15 ESPN Scandals that Almost Brought The Sports Empire Down

ESPN, short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is the leading sports channel in the United States. In 2015, about 81.1% of households in America paid as subscribers of ESPN service.

Ever since the day it was founded, ESPN has been a part of popular culture. Popularity often comes with criticisms and ESPN won't disappoint you by the number and kinds of controversies it has involved in. ESPN along with its networks have long been accused of biased coverage, conflicts of interest and inappropriate behavior of particular broadcasters and analysts.

Among all the scandals covering sexual harassment, racism and more conducted by ESPN officials and employees, here are 15 of them that almost crippled ESPN.

1. Mike Tirico - Sexual harassment

Mike Tirico was the announcer of Monday Night Football for ten years, and he also has experience as the anchor pf FIFA World Cup and NBA. In contrary to his career success, he had a negative reputation around female co-workers. He once followed a production assistant to her car and attempted to grope her against her wish. Another incident happened when he couldn't stop telling a producer how he wanted to have sex with her and he stalking her home after being rejected.

As a result, Mike Tirico was suspended for three months for multiple incidents including attempted groping, sexual harassment, and stalking female colleagues.

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