products You've Been Using Wrong

We are taught as kids to obey the rules made by the law, ethics and social conventions. Due to the limited knowledge, vision and immature values, it’s indispensable for the young to learn from the elder, the wise and the society ranged from the profound universe to everyday triviality. But things often happen that as we one after another bend to others’ wills and social protocols, the great chances are that we missed the true essence of many objects one generation after another.

In this article, we may introduce some objects we use every day that is actually made for other purposes. Check out those pictures below to learn how useful these random things can be. You will find your everyday life improved after reading this article.

1. Two-sides erasers

The blue part is for erasing ink, and it only works when the ink is erasable, you'll just wipe out a hole in your paper.

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