15 Handy Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About

With the uprising concern for healthy and high-quality lifestyle, food has been paid more attention as an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Besides filling your stomach, food may also heal the broken heart, bring warm in coldness and help people regain the strength to carry on.

To be a gourmet with taste, you need to go into every detail of different kind of food including where it grows, how it’s cooked and what the main ingredients are. Therefore, we have rounded up 15 popular food apps for your reference.

1. SushiCulture

Sushi, symbolizing the best of craftsmanship and Japanesecuisine, is the combination of rice and fish. Sushi first appeared in Japanese history in the eighth century. Nigiri-sushi we see today started in the nineteenth. Compared with other food, having Sushi is faster and more convenient.

Confronted with dozens of kinds of Sushi in a Kaiten-sushi restaurant, many people have a vague idea about those delicious Sushi’s names, ingredients, and cultures. The app will introduce you to an excellent Sushi world with a detailed description of each Sushi covering names, technical terms of restaurants, and eating manners. Moreover, based on introductions and tastes, you may also grade each kind of Sushi.


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